yahoo dating format for woman to man question and answer

[2024] Romantic Yahoo Dating Format For Woman To Man Question And Answer

There is no gainsaying the fact that communication is vital in every relationship. More so, communicating with a friend or spouse doesn’t have to be so serious and uptight.

In the realm of online dating, the Yahoo dating format has emerged as a popular method for individuals to connect and build relationships. Whether you’re new to the scene or looking to refine your approach, understanding the nuances of this format can significantly enhance your dating experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the Yahoo dating format for woman to man question and answer seeking meaningful connections with men. From crafting engaging questions to navigating responses, we cover everything you need to know to make a lasting impression and foster genuine connections in the digital dating landscape.

This or that questions for couples, crush, or friends is titled as yahoo dating format for woman to man question and answer. This is played like a game, where participants get to choose from options given. The good thing about this game is that participants ask each other even the craziest of questions.

It is a simple game that helps the participants to open up to each other without being tensed or shy. This enhances effective communication.

So, two things are certain, 1, you’ll have great fun. 2, you’ll get to know each other better.

I guess you can’t wait to start. Let’s get started!

This Or That Questions To Ask A Girl Or Guy

Are you wondering how to get your girl out of her shell? It seems you just do not know much about her. Yeah, the more you look, the less you see kinda feeling.

You see, if shyness was a person, it would be a girl. Girls are mostly shy about their feelings; they are mostly reserved in relationships. This is because they want to be unraveled like a box of treasure and they leave this unraveling to the one who will be dynamic in his approach.

Talking about the dynamic approach, I have compiled these lovely this or that questions to ask a girl. More so, with these questions, you will get surprising answers that will help you know her better.

1. Beach party or an educational tour?

2. Phone calls or text messages?

3. Makeups or Hair wig?

4. Jealous lover or nonchalant lover?

5. Kiss on the first date or the second date?

6. Overbearing Partner or an unfaithful partner?

7. Talent or skills?

8. To be a Display picture or Screen saver?

9. A fragrance that stands out or a voice that stands out?

10. Love or wealth?

11. Apology or repentance?

12. Gifts or support?

13. Pay for food on a date night or have your partner make payments?

14. Dependent and cared for or independent and not cared for?

15. Online dating or offline dating?

16. A beautiful smile or a beautiful face?

17. Cry before friends or Cry in your closet?

18. Kiss on the forehead or kiss on the lips?

19. Be with someone you are crazy about or someone that is crazy about you?

20. Fall in love with the wrong person or have the wrong career?

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Yahoo Dating Format For Woman To Man Question And Answer

Science left so many unanswered questions about guys. Like, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around what makes a man go the extra mile to make a woman he loves happy or what will make a guy fall out of love with a woman he has loved for many years.

Are you in a similar situation? You just met him or have been with him for some time now. But, the truth is you want to know what goes on in his head, or you want to understand his personality. Honestly, your curiosity is justified, and what better way to satisfy your curiosity than with these this or that questions to ask a guy. This is tagged yahoo dating format for woman to man question and answer to facilitate communication.

1. Champagne or fruit juice?

2. Love or excitement?

3. Table tennis or Soccer?

4. Modest dressing or Seductive dressing?

5. Intelligence or boldness?

6. Voracious Reader or adventurous traveler?

7. Life of the party or great listener?

8. A broken trust or A breakup?

9. Love with reservations or love without holding back?

10. A large heart or a broad chest?

11. A Flirt or a cheat?

12. Well-trimmed beard or a well-arranged room?

13. Phones or books?

14. Video game with friends or Video call with your partner?

15. Enjoyment or investments?

16. Commitment to one partner or commitment to financial goals?

17. Build an empire with your soul mate or build alone?

18. Keep late nights or keep Secrets?

19. Charismatic leader or domineering leader?

20. Find love or have love find you?

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This Or That Questions For Couples And Intending Couples

Do you keep staring at each other endlessly? Wondering who will break the silence and start a conversation? Or are you both so glued to your phones, because it’s just another means of escape from boredom? You’re not alone. I guess you’ve run out of ideas on what to discuss and therefore resort to social media chats and engagements.

Come to think of it, you can’t say much about your partner’s likes and dislikes, goals, and aspirations because you feel shy or uncomfortable asking him/her some questions.

Like the old folks would say “every challenge can be surmounted” and one of the ways to overcome the above challenges is through this game.

Nevertheless, whether you both are struggling with shyness, lack of ideas on what to discuss, phone addiction, or ineffective communication, you can add these never-boring this or that questions for couple part of your daily activities.

Of course, it is not restricted to couples alone, but intending couples also. Therefore, here are this or that questions for couples or intending couples.

1. Ambitious spouse or submissive spouse?

2. Save a life with last savings or invest with last savings?

3. Breakfast alone or breakfast with the family?

4. Real devil or pretentious angel?

5. Poor and content or rich and ambitious?

6. Compatibility or attraction?

7. Hang out with friends or masturbate?

8. Honest and hated or dishonest and loved?

9. A fulfilled career or a fulfilled love life?

10. A successful wedding or a successful marriage?

11. Open criticism or secret love?

12. A faked love and loyalty or a blatant hatred and disloyalty?

13. A boring boardroom meeting or boring sex life?

14. A stingy spouse or an extravagant stranger?

15. A nagging partner or a difficult boss?

16. Kids lover or a dog lover?

17. Love and attention or fame and money?

18. Birthday party or charity donation?

19. Faithful lover or wealth?

20. Alchohol or beverage?

21. Team player or independent player?

22. Attention giver or attention seeker?

23. A spotless home or a spotless heart?

24. Realistic or idealistic?

25. Analytical thinker or an action taker?

26. A kiss in public or a kiss in the bedroom?

27. Luck or hard work?

28. Sex before marriage or Sex after marriage?

29. A domineering partner or a doormat?

30. Single and fulfilled or married and fulfilled?

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Would You Rather Questions For Adults

“Gosh!, adults’ life is so complicated. This minute it seems one understands them, then the next minute you are left wondering what is going through their minds. What the heck is wrong with being an adult!” Rose ranted to the hearing of her mum.

Before leaving for work in the morning, she had a misunderstanding with her parents. Also, on getting to her place of work, she exchanged words with one of her colleagues over her workspace.

“What a bad day!” she thought aloud and on getting home she couldn’t hold her feelings, but to rant and rave, not bothered if anyone cared to listen to her.

Adult life can be complicated, especially when one cannot communicate his values, opinions, beliefs, likes, and dislikes to others in the most acceptable way.

Furthermore, Arguments and misunderstandings are bound to happen in every family, organization, or gathering when people know little or nothing about themselves.

So, if the above story resonates with you or you would love to spice up your relationship with your spouse, colleagues, parents, siblings, or friends. Why not give these would you rather questions for adults a try.

Confused about when to play this game? It can be played during weekend hangouts with friends or colleagues, birthday parties, family gatherings, weekend getaways with your spouse, etc.

1. Would you rather miss a once-in-a-lifetime flight to a dream country or miss a job interview?

2. Would you rather kiss and tell or die in silence?

3. Would rather build a network of friends or build a mansion?

4. Would you rather lie about your age or lie about your feelings?

5. Would you rather have a joint account with your spouse or individual accounts?

6. Would you rather be caught cheating in an examination or be caught cheating in a relationship?

7. Would you rather have your heart broken or your phone screen broken?

8. Would you rather have a romantic relationship with your boss or have a hard time with him/her?

9. Would you rather have your thoughts be read by all or your phone messages and chats be seen by everyone?

10. Would you rather be in the same room with your Ex or be in the same room with a fugitive?

11. Would you rather have all your hair shaved off or all the beautiful memories you have, erased?

12. Would you rather be late on a first date with your partner or be late for a business proposal?

13. Would you rather have a fake ID or Fake friends?

14. Assuming your life was a movie, would you rather be a protagonist or a villain?

15. Would you rather be celibate for 10 years or stay without a phone and internet for 15years?

16. Would you rather be forever young or forever celebrated, looking old and feeble?

17. Would you rather marry your best friend or marry your crush?

18. Would you rather keep your word or keep a box of treasure?

19. Would you rather have beauty and admiration or Character and influence?

20. Would you rather have bad debt or be in a toxic relationship?

21. Would you rather be denied sex by your spouse or be denied your favorite food?

22. Would you rather have a sense of fulfillment or a sense of belonging?

23. Would you rather marry a nerd or marry a gigolo?

24. Would you rather travel the world or stay indoors with your partner for one year?

25. Would you rather be a dog that is a friend to all or a lion feared by everyone?

26. Would you rather stick to a partner forever or eat one type of food forever?

27. Would you rather have a home filled with your children or bank accounts filled with money?

28. Would you rather be lovesick or homesick?

29. Would you rather drink to stupor or stay without food for a whole day?

30. Would you rather have sex with your boss or receive a sack letter from your boss?

31. Would you rather have a fully charged phone with data to chat and all, or a filled kitchen with ingredients of your favorite meal?

32. Would you rather have a grudge against a friend or have a financial burden?

33. If found in an emergency, would you rather call your Partner or your Father?

34. Would you rather have your diary be read by your crush or your lover?

35. Would you rather exercise the whole day or sleep the whole day?

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Funny And Awkward Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather prefer to cheat on your partner or be cheated on?

Yea, I know you already have different thoughts going through your mind right now. Well, that is just the goal of every awkward would you rather question, each question throws you off balance and gets your mind thinking hard on the answer to give.

Nonetheless, you just have to provide an answer to every question and that is after giving so much thought to every question asked. After all, it’s still the game of questions and answers, isn’t it?

Unlike this or that questions for couples, crush or friends, awkward would you rather questions are not limited to any group of persons, it can be played by friends, siblings, colleagues, etc. So, are you ready to have your eyes pop out of your head or your heart skip at unexpected questions asked? Here are awkward would you rather questions.

1. Would you rather stutter before your crush or give a loud fart before your crush?

2. Would you rather kiss a monkey or kiss a pig?

3. Would you rather be extremely beautiful or extremely Smart and ugly?

4. Would you rather sleep with a ghost alone in a room or have a sleep filled with countless nightmares?

5. Would you rather have the ability to get things done quickly or the ability to do things differently?

6. Would you rather wear an undersized shoe to an event or an oversized shoe?

7. Would you rather give up a favorite food or give up a favorite television show?

8. Would you rather hit a jackpot worth millions or be paid a monthly salary worth thousands?

9. Would you rather be jailed for 5years or stay with no source of income for 7years?

10. Would you rather have a life full of opportunities or a head filled with ideas?

11. Would you rather stay a week without having your bath or a week without brushing your teeth?

12. If given a second chance to come into this world, would you rather correct childhood mistakes or mistakes made as an adult?

13. Would you rather have the power to control time or the power to control Money?

14. Would you rather lose access to your credit cards or lose access to your lover?

15. Would you rather fail an exam or faint in a big event?

16. Would you rather lose a sense of smell or sense of taste?

17. Would you rather have the ability to understand everyone or the ability to make others understand you?

18. Would you rather have a persistent hiccup while making a presentation in public or a running nose?

19. Would you rather give up food or sleep?

20. Would you rather be caught up in gridlock or be the last person in a long queue in a bank hall?

21. Would you rather have friends that you look out for or friends that look out for you?

22. If given a magical power, would you rather use it to transfer the contents of all books in your library to your head or have all your thoughts and ideas transferred to books?

23. Would you rather be the world’s best or the world’s most famous?

24. Would you rather reply to important emails or reply to chats from your best friend?

25. Would you rather save your valuables from the fire or save your lover from the fire?

26. Would you rather be on a train that the destination is unknown or be on a plane that has an unknown destination?

27. Would you rather be employed to take care of toddlers or be employed to take care of the aged?

28. Would you rather have a rainy day all through your lifetime or a sunny day?

29. Would you rather be shortsighted or be longsighted?

30. Would you rather be paid to park garbage in public places or be paid to wash public restrooms?

31. Would you rather wear your favorite pair of underwear all year long or wear your favorite Socks for a year?

32. Would you rather forget your phone password or forget how to write your signature?

33. Would you rather be called a Superhero or a Superhuman?

34. Would you rather have a good voice or good handwriting?

35. Would you rather forget a song  lyrics before a crowd or forget a dance step?

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Would You Rather Question Game

The essence of every game is not just to have a winner at the end. Much more than that, are the lessons to be learned from both the participants and the fun that comes it.

On that note, here are more would you rather question games, so you never run out of questions to ask.

1. Would you rather date a dirty person or date a snoring person?

2. Would you rather live in a pigsty or a poultry house?

3. Would you rather be on the cover of all magazines or on the mind of everyone?

4. Would you rather accept a job that will keep you away from your family for 15years, but receive $50,000 as a monthly salary or Stay close to family and receive $10,000 as a monthly salary?

5. Would you rather be a good orator or a good writer?

6. Would you rather be introverted and have few real friends or be extroverted and have lots of unfaithful friends?

7. Would you rather look younger than your age and be disrespected or older than your age, and respected?

8. Would you rather cook all day or do laundry all day?

9. Would you rather hide your weakness and be called strong by your friends or tell your friends about your weakness as a sincere fellow?

10. Would you rather be known for one thing or be known for many things?

11. Would you rather learn from the mistakes of others or learn from your own mistakes?

12. Would you rather have the ability to type fast or Read fast?

13. Would you rather have thousands of social media followers or thousands of investments in your name?

14. Would you rather pay for votes or pay for knowledge?

15. Would you rather be attracted to people or have people attracted to you?

16. Would you rather strive for speed or strive for mastery?

17. Would you rather have a rich library or rich friends?

18. Would you rather dress smartly or think smartly?

19. Would you rather be deprived of sleep or be denied food?

20. Would you rather marry someone that snores loudly or marry someone that sleep-talks

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Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text To See If He Likes You

A lady is meant to be desired and sought after. When it comes to romantic relationships, a guy should take the lead, that is, confessing his love, asking his prospective partner out, and most importantly proposing to her.

Well, these are societal norms and when a lady acts contrary to these, she appears cheap, classless, and desperate.

Nevertheless, you can’t tell the heart who to love and how to love [the heart is no respecter of norms, especially one that’s in love].

So, you’re crushing over this guy. But, you just do not have the balls to throw the big question to him or maybe he’s given you the green lights but they are not strong enough to ascertain if he’s really into you.

For this reason, I’ve put together questions to ask a guy over text to see if he likes you and the good thing is, you do not have to worry about societal norms or shyness. Just stay in the comfort of your bed, hold your head high and send the text. Whether his reply turns positive or not, you’ll still have your Pride intact.

1. Who is your ideal woman?

2. What thoughts keep you awake at night?

3. Have you fallen in love with someone before?

4. Being in a romantic relationship with a woman, is it something you fancy?

5. Are you vocal about your feelings or reserved about how you feel about someone you love?

6. Who will you comfortably tell your secrets?

7. If given the opportunity to write your love story, what character will I fit in?

8. What is your biggest turn-off in relationships?

9. Would you rather go on a date with me or go see a movie?

10. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

11. What appeals more to you; friendship or love and romance?

12. What comes to your mind, when you see me?

13. What’s your most cherished memory?

14. What do you find intriguing in a woman?

15. What relationship advice will you give your younger self?

16. If your eyes could talk, what will they say to me when next we see each other?

17. What is the worst feeling you’ve ever had in a relationship?

18. If you are allowed to go on an all-expense-paid romantic trip with someone, who will that be?

19. Have you ever had a love fantasy?

20. How do you know that you’ve fallen in love with someone?

Final Thoughts

Human nature is a complex one. Therefore diverse approaches should be employed in gaining a better understanding of the unique nature of man.

While fun-filled this or that questions for couples, crush or friends or thoughtful would you rather question game are just one of the approaches, you shouldn’t just focus on them only, but also explore other methods of getting to connect with your partner in a more intimate way.

That said, which of the games are you going to try out soon?

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