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(2024) My Grandfather Passed Away Message, Emotional Quotes, and Tribute

How painful and disheartening it can be to hear the announcement of the death of a loved one. No matter how we may try to hold the tears from falling, the heartbreak cannot be avoided. Accept our condolences.

One of those personalities who have a special place in our hearts is our grannies. For some, it could be their grandmother or grandfather, and to others, it might be both. They could have impacted us so much that their death is like a part of us is gone with them.

At such a time, when we need to express our emotion through words over the death of a loved one, like a grandfather, we lack words to do so. That is why we have prepared this collection of my grandfather passed away message and quotes.

Any of these can be used as thank you message for grandfather who passed away, or grandfather passed away quotes that can be used on status or social media platforms to announce the death of your grandpa, or just to pay tribute to your grandfather who passed away.

Funeral Tributes To My Grandfather Quotes

A funeral creates a different atmosphere and makes fresh the pain that accompanies the demise of our loved ones.

It’s always an emotional moment to reminisce on the life of the one we lost to death.

Accept our condolences. We wish we can give hug you with a pat on the back. Nevertheless, we can help you with these tributes to my grandfather quotes, so you wouldn’t have to bother about what to say.

1. We’ll never see your face again but the memory of you will forever stay glued to my mind. Rest on Grandpa.

2. Grandpa, your memory lives on. You’ll never be forgotten.

3. You weren’t my father but you were so dear to me and meant a lot to me. I Neve imagined losing you so soon but I’m assured we’ll meet again. You’re a special grandpa.

4. Receiving the news about your death broke my heart, it’s so sad to know you’re gone but you exist forever in my mind.

5. You were a man of integrity and discipline yet loving. An icon has transitioned into glory. An iconic grandpa.

6. Losing you was a painful one, but I’m glad you’ve gone to be with your family, and one day we’d see you all again. Rest in peace grandpa.

7. Grandpa always has a story to share. You may not be here any longer but you remain alive in my heart.

8. You fought the good fight of faith. You finished your course. Your legacy lives on. Adieu, papa.

9. Thank you, papa, for showing us the way of life. Thank you for showing us the way of love. We will continue to shine the light. Goodbye.

10. Papa, we’ve come this far because you refused to give up on us. We desire you’ll stay a little longer with us. But God knows the best. Sleep on, grandpa.

Emotional Tributes To My Grandfather Who Passed Away From Grand Daughter/ Grandson

It’s amazing how the death of a loved one can make us throw caution into the air and express our emotions without apology. Yes, it’s a time to be emotional without apology!

We support that, and we have provided you with these emotional grandfather passed away quotes, to put your emotion into the right words.

1. Your good deeds won’t be forgotten grandad, you gave and loved unselfishly. Rest on grandpa.

2. If tears could bring back the dead, my tears would bring you home granny. You live on in my heart.

3. You were a kind man wishing us nothing but success in all our endeavors. I’ll never forget how much you loved me and prayed for me. Rest in peace special granny.

4. Goodbye is the hardest word for me to say but I know we’ll meet again. I love you, grandpa.

5. Losing you was a painful one, you’ll forever be in my heart. Rest in perfect peace grandpa.

6. It’s hard to process your death grandpa and I hope to see you soon where troubles would be far from us. Till then rest in peace.

7. I’m sad and glad at the same time. I’m sad to know I’ll not hear your voice again but I’m glad heaven received an angel like you.

8. Your sudden demise was a big blow to handle, I’ll never forget the loving memory of you. I love you, grandpa.

9. To say we will miss you is an understatement. Your demise took a part of us away. Adieu, grandpa.

10. Till we meet to part no more. Goodnight, grandpa.

Short Letter To Grandfather Who Passed Away

Do you feel like expressing your emotion to your grandfather who passed away?

We prepared these short letter to grandfather who passed away for you, to make him know what you feel and how you feel it.

You may combine any of the below quotes or give your inspiration to write a kick-start with these.

1. I’ll miss the moonlight tales and lessons to be learned from your stories. I’ll miss your face and laughter, you’ll forever live in my subconscious.

2. I pray you, eternal rest grandfather, you deserve it. Your memories will never be forgotten, your name will forever be on our lips.

3. I miss sharing your food with you. Your selflessness amazes me grandfather and I’ll never forget to be selfless just as you’ve taught me. Rest on Granny. Your granddaughter.

4. Dear Grandfather, I hope you can see my heart and know how much you mean to me. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Rest in peace.

5. You were a prayerful man, always praying for us and reminding us to live in love without holding a grudge. You are the best grandpop.

6. Dear grandpa, I’d have hugged you tightly the last time we saw if I’d known you’d leave so soon, but heaven understands best. Rest in peace, my dear Granny.

7. When I think of you, all I do is smile because you’ve been a man of great help and impact. I will hug you so tightly when we meet again. Till then, enjoy eternal rest grandpa.

8. I hope you never forget up there how much we love you, You’re forever dear to us.

9. There’s a feeling of genuine love that comes from being around you. Your love is amazing. You’re one I a zillion. Sleep on, grandpa.

10. It’s hard to say goodbye without crying granny. I love you but God knows best. Rest in perfect peace grandpa.

Funeral Tributes To Grandfather From Grandchildren

Grandfathers and grandmothers seem to have a special love for grandchildren. Most of the time, the love they couldn’t give to their children, who are our fathers or mothers, is being extended to us, the grandchildren.

As a result of this, grandchildren too, seem to carve out a special place for grandparents. So, when they die, the grandchildren can be the most pained.

We are very aware of this, that is why we got these funeral tributes to grandfather from grandchildren prepared for your use.

1. I’d choose you over and over again as my grandfather, you’re loving and supportive. May you find rest.

2. You were a source of good advice grandpa, I’d have loved to have you around forever. Rest in peace.

3. When I think of someone to pour out my mind to, I think of you granny. You’re amazing, granddad.

4. I’ll miss those listening ears and the mouth that speaks the right words. Rest in perfect peace, my dear grandpa.

5. I always rest assured that you love me and want my success. I’ll miss you grandpop.

6. It’s sad that I’ll no longer feel your hands full of warmth on my head every night again, I love you grandpa but God loves you more.

7. Your legacy will not be forgotten, thanks for teaching us to walk the path of light.

8. I’ll never tell my story without mentioning a supportive and encouraging grandfather like you. Rest on.

9. Losing you was the last thing I’d ever think of, but I’m consoled that you’re in a better place now.

10. You may no longer be here grandpa, but I’ll hold on to the memories of you and I. May you find eternal rest.

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My Grandfather Passed Away Messages

1. It’s sad to know you’ll never be with us again, your voice will no longer be heard but your name will not cease to be mentioned. Rest in peace grandpa.

2. I love you and adore you, grandpa, I know I hardly say that but it’s the truth. You’re not forgotten.

3. You’re very unique and special, thanks for being you, grandpa. Rest on, till we meet again.

4. I’ll see you once again at the feet of Christ but till then, I pray you find rest in abundance, grandpa.

5. Thanks, Grandpa for teaching us honesty and uprightness. You can’t be forgotten, we love you.

Prayers For Deceased Grandfather

1. Sleep well in the bosom of our dear Lord, may you find peace in the Heavenly kingdom grandpa.

2. Grandpop we love you and won’t forget you. It is our prayer that you find eternal rest in the arms of God.

3. Dear Lord, we ask that you welcome our grandfather into your kingdom with a loving arm. Rest in perfect peace grand, pop.

4. Grandpop was a good man, and we wish above all things dear God that you encompass him with your love and peace, grant us his family members the fortitude to bear this loss.

5. Our Father in heaven, we thank you for the life of grandpop, we ask that you bestow unto him peace and grant us, his relatives, comfort, and peace. Amen.

Goodbye Grandpa Quotes

1. Goodbye grandpa. We love you, but God loves you most.

2. You’re so unique and caring, rest well in the bosom of our Lord.

3. I know one day we’ll meet and part no more, I love you, grandpa. Sleep well and in peace.

4. Your words and teachings will remain in our hearts forever. You’re an amazing grandpa.

5. I’ll miss those warm hugs grandpa. You’re always there for me, I pray you find the rest you deserve.

6. Have you met a man so loving yet disciplined? Have you met a man well stricken in age yet very active? My grandfather was all of these. I’ll miss you, grandpa.

7. It’s hard to say goodbye without crying granny. I love you but God knows best. Rest in perfect peace grandpa.

8. I’d come to love you so much that I look forward to sitting with you every weekend. Goodbye grandpop.

9. I still find it shocking to know that you’re gone forever grandpop. You remain that special person to me.

10. I never imagined your death being so soon but my consolation is that we’d see again. I love you, grandpa.

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