Tribute To A Friend Who Passed Away

50 Emotional Tribute To A Friend Who Passed Away Quotes And Messages

You probably lost a loved one, that’s why you’re here searching for tribute to a friend who passed away quotes. Kindly accept my condolences.

The passing away of a good friend is not something easy to get over. It is often a shock that’s difficult to come to terms with.

We have prepared some nice ways to express your love to your dead friend. Not only that, we also included some words of comfort for the bereaved, that you can send to the family to let them know that you share in their grief and sympathizes with them.

Emotional Tribute To A Friend Who Passed Away Quotes

Emotional tribute to a friend who passed away quotes are short messages for a dead friend that comes from the heart.

Here are some goodbye messages for a dead friend to express your grief and communicate your love for them.

1. We have always been together in good times and bad times. Today you have left this earth without me, but someday I will meet you there. May God rewards you with a peaceful afterlife!

2. The loss of a friend like you is something that I can never recover from. It hurts so deeply. You have always been an important part of my life. Now you are gone. I pray for your departed soul shall rest in peace.

3. You have accomplished many good things in life. You worked hard and always followed the path of honesty. You sleep well, my friend. The path you have laid down is one thing worth emulating.

4. With teardrops running down my face, I bid you farewell. See you in heaven, buddy. So painful you have to leave early.

5. I never knew just how painful the word ‘goodbyes’ was until death took you away from me. I’m deeply missing you.

6. It is written, “it is appointed for man to die once and after this, judgment.” But this we pray; that mercy reigns over judgment. Wishing you a blissful rest in eternity, my dear friend.

7. I can’t explain how much I’d miss you. You are an inspiration to the whole world. You were full of faith, courage, and strength. We wish you farewell in your journey to eternity. You’d never be forgotten. Rest in peace, dear friend.

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Short I Lost My Best Friend Quotes

You never knew that losing a best friend is as painful as they say; perhaps, you only thought they were words of exaggeration. And now you feel the pain that you don’t even know how to express yourself.

To express yourself in a personalized way, here are “I lost my best friend quotes”, to express your deeply-seated grief.

1. It’s sad to realize that you’re gone. It’s difficult to come to terms that you’re no more. Goodbye, my darling friend.

2. Losing my best friend is one of the hardest pain I have had to go through. Missing you deeply.

3. Your departure is causing a fracture in my heart. Your death exposes me to a deeper level of heartache. Goodbye.

4. Losing you is like losing a part of my life. Sleep on, best friend.

5. You should have told me it was temporary when you told me that you would be there for me. Now you’re gone, I feel vulnerable to life. Rest in peace, dear friend.

6. The pain I felt when I lost you is more than that of a breakup. I love you, dear friend. Goodbye.

7. I miss the moment we shared as best friends. You mean a lot to me. Rest in perfect peace, friend.

8. Now I figure out that there will be no more moment with you. The time we shared will forever be in my heart.

9. Until we meet again, best friend. Rest in peace.

10. Words can’t explain how I wish you could stay a little bit longer. You will be deeply missed, my friend.

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Rest In Peace Message For A Friend

It is not easy to let go of true friends but we just have to. It is said that true friends don’t die but they live on in our hearts and will tell them to Rest In Peace. These quotes will make us express our true feelings in words.

Prayers and fond memories are what we have to remember our dearly departed. May the love of family and friends comfort you during these difficult days. Accept our most heartfelt condolences with these tribute to a friend who passed away quotes.

1. I can’t understand or imagine what you’re feeling right now, don’t forget we love you and we’d always be here for your loved ones.

2. The loss of a friend like you is something that can never be recovered. You have always been an important part of my life. Now you are gone. I pray for your departed soul!

3. You have gone to the other side to rest, you deserve to be away from the troubles of this world my friend.

4. Thinking we will spend more time together was just a wish that never came to pass.

5. You might have left, but I never seem to forget all we did together. Rest in peace, my friend.

6. Never thought a time like this will come that we will go a long while without talking to each other. Till we meet again, best friend.

7. Sometimes I wonder why loved ones have to leave so quickly without being given the chance to stay a little bit longer, or say goodbye. You’re missed, dear friend.

8. Sometimes I wish I had supernatural powers to bring you back so we could talk again and share moments as we’ve always done.

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Words of Comfort For The Bereaved

When someone you know is grieving, finding the right words of comfort to offer the bereaved is sometimes difficult, especially at the loss of a loved one.

At such a juncture, it is normal you might not know what to write, or how to comfort someone who is grieving through text because there are no right words that will make the pain go away.

However, it is important to acknowledge their pains by sending words of comfort to make them feel loved and not alone during the period of their trials. And some positive inspirational words of encouragement can help lift the soul.

Below are some words of comfort for the bereaved that you will find encouraging enough to send across to that person in grief.

1. Accept my sincere sympathy for you and your family during this tough time.

2. I am so sorry for the loss. It is well.

3. My prayers are with you and your family. Accept my warm and heartfelt sympathy. Please, stay strong.

4. May you find comfort and peace in the joy that your loved ones brought. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

5. I may not know how you feel, but I can feel your grief. Accept my sympathy. I’m here if you need any help.

6. With heartfelt sympathy, may the Lord heal your heart and comfort your soul.

7. I wish I had the right words to say to you at this moment, just know my prayers are with you.

8. The times are tough and the pain is unbearable, but I will be here for you.

9. I might not know how you’re feeling but I can feel your hurt. Be very assured that these sorry days shall pass soon.

10. God is present with you at all times. He is standing by you even when he seems to be just an illusion.

11. It cuts through my heart to hear about the loss that your family has experienced. Words cannot express my condolences.

12. I express my earnest commiseration to you and your siblings on the demise of my dear friend, you and your family are in my heart.

What To Say When Someone Dies Unexpectedly Quotes

1. My prayers and thoughts are with you during this time of grief. Please, take care of yourself.

2. May the peace of God surrounds you in these difficult moments.

3. I can’t possibly imagine how you feel right now, but I’m praying for you to find some peace even in all this.

4. The ray of hope that you have is prayer; it has the power to overcome this moment.

5. May the treasured memories bring you a time of comfort. May you be surrounded with lasting peace of God.

6. At a time like this, words are not enough. Always remember that I love you and care for you. Accept my condolences.

7. May all your sorrow be drowned away. May you find peace and comfort to overcome this season. I care so much about you my, dear friend.

8. What will be, will be. Worry will do no good. Let’s focus on the positive thing.

9. Bravery is not having the strength to go on, but going on even when you seem to lose strength. Be brave, friend. I feel your pain.

10. Clean your tears. Gather yourself for what is coming next. Happiness is just a step away.

Writing a tribute to a friend who passed away can be very hard and it comes from the heart that is torn by the pain of losing a loved one. We hope that this has helped you to express the feeling of grief in your heart.

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