Long Emotional Missing You Messages For Her

[2023] Long Emotional Missing You Messages For Her Or Him

Love is beautiful.

If you’re in love, you don’t want to stay a second away from your partner. However, life happens and for one reason or the other, you may need to stay apart for a while. Those situations are often unavoidable and necessary.

It can be difficult when you’re not with your partner. You find yourself thinking of them a lot. You miss them and dream of the day you’ll meet them again.

Thanks to technology, we don’t have to wait before letting our partners know how we feel about them.

If you’re longing for your partner, you can simply send some long emotional missing you messages for her / him.

Sending one or more long emotional missing you messages for her / him will enhance your mood as well as increase the connection you both have.

If you feel stuck on what to write, we’ve got you covered. These long emotional missing you messages for her / him will provide inspiration for your own messages. You can also use them as they are if you like. Enjoy!

Long Emotional Missing You Messages For Her

Don’t keep your woman oblivious of how you feel about her when she’s away. She’s probably thinking of you too and would love to know that you have her in mind. If you love her, send her a message detailing how much you miss her. The following long emotional missing you messages for her will potray you as a proactive man.

1. I feel favored and blessed to have a wonderful woman like you in my life. In your presence, I feel complete. There’s a deep fulfillment in my soul that makes other pleasures in the world pale in comparison. Since you traveled, I’ve found it difficult to be without you. I feel alone and my mind races with thoughts of you. It’s increasingly harder to say away till the day of your return. I’m considering visiting you even if it’s for a day. You’re one of the most important people in my life. I miss you dearly. I hope you think this way too. Come home soon.

2. I’m happy we’re married but this temporary separation is killing my vibe. I need you by my side every moment. I want to cuddle you at night and see your face first thing in the morning. You’re the loveliest woman I’ve ever met. My life has taken an upward turn since you got in. I miss you my love, and I can’t wait to have you back. I promise that when you return, we’ll go on those dates. I hope you complete your program soon so we can get back to living our happily married lives.

3. I miss you more each day. After work, I look forward to the excitement of meeting you, but that excitement fades when I remember you’re not home. Only your presence can fix this pain that wells up in my heart when I don’t see you. I love you.

Long Emotional Missing You Messages For Him

Have you been aching for your partner since he left? Have you been reminiscing on the conversations you two had, wondering if you could have done better to show your love?

It’s time to stop thinking and put those thoughts into words. Remember that your partner is not a mind reader. If you’re unsure of what to write, use any of these long emotional missing you messages for him.

1. I hate that I’m not with you right now. I would catch your tears and pat your back as you mourn. Know that thinking of you. When your face pops up in my mind, I smile because I know you’ll be with me soon. This distance has nothing in us. Remember that your pain is my pain, and I look forward to reuniting with you. I love you, my king.

2. My heart is about to fall apart because you’re not here. I wish I was able to teleport to where you are right now. I’ll never leave you alone. I miss more than your presence. I miss your soft brown eyes, your cheeky smile, the frown lines that appear when you’re in deep thought, and your moon-shaped dimple. I miss the way you talk when you’re sure about something, and the nervousness in your eyes when you try something new. I truly miss you. Come home to me.

3. It’s Friday night and I feel lonely. Many people go home to delight in their partners, but my bed is as cold as ice. I miss your warmth presence and hugs. I miss having those conversations with you. I know we talk a lot online but that’s nothing compared to when you’re here. I miss having you wake me up to make strange snacks so we’ll binge-watch a movie all night. I miss those brilliant ideas of yours. I miss you, hubby.

4. I’ve always wondered how someone could bring joy into another person’s life. I’m grateful I’m an expert in that. While our connection has grown stronger since you went on the tour, I still miss you. I love it when your strong, bold hands cuddle my face. I miss hearing those boring jokes that make me want to laugh anyway. I hope you’re having a good time over there. Make sure you bring lots of snacks so we can munch them on our movie dates. I’ve got lots of them planned out. I’m missing you my boo; I hope to see you before the week’s over.

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Missing Someone Special Quotes

One of the most heartfelt emotions you can experience is when you miss someone. You can feel separated from the one you care about. You can have to lose sleep over that emotion. The following missing someone special quotes will comfort you while helping you acknowledge the impact the person has on you. Select one and send to that special someone right now.

1. It’s amazing how when we leave the one we love, our hearts crave their presence again. Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder. You make my heart beat louder to see you again.

2. You’ve impacted me so deeply that I dream of you during the day. You are a magnetizing force in my life. The world seems to come to a standstill in your absence. I miss you.

3. You awaken a part of me that I never knew I had. It’s like a sleeping giant in me wakes up at the sound of your voice. In case things get tough where you are, always remember that I miss you.

4. It’s a rare thing for me to miss someone, but when I do, it’s because the person means more to me than anything. The room feels emptier when you’re not there.

5. I’m trying not to miss you too much or my heart may leave my chest to find you. It’s already yours anyway, but don’t put it under much torture. Come back, love.

6. You’ve become my home; a place of solitude and comfort for my grieved soul. I don’t mind battling all the problems in the world because I’m returning to the most special person on Earth. I miss you and I’ll be home soon.

7. When I think of you, peace clouds my heart. Thank you for giving me a place to lay my heart in trust. However, my bones hurt when you’re not with me. I wish I can touch you right now. Your beloved awaits your return.

I Miss You Message To Make Her Smile

If you need ideas on how to write an i miss you message to make her smile, you’re in the right place. Below are some samples to melt her heart and let her know how much her presence means to you. Don’t be surprised when she bombards you with phone calls and cute messages.

1. To the queen with the craziest antics, every part of me misses you. I can’t wait to say I do and sweep you off your feet. Since you went home, I’ve been reminiscing about our time together. If dating can be this sweet, how much more marriage! I love you. I love you from the depth of my soul. I’m a much better man since you entered my world. Thank you for motivating me to be a better person. I wish we didn’t have to part. See you tomorrow.

2. I don’t know what things feel harder when you’re not here. For some reason, I can’t find the kettle or the matchbox. I seem to have no knowledge of where things are in this house. Come home soon baby girl before your husband cooks himself by mistake. I appreciate your dedication to our home and for making it a haven for us. I miss your sunny laughter and your sweet perfume. I hope you miss me as much or even more. Safe travels, my love.

3. My dear, I’m sending all my love to you. I feel sad to be away from you, but the situation has forced me to do so. However, it’s only a little while. Soon, I’ll be back to give you that bear hug you love so much. I didn’t realize I would miss you this much. I promise I’ll pay more attention when you’re asking me which clothes to wear. Think of me hugging you to sleep. Good night baby.

4. I’m the luckiest man to have the most gorgeous woman as my girlfriend. You mean the world to me. Your value in my life is something I can’t explain. Thank you for being invested in my growth. There wouldn’t be this version of me without you. Although I know you’re in baking school, I miss having your yummy cupcakes. I’ll be patient to wait because I know you’ll be making cupcakes for me forever. Love you, darling.

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Romantic Miss U Messages For Him

Men like romance too! They may not be outwardly open about it sometimes, but I bet you your man desires to know he means a lot to you. One way you can do this is by sending romantic miss u messages for him. These messages will let him know how much you miss him.

1. I’ve been gloomy for days and until recently, I realized why. It’s because you’re not here. I want to see you one more time.

2. The sender of this message is in dire need of your hugs and kisses. If you don’t make it in time, you may not meet her again. She’s programmed to be at her best when you’re present. I hope you can make it soon before you’ll spend a lot of money on gifts. Thanks, your heartbeat.

3. Life without you is like a nightmare. You bring elegance and color to my world.

4. One of the most beautiful things about being with you is that you make me come alive. You ignite a fire and make me passionate about life. I know you’re off on a mission and it’ll be a little while before you return. I just want you to know that I miss working with you at the restaurant. Your strength emboldens me to take on the toughest tasks in the world. I miss you. I miss your small pats on my back and words of encouragement. I hope you meet with success where you’re at.

5. I thought I knew what to say before writing, but my mind went blank leaving only three words: I miss you. I crave your presence again. When you went on that trip, a part of me went with you. Right now, I feel vulnerable with your family members. Anyone may attack at any moment. Still, I know you’ve done your best to protect me even while you’re not here. I await the sound of you entering our home. We’ll talk again.

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Heart Touching Miss You SMS

One of the sweetest moments is when you get to spend time with the one you love. However, life activities may separate you both for a moment. You don’t have to keep those feelings bottled up. Let your love know how much you crave to see them again. Send a heart touching miss you sms from the list below:

1. I know I found the right one for me when I realized you were a part of my future plans. I couldn’t think of anything without considering you first. I hope we can take this many steps further. I’m missing you already.

2. What I long for most is having you by my side again. I love that you’re building your mind. Make the best of your conference, and shine. Still, board the first flight home once you’re done. I can’t wait to meet you again.

3. You know, you’ve become my therapy these days. I noticed that my mood brightens when you come to mind. When I think of your charming voice and stunning look, my mind flutters in excitement. I look for to our next date. I miss you.

4. We have 24 hours in a day, but it feels like an eternity without you. I know we just left each other, but the desire to return to you is overwhelming. I look forward to us being together again.

5. I’ve never felt more agonized in these past days than when you were with me. You were my rock and peace. Now, I feel abandoned. I hope what you went for works out better than expected so you can return in a jiffy.

6. My mind has lost the battle with my heart. My heart cries out for you daily. I want to spend every minute of the day with you. I’m missing you, honey.

7. Your absence is an illusion to me. You’re not gone, we’ve only separated for a moment. I’m already prepped and ready for when you’ll visit me again. Make sure you stay safe. I miss you.

I Miss You My Sweetheart Quotes And Messages

Saying i miss you my sweetheart can sound cliche sometimes. You want the person to feel moved by your words. So if you’re looking for unique and interesting ways to tell your loved one how much you’re missing them, the following examples will help you:

1. Until I can feel the warmth of your hands around me again, my heart will continue to miss you. I need you more with each passing day and I hope you’re presence will cure me of this lovesickness.

2. I wonder what you’re thinking of right now. Are you envisioning the future of us like I am right now? I wonder if you’re grinning with a smile as you imagine my face. I hope for a time when we’ll never be separated again. I miss you.

3. One of the reasons I yearn to travel is to see your chubby face. I wish I could wave a wand and appear by your side at this second. Still, I’ll patiently wait through the process because I know seeing you will be worth it.

4. I feel like climbing the highest mountain and battling the fiercest animal to see you again. But I’ve put things in place and they wait for your graceful body to embrace them. I miss you.

5. I can’t stop thinking about you. Each time I try to, my heart conjures a bigger image of you. You consume my every thought and the only cure for this is your return. I hope you can make it back as promised.

6. It’s wonderful how I miss you when you’re not there. It’s part of my love for you. But I wonder why you’re keeping me away from you for this long.

7. I’ve tossed and turned every night only to stretch my hand and realize you’re not there. No wonder I’ve been having bad days. My morning starts with you. I hope you’re missing me as much as I miss you.

8. Now I know what heaven feels when an angel like you leaves. I miss your embrace. Those secure ones that make me feel safe and warm at once. I miss your aura. Safe journey dear.

9. I hate that I missed the chance to hug you tightly. If I can get that chance again, I won’t trade it for all the gold in the world. Then when we see, I’ll let you know in dozens of ways how much I miss you.

Missing Someone Quotes In English

Take the feeling of missing someone to the next level with these missing someone quotes in english. However, to decide to send any of them, these quotes are guaranteed to make the recipeint’s heart swell with joy.

1. You are with people who are strangers to our bond, except with me. I miss you more than words can express. You make me want to do anything and everything with you. Come to me soon.

2. I find myself smiling without thinking. Many think I’m mad, but they’re right. I’m madly missing you. Thoughts of you make me smile and laugh.

3. Whenever I close my eyes to sleep, your face appears. When I’m deep thinking, thoughts of you cloud my mind. At first, I tried to resist them, but I now understand it’s because I miss you.

4. I crave to hug you again. Even though we hugged the last time, I hated letting you go. I love having you around me, but I hate it when you go away. I miss you.

5. Since you left, the coldness is slowly entering my life again. Could you bring back your warmth? I know only your touch could clear this cold away. I miss you.

6. Honey, you promised you’ll be by my side till death parts us. You’re failing by staying too long in Denver. I miss you a lot. I’m waiting to hear you’ve checked out of your hotel so I can meet you at the airport.

7. I’ve not felt this bored since you left me. Come and save me from this insipid life, my adventurous partner. I’m missing you, darling.

8. See me thinking of all the fun and the arguments we’ve had. I miss having those moments with you. Since you left, I find myself appreciating all of you: your good sides and bad sides. You complete me. Be home soon.

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