thank you message to God for all the blessings

40 Thank You Message To God For All The Blessings And Prayers of Gratefulness

It is true that we are quick to ask and petition God for the things we need, however, the prayer of thanksgiving to God almighty should always be included in our daily prayers.

In fact, thank you message to God for all the blessings should not just be included in our prayer list, it should be the first thing to be done. According to Paul, we should make our requests known to God with thanksgiving.

Both for the big things and the so-called insignificant things, we should not forget to say “Thank you, Lord, for everything”.

So, it is our hope that this collection of thank you message to God for all the blessings will inspire, and help you with words to express your gratitude to God, for his blessings and everything.

Reasons To Be Thankful To God

When we get consumed in our yet-to-be-answered prayers, it is easier to think there is nothing to be grateful to God for. However, if we take time to look away from those challenges, we’ll soon realize that there are several reasons to be thankful to God.

It doesn’t matter what you may be going through, we all have reasons to be grateful to God.

The fact that you can even THINK that you have no reason to thank God, is a great reason to be grateful.

Think about the good people around you. That’s one of God’s blessings that you should thank Him for.

If you have a family, that’s enough reason to be grateful to God for. That you’re healthy should make you thankful to God. Many do not have a home over them; you have, that’s a good reason to say “Thank you, Lord”.

In fact, the weather, nature, the air you breathe in, the peace in your environment, and so many things should give you enough reasons to be thankful to God.

So, you’ve got all the reasons to say “Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life.”

How To Express Your Gratitude To God

Expressing your gratitude to God has no rule. It is simply a sincere, heart-felt show of your appreciation of God’s undeserving grace, blessing, goodness, and person.

So, when you need to understand how to express your gratitude to God, these seven things will help you:

1. Reminisce on the goodness of God.

2. Imagine the things that wouldn’t have been possible for you without the involvement of God in your life.

3. Accept the fact that there are things in your life that others are envious of and desire to have, but do not have.

4. Do not focus on tangible things alone. Itemize the intangible blessings such as peace, the breath of life, sound mind, etc

5. Do not take anything for granted, or consider anything as insignificant.

6. Express your gratitude the way it is in your heart

7. Know that God delights in your prayer of thanksgiving.

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Thank You Message to God for All the Blessings

It is very important to reminisce on God’s goodness over our lives and express some thank you message to God for all the blessings He had showered on us.

God is the first person we should thank for the good things that happened to us. He is the orchestra of good things and so deserves to be thanked for them. You can Thank God for the gift of life, you should thank him for his boundless love, also for his provision, protection, and care. There are many things God has blessed you with, that you should give God praises for.

Thank him first thing in the morning. Do not forget to appreciate him throughout the day. Even before you go to bed, show your gratitude. Make it a habit to give thanks to God.

Even in difficult times, thank him because you know that he will make everything work to your advantage in his infinite wisdom. It would not cost you anything rather it would position your heart to receive more from him.

Here are grateful quotes you can say to God almighty. You can also post it on social media platforms to express your thanks without actually going into details. Make your choice.

2. Even when I do nothing to deserve it, your grace still finds me and showers me with so many blessings. Thank you, Father.

3. During tough times, your praises would not leave my mouth because I know you make everything good in your beautiful time. Thank you Daddy for always working things for me.

4. My life is a living testimony of God’s goodness. His love keeps me glowing. He is always on the lookout for me. I will never cease to give my praise to him.

5. Dear Lord, your love always surprises me. Who am I to receive all your goodness and these many blessings? I am grateful to you, God. Thank you, Lord.

6. From the day I came to this world, you have been there for me, God. Even till now, you have not yet given up on me. Thank you, Father.

7. Every day, your blessing keeps embarrassing me. Words cannot explain how grateful I am, but you know my heart, and that I am grateful.

8. For all the answered prayers, for all the provisions and protections, I say thank you, God. I am full of thanks. Receive my Thanksgiving.

9. When I wake up in the morning, I remember your unending love. I can do but just one thing, I will lift my voice and praise you. Thank you, Daddy.

10. Awesome God, from now till the end of my days, I will always praise your name. Thank you, God.

11. At the dying minute, when all hope was lost, you showed up and proved yourself to be a miracle-working God. Thank you for this miracle, I cannot thank you enough.

12. Dear God, you have been my father and mother, you have always guided me to the right part. Thank you so much, Abba Father.

13. Praise God! He has done it again. You are surely the God of miracles. I bless your name.

14. Abundant blessings, peace like a river, overflowing love, all this, and more has the lord done for me. I will praise his name forever.

15. Every day, the Lord never forgets to bless me. Abundantly, his blessings are all over me. My mouth is filled with testimonies of his goodness. Thank you, Lord.

16. If not for you, where would I have been today, Lord? You are my protector, provider, deliverer, sustenance. You are my complete package, everything I want is in you. Thank you, God.

Short Prayer / Speech Of Gratitude To God

It is important that we cultivate the attitude of being thankful to God for His blessings and everything. Whether they are tangible or intangible, it is obvious that the Lord has been good to you, and it will be thoughtful that you tell him “Thank You”.

As you render this speech of gratitude to God in prayer, you acknowledge his goodness over you, and you show that you do not take them for granted.

Roberts, morality-based psychology, has this to say about gratitude.

“Gratitude is not goods delivered in response to payment. It is a response to a gift … Gratitude, as a response to a gift, is also a form of generosity, of graciously crediting the other for something that was not strictly owed”.

Even though we are children of God, it is important that we do not see His graciousness as a ‘right’, rather, as a privilege. Therefore, we should not become so familiar with God’s goodness, so much that they look invaluable to us.

Rendering gratitude to God is beyond just being grateful, it also helps you SEE the good things in your life, and thus gives you a sense of fulfillment and an optimistic perspective to life, knowing that if God can do those things, he’ll do these things.

Short Prayer/Speech of gratitude to God

Loving Father, thank you for the gift of salvation. Thank you for the hope I have in Christ, even in eternity.

Thank you for the gift of life and the good things of life that I’m enjoying.

Thank you for my sound health and sound mind.

Thank you for the gift of loved ones. I’m grateful for expressing love to me through them and for all that you’ve used them to do in my life.

Thank you for the countless blessings and invaluable grace you’ve given unto me.

I am grateful for your protection, and guardians.

I appreciate you, Lord, for the good things you’re doing in my life that I’m not even aware of.

To you alone be all the glory and honor and power, forever and ever.


Giving Thanks To God For Everything

1. Dear Lord, Thank you for your love. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for ordering my steps right. Thank you for who you are.

2. Thank you, because in you I have victory. Thank you because you have made me more than a conqueror. I do not take all of this for granted.

3. Thank you, dear Lord, because your mercies endure forever. Thank you because when I am weak, through your strength I remain standing even in the midst of the storm. I am grateful, Lord.

3. Your love for me is boundless. I am eternally grateful to you alone. I’ll forever be grateful for your loving kindness and for my weakness that is made perfect in your strength.

4. I do not have enough words to express my heart of gratitude. Your loving-kindness is beyond reasoning and unfathomable. I am overwhelmed by your love.

5. Thank you for the day, and the night. Thank you for the time of storm and the moment of peace. Thank you for being there for me at all times and all season. I adore you, Lord Almighty.

6. In you I have absolute confidence. You have brightened my face again with the reflection of your glory; my faith in you is made stronger. Thank you for never letting me down.

7. None can be compared to you, Lord. You have done what no man can do. I desire to worship you the way I had never done. To you alone be my praise, worship, and adoration.

8. For provision, I am grateful. For the hope of glorious things, I am joyful; and for what you have promised, I am my faith is on you, Lord. You are my confidence and my guarantor.

9. In your love I have found strength, and in your mercy, I am enjoying warmness. You are everything I ever wanted and all I’ll ever need. I am grateful to you, Lord, God.

10. Your mercy has been my consolation. You have replaced my shame with double honor, and my lack has been swallowed in your abundance. I am grateful, and I will forever be thankful.

11. In times when the way was rough and seemingly unbearable, you attended to my prayers for help. I do not have the right word to express my heart of gratitude to you, Lord, God Almighty.

12. In my moments when I feel elated, I’ll praise you. In my moments when I feel down-casted, I will worship you. At every point in time, I’ll always look to you, Lord. I just want to say thank you, Dear Lord.

13. You have kept me unbowed and unbroken by the storm of life. My mouth is full of songs of adoration for you. All creation and all that is in me will never cease to sing your praise.

14. Thank you for always ordering my steps. Thank you for your precise direction in times of confusion. Thank you, Lord, because every day, my path shines brighter. You’re such a marvelous God. Thank you, Lord, for your unending love.

15. All of my beings will praise you. My knees bow in worship unto you for you have shown me mercy. And my heart is full of joy. I will enthrone you in my heart, and I’ll continually praise you with my lips.

16. Nature and everything we can see confirms your goodness. Even in my sins, your love is felt stronger. Thank you, Lord, for your unconditional love. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

17. You have rescued me from the uncertainties of life, and the anxieties you have taken away. I’ll always reference you, Lord. I will continually sing of your goodness Thank you, Lord.

18. When the enemy came in like a flood, you rescued me by your rod. When the frowning face of life stared at me, you baptized me with your peace. How else can I appreciate you, than to say, thank you, Lord, for the blessings and everything.

19. By you, my God, I am running through troops into victory. By you, Heavenly Father, I am jumping over obstacles into my place of rest. Thank you, Lord. You’re my strength and covering.

20. In pain, I cried out and you rescued me. In confusion, I Looked up to you, and you point your torch of wisdom on my path. I scaled through because you remain true to your word. I came forth because the comforter never left me alone. To alone shall be all the glory.

Prayer To Thank God For The Gift Of Life

No doubt, you have reasons to be thankful to God for the gift of life. A dead person cannot use the internet. A dead soul cannot find reasons to look for prayers to thank God for the gift of life.

The truth is, many of your age are dead. Some in the grave are well younger than you are. Others might have not gone through as much that you’ve been through, yet, you’re still breathing. God is truly worthy of your praise for the opportunity to be among the living today.

So whether it is your birthday, or not, here is a short prayer to say “Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life”.

Father, I am forever grateful for who you are. I am eternally thankful for keeping me alive to this moment.

Obviously, the enemy came against me in several ways, hoping to deprive me of the opportunity to live; but by your power and love, you have spared my life till now.

The storm came. Challenges stood right before me at every juncture, but you lifted my head like that of the unicorn and gave me victory over death.

Though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, you kept me alive, healthy, and sound.

I wish I could express my gratitude for the gift of life beyond words. This is, however, my appreciation for all you have done for me, and are doing in my life.

To you alone be the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Thank You, God, For Everything Prayer

God deserves all the praise for all the things in our lives. He deserves to be appreciated, not just for his power, but also for His person.

Like it has been earlier said, God should be praised for everything; tangible or intangible, known or unknown, great or seemingly insignificant. That is the essence of this session. To make you thank God for everything and for everyone in your life.

No, there is no prayer list for this session. It is to stir you to see that God should be praised for everything in your life.

So, like I pointed out at the beginning of this post, take some time to reminisce over your life and everything, paying attention to the positive things and not taking anything for granted. You’ll see, that you should thank God for his blessings and everything in your life.

With this collection of prayer of thanksgiving to God almighty for everything and everyone in our lives, you’ll get to see reasons to be thankful to God, and how to express your gratitude to Him for His blessings.

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