Happy New Month Prayers For My Love

[JULY 2024] Sweet Happy New Month Prayers For My Love

New month messages communicate our prayer, wishes, inspiration, encouragement, blessings, and express our feelings. They ain’t just a group of words. They serve as our mouthpiece.

And that’s what this collection of happy new month prayers for my love, is meant to do, help you express your wishes to loved ones.

So, here are some heartfelt and romantic happy new month prayers for my love messages I have put together that will help you bless your loved ones and put a smile on their faces.

Have a look at the different kinds of new month prayer text messages below that will make your loved ones smile and feel blessed. These messages will give them a level of assurance to face the month optimistically.

Below are the different kinds of new month prayers for my love, which range from prayers, wishes, and greetings. Explore and choose the best for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or even crush.

Positive Happy New Month Prayers For My Love

As goals are set at the beginning of each month so it is of great essence to begin it with heartfelt prayers for your partner or spouse, to spend the forthcoming month in love, peace, and harmony you’ve shared.

Always make the beginning of every month a special one for your lover. Reveal all the deep warmth feelings and love for them by saying a word of prayer, with any of these amazing new month prayers for my love.

Below are well-composed beautiful and romantic new month prayers for my love.

1. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As you step into this new month, you will go far in all ramifications above everyone’s expectations. You shall be called wonder in this month. Happy new month, darling.

2. Honey, happy new month to you. As you begin the month may the Lord give you the bravery and courage to face the dread and difficulties that may arise in it. Cheers.

3. In whatever you do this month, you shall prosper. Every failure in your life shall turn to triumph in Jesus’ name. Happy new month, my love.

4. The power to handle life’s confrontations and lead us all on the right path that we might not go in the wrong direction shall be bestowed upon us, this month, in Jesus’ name. I wish you the goodness of this month, dearest. Happy new month.

5. As you begin this new month; may you not know sorrow. May your ways be straight and not crooked. May joy, favor, and happiness be your portion in this month. A super happy new month to you my, heart code.

6. Everything you need in this month shall be made available and in excess for you in the name of Jesus. Welcome to your month of overflowing grace and glory.

7. Lord, I pray for my partner, that You watch over her/him. Help, guide, protect and lead him/her in the right direction to fulfill destiny. He/she shall see your infallibility in his/her workplace. Happy new month, my love.

8. In this new month, the Almighty will fill you with the courage and passion to move on to the higher ground. He was with you yesterday, so would He be today, tomorrow, and forever. Welcome to the new month.

9. God Almighty will give you victory over every difficulty. Sinister will not be your portion this month. I welcome you to our month of exceeding happiness, my soulmate.

10. Been part of the living in this new month is not by your might nor power, but of the Almighty. And this month will not be your last in the name of our Lord. Happy new month, my sweetheart.

11. Happy new month, sweetheart. The Lord will always come to your aid and deliver you from every adversary that may come your way in this month. He will give you wisdom and strengthen you to overcome every opposition.

12. It’s the beginning of a new month already, dear. In this month, you will move from strength to strength. Your life shall not be made an example by your enemies. Happy new month, my endocardium.

13. Happy glorious new month, dear. In this new month, you shall jump high above the huddles kept by your enemies; and may the Lord watch over you, my love.

14. Oh God, I pray for my love, I ask for the fortitude to withstand and overcome every cumbersome scenario in this month. May his/her destiny helper locate him/her from around the globe. Happy new month, sweetie.

15. Happy new month, my love. In this new month, all that the enemies have stolen from you shall be recovered and restored in folds in Jesus’ name. Enjoy the month with peace of mind, dear.

16. The mercies, grace, and favors of the Almighty shall cover you in this month. You shall succeed and people shall come to the brightness of your rising. Happy prosperous month, love.

17. Happy new month dear. In this new month, I pray for you, whatever that seems impossible in your life or around you shall become possible at this time. All your helpers assigned to you will locate you. Enjoy the month to the fullest, darling.

18. Happy new month, dear. In this month, your weakness shall be turned to forte, with ease you shall gain dominion and victory over oppositions. And you shall taste the love of God.

19. The Lord’s blessings will be your canopy and testimony this month. As it is a new month, so it is a new dawn for you. Good tidings of the Almighty is yours in this month. Welcome to your month, sweetheart.

20. The darkness of the month will not make you stumble and fall, because the Lord will shine His light on your path to lead and direct you. Happy new month, honey. Welcome to your month of abundant blessings.

21. The Almighty will make a way for you in difficult situations. He will make you rise above every limitation that may come your way this month. Happy new month, love. Enjoy the best of it.

22. Honey, I decree over your life as your partner that negative forces will not bring you down this month. Stagnation would not hold you. You will progress in all that you will do. Happy new month, my dearest.

23. Your service and love to God will not be in vain. You shall receive the reward of your obedience. When evil perceives your presence they will run away. Welcome to this wonderful month.

24. In this new month, I decree upon your life, that the Almighty will sharpen your foresightedness to see your unexplored potentials and abilities. He will give you more wisdom to fulfill you’re his plans for your life. Happy new month, dear.

25. Dear Lord, in this month, I pray that your omnipresence always be with my partner and help him/her to know where to go, what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Happy new month, baby.

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New Month Wishes To My Girlfriend / Wife

Let’s make this two-in-one. Yeah, you can send your new month wishes to your girlfriend and yet make her blush. So let’s together make your girlfriend blush and be flattered by reading a new month’s wishes from you.

The beginning of a new month comes with an aura that the wishes you text to your girlfriend have the power of going into her stream of love psychology and remain in her subconscious mind for a longer time.

Below, are different specially written new month wishes to my girlfriend for you. This will make her feel loved and drool all over you.

1. Our love for each other would not fade away. We would live in peace, joy, happiness, and plenty. This is my wish this new month. I hope it’s the same as yours. Happy new month, darling.

2. While I was searching for true love, I found myself clinging. I can’t forget the first day I meet you. You are such an amazing lady. I wish you a prosperous and happy new month, baby.

3. May this month make you continually see that you’re my world, my joy, my forever. I will love you till my dying days and you will be in my heart every millisecond. I heart you so much. Happy new month, my girl.

4. Happy new month girl. You mean a lot to me more than gold or money, and I thank God for this gift He has given to me. My amazing girl, you will continue to shine. And am sure you will make a wonderful mother.

5. What would my life be without you? You are so important to me that I can’t afford to lose you for anything in the universe. A happy new month to the beautiful lady in my life. Have a great month ahead, dear.

6. You taught me what true love is and now I know how to live compassionately. You are indeed a special woman and I thank God for making you mine. This is another kind reminder that I will love you with the whole of my heart. A happy new month to you, darling. May God be with you.

7. I can’t fail to profess my undying love for you, because I am not the kind of man who loves their lady but fails to say it. I love you, baby. Your smile and kindness keep drawing me close to you. Happy new month, dearest.

8. Every woman should be told of how super, special, and amazing she is, and you are an angel sent in a human form. Your love is exceptional and I intend to learn. Please teach me your language of love. I love you, happy new month, love.

9. You got my heart spinning in happiness, joy, and overwhelming feeling whenever I see or have a thought of you. You are my idol girl and I will continue to keep my promise. Happy new month, honey.

10. Happy new month girly. I know I am not the perfect man. But I am thankful for your heart of diamond that still accepts and loves me as I am without a doubt. I love you, babe.

11. As the planets revolve around the sun, the more I love you. As the sunset and nightfalls, the more I love you. As the flowers continue to bloom, the more I love you. As the season changes, the more I love you. And the older we shall grow, the more I will love you. I can’t trade our love for anything on earth and beyond. We will be in love until the kingdom comes. Happy new month baby.

12. Our love is heavenly matched, approved by God, and I will always be thankful to the Almighty for giving me such an intelligent, kind, and pretty woman. I wish you all the goodness of this month. Happy new month, babe.

13. Moments we shared in the past month have gone, and I am anticipating new and wonderful surprises it will bring forth about you. Happy new month, dearest.

14. Happy new month, baby. My heart will always beat for you alone. Our unending love shall always bloom and light up every second of our lives. This is my wish for this month. Cheers to a new month.

15. It is always difficult for people to know what to begin the new month with; but for me, I choose to begin with the love we share, so that we can decide the beautiful moments each day should bring forth. Let’s dive and enjoy the month, dear. Happy new month, girly.

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Long Happy New Month Message To My Love

Most people seldomly send happy new month messages to their lovers. How you approach or speak to your lover at the beginning of a new month determines how the month will be for the both of you.

Why not begin with a romantic, beautiful, and alluring text message. Never miss that opportunity to express the depth of your love for him/her at the dawn of the month.

Get him or her enraptured with the messages below. I have prepared these to ease you off from the stress of composing a long happy new month message to my love.

1. Words can not describe how much I love you. My feelings for you are deeper than the deepest ocean and higher than the highest mountain. As the new month begins I wish our love keeps going deeper and higher. Let us enjoy the month, living together in peace, felicity, gladness, and joy. Happy new month, baby.

2. What brightens and makes me feel happy every month is the fact that you are and will always be with me in all circumstances. My request to God this month is to fill every day of the month with blessings and unlimited supplies for you. Welcome to your month of blessings. Happy new month, dear.

3. Never have I imagined my love story would be this pleasant. You are all I need. With you by me, I have all I want to be happy. I will never stop loving you. Happy new month, my sunshine.

4. It is the beginning of a new month, new weeks, new days, and new dawn but not a new love for us rather a continuous journey of our timeless love. I pray to God to let me be your source of happiness continually. Happy new month, sweetheart.

5. Happy new month, dearest. I may not be with you every second of this month but know that you will always be in my heart every ticking of the clock this month. Loving you is what I enjoy doing and thinking about you is my mind’s hobby.

6. You shall know no worries, shame, troubles, and disappointments. It’s a new dawn for you. This new month will be filled with greater and marvelous things. Happy new month, dear.

7. I know the month has a lot of surprises for us, that is what makes me happy the more. May the Lord direct our path together throughout the month and be gracious unto us. Happy new month my love.

8. Welcome to your month to shine. Things will work out for your good. Extraordinary blessings will be your portion and our love for one another will never cease. I wish you a happy new month, my love.

9. It is a known fact universally that being happy in life is a result of having the right person (which is you, my dear). I bless the day I meet you. May the Lord fulfill your wishes and dreams for the month. Happy new month, my heartbeat.

10. I pray for you as the month begins, may God direct you to the right places throughout this month. May He guide, protect, and keep you away from evil eyes. Happy new month, dear. I love you endlessly.

New Month Wishes For My Boyfriend

These carefully structured new month wishes for my boyfriend are meant to directly speak to his heart and communicate love to him specially.

Today I have composed some mind-blowing new month wishes that your boyfriend can’t resist reading it. Explore and choose anyone you like below.

1. You are the king in my heart. You mean the universe to me and my heart will never stop loving you. My wish is that you remain the king in my heart and the father of our children. Happy new month. I love you.

2. When my friends ask what’s the secret behind my smile, I tell them, “you are”. When people around ask what makes me glow, I tell them, “your love”. My wish is that our love will never cease. Happy new month, loverboy.

3. Whenever I see you, your handsomeness drives me crazy. Whenever I think about you, your love makes my heart spin. I wish you the fulfillment of your wishes this month baby. Happy new month.

4. Happy new month, boyfriend. I wish you greater heights. You will soar like an eagle above limitations and barricades. You will be the best among the best. Happy new month, kisses.

5. Free and open thy heart with joy, for a lot of surprises lie therein for you in this month. Happy new month dearest. Love you big time.

6. This is your month of fruitfulness. Enjoy it to the fullest. You will not be stagnant this month, you will overflow. Happy new month, heart code.

7. Happy new month my love. As you begin the month I wish you the blessings of the Heavenly. You will soar above the zenith and your expectations will be yours. Lots of love.

8. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your personality is exceptional. I wish you all the best the universe has to offer. Happy new month, dear.

9. Happy new month, baby. This is your month of supernatural glory. You shall wine and dine with kings and queens. Step into the month with joy.

10. Congratulations for making it into this month babe. I wish you attain the highest level of success. Multiple congratulations shall be your portion, dear. Happy new month.

11. There was never a dull moment in our relationship. I value every moment I spend with you, time flies whenever am with you, I wish for more interesting moments with you, love. Happy new month.

12. As the moon keeps shining so will our love keep shining day after day for the rest of the month and till forever. I will never stop loving you until my dying day. Happy new month. Kisses. Love.

13. Happy new month dear. As we step into the new month we shall not regrets loving each other cause our love has just begun, we still have a long journey of love ahead, that’s what I wish for us, my lover.

14. You are my Mr.Right. Your love shines and glitters like a diamond in my life. I pray your life also shines brighter and more this month. Happy new month, baby boo.

15. If being with you is a job, then I choose to be an employee because I have to learn, unlearn, and relearn the language of love through you. Thank you for always being here. We will be together forever. Happy new month, babe.

Happy New Month Message To My Crush

Do you wish for your crush to start crushing back at you? Oh, that is very possible. One of the ways to get that done is by stylishly expressing your love with new month messages, blessings, and prayers.

Grab the opportunity to send her a happy new month message and wishes.

Choose from the listed happy new month message to my crush below to send to him/her.

1. The blue sky, the rounded moon, and the shining sun shall all bring you the best that this month has to offer. Happy new month, the special one. Enjoy the best of it.

2. Thank you for all you have done for me last month. May this new month clear away fret, unhappiness, and troubles from you. Happy new month, dear.

3. As life moves on, time count also, so never miss an opportunity that will come your way this month. Have an awesome month, dear.

4. May you explore your hidden purpose this month. May God give you the needed foresight to see and attain the highest level of achievement. Happy new month.

5. As the stars in the sky shine, so shall your life shine and soar high. It is your month of greatness. Happy new month.

6. Happy new month, dear. May the month be favorable to you and your family. May all your unachieved dreams and wishes come true this month.

7. Happy new month, beautiful. You are indeed a creature from another world. Your love, kindness, and character are incomparable. I wish you the highest height of your aspiration.

8. May you always smell success all the days of this month. I am sending my wish to you because you have a special place in my heart. Best of luck, I wish you. Happy new month, dear.

9. It is a new month once again. An angel sent me to tell you to make many wishes as you want because they will come true for you. Happy new month, dear.

10. Happy new month. May people value you like water, may people be sweet to you like honey, may people love you as they love themselves. Have fun this month, dearie.

11. Happy new month dear, God will fight all your enemies, for those enemies who came last month, you shall see them no more. All your prayers will be answered.

12. For the years I have known you, you always believe in whatever you do and it usually comes to pass, may God give you the grace to keep on believing and winning. Happy new month.

13. Talking and being with you always brings good luck, that’s why I wanna begin the month with you and I am sure this month will be gracious to us both. Happy new month, dear.

14. Your heart is so pure as spring water, your care and love are natural. I wish you a month full of unexpected gifts, blessings, and destiny helpers. Happy new month, dearie.

15. Welcome to your month of acceptance and achievement, you will be accepted where you were denied last month, you will receive a celebration call. Happy new month, dear.

I believe you have the conviction that the messages above will surely put a smile on your loved ones and make that crush or lover of yours blush.

Why not go ahead select and relay to them from the categories of happy new month prayers for my love. I hope it helps.

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