Prayer Before Meeting At Work

[2024] Closing and Opening Prayer Before Meeting At Work, School, Business

In some organizations, opening and closing prayers for meetings are part of the agendas that must be observed. This is a good idea, as it helps to commit the meeting into the hand of the Almighty One.

This is not limited to worship services such as bible study, Sunday service, or fellowship alone. So, whatever category your organization might be, as much as you believe in prayer before meeting at work, we’ve got you both opening prayers for meetings, and some thanksgiving closing prayer.

Included in this post are short opening prayers before meeting, opening prayer for virtual meeting, opening prayer for business meeting or teachers’ meeting, and of course, benedictions and closing prayers.

These may be prayed exactly as written, and they may serve as inspirations to come up with your personalized prayer before meeting at work.

Opening Prayers for Meetings

1. Our Father, all glory is due to You for making us to be among the living to witness this day. It is our desire that you come into our midst at this moment and take full charge of this meeting in Jesus’ name. Help us all to focus on the important things and leave out nonessentials in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2. We acknowledge you Omnipresent God. As we begin this meeting, we pray that You manifest Your mighty power amongst us and bless our coming in Jesus’ mighty name.

3. Alpha and Omega, the everlasting God. We bow before You this hour. We cannot do anything without You. We pray that as we begin, you help us to achieve the goal of this meeting and henceforth, cause us to move forward. This we pray for in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear God, I thank You for this meeting today. I pray that you grant everyone the same heart and mind. Take away from us bickering and debating. Help us to agree on the same thing and move us forward in Jesus’ name.

5. Elshaddai, we worship You. Thank you for blessing us in previous meetings. Here we are again today, let this meeting bless every individual and make us a blessing to others in Jesus’ name. We know you’ve heard us and answered this prayer. For we pray in the name of your Son Jesus. Amen.

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Short Opening Prayer Before Meeting at Work/ Church or School

1. All power belongs to You, O God. Be glorified in this meeting in Jesus’ name.

2. Lord, we know and acknowledge our limitations as humans. We, therefore, ask dear Lord for wisdom and guidance as we commence this meeting now. We pray this in Jesus’ name.

3. In thee O Lord we do trust this day to help us and make this meeting fruitful. Thank you, Lord, for having answered us in Jesus’ name.

4. We do know Lord that you are able to do all things. Please do order our thoughts and minds to conform to your will in this meeting in Jesus’ name.

5. We are gathered here today by your unfailing mercies to deliberate on crucial matters in this organization. Dear Lord, be with us and lead us aright on the right path in Jesus’ name.

6. Dear Father, we are gathered together again to study your Word. We ask that you open our eyes of understanding to know as You want us to know in Jesus’ name.

7. Lord, you did say wherever two or three are gathered in Your name you’ll be there with them. We are more than three here today and we ask that you be with us in Jesus’ name.

8. Thank you Lord for today. We ask that from the beginning till the end of this meeting that you be glorified in Jesus’ name.

9. Here we are again before you our Father, we ask that you delight yourself in us and bless us in this meeting in Jesus’ name.

10. Wonderful Lord, we return all the praise to you for bringing us thus far. We commit this meeting into Your hands, let it be productive in Jesus’ name.

Opening Prayer For Virtual Meeting

1. Almighty God, I thank you for every participant today in this virtual meeting. Dear Lord, it is my desire and prayer that you give everyone the understanding of what will be passed across in Jesus’ name. Take away every confusion and let the light of understanding shine in every heart and mind in Jesus’ name.

2. O Lord, we are grateful for bringing us together again this day. It is our desire that you prosper this meeting and disappoint every device of the devil and his cohorts against it in Jesus’ name. At the end of it all, let us have every cause to bless your holy name. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

3. To you only be all the glory and praise for allowing us to meet today despite the prevailing circumstances around us. We humbly ask and pray that today’s meeting be successful and the goals that have been set to be accomplished by this meeting be done in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear God in heaven, we ascribe all glory unto you this hour. Without you, we can do nothing. We, therefore, pray that you will help us this day and cause this meeting to fulfill the purpose for which it was planned in Jesus’ name.

5. Heavenly Father, I thank you for counting us among the living to witness this day. I pray that in this virtual meeting, your will only be done and everything, on the contrary, be nullified in Jesus’ name.

6. Wonderful and Glorious God, it is in your able hands we commit this meeting. Prevail in our midst and order every suggestion and thoughts aright by your Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

7. Thank you O Lord for our meeting today. I ask that you grant every student an understanding heart to grasp all that will be taught in Jesus’ name. Let everyone be focused and not give in to distractions so that we can benefit maximally from this meeting in Jesus’ name.

8. Eternal One we exalt you this day. We pray that your will be done and thy name glorified in this meeting in Jesus’ name. Let the reason for our gathering be fulfilled and actualized in Jesus’ name.

9. Dear Father, thank you for today’s meeting. I pray that this meeting be a blessing and fulfill its purpose in every participant’s life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

10. Dear Lord, thank you for the privilege of meeting together virtually. Even though we are not together physically, yet, you are with us individually where we are. I ask that you bless this meeting and let it fulfill the purpose for which it was scheduled in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Opening Prayer for Business Meeting

1. Dear Father, we acknowledge your sovereignty this day. We know that every good and perfect gift comes from you that dwells above. Send your blessings down on us as we commence this meeting in Jesus’ name.

2. Here we are again this hour. Father, I ask that you grant everyone a diligent heart to put his or her very best into the tasks that will be committed to each individual to move this business forward in Jesus’ name.

3. We worship you our Lord and King this moment for making it possible for us to meet today. Lord, some trust in chariots and horses but we put our trust in you. Help us this hour and cause your light to shine on our path in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Lord, I pray that you have your way in this meeting and bring all we will plan and discuss to fruition in Jesus’ name.

5. Heavenly Father, as we begin this meeting, grant unto us fresh, new ideas to move this business to the next level and give us the wisdom to communicate these ideas without hurting the other person. Thank you for hearing us for we pray in Jesus’ name.

6. Thank you Lord for this time you’ve given us to meet for the furtherance of this business. We pray that you keep our minds attentive and provide us with the needed wisdom to make the right decision to move this business forward in Jesus’ name. Amen.

7. Blessed be your holy name this day Lord. I pray that you bless every individual gathered here today with an open heart and mind in order that they may listen carefully to one another’s opinions and views without prejudice or bias against anyone else involved in this meeting today in Jesus’ name.

8. Dear God, you alone have made it a possibility for us to gather here today. In order that this meeting is successful, I pray that you grant us clarity as we enter into this meeting so that we may speak with wisdom and serve humanity better in Jesus’ name. Amen.

9. Almighty God, you have given us a huge responsibility through this business as it affects a large population of the universe and as such, we can’t afford to decide wrongly. We, therefore, ask Lord, that you supply us with the needed wisdom to make the right decision in this meeting in Jesus’ name. Bless this meeting and make it a success. This we pray for and receive by faith in Jesus’ name.

10. Dear Lord, we are gathered here today for important business. We cannot do without your guidance and help. Guide us on the way to go, help us to make the right decision with courage, and let this meeting accomplish everything it ought to in Jesus’ name.

Opening Prayer For Teachers’ Meeting

Here are some short prayer before meeting in school.

1. We come before You this hour dear Lord. We are helpless in ourselves. We pray that you send us help in this meeting and let all our deliberations yield the necessary results in Jesus’ name.

2. Creator of the heavens and the earth, we bow before your majesty. You have indeed been good to every one of us. Thank you, Lord. We commit this meeting into your hands, lead us, guide us, and instruct us in the way to go in Jesus’ name.

3. King of glory, the Only Wise God, to You only we give glory and praise today. We ask that You take charge of this meeting and let Your will be done amongst us in Jesus’ name.

4. Thank you Lord for this time to meet as teachers today. We pray that you make us one and take away from our hearts the spirit of discord so that we can agree on the same thing in Jesus’ name.

5. Gracious God, I ask that you give us the right words to say in the course of this meeting and lead us in the right way to go in Jesus’ name.

6. Our Father, we pray that you guide our decisions in the path of Your will and enable us to take the necessary actions in Jesus’ name.

7. We cannot do without You O God. Please come and be with us through the course of this meeting and help us to apply all we’ll be deciding on in Jesus’ name

8. Our faith looks up to You in this crucial hour. Do guide us and direct our thoughts in the right way to go in Jesus’ name.

9. Dear Lord, thank you for the privilege of gathering together. I pray for everyone present here that you instill in us a patient heart to listen to each other’s opinions and views and through this meeting, make us become more productive and valuable in Jesus’ name.

10. O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come. Bless this meeting today and make it bear the desired fruit in Jesus’ name.

Closing Prayers for Meetings

1. Gracious God, as we close this meeting, we thank you for your presence and guidance. May your wisdom continue to illuminate our paths as we go forth. Amen.

2. Heavenly Father, we conclude this gathering with gratitude for the insights shared and the decisions made. Bless us with unity and strength as we implement our plans. In your name, we pray. Amen.

3. Lord of all, we appreciate the time spent together and the collaborative spirit in this meeting. May your peace accompany us as we disperse, and may our actions reflect your love. Amen.

4. Almighty God, as we bring this meeting to a close, we seek your blessings on the endeavors ahead. May our efforts be fruitful, and may we find joy in serving one another. In your holy name, we pray. Amen.

5. Gracious Creator, we thank you for the opportunity to come together and discuss important matters. Guide us in our actions and decisions, and may we be a source of positive change. Amen.

6. Loving God, as we end this meeting, we ask for your grace to be with us. May the bonds formed here strengthen our community, and may your light guide us in our endeavors. Amen.

7. Divine Source of Wisdom, we conclude this gathering with gratitude for your guidance. May the ideas shared today blossom into meaningful outcomes for the betterment of all. Amen.

8. Merciful Lord, we entrust our plans and aspirations to your care as we conclude this meeting. Grant us the strength and wisdom to fulfill our responsibilities with integrity and compassion. Amen.

9. God of understanding, as we close this meeting, we ask for your blessings on the relationships built and decisions made. May our efforts align with your will for the greater good. Amen.

10. Eternal God, we thank you for your presence in this meeting. As we part ways, may the lessons learned and the connections forged lead us toward a future filled with purpose and grace. Amen.

Benedictions And Closing Prayers

1. I pray for you that as you step out of this place, a new dawn will begin in your life and the works of your hands in Jesus’ name.

2. The blessing of God makes rich and adds no sorrow to it. The Lord bless you and cause the work of your hands to increase this week and beyond in Jesus’ name.

3. As you go now, I pray that favor from God and man locate you in Jesus’ name.

4. As you have poured out your heart before the Lord, may He grant you according to your heart desires speedily in Jesus’ name.

5. Dear Lord, thank you for your blessings upon us today. I pray that the enemy will not steal them away from us in Jesus’ name.

6. Dear God, I ask that you bless everyone present here today and cause your face to shine upon them.

7. Dear Lord, you are light and in you dwells no darkness. I pray that you lighten the paths of your people as they go now in Jesus’ name.

8. Our Father, you have promised to guide us by your Holy Spirit into all truth. For everyone present here in need of Your guidance, I ask that You fulfill this word in their lives in Jesus’ name.

9. As Your people depart now, dear Lord, keep and deliver them from every evil work of the enemy and their enemies in Jesus’ name.

10. O Lord our Healer, you were beaten with stripes for our healing. I pray for everyone who might be sick here that you heal them by Your stripes in Jesus’ name. As they leave, manifest it in their lives in Jesus’ name.

Spiritual Closing Prayer

1. Omnipotent God, we adore you for manifesting your power in several lives this night. As they go now, may your power keep working in them and through them to others in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear God, you have instructed us on the right way to go today. We are now leaving to our various destinations, I pray that the grace to be doers of the word and not hearers only, you grant to us graciously in Jesus’ name.

3. Thank you Lord for what you’ve done for us on the cross. I pray that there will be a manifestation of this victory in our individual lives from henceforth in Jesus’ name.

4. Thank you Lord for all you’ve given to us. I pray this moment that all those who are risen against your people to bring them down again, be turned backward and confounded in Jesus’ name.

5. Lord, you have spoken it. It is our time to arise and shine because your glory has risen upon us. I pray that there will be a confirmation of this in the lives of your people now and henceforth in Jesus’ name.

Thanksgiving Closing Prayer

1. It has been a marvelous time we’ve shared together and Lord, you made it happen. For this you’ve done, we return all praise and glory to you. Thank you, Lord, in Jesus’ name.

2. We never knew things could eventually work out this good even despite our differences. If not for your help, this wouldn’t have come to pass. For this and many others, we say thank you, Lord.

3. Thank you Lord for everyone present here today. You have used each of us to contribute meaningfully to the success of this meeting from the least to the greatest. We say thank you Lord in Jesus’ name.

4. Thank you Lord for every eager heart that came here to learn and be instructed in what they didn’t know before now. I know you have opened their minds and are no more ignorant. Thank you, Lord, in Jesus’ name.

5. For the fair-weather condition you made possible for the success of today’s meeting, we are in no small measure full of gratitude. Our hearts are so full of joy for this great work you’ve done. Thank you Father in Jesus’ name.

Closing Prayer Messages

1. All glory and honor belong to you, our God. As we close this meeting now, may you guide each person in the choices they have to make daily in Jesus’ name.

2. Wonderful God, we do thank you for hitherto you’ve brought us. We ask you that you keep everyone in your will even as we depart from here to our several destinations in Jesus’ name.

3. King of glory, what more can we say but thank you for how you have helped us in this meeting. We ask that your Spirit continually rest and abide with us as we bring this meeting to a close in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Lord, you have done more than what we could ask for. We are indeed grateful for what you’ve done. May your goodness continually abide with everyone as we leave now in Jesus’ name.

5. Thank you Lord for the success of today’s meeting. It is my sincere prayer that You help everyone to live by what they have been taught in Jesus’ name.

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