Biblical New Month Wishes

[APRIL 2024] 101 Powerful Biblical New Month Wishes, Prayers, And Prophetic Declaration Quotes

A new month is not just a new day, it is also a new opportunity to do, to undo, and to take every necessary step to make our lives better. Not only that, but it is also a time to inspire our friends and family with new month prayers and blessings.

As Christians, it is therefore thoughtful of us to send biblical new month wishes to our loved ones; as a way of building their faith and to be positioned to receive all that the new month has to offer.

As beautiful as it is to send biblical new month wishes to those special people in our lives, it is also necessary that we take time to saturate the new month with powerful new month declaration for yourself.

So, we’ve not only prepared happy new month quotes and prayers to be sent; also, we carefully structure some prayer to start a new month. This is for you to cease the month and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

That is to say, whether you need some first day new month prayers and blessings to be sent as new month text messages, or powerful prayers for the month, to be prayed over yourself and your family, you’ll find them all in this collection of new month prayer.

Prayer Points For Crossing Over To A New Month

Spiritually, crossing over from a month to another is a significant moment, which should be spent in prayer. For this reason, Prayer points for crossing over to a new month are prepared to help you take advantage of such a moment in your place of prayer.

It is a good time to commit all that are yours to the hands of the Lord, and enter into the new month prayerfully and powerfully.

With faith in your heart, the following prayers can be prayed as you enter into the new month.

1. Thank you, dear Lord, for this month end. It has been by your grace and mercy that I and my loved ones are preserved. We do not take any of your provisions for granted. We praise you for who you are and for all you did for us in this month that is coming to an end.

2. Thank you for the privilege to see the end of this month, many started it, but couldn’t end it. I and my family started, and you saw us through to the end. This is the evidence of your favor, which I do not take for granted. Take all the glory, Lord.

3. Dear Lord, I commit this new month into your hands. I pray that you have your way and do what only you can do. I know that with you, nothing shall be impossible.

4. This month, I shall enjoy your manifold grace in all that I do. I shall see the operation of your unending mercies upon my life, and each day shall be filled with your favor for me and my family; in Jesus’ name.

5. I take charge of this new month, And I pray that all things shall begin to work together for my good in Jesus’ name.

6. I declare victory and testimonies into every part of this month. It shall be said of me, that the Lord is with me and my household, in Jesus’ name.

7. This month, Lord, make every crooked way straight, and every dark place lighted with your glory. Cause my part to be brightened and my way to be lighted.

8. I pray that when men are saying there is casting down, I shall say there is lifting up for me and my loved ones. I enjoy the anointing of exemption for beautiful experiences.

9. As I enter into this new month, when the enemy comes unto me like a flood, you God shall raise a standard against them.

10. Even though the enemy may gather against me, they shall fall in all of their ways. As they come against me in one way, they shall run in seven ways with trembling.

11. A thousand may fall by my right hand and ten thousand by my left hand, but by your protection and guardians, they shall not come near me.

12. I come against the accident of any kind. I resist the devil and he shall run away from me.

13. This new month, the Lord shall be my strength and my salvation. I shall run and not be weary; I shall walk and not faint.

14. The name of the Lord is a strong tower. I, therefore, cover myself under that tower and I am declared save from all evil works and demonic schemes.

15. Father, I ask for an abundant supply of all my needs this month. May my supply come before the need arises.

16. This month, your goodness shall surround me, and your blessings shall be my companion always.

17. I pray that you bless me with all the needed wisdom and understanding. I pray that the eyes of my understanding be enlightened; and that I walk in the reality of God’s blessings for my life.

18. Lord, Jesus, this month, bless my endeavors. Enrich my storehouse. Cause my going out and my coming in to be blessed.

19. I pray that your goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of this month; and I shall dwell under the shadow of your presence forever and ever.

20. At the end of this new month, my lips shall declare your praises and my tongue your glory. In Jesus’ name. amen.

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Powerful Prayer Points To Begin A New Month

Every new month comes with God’s intention for us. However, the enemy too has laden every moment of the new month with his evil agenda.

It is therefore necessary to engage in powerful prayer points to begin a month, so you can incapacitate the enemy and embrace Good’s goodness that comes with such a beautiful month.

Even though you may still send your loved ones biblical new month wishes, don’t forget to make some intercessory new month prayers for them. So, while you make pray this prayer for yourself, include your friends, loved ones, and family members as you pray.

From these prayers, you’ll also get inspiration for new month prayers you can send to family and friends.

1. Father, I thank you for my family friends and loved ones. By your power, you have kept us. If not for you, we would have been consumed by the enemy. Be praised forevermore.

2. O Lord, this month, arise, and let the enemies be scattered. By your rod, chase them out of their hidden place in my life.

3. Whatever was difficult for me to achieve last month, this month, help me to accomplish with ease.

4. I pray, Lord, that I shall enjoy grace for accomplishment. All that I started, by your grace, I shall bring them to successful completion in Jesus’ name.

5. O Lord, this month, I receive testimonies to my long-standing prayers. Your word said, “Ask and it shall be given unto you…”, I ask that you bring all my heart desires to reality. Help me to testify of your goodness this month.

6. Lord, I pray, that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, help me to fear no evil. Help me to always be reminded that your rod and your staff are my comforts.

7. O God, by your mighty hands, lift me above challenges of life. Take me to my place of glory and blessings.

8. Father, everywhere I mourned last month, this month I shall rejoice. Everywhere I was ridiculed and rejected last month, this month I shall be honored and celebrated.

9. Your word says, “for your shame, you shall have double”. I pray for multiple testimonies. I ask for an abundance of your goodness upon my life and endeavor.

10. This month, my going out and coming in shall be blessed. My basket shall be filled with “good measure, press down, shaken together and running over” measures. I shall have no reason for lack.

11. Father, this month, I pray that I’ll have no reason to regret. I’ll not fall into the error that will cost me things that are precious to me.

12. Father, please, deliver me from evil. Help me not to fall into temptation. Hold me by your right hand. I shall not stumble.

13. Lord, teach me the way that I should go. Show me the things that I should do. Also, give me an understanding of the times, that I may not what to do per time.

14. Father, help me to take advantage of every opportunity that will be coming my way this month.

15. In the name of Jesus, I come against sickness, diseases, and any form of infirmities. I am strong, and healthy all through this month and the rest of my life.

Biblical New Month Wishes To Loved Ones

Usher your friends and family into the new month with any of these powerful biblical new month wishes.

1. Hi friend, It’s a new day, a new moon, and a new month. In this month, may all things work together for your good; and may you find favor everywhere you turn.

2. My desire for you this new month is that the Lord shall open the eyes of your understanding, so you may see all that you have been missing, and take advantage of all that comes with the month.

3. Happy new month, dearie. This is the Lord’s doing, and it’s marvelous in our sight. This month, you shall sing for joy, dance in joy, and leap for joy. Enjoy.

4. Welcome to a new month, with new hope, new grace, and new possibilities.

5. This month, surely, goodness and mercy shall follow you, all the days of your life. Amen. Happy new month.

6. Hello dude. Happy new month. This season, you’ll not only survive the challenges of life; you’ll thrive in the challenges of life. Rejoice, it’s your season of victory!

7. May all the good things that this month has to offer to you be delivered to in full measure, in Jesus’ name. Happy new month.

8. Rejoice! It’s your month of uncountable testimonies. Before you recover from one testimony, heaven will bombard you with another. Happy new month.

9. This month, the sun will rise, so, you shall rise. You’ll not only rise, but you will also shine with his glory. You’re blessed!

10. May the blessings of Abraham be your portion. You’ll not only be blessed; you shall also be a blessing.

11. If before now, you’ve had enough; this month, you shall have more than enough. May this month bring you into the abundance of God. Welcome to a month of surplus.

12. Happy new day. Happy new month. Happy new season. Happy new grace. Happy new possibilities. You’re loved and celebrated.

13. This month, you shall be blessed. You shall be fruitful. You shall multiply. You shall have dominion. You shall replenish.

14. Hey guy, I thought to let you know that, this month, heaven is set to bless you beyond measure. Like Peter, you’ll be amazingly blessed with net-breaking fishes.

15. This month, let the weak say, “I am strong”, let the poor say, “I am rich”, because the Lord is set to do miracles in our midst; and you’re next in line. Happy new month!

New Month Declaration Quotes

Making powerful prophetic declarations should be a daily activity of every believer.

The bible says, “you shall say to this mountain, be moved, and it shall move”. It is therefore obvious that by the declaration of our mouth, we determine the experiences of our lives.

Here are new month declaration for yourself, and you may tweak them a little as new month declaration quotes for loved ones, to condition the new month, not just for yourself, but also for loved ones.

1. This month, I step into opportunities and enjoy limitless possibilities. All things are working for my good and lots of good things are coming my way.

2. This new month, I see clearly and I see into the far distance. My eyes are opened to see God’s goodness, and my ears are ready to hear life-changing instructions.

3. This month, I shall not lack help. I am marvelously helped by God and amazingly assisted by men. Everywhere I go, and everyone I meet is offering to be of assistant to me.

4. Because the Lord is with me, I enjoy his favor, goodness, and blessings beyond measure. I have enviable results and a great reward for my business.

5. By the election of grace, this month, I have the strength to do valiantly in my endeavor, and the wisdom to do excellent things. I am therefore preferred above all and appointed for high places.

6. This month, I shall not stand before mean men, rather I shall stand before kings. The news of my good deeds shall be heard in places that matter.

7. My household and family members are preserved by the mercy of the Lord and guarded by His right hand. We know what to do, and we know how to do it at the right time.

8. I declare that my heart shall be filled with boundless joy and my mind with peace that passes all understanding. By the grace of God, I shall be led beside the still waters.

9. Like Mary, I come into the fullness of God’s agenda for my life; and I come into alignment with his plans for me. The Spirit of the Lord shall overshadow me and cause me to bring forth miracles at the appointed seasons.

10. I declare light. I dispel darkness of any form. I radiate the glory of God, and carry his manifold blessings, discharging his life to everyone I come in contact with.

11. I am a dispenser of the life of God and a custodian of his goodness. I am a life-giving spirit and a wisdom projector.

12. I am unlimited and unstoppable. I am sitting with Christ in heavenly places. I am positioned far-above principalities and powers.

13. By the privilege of divine election, I shall trample upon snakes and scorpions, and nothing shall by any means hurt me.

14. This month, I am spiritually sensitive, and not carnal. I live above myself. I live by the dictate of the Holy Spirit.

15. I shall enjoy a constant supply of the spirit, and immeasurable provisions from heaven. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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