Remembering Dad On His Death Anniversary

60 Messages: Remembering Dad On His Death Anniversary

When we lose the presence of important people in our lives through death, it always comes with a feeling of sorrow and pain. These people can mean a lot in our lives and they challenge us to be the people we ought to be.

Anniversaries are events that occur once a year and are landmarks or milestones in our lives. They are a pointer to an event that we can always look back to on that particular day. Of all anniversaries we celebrate in our lifetime, death anniversaries are one of them. And remembering dad on his death anniversary is a way to send your love to him again.

The painful feeling is quite deeper when one loses a father who serves as a provider, guide, and support. After his demise, the feeling of the absence of a fatherly figure is still very much evident.

During such times when his demise is brought to remembrance, one might want to pay tributes to him as you’re remembering dad on his death anniversary, in a way to let other people know the impact of the life he lived and just how much we miss him.

This compilation is for you as you’re remembering dad on his death anniversary. They can be used on your social handles, as flower notes, or to express how much you miss him.

Remembering Dad On His Death Anniversary

1. If I had another chance to be with you, I will do things differently. Every day, I will make sure I tell you just how much I love and appreciate you. I miss you terribly.

2. Dear dad, it has been [x] years since you left. Thank you for teaching me to pray. You equipped me with the right weapon for the battles of life. I miss you.

3. Thank you dad for training me in the right way in life. Today, I am a successful woman and it is all because of your diligence in bringing me upright. Thank you, dad. I miss you so much.

4. I lost you at quite an early age and that still brings tears to my eyes. Now my children cannot know who their grandfather is. You are so dearly missed.

5. I will always remember you as one of the best fathers in the world. You were there for your children and gave us something beyond what money can buy. I miss you so much, dad.

Remembrance Message For My Late Dad

The loss of a close relative like a dad often comes with a feeling of pain and discomfort. At such times, we are comforted by the legacy they left behind and the impact they had on their families and the people around them.

However, certain events can trigger their sudden remembrance and at such times, we tend to express in a nutshell the kind of life they lived. Sometimes, we may be in the company of people when we suddenly remember them and we just want to tell the other party just how much they have impacted our lives.

1. You were everything and much more than I could wish for in a father. You loved me unconditionally and it so stings to know that you are no more around. I miss you, dad.

2. You were gentle and yet firm. You lived a balanced life and taught us to live the same way. Today, I remain full of gratitude to God for blessing me with the gift of a father like you. Love you dad.

3. Today being [write the date] makes it exactly [x] years since your demise. Thank you for bringing me up in the way of honesty and integrity. It has taken me far beyond my expectation. I miss you, dad.

4. You were the kind of person I looked up to for counsel when I am facing a difficult situation in life. Dad, I so much miss you being around.

5. I wish you didn’t leave as soon as you did. I thought we still had to spend a lot of years together. Dad, you may be gone physically but you will always remain in my heart till the time we meet again. Rest on, dad. I miss you.

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1 Year Death Anniversary Quotes For Dad

It is usually not a pleasant experience when thinking of the demise of a loved one such as a father but it can also be a time to reflect on the life they lived and be challenged by it.

One year after the passing away of a father, the pain can still be fresh and bring some tears as we miss them being with us and playing the role of a father in our lives. When we mark such anniversaries, we usually look back in time to how they lived and learn from it.

So, here are heartfelt quotes to use as you’re remembering dad on his death anniversary.

1. ‘Every Father’s day comes with the painful reminder that you are no more present in my life. I can never have another dad like you and I miss you so much it hurts. Till we meet again.’

2. ‘Dear dad, it has not been so easy this past year since you left for the other side. I miss you being there for me in words and deeds. It is just one year since you passed away but it’s like ten years. I so much miss you.’

3. ‘It is quite true that we do not know the value of what we have until we lose them. One year after your demise and I cannot help but regret refusing to heed your advice and counsel. I miss you so much, dad.’

4. ‘Every time I think about you, tears well up in my eyes. You were a source of inspiration and a mentor to me. I miss you dad, more than you can ever know.’

5. ‘One year has passed since you left for the other side and it has only made me realize that there is a place in my heart no one else but you can fill. I miss you so much, dad.’

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2nd Death Anniversary Quotes For Father

1. ‘The love a father displays to his child can never be erased from the heart of his child.’

2. ‘Even though your demise is still painful after these 2 years, I rejoice in the fact that you are in a better place now. I miss you, dad. Till we meet again.’

3. ‘Two years after you passed away dad, I still can’t bear the thought of your demise. You were such a kind and caring father. You were the kind of father every child would want to have. I miss you, dad.’

4. ‘Regardless of the number of years that pass by, the pain of your demise is still vivid. You left behind a trail of goodness for us to follow. We will not disappoint you, dad. We love you.’

5. ‘On this day of your second death anniversary, I want to say that I miss you dad and I couldn’t have wished for another dad but you. You were the best father I ever had. Keep resting dad. Till we meet again.’

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Father Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes

1. Dear Lord, it has pleased you to take dad away to your dwelling place. Please, do not forsake the seed he left behind here on earth. We look up to you our God to be our refuge and strength.

2. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear any evil because You are with me.

3. Dear Lord, I look up to you at this dark and gloomy hour. Be my succor and shield; my strength and strong tower; my help in times of trouble and my deliverer.

4. Dear dad, thank you for living a life worthy of emulation. We know you are in a better place right now. I pray that God will give us the strength and grace to follow in the footsteps you left behind. Till we meet again.

5. It has been one year since you were snatched away by the cold hands of death and the wound is still fresh in our hearts. I pray that God gives us the strength to get through this difficult time and heal us of this hurt in Jesus’ name. Till we meet again, dad.

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One Year Ago Today I Lost My Dad Quotes

1. ‘Dad, one year has passed since you left for the other side but you still live on in my heart. You taught me to be a decent young lady and were always there for me in my time of need. I miss you, dad.’

2. ‘One year looks like 10 days since you left. It is just difficult to realize that you are no more. You lived to the fullest dad. Keep resting. Till we meet again.’

3. ‘I miss you so much, daddy. Thank you for making me feel so special and loved.’

4. ‘Dear dad, it has been one long year since you left for the great beyond. I remember the surprise packages you always had for me on my birthday. You made my life sweet. I miss you.’

5. ‘You were the best dad in my world. You taught me to be hardworking and also demonstrated to me what true love is all about. Today makes it exactly one year since you passed away but you still live on in my heart. Rest on, dad. Your princess loves you.’

5 Years Since You Passed Away Dad

1. Words will fail me to express just how much of a dear father you were to us, your biological children. You loved us to the very core. We are so blessed to have a father like you. Till we meet again.

2. I remember your midnight counsel and advice. They have guided my path as I go on in the maze of life. Dad, even though 5 years have now passed since you left us, I still remember your instructions vividly like yesterday. Thank you for those words of wisdom.

3. 5 years gone and still counting. It is impossible for the marks you laid down to be erased by the passage of time. You live on in our heats. Rest on, dad.

4. Despite the popular saying that time will heal I still can’t bear your loss after these 5 years. You meant a lot to us in the family and it still aches to know that you are no longer with us. Till we meet again.

5. Dad, it’s been 5 years of living without you, and trust me, it has not been so easy. We love you dearly and miss you. Till we meet again at the resurrection morn.

Death Anniversary Prayer For My Father

1. Be merciful unto me O God and revive my fainting heart. I almost cannot bear the pain of the loss of my father. Please hasten to help me and strengthen my heart in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear heavenly Father, in obedience to your word that says we should cast all our cares upon you because you care for us, I come today. I am still burdened since the passing away of my father and I need you to ease the hurt away. Heal my broken heart and let me find my life back in Jesus’ name.

3. Lord, at your feet I lay this heavy burden of sorrow for the demise of my father. Let peace be restored to my heart and help me to carry on with life in Jesus’ name.

4. Lord, I need you now more than ever. You alone know just how dreadful I feel since my father passed away. Please come to my aid by granting me your comfort and surpassing peace in Jesus’ name. [Amen].

5. Dear heavenly Father, it’s been [x] years since my father passed away and I still hurt as though it happened a few days ago. Lord, you are the healer of the brokenhearted. Please heal my broken heart and make me whole again. This I pray for in Jesus’ name.

Missing Dad Quotes From Daughter/Son

1. ‘Even though you are no more with us physically, the memory of your good deeds yet lives on in my heart. I love you.’

2. ‘I was your dear princess and you were my knight in shining armor. How could death be so cruel as to snatch you away from me? I miss you, dad. Rest on.’

3. ‘It is still a mystery as to how you left us so soon but we know God’s plan is far beyond our finite grasp. Rest on, dad. Till we meet at the Master’s feet.’

4. ‘My heart refuses to accept the fact that you are no more. You loved me unrelentingly and gave me all I needed to succeed in life. Dad, I just want you to know that your efforts will not be in vain. Rest on.’

5. ‘You taught me to be a decent man, husband, and father as a young boy. Those teachings remain with me today and I continue to apply them daily. Rest on, dad. Your son misses you.

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