Words Of Remembrance For A Loved One

50 Memorial Quotes And Words Of Remembrance For A Loved One

Each person we encounter leaves a mark in our lives. For those who’ve been pivotal to our growth and success at one point or the other, the best thing we can do for them after they are gone is to remember them.

Speaking or writing words of remembrance for a loved one honors them and what they stood for. Moreso, it can provide much needed comfort when grieving.

To come up with words of remembrance for a loved one is easier than you think. All you need to do is think back on the significant experiences you had with them.

If you’re reaching out to someone who’s grieving, or you’re grieving yourself, we hope these words of remembrance for a loved one makes one smile upon reliving those memories.

Sayings For A Loved One Who Passed Away

Do you need ideas on how to write a captivating message for a loved one? The following sayings for a loved one who passed away can capture your true emotions for that person and immortalize your love for years to come.

1. Your life was a blessing we’ll always feel grateful to God for. Words fail to describe how much you will be missed. I hope you’re basking in the reward for your labor on Earth.

2. Now he can rest from the toil that lay upon this Earth. He’s gone home to where there’s only joy and fulfillment. May his soul lay in perfect peace.

3. Losing a loved one makes one become many things. Losing him made me a stronger version of myself.

4. Here lies a man who defied all the challenges known to man to become one of the greatest. He is an example of courage and fortitude that will continue to inspire generations to come.

5. Not many understood honor as well as she did. That’s why she was honored for most of her life. We honor her in death as we did when she was alive.

6. The dead are not truly dead but asleep. In a twinkle of an eye, we would be reunited with those we lost and never lose them again.

7. I still talk to you and search for you like you’re here. I know you’re at peace though. I’m grateful for every chance I got to spend with you. I miss you dearly.

8. It will take eternity to forget you so I rather spend every time I get loving the memory of us.

9. Our bond surpasses this world. As long as I’m alive, you are still alive. I will keep your memory alive. You will remain as though you never left.

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Words Of Remembrance For A Loved One

When we lose an important person, it feels like a part of us left too. A range of emotions usually bubble up at this point. The most common ones are feelings of pain, anger or rage.

Naturally, we want to remember those we’ve lost and honor their memories. One way to do this is by sharing words of remembrance for a loved one. Those words can connect us to others while revealing the grief with us.

Below are some beautiful words to remember your loved ones with.

1. You magnificently cheated death. You shaped culture and transformed lives. Your impact is still working many years after you are gone.

2. Death is not the end for us because we are immortal in human bodies. You have been immortalized deep within my heart.

3. He taught me how to live by living in a compelling way. I want a life like that, full of meaning and depth even if it’s brief.

4. I don’t think there’s much to cry about concerning her. She fulfilled her purpose in life and left to be with her Maker. We still have a lot to do, but we can glean from her examples and hurry up.

5. I refuse to dwell on the misery I’m feeling after losing him. I choose to focus on the beauty his presence brought. I’m a better woman because of him.

6. Beyond the veil of death, we’re still connected even more than when she was here. Her presence is much more pronounced in death than in life.

7. As I hear people recounting his good works, I can help but feel honored he was in my life. What a blessing it is to have had such a gem in my circle!

8. It’s amazing how others rejoice to see her beyond this world, while we mourn her passing. She lived well and I’m sure a lot of rewards are laid up for her.

9. Grief will never take away the love I have for him. He is a reminder that good things can happen in life and we must treasure them.

10. She taught me to appreciate the little things life had to offer. She was a little soul with lots of wisdom. More than ever, I appreciate God for giving her to me.

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In Memory Of Someone Who Passed Away

Choosing the right words in memory of someone who passed away can be a long and arduous task. Sometimes, it takes weeks or months to find the perfect words to commemorate someone. This is because you want a perfect description of a life that was well-lived. You don’t need to take forever to write something in-depth. The following examples will help you make your loved one’s tombstone unique.

1. He taught us how to live with wisdom and grace. We were exemplary kids because of his presence. He will always be in our hearts.

2. She never asked for much but gave wholly of herself. She is the perfect example of sacrifice and grace. A woman like her is worth celebrating till eternity

3. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than you. You made life an adventure; I would live again if it were to restart my life.

4. This lovely soul has left countless memories that energized us. At the thought of her, we are bursting with life to take on the world with her legacy.

5. Though from a broken home, he created a beautiful world for us. He was strong and almost invincible. He never let anything put him down but lived with dignity.

6. She always lives fearlessly, because she believes life is to be enjoyed. Her fearless nature made her someone to be held in high regard. May she rest in peace.

7. He walked the earth like a king and dominated every sphere he entered. He’s proof that one can have the world at their fingertips.

8. We do not mourn over his death but celebrate the life we got to meet. We had a man to call father not just in name but in character.

9. Of all the things we’ll remember her for is the warm hugs she gave. Those hugs were always life-giving. Miss you, sister.

Quotes For Passed Loved Ones

Some quotes for passed loved ones may be what you need to process your loss. Grief is one emotion that can fill us with loneliness and pain. No matter the nature of death, it’s always a difficult experience to deal with. You’re not alone in this pain. We believe these quotes can help you heal of the pain you’re feeling.

1. I can never forget you even if I try. There’s a throbbing pain in my soul, a constant reminder of you no drug can take away.

2. I regret not being there when you took your last breath. I got the call you were no more and the Lord knows why he made it so.

3. You gave me a lot to think of. There are so many memories of you that I can barely settle on one without another trudging through. You’ve given me too much to entertain me in your absence.

4. I’ve met many people but not many left an imprint as deep as yours in my heart. I’ll keep sharing with the world how big of a person you’ve always been to me.

5. You were true in words and deeds. Marrying you was the best thing I did for myself. Your son will grow up to embody all the values you carried. I promise.

6. I had what I thought was a great life but you showed me something better. More than anything, I remember you for the high-level thinking sessions we had. Thank you for showing me there’s always more to life.

Short Memorial Messages

It can feel impossible to navigate through the feelings that come with losing a loved one. With those mounting emotions, it may feel overwhelming to write a memorial message.

Many times, the most impactful memorial messages are short. When well written, those few words can help you honor those you’ve lost. The following short memorial messages can help you write something memorable for your loved one.

1. Thank you for the joy you embodied and spread to everyone you met. We can’t help but think of you with happiness. We love you more each day.

2. Though you’re not with us, we will never forget you. We know you’re beside you daily, though neither seen nor heard.

3. Your death left a heartache we may never heal from, but your love left memories nothing can steal.

4. You’ve been the reason we served God. We hope he received you with open arms.

5. Very few people have as much impact on others as yours. You’ve blessed us with your gifts and you’ve loved us beyond words. We’ll treasure your memory and miss you beyond words.

6. I find comfort in knowing that my life was enriched by having someone like you in it. Thank you for sharing your love with me.

7. Not many people can boast of having relationships like you. You’re a testament that good people exist even though they are few. Sleep on.

8. You’ve managed to transcend time into the hearts of many. The melody of you lingers on and we’ll continue to play till the end of time.

9. You’ve always feared being forgotten by mere mortals. Well, years later, we still sing your praises and the impact of your work inspires us.

10. The pain of losing you only inspired me to do better with my life. I won’t let your sacrifice be in vain.

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