I miss you so much my love

60 Romantic I Miss You So Much My Love

Are you in a long-distance relationship or your partner is on a journey and you can’t wait to have him or her back in your arms? Then, this romantic way to say I miss you so much my love is a necessary resource to express how much you’re waiting to have him or her back.

Perhaps you even saw this morning and you gave him or her a passionate kiss to say ‘have a nice day, dear’; but you still want him or her to know that they mean so much to you. Simple “romantic miss u messages” can go a long way.

So, in that light, we have provided you with several romantic words to say I miss you. Also added are some professional way of saying I miss you, just to sound funny. You know, sometimes, you just do things a little differently.

So, as you’ll soon realize, below are other emotional ways to say I miss you so much, my love.

Short I Miss you my Love Quotes and Messages

Whether you want to sound lyrical or use plain language, this I miss you my love quotes has several ways to say I miss you my love, without mincing words.

The pain that invades our hearts when we miss someone is inconvenient and it’s our utmost desire for you to express such feelings of emotion without holding back.

Get up and express yourself moderately to feel understood with our simple ‘I miss you so much my love’ messages for that special person.

1. Physically, you’re far away but deeply missed every second in my heart. I miss you my love.

2. Sometimes, I wonder if you miss me as much as I do and if we’re both suffering from the distance that separates us the same way. I miss you, dearly.

3. It doesn’t matter how far we’re separated from each other, my love, because I will always stick around until we see each other again.

4. Cheers to the love we shared that built the strong relationship we had today because neither distance nor time will be able to defeat us. I miss you so much my love.

5. My dear, I will gladly give everything to live a moment again by your side, because dwelling in our memories brings more pain to my heart than relief.

6. I miss you my love, even though I carry you in my memories and in the depths of my heart daily and you visit me at night in dreams, it is still not enough, and my constant yearning for you makes sadness dominate my heart.

7. It feels great to have you around. Your absence isolates me and your presence calms me and makes me whole. I miss you, my love.

8. Thank you for brightening up my mornings and my days, despite not being here, you’re always remembered.

9. I have not felt anything stronger, or more urgent, than the desire to see you again, to be with you again.

10. They should prohibit lovers from separating. There should be a law that prevents you from moving away from me because I miss you every second.

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Romantic I Miss You Quotes For Her

I Miss You Quotes For Her

It’s always a pleasure to show how much you love someone in every possible way and in making that girl who loves you know exactly how you feel.

Even if you’re not versed with words, we are here to help you leave a beautiful smile on your girl’s face with our simple and romantic I miss you quotes for her. We hope they will have the desired effect on her.

16. The simple fact of having you in my arms is the perfect gift that can be given to a person. Give them to me always, I love you.

1. Our dreams are shared. We both want to live together for eternity. And although we know that our lives will not be so long, we will make the years that lie ahead of us the best of our existence.

2. There is nothing better than feeling that you are mine and knowing that your love belongs only to me. I miss you so much my love.

3. You break my heart every time you say goodbye when I know you have to leave. I hope the time will come when we don’t have to say goodbye anymore and it will be just you and me.

4. Life crossed your path and I did not miss the opportunity. Since I saw you I knew that you would be important to me and now that we love each other I confirm that you are the most special woman in my life, the only one I love.

5. Missing someone special teaches us to value and appreciate what we have. I learned it by missing you every day.

6. You are the most beautiful thing that could happen to me in life, thank you for existing. I miss you.

7. Thank you for being part of my life, more than missing you I will always love you.

8. Even if you tell me you’ll be back soon, for me being without you for a moment seems like an eternity, I miss you, I want us to always be together.

9. I would like to have you in my arms, but I can only write to you. I miss you.

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I Miss You Messages For Husband / Boyfriend

Missing your beloved is something normal and understandable and it teaches us to value who they are and what they meant to us which keeps beautiful memories in our hearts that make feelings of love blossom in us.

It results in pain sometimes, especially if that person is your partner. Allow communication to flow between you and let them know what’s going on in your life despite the distance.

That’s why these special I miss you messages for husband are outlined to ease the feeling of loneliness and distance that consumes you during those moments.

31. I wanted not to love you, I thought of not thinking of you, I dreamed of not dreaming of you, but I forgot to forget you. I miss you deeply dear hubby.

32. There are times when we close our eyes, to embrace what we love most, and that is that we would never want to let go of them.

33. Although you are not presently by my side, you exist in a very special place in my heart.

34. My eyes are full of tears and my mouth is about to scream ‘I miss you’, and it’s because I want to see you.

35. You made my life the most beautiful because just by being by my side you made me feel so lucky.

36. I cry because I think of you, and I miss you because I love you, dear hubby.

37. I don’t know if I’ll still be alive tomorrow, that’s why I want to tell you that I miss you with all my soul and my being, because you were the person who helped me get up and made me improve.

38. I can only feel you in my heart and it hurts not to express it physically. I miss you in every breath dear hubby. I pray we meet soon.

39. How could I forget you? if you exist in me if you live in my heart. Please come soon.

40. Loving you also means missing you when you are not with me, beloved. That is to say, I’m missing you so much my love.

Missing a special person can make you perceive a variety of unpleasant feelings like sadness and loneliness. Millions of thoughts run through your mind when your partner is far away from you, which can make you imagine things that have no real existence.

Express yourself humbly with the above I miss you messages for your husband especially made for you.

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I Miss You Quotes For Him Long Distance

I Miss You Quotes For Him Long Distance

A long-distance relationship is tough but can be great when there’s open communication between you two.

Missing someone you love confirms the feelings that love exists even in the distance between you two and also has a lasting and more effective effect because the encounters become unique, explosive, and very emotional.

Here comes a category of the nicest romantic distance quotes for him to let him know how much you love and miss him.

The distance shouldn’t call you apart but improve your closeness with sweet messages that can keep the spark in your relationship now and forever.

46. How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard and difficult to admit.

47. You are far away but I really want you to know that you are in my heart and no matter what happens, you will always stay there. I miss you, honey.

48. You’ve been all I ever needed and now that you’re not here, I feel like I’m lost. I miss you so much.

49. Here I wait for you in silence, so that no one knows how much I miss you.

50. The distance can prevent you from sleeping in my bed but not in my dreams. I miss you.

51. My love for you will never change and even though you are far away, I will keep loving you, my darling.

52. Missing you is a reminder that every moment together is special and every second should be cherished. I don’t miss you and you alone, I miss us together.

53. When your absence is felt, your presence is the essence that makes the difference. I miss you so much my love.

54. If you ever feel lonely when we are not together, you should always remember that you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you can ever imagine. But the most important thing is that even though we are apart, my heart will always yearn for you.

55. As the days go by, the memories remain and I’ll wait for you. As the days go by, I’ll keep trying till you return.

Love is missing someone when you are apart, but somehow you feel warm inside because you are close at heart. Keep your love gleaming with the above I miss you messages.

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I Miss You My Sweetheart Messages

I Miss You My Sweetheart Messages

Although technology gives us many facilities to be in contact with one another no matter the distance, the emptiness that revolves around this separation even if it is for a justified reason, always causes some almost unbearable feeling of loneliness.

This can be even more severe when it comes to our partner who has to be absent either for a work trip, study, or family reasons.

This is why a collection of romantic love messages or quotes that can spark your darling’s heart are here for you to pick as much as you want.

61. Since you left, the light of my life has disappeared, but the light of hope of your soon return remains. You do not know how much I miss you, my love, and how much I wish you would be here soon.

62. I miss you so much, that even the aroma of you that permeates my skin is disappearing, but my cells remember every moment that it is you and no one else who is part of my life.

63. Love, I miss you a lot every day. I miss your look, your smile, your ability to make me laugh when I am by your side. I miss you, so much, my love, and I eagerly await your return.

64. In the middle of the distance, I have learned to love and value you more. I have learned that to love your absence is to value your presence. When you are here you will know that every time I keep quiet, are inexpressible cries of my heart that demand your love and your tenderness.

65. Honey, my days without you have been long. Every day that you are not by my side I miss you more, but every day I discover that the more I miss you the more I love you.

66. As much as I try to put a name to this feeling of missing you, I can only relate it to the love that increases with every mile that you are away from me.

67. In the mornings I wake up and look at the space that has remained in my sleeping bed, the space that belonged to you, and I say: that space, is only filled by the person I love the most. I miss you so much my love, but more than coming to occupy a bed, come and occupy my heart that yearns for you.

68. Since you left I realized that the days were endless and I did not want to see the clock or the calendar anymore. I feel like I’ll go crazy if you don’t come back soon. I feel like a bird without wings not being able to fly to you.

69. I look at the doorstep every minute because I try to imagine that this nightmare is finally over and that you are going to surprise me by walking through the door. I can’t stand it anymore that you’re away. Come back soon, my love.

70. Since you left and I realized my sad reality, I cannot stop thinking about you. You cannot imagine how difficult it is for me to live knowing that you are so far away and that at the moment I do not know when you will return.

Missing each other is one of the most beautiful things that can be enjoyed in a relationship. Cheers to you seeing your beloved again with happiness.

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I Miss You My Love Status For Whatsapp

When space prevents us from being together, we can suppress our loneliness with written words that’ll keep us connected.

Fall in love with your partner even more and make your relationship stronger with I miss you my love status for WhatsApp made for you.

76. I want to have you here and that you never leave, no matter what happens, that you stay forever by my side.

77. It’s so easy to be in paradise! I just need to have you here by my side because, with you, everything is wondrous.

78. My desire for you doesn’t go away. It grows with distance and with time since I haven’t seen you.

79. Take care of me, because when you come back I can accidentally suffocate you with my hugs and eat you with my kisses.

80. The hours without you have more than 60 minutes, I have no doubts; When you’re not there, time doesn’t pass.

81. Let us be carried away by this feeling that floods everything, by this love that unites us and that we only feel when we are together. Love you.

82. I don’t mind having been your first love, but I would love to be your last, live together until the last of our days.

83. Your sweet words are melodies of love. Everything looks so colorful when you’re with me, forever be my rainbow.

84. Before you I was happy, but I don’t think that after you I will be. You are part of every corner of my life. Your love has flooded everything that resides in me.

85. I miss you like you miss the air when you can’t breathe.

It’s somehow difficult to explain what we feel when we miss our beloved, but It is much more desirable to know that you’re also loved by the special person you long for, and with excitement, choose the best words that resonate with your feelings.

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Miss You Status For Boyfriend for Facebook or WhatsApp

Miss You Status For Boyfriend for Facebook or WhatsApp

To most of us that keep love fresh, despite the extent of distance, we share love phrases that express what you feel.

To all those who love each other, miss each other, and can only express their love through text, and statuses; here’s a compilation of romantic texts for your lover.

91. Whoever invented distance had no idea what it was like to miss someone and not have them. It’s so awkward that I longed for your embrace.

92. There are wounds that I never returned to, others I can’t leave. But there are others that I refuse to leave: You.

93. You’re like a dream that doesn’t happen twice, so don’t go, better stay, forever.

94. You are by far the person I love the most. I miss you and miss you more every day.

95. The night comes and these crazy desires to see you and be with you arrive, which cannot be taken away by writing to you, or by calling you.

We can keep writing thousands of romantic love quotes and messages to clear the blemishes of missing your better half and we hope these few texts fill your thoughts with joy and your heart with patience to see your beloved again.

You have the permission to bookmark this post, so you can always have unique ways to say, I miss you so much my love.

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