Miracle Prayer To Find A Husband

27 Miracle Prayer To Find A Husband / Wife And To Get Married Soon

In the intricate tapestry of life, one of the most profound and sought-after connections is that of finding a life partner. The journey to discovering a soulmate often feels like a quest filled with hopes, dreams, and, at times, moments of uncertainty. For those who believe in the power of faith and divine intervention, the concept of a miracle prayer to find a husband or wife becomes a beacon of hope, a spiritual compass guiding them through the path of love.

In the pages of this post, we embark on a heartfelt exploration of the miracle prayer to find a husband—a sacred and transcendent practice that resonates with the belief that a higher power plays a pivotal role in orchestrating our destinies, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Whether you’re navigating the seas of singledom, seeking companionship, or praying for a deeper connection with your significant other, this guide invites you to delve into the realms of spirituality and self-discovery.

Together, let us unfold the pages of possibility and delve into the mystique of the Miracle Prayer, exploring its essence, significance, and the unwavering faith it inspires.

Join us on this journey as we discover the transformative power of prayer in manifesting the love we seek, and as we open our hearts to the divine guidance that can lead us to the cherished union we so earnestly desire.

You can pray these miracle prayer to find a husband that we have arranged in this write-up for God to help find him and bring him back home.

Miracle Prayer To Find A Husband / Wife

Kindly note that these miracle prayer to find a husband or wife was written with a focus on finding a husband; but they are intended to be sued both for those finding a wife or husband. Simply mention ‘wife’ where you see ‘husband’ in case you’re a man reading this.

1. Dear Lord, I thank you for your great love for me. I come before your presence today in need of a husband / wife. According to your good plan for me, please do grant me my husband/ wife in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear heavenly Father, I thank you because you are the same yesterday, today and forever. I pray that just as you provided a husband for Ruth in Israel, please do for me too in Jesus’ name.

3. I decree wherever my husband is, locate me in Jesus’ name!

4. Wherever the husband God has made for me is in the North, East, West or South of [name the location], I pray that the Almighty God bring your way across mine in Jesus’ name.

5. Dear Father, I thank you for the perfect plans you have for me concerning every area of my life. I come to you this moment seeking a husband, not just anyone but the man you have prepared for me as your daughter. I pray that you bring me together with him in Jesus’ name.

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For a husband that is lost…

6. Dear Lord, you are the God that changes not. You remain the same yesterday, today and forever. I bring [mention your husband’s name] before you this day. Please help him to find his way back to his family again in Jesus’ name.

7. Dear Lord, it has been [x] days since my husband has not returned home. I feel pained about his absence. Please in your mercy, let him be found and brought back home safe and sound in Jesus’ name.

8. Dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with a man like [mention your husband’s name]. He is lost in sin and needs to be found. I ask you, dear Lord, to please bring him back to himself and save his soul from sin in Jesus’ name.

Prayer For Singles Desiring Marriage

As we grow older, our desires change and become more purpose-inclined. One such desire is marriage. God instituted marriage and the time comes in our lives when we must take this step.

However, marriage is not to be taken so lightly such that the choice of whom to marry is taken without deep reflection, counselling and prayers to God. Marriage is for life till death do the both of you part. Therefore, it has to be taken seriously.

This write-up contains prayers for singles desiring marriage that you can pray to get your spouse. Pray sincerely from your heart and let God choose the right person for you.

1. Dear Father in heaven, I come before you today seeking my husband/wife. According to your word, grant unto me the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear God, I present myself before your throne at this moment. Your word says that there shall none want their mate. I pray that you grant unto me my spouse according to your word in Jesus’ name.

3. I break every covenant of delay in getting married in my life in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Lord, I bring myself before you. Help me to be the ideal husband for the wife you are going to give me in Jesus’ name.

5. Almighty God, let your will concerning my marital life come to pass in Jesus’ name. Give me a husband/wife that loves you wholeheartedly.

6. Dear Lord, I am not happy with my being single at this time. I desire to be married to a godly husband/wife without further delay. Please in your mercy, lead me to him/her in Jesus’ name.

7. Heavenly Father, I thank you for guiding me up to this point in my life. It is time to make an important decision in my life. I do not want to make a mistake and so I ask you to please guide me by your Holy Spirit to the right person in Jesus’ name.

8. O Lord, you led Abraham’s servant to the right wife for Isaac. I pray that you will guide me to the right woman for me in Jesus’ name. Help me not to walk by sight but to trust you in faith.

9. Dear Lord, you have blessed me with wealth and a good life. Now I need a spouse to spend the rest of my life with. Please lead me to the right person who will be a help to me and not a hindrance in Jesus’ name.

10. Almighty Father, I ask you for the blessing of a husband/wife. It is your will for me not to be single. Please grant me according to your will for me in Jesus’ name.

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7 Prayers To Get Married Soon

It is the desire of people all over the world regardless of race, culture or status to get married someday. More so, as believers, it is through marriage that we can legally fulfil God’s intention of replenishing the earth.

Furthermore, marriage has its benefits as the scriptures rightly say that “two are better than one and a threefold cord is not easily broken” and also that “…one shall chase a thousand and two will put ten thousand to flight”. All these and many other scriptures tell us how beneficial marriage is to us.

However, the devil is never interested in anything good for believers and can hinder them from getting married on time. Therefore, we are enjoined to pray against the wiles of the devil. In this write-up, we have gathered 7 prayers to get married soon that you should pray to ward off every delay in getting married.

1. Prayer for Guidance: Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you seeking Your divine guidance in matters of the heart. Lead me to the person You have chosen for me, and grant me the wisdom to recognize the signs that point to a purposeful and loving union. May Your hand guide me on the path to a blessed marriage.

2. Prayer for Patience: Lord, grant me the patience to wait for Your perfect timing. Help me understand that Your plans are always for my good and that waiting is part of the preparation for the beautiful love story You have designed for me. Strengthen my resolve to trust in Your timing.

3. Prayer for Open Hearts: Gracious God, soften my heart and the heart of my future spouse. Remove any barriers that may hinder the flow of love between us. May our hearts be open to receiving the love that You have destined for us, and may our connection be filled with Your grace.

4. Prayer for Preparation: Heavenly Father, as I wait for the gift of marriage, prepare me to be the best partner I can be. Help me grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally so that I can contribute positively to a loving and lasting relationship. Mold me into the person You want me to be for my future spouse.

5. Prayer for Trust: Dear God, instill in me unwavering trust in Your plan. Even when uncertainties arise, help me trust that You are working behind the scenes to orchestrate a love story beyond my imagination. Strengthen my faith in Your divine timing, knowing that Your plan is perfect.

6. Prayer for Connection: Lord, I pray for a deep and meaningful connection with the one You have chosen for me. May our souls align, and may our hearts beat in harmony. Let Your love be the foundation of our relationship, and may our connection be a reflection of Your divine purpose for us.

7. Prayer for a God-Centered Marriage: Almighty God, bless my future marriage with Your presence. May our union be centered around You, and may we seek Your guidance in times of joy and challenge. Bind us together with the love that reflects Your eternal and unconditional love for us. May our marriage glorify Your name.

As you offer these prayers, do so with sincerity, faith, and an open heart, trusting that God hears and answers according to His perfect will. Amen

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