How to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly

[2024] How To Know If A Guy Has A Crush On You Secretly

Guys, generally, can be complicated when it comes to being true to their feelings. They might have been in love, and crushing on you for a long time before they finally ‘take the bold step’ to make their intention known.

You might be doubtful about a particular guy and want to know if he’s got a crush on you or not. Not to worry, in this write-up, we will be telling you how to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly, both through his actions and body language, so you can respond accordingly, based on your feelings for him too.

So, let’s get to dig on how to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly in school, at work, within your environment, or even from a long-distance?

1. He Bears Every Inconvenience To Be With You

If a guy is willing to and does bear with you in your excesses that are not too convenient just for him to be with you, then, he probably has a crush on you although he isn’t willing to admit it.

2. He Fulfills The Promises He Makes To You

If a guy says he will do something no matter how simple, like promising to give you a call, stop by at your residence and bla bla bla, and he does it, then he might just be showing you that you have a special place in his heart.

3. He Pays You A Whole Lot Of Attention When You Speak

If you’ve noticed that anytime you’re talking, he gives his whole mind to what you’re saying as if he wouldn’t want any of your words to fall on the ground, then it shows that he has a crush on you.

4. He Grooms Himself Well For You

If you noticed that since the time you had a chat together he has been doing more on his appearance than the first time you two met, then you don’t need any other sign.

This is enough evidence that he’s crushing on you. He will want to do everything to stand out and impress you.

5. He Imitates You Unconsciously

When a guy is secretly crushing on you and is yet to make known his intentions, one of the ways you can detect this is if you ever see him trying to imitate you either by using your tone of voice, copying your every move, etc. It’s just a way to know that he secretly likes you.

6. He Offers To Help You

As earlier mentioned, guys are a little bit shy when it comes to displaying their feelings, one of the things they would do instead that will betray their secret feelings for you, is a willingness to help you irrespective of the sacrifice on his part.

So if you find out he’s willing to offer you help in your studies, repairing a device, or helping you in carrying out a personal project, he most likely has a secret crush on you.

7. His Reaction To You On Social Media

One of the things guys do also while not willing to express their feelings outrightly is ‘coming through the back door.’

When you post something on your social media wall, is he always the first to comment on it, like it, or share it across? Then it is an indication that he is secretly into you.

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Sure Signs A Guy Is Crushing On You Secretly

Sure Signs A Guy Is Crushing On You

How can I know if a guy is crushing on me? Is he just being friendly or he really likes me? These questions and several others might be ringing through your mind which has brought you to this write-up. You are no doubt seeking answers and will like to know the sure signs a guy is crushing on you.

We have done a bit of research and will be dropping some of the recognized signs of that. You are not the first person whom the opposite gender will feel attracted to neither will you be the last.

That being said, it is, therefore, possible to borrow from past examples and let you know the sure signs a guy is crushing on you. What are they anyway?

1. Look at his eyes

It is a popular saying that the eyes are a window to the soul. When we like something, our pupils tend to get bigger.

So the next time he comes visiting or you two get talking, look at his eyes. Do they get bigger with excitement? Then it’s a sign that he is really interested in you and is crushing on you.

2. Does he seem to want to add value to you?

When a guy has a crush on a lady, he will, in one way or the other want to prove himself a hero by doing what no other guy ‘uninterested’ in you will not think of doing.

Through your conversation together, he might have seen something about you that he feels he can make a significant input or contribution to, to make you more valuable. It might be in the way you accord respect to others, the way you project yourself, and so on.

3. He wants you to like his friends

Another sign he is crushing on you is that he would want you to like his friends. While he’s interested in you, he won’t also want to cut off from his friends and so he would start by telling you about them or introducing you to them and would want you to like them.

4. He tells you the truth even when it’s hard to hear

A guy that is really interested in you will not flatter you when you’re wrong but will be concerned and tell you the bitter truth about yourself. ‘Why hide anything from her?’ And so, he will tell you the real truth as it is even when you’re wrong. It is a sure sign he likes you and wouldn’t want to see you making mistakes.

5. He cares about what you think of him

He will also be concerned about how you regard him or what you think of him.

6. He does things to impress you

One of the things a guy does when he is interested in a lady is to begin to do everything with consciousness to impress her. From how he appears, to the way he talks, to how he walks, and so on.

If you notice definite changes in his appearance or comportment since the time he started talking with you, know for a certainty that he likes you and he’s trying to impress you.

You might see him beginning to pay attention to how he looks (well-ironed clothes, well-polished shoes, neatly trimmed beards, etc).

7. He keeps track of everything you tell him about yourself

When a guy is interested in a lady, his mind seems to expand their ability to retain ‘tons’ of information about that person they love.

They wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings by appearing forgetful or unconcerned about your issues. If he remembers dates, events, experiences, etc accurately. It shows he might be thinking about you and crushing on you.

8. He stumbles with his words

Try to take note of this the next time you meet especially when unplanned. If you catch him stumbling on his words when speaking with you, then it means that he likes you.

9. He wants to give you a helping hand

When a guy is crushing on you, he would want to assist you in whatever way necessary by offering you a helping hand in whatever you’re doing. He will be willing to spend his time and energy to give you ‘all the help in the world’ you need (even going the extra mile) to make sure you succeed.

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Signs He Has A Crush On You Body Language

Signs He Has A Crush On You Body Language

How to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly, is by paying attention to his body language.

In detecting a person’s intentions, body language is of utmost essence. Take for example in the cross-examination of a criminal, detectives have been trained to read the body language of the culprit that can show if they are telling the truth or lying.

Apart from taking note of his words and actions towards you, you can also study his body language to know if he has a crush on you or not. While men can act up all the words they say, body language cannot be staged.

More so, it is hard to tell a guy’s feelings based on his words alone. As earlier mentioned, when a guy has a liking towards you, he won’t necessarily come right out to say it. This may be due to shyness, feeling insecure, fear of rejection, etc and that’s why they will look for several other alternatives to communicate their intentions.

A lot of body language signs are involuntary and cannot be controlled. They are reflexes to situations that we do without consciously knowing we are doing them. The other party, however, can detect it. This is why you can rely on body language to detect if he likes you or not as body language doesn’t lie.

Some of the signs he has a crush on you via his body language are described below:

# He smiles at you whenever your eyes meet

One of the body language signs is that when your eyes meet, he can’t help but break into a wide smile. He finds it difficult to keep a straight face whenever your eyes meet.

He might have had a bad day before meeting you but when he sees you, he tries to cover it up by breaking into a smile. It is an indication that he really likes you.

# He exhibits jealousy

One of the things guys exhibit is jealousy over the lady they like. If he is your friend, he displays an attitude of jealousy when he sees you talking with another guy or he becomes uninterested in the conversation when it is about some other guy.

# His face lights up whenever you enter the room

When in a gathering of friends or professional colleagues, if you notice that as you enter the place his face becomes brighter like that of a pet dog welcoming its owner, then know he has a crush on you.

# He stares at you

I’m sure you know the eyes are a window to the soul. So if you catch him staring at you, then he is obviously interested in you.

# You can feel his eyes on you

Whenever you are in a place together and then you’ve been skeptical whether or not he has feelings for you, you can know if you feel his eyes on you.

90% of humans have experienced this case when you could feel someone’s eyes on you and then you confirmed it to be true. Right? Yes! The same is true for him.

If you feel that his eyes are on you and when you check to confirm, he either drops his head down or looks another way, then it is a sign he is crushing on you.

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

Most of the time, we are always doubtful of the other person’s feelings towards us. Most especially, ladies, who are more prone to emotional breakdown usually when they realize that a guy they thought liked them, did not.

It is therefore important to be on the lookout to ‘read the signs’ before going all the way into any relationship.

Here, we will therefore be sharing 7 obvious signs he likes you which will equip you with the right knowledge so that you don’t get an emotional breakdown and then be certain if he likes you or he’s just being friendly.

#1. Is he always happy being with you?

When a guy truly likes you, he would be in the best physical expression of his face, causing him to smile especially when you’re around him. This is a true indication of his affection for you. He wouldn’t want to let you see him frowning but to let you know he is ‘harmless’, he would put on a smiling face.

Apart from trying to form ‘I don’t get offended, he’ll genuinely be happy whenever he’s with you

#2. Does he get nervous around you?

When you see a guy become clumsy all of a sudden upon becoming aware of your presence, it shows that he likes you. Most guys tend to begin to lack words to speak and even when they do, it is very scanty and may lack ‘meaning’.

Other indications that he is nervous around you include spilling a drink, choking up on a drink, missing his steps, and so on. If you see any sign of clumsiness (due to nervousness), know that he has a soft heart for you.

#3. He wants to know your relationship status

One of the things a guy will want to know before moving forward in a relationship with the opposite gender is if she is already in a relationship.

If he ever asks you whether you’re already with someone (no matter how direct or indirect he may ask you), then, he’s into you and wants to know your response before he moves on.

#4. Does he compliment you a lot?

When he truly likes you, everything you do becomes good to him. Even when you both know you have flopped in a particular situation, he will still find something good to say about you. When you notice this, just know you’ve got someone who likes you.

#5. He mentions you to his friends

Talking about you to his friends is a clear indication that he regards you as very special to him. Some of his friends that you have not even met will already know about you. When this happens, know that he is interested in you.

#6. Is he very much willing to help you out when you ask him?

If yes, then, it is a sure indication that he truly likes you. You might be having a difficult time getting things done and then you sum up the courage to ask him if he could be of help to you. What did you just do?! You made his ‘job’ easier if he likes you.

His reply will be with great excitement and an overwhelmingly high willingness to assist you. When this happens, know that he likes you.

And then finally, the seventh obvious sign that he likes you.

#7. Check his reaction to you on social media

How to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly? find out his reaction to your posts and tweets on social media? Is it normal or a little bit overboard?

If you go to your social media handles and you find out that he’s head over heels in following after you, reposting your posts, retweeting your tweets, liking, positively commenting on, and sharing your posts, it is an obvious sign that he likes you.

Furthermore, he will be very active and vocal on social media. A lot of things he might have been afraid of telling you physically, he will ‘vomit’ them out on your social media handle.

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