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[APRIL 2024] 60 Inspirational Happy New Month Greetings, Text and SMS

Sometimes, just saying ‘Hi’ could mean a lot to someone and this alone can help improve the relationship.

So, whether you’re thinking about someone you’ve communicated with a long time ago, or someone you see often, sending new month greetings in form of SMS, can let them know that they have a special place in your heart.

Below are different catchy and captivating happy new month greetings you can send to your loved ones, and send your wishes.

Inspirational Greetings: New Month New Beginnings Quotes

Everything new signifies a new beginning. Just like a new book signifies a new reading or writing journey and a new class signifies a new level; so also does a new month signify a new beginning.

That said, it takes grace to not blow up your new beginning and turn it into something regrettable. This is the reason why I’ve compiled some great new month new beginnings quotes to serve as inspirational new month greetings to your loved ones. This is to help them conquer the obstacles that might arise to hijack the new beginnings that come with the new month.

So, let’s do this!

1. It’s never too late to start afresh. Forget the naysayers and get to work. At the end of it all, all that would matter would be you and your happiness. Happy new month.

2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Remember the story of Rome? It didn’t happen all at once. So, take a cue from it and start today, your new beginning is here. Cheers to a new month.

3. Let the new month help you make a fresh start, as the sun rises, let your energy be renewed for the great journey ahead of you. You shall tell your stories later, with smiles on your face. Just checking on you.

4. Just start from somewhere. You do not have to have it all figured out yet, but begin from somewhere and have a little faith in your heart. Everything will fall in place in no time if you work hard and believe truly. Happy fabulous month.

5. Do not give up on that giant dream. Let the new month be your source of strength. Remember that it has to get real dark before dawn appears. Begin today and let the new month usher in your dawn. Blessings!

6. Pray for strength and wisdom. Those are the two important things you need to kick off your new plans this month. Enjoy the best of the new month.

7. It’s not enough dreaming it and wishing for it. It is time to get all hands on deck and begin. Just as we usher in the new month, focus on making your dreams a reality. Have an amazing month.

8. A new beginning doesn’t just happen. It requires a calculated plan, zeal, and a determined heart. May this new month bring all you need for a new beginning within your reach. Here’s to a great start. Happy beautiful month.

9. Begin with God, hand over all your fears and plans to Him. Then, sit back and watch him beautify all that concerns you this new month! Cheers.

10. Let this new month bring in with it, new ideas and plans, and help you effortlessly achieve all you so desire to make your life better. A happy new month to you.

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New Month Motivational Message / Greetings

1. Great men plan while others sleep, and execute while others plan. May that which makes for a great man flow into your life this new month and give you the power to begin all you’ve planned out.

2. Treat every great dream as urgent. Set out plans to begin. Don’t let the failures of past experiences dull the fire in your heart. It’s a great time for a new beginning. Happy new month.

3. I pray your growth becomes massive this new month. Be encouraged to step out and become the very best. Happy new month.

4. Plan it all out carefully and pray ceaselessly. May you overcome all the obstacles standing between you and your new beginning. A happy new month with God’s endless favor.

5. Neglect, not the tiny baby steps you make, they are all part of the process. Give it time and pray, your baby steps shall metamorphose into giant steps. I wish you well this month.

6. Never allow fear to stop you from starting that goal. The hardest part is the beginning part. Soon you shall start enjoying the dividends. Happy new month.

7. May the joy of the new month swallow your worries and give you the strength for a new beginning. Happy new month.

8. Greatness lives within you. Look inward and draw it out to the surface in this new month. Begin with working on yourself and watch as kings come to your rising.

9. It’s the dawn of a new era in your life. The Lord who makes all sloppy places become straight has started His good work in your life. Happy new month.

10. As you walk into the new month, be brave enough to wake up, plan up, step up, and begin. You have all it takes to be great in yourself. Channel your energy to the right things in life. Stay safe and remain blessed.

11. It’s a new beginning! You can never be neutral with time; it’s either wasted or invested. Be intentional, maximize every moment, seize every opportunity and make the new month count for your favor.

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Happy New Month Prayers For My Friend

Friendship is defined by Wikipedia as “a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an acquaintance or an association, such as a classmate, neighbor, or colleague”.

Friends have a strong bond of love that coexists between them. Do you have a friend whom you cherish and want to put a smile on his/her face as the month begins? Here are well constructed new month wishes to my friend, to send your new month greetings and your wishes.

1. Friends like you are rare in the universe. You are more precious than a diamond. I wish you a month without sorrow. You shall experience magnified success. Happy new month.

2. You are indeed a true friend, you gave me reasons to be happy, you taught me to be optimistic, you are an angelic friend. Happy new month, I wish you all the goodness of the month.

3. Not anyone can sit to listen to my troubles and worries but you always do, no matter your engagement you lend an ear to whatever I have to say, thank you for always being available. I wish our bond keeps growing, Happy new month, dear friend.

4. Water in the well may dry as the season changes, but your friendship is like the water in the ocean which never runs dry, you are forever in my heart, I appreciate you, dear. Happy new month. Best wishes.

5. Having a friend is one thing, and having a close friend who understands is another thing. Priceless is your friendship. I wish you a prosperous month, friend.

6. If the friendship was an exam, your grade won’t be available because your friendship surpasses the grading system. I love you. Do have a blessed month.

7. Friendship entails love, forgiveness, understanding, sacrifices, etc. All these characteristics you have, and more. I wish you a month filled with surprises every day of it. Happy new month, to someone with a golden heart.

8. My adviser, gossip mate, entertainer, joy giver. You are amazing just the way you are. I wish you what you wish yourself this month. Happy new month.

9. The day never passes by without thinking of every wonderful time spent with you. I am who I am today not by my knowing but by your encouragement. I can never thank you enough. Have a beautiful month ahead, best friend.

10. True friendship is known at the time of troubles, wants, and needs. Despite the trials, your true friendship is still strong for me. I won’t stop loving you, my friend. Wishing you a joyful new month.

Prayerful New Month Greetings

1. As you begin the new month, may N- new, E- extraordinary, W- wonders locate you and your loved ones, each new day will bring you something new. Happy new month.

2. A happy new month to you. May this month make you a VVIP in the presence of those who rejected you in previous months. You will excel above their imaginations and become the envy of many.

3. Each month comes with ups and downs, troubles, trials, temptations, etc. However, you will not experience anything that will set you backward this month. Higher shall you go. Happy new month.

4. May the Lord keep you safe, comfort you, fill you with peace beyond understanding, give you divine directions, make you a winner on all the days of the month. Happy new month.

5. May all the days of this month come with thousands of opportunities knocking at your door. Just believe and you shall see your dreams coming to pass. A happy new month to a beautiful heart.

6. A happy new month to you and your family. May all your hard work not be in vain. Whatever you long for will surely come after you. Enjoy a beautiful month, because you have a beautiful heart.

7. The new month has arrived once again, I wish you a month full of astonishing surprises, and may it be a stepping stone towards your full testimony for you and your family. Cheers to a month.

8. Happy new month, dear. As you begin the month, what affects others negatively, will not affect you. What stops others won’t stop you. You shall enjoy God’s grace.

9. Whatever your desire, wishes, prayers, aspirations, and dreams are, keep holding onto them for they will all come true this month. Happy new month.

10. Supernatural, extravagant, extraordinary, and mind-blowing testimonies will you share every dawn of the days in this new month. Your season of upliftment has come. Happy new, month.

Happy New Month Text With Blessings

The way you would feel to wake up to a sweet happy new month text in the morning from someone so special is how others will feel too.

So why not copy and relay from the list of messages below prepared specially for your loved ones to lighten and brighten their faces as they step into the new month.

1. My wish for you as the month begins is that, may you not shed tears of sorrow, but tears of joy. You shall experience the unlimited goodness of God. Happy new month, dear.

2. God shall give you the grace and power to overcome challenges that may arise in this month. You are a winner already. Happy new month.

3. Sweet melodies you shall sing throughout this month. Sorrow shall be far away from you this month. May the smile of a conqueror be you smile every day of this month and beyond. Happy new month.

4. May this month be so refreshing to you and your family. May you prosper and live in good health. For you, the fruitfulness of this month shall be more than the previous. Happy new month.

5. The wind blows away shrubs due to weak roots. In this month, your roots will be strong as that of cedar. You will not be shaken by the tornado of life. A happy new month to you.

6. A happy new month to you and your family. May all the daily and weekly goals you set for the month come to reality. You shall experience a new dimension of greatness.

7. Dive into the new month with gladness, laughter and lots of expectations cause all your wishes will be granted by God. Happy new month.

8. Happy new month dear, may the new month give you and your family plenty of reasons to be thankful to God every day of the month. May you not experience stagnation of any form. Amen.

9. Henceforth, you and your family will see and touch the grace of God. Take a deep breath, and face the month with bravery. Happy new month.

10. It is your season of excellence and joyful laughter. Go forth and possess all your possessions in the month. Happy new month to you and your loved ones.

New Month SMS for Loved Ones

1. It’s a new month, friend. I wish we enjoyed the month as we used to. An angel told me to tell you that this is your month and you have no cause to worry. Happy new month.

2. Happy new month, dearest friend. May you never be hurt by anything. May you not be led to the wrong places. May you witness innumerable reasons to be happy.

3. If our friendship is ranked, we will emerge the number one in the world. It’s your new dawn, dear. Step into the new month with a smile on your face as always. Happy new month, bestie.

4. Sometimes I wonder if friends still love in this century, but when I got acquainted with you, I realized such friends still exist, and I appreciate every time spent with you. Happy new month.

5. We do misunderstand ourselves sometimes, but after that, our friendship bond becomes stronger, and I love you for that. Friends, forever we will be. Happy new month.

6. My best friend in the whole wide world, happy new month. I wish that you get all that you want and never miss the good tidings of the month.

8. I bless the day I meet you, you are such an irreplaceable gem and loving person. I wish our friendship keeps growing up to the galaxies. Happy new month, sweetie.

9. Scarce are friends like you in the world, thousands of vocabularies cannot prove how much I cherish you. Greatness awaits you this month. Happy new month, dearest friend.

10. I love you till infinity. Happy new month, my best of best.

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