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60 Examples Of Good Family Emergency Excuses For Work

We understand that sometimes you’ve got very good reasons to be out of work, come late to work, or be completely absent, but your boss wouldn’t take them as genuine.

Since everybody understands that family has an important position, good family emergency excuses may be a bail-out to get out of work.

However, there are sometimes when there are truly family emergencies to attend to, and you may not know how to put this in words for your boss. This is why we got you some samples of good family emergency excuses for you that you can send to your boss, supervisor, manager, or team leader.

Examples Of Family Emergency Excuses To Boss/ Supervisor

As you read through these family emergency excuses, you may find the one that perfectly gives words to your situation or the one that gives you an idea of how to structure an excuse for your work.

1. Dear sir, my cousin has a bad allergic reaction and I’m rushing him to the clinic. This will take the whole day but I’ll return to work tomorrow.

2. Dear Madam, my cousin had a stroke and is being taken to the hospital. I have to stay with him until other family members come in. Please give me till noon to come to work.

3. Dear sir, my mother’s house got hit by a hurricane and I have to make arrangements for her. I request two days off to sort this out so I can return clear-headed to work. _ will handle things in my absence.

4. Dear Madam, my grandparents’ house got flooded last night and I have to get them settled. This is taking more time than I thought, but I’ll be at work first thing tomorrow morning. My team has already been informed.

5. Dear sir, the tornado caused a pole to break through my dad’s roof. I have to get him somewhere to stay. I need the whole day to do this. But expect me to resume tomorrow.

6. Dear Madam, my husband died this morning and I’m not in a good frame of mind. Kindly permit me a week to arrange his funeral and mourn. _ will stand in for me till I return.

7. Dear sir, my wife passed away last night and I have to make arrangements for her burial. Allow me two weeks to sort out the burial plans, so I can return to work more clear-headed.

8. Dear Madam, my grandma suddenly died, and I’m the only available person to take her body to the hospital. Please give me till this weekend to deal with her hospital matters, and I’ll make sure to resume work as soon as I can.

9. Dear sir, my sister’s shop just caught fire and I’m the only one she could reach out to for help. I promise to sort this out in two days and return to work. I’ve sent _ my work to continue.

10. Dear Madam, my brother was robbed and I need to take him to the station to make a complaint. I’ll relate the details of my work to my PA so nothing’s left undone while I’m gone. I’ll return as soon as I can.

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Good Family Emergency Examples

Life happens whether we plan for it or not. Many of us eventually have to skip work due to those unforeseeable events. Here are a few good family emergency excuses for taking unplanned time off.

1. Family is the anchor that grounds us. Unfortunately, I find myself in the midst of a family emergency that requires my immediate attention and support.”

2. “In times of family crisis, priorities shift. I am facing a situation that demands my presence and assistance, and I appreciate your understanding during this challenging time.”

3. “Life can throw unexpected challenges our way. Right now, I am dealing with a family emergency that demands my focus and care.”

4. “Family always comes first for me. I’m navigating a sudden family emergency, and I kindly request your understanding as I address this urgent matter.”

5. “During challenging times, family support is crucial. I am currently dealing with a family emergency and need to take some time to attend to their needs.”

6. “Balancing work and family is a constant juggling act. Regrettably, I’m currently dealing with a family emergency that requires my immediate attention.”

7. “In the face of unexpected family crises, our priorities become clear. I am currently grappling with a family emergency and appreciate your support and understanding.”

8. “Life is unpredictable, and family emergencies can arise when we least expect them. I find myself in such a situation and need to focus on my family at this time.”

9. “Family is the core of our existence. I’m currently addressing a family emergency that demands my presence, and I appreciate your understanding during this challenging period.”

10. “In moments of crisis, family is our foremost concern. I’m currently navigating a family emergency and request your understanding as I attend to this pressing matter.”

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Sounding Real But Fake Family Emergency Excuses

There are tons of different credible excuses to call in sick or leave early from work if you don’t think you can get away with your typical one.

We’ve compiled a handy list of sounding real but fake family emergency excuses for skipping work that will win over your supervisor and secure your much-needed time off.

1. My babysitter passed away and there’s no one else to look after the kids. Since my husband is out of town I need to care for them till I can find another sitter. I’ve reached out to my immediate boss about this.

2. My pet fell ill and I need to take it to the vet. This will take the morning, but I’ll come to the office at noon.

3. I’m currently experiencing burnout from our previous project. It was such a heavy one and I need to refresh so I can perform better in the next one. Meanwhile, the interns will take over till I resume next week.

4. My flight got delayed so I can’t make it to the states today. I will take a late flight so I can resume work tomorrow morning.

5. I had a fire accident this morning. Thankfully, there were many casualties. However, I need to replace some things and this will take two days. I sent all the records. Please reach me via _ if there’s any emergency.

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What To Say Instead Of Family Emergency To Get An Excuse

1. I am experiencing a personal crisis. I am a bit better but I won’t be at work today. Once things here settle, I will message you.

2. I got into an accident, and the injuries are serious. Permit me to have the week off so I can heal. The team members will handle my responsibilities and I’ll catch up when I resume.

3. I am having an awful headache. Right now, lights and sounds will only make it worse. I have taken some pills so I won’t be coming in until tomorrow.

4. I have to take my spouse for his regular medical checkup. I have placed _ to take care of things while I’m gone. I’ll be back before closing hours.

5. I have been hospitalized with serious dysmenorrhea. I won’t be at work for two days. I’ve emailed my team and they will take care of the project as planned. Thank you for understanding.

6. I have an appointment with the dentist. My toothache has gotten worse, and I won’t be able to speak with the client today. Please email me if you need anything.

7. I had a bad reaction this morning and I’m unsure what I’m reacting to. I’ll see my doctor and let you know. But _ is working my shift until I return tomorrow.

8. My diabetes is acting up again, and I need to see a doctor. I won’t be at work today and I’m unsure about the time it will take to control it. I’ll keep in touch. Reach out to _ for any questions.

9. I’m under the weather and unable to meet with you regarding the case. I reach your office when I’m hale and hearty again. Thank you for understanding.

10. Thank you for the invitation to the dinner. I would have loved to attend, but I just got out of surgery. I need time to recuperate. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Fake Excuses To Get Out Of Work

1. I won’t be coming to work because I have severe food poisoning. The doctor said I needed a day off to recover. I’ve enclosed the report in this email. Reach me via _ if you need to talk to me.

2. I plan on beginning my leave tomorrow. I will return to work in two weeks. If you have a serious question, do reach out to me via _.

3. I am writing to let you know I won’t be able to attend the opening of the building because of a family crisis. I have a sick grandmother I need to take to the hospital. Grant me this one-day leave. I will be thankful for this. I appreciate your understanding.

4. Due to the passing of my great-uncle, I will not be attending work for a week. My family and I will be traveling to a different town to attend the burial. I have placed _ in charge of the client’s brief. Thank you for your understanding.

5. My disabled brother had an accident and I have to look after him. The family is away until the weekend. Please understand this situation and let me stay with him for the next two days. I’ll work extra hours on weekends to make it up.

Believable Excuses For Missing Work

1. I accidentally spilled hot water on myself, and while it’s not third-degree burns, I am still in pain. I need three days off to recover. I will inform the team of my absence.

2. The subway got closed due to some maintenance issues. I will miss out on the morning meeting. I am taking an alternative but I’ll probably make it in the afternoon. Please bear with me.

3. There’s been a huge accident on the route I usually take to work, and the other option has a lot of traffic. I won’t be able to make it to work today. I’ve messages _ to handle my cases.

4. My driver called in sick and as you well know, one of my hands is in a crutch. Alternatively, I’ll work from home pending my driver’s recovery. Send important files to my email.

5. The snow has blocked the pathways and it will take all day to clear the path. I’ve instructed the team on the next step to take. Nothing will be out of place.

6. There’s a rally taking place on many of the major routes to work. It’s slow in the attempt to maneuver around them. I will have to report to work at noon.

7. There’s a police chase taking place at the only route to work. The road has been closed down, so I won’t be available today. I’ll surely make it tomorrow. Do message me via _.

8. My daughter had a cough last night and I called the doctor. Once I can arrange for someone to care for her, I will be at work before 2:00 pm.

9. A family member was in a critical accident. I’m required to complete the paperwork and offer a police statement. I will have to miss work today, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

10. My daughter got arrested last night. I’m trying to bail her out so I won’t be present till tomorrow. _ has the files if you need anything.

Excuse To Miss Work Text Message

1. The hospice let me know that my aunt’s health has deteriorated. I want to spend some time with her today as it might be her last. I’ll work double shifts tomorrow to make this up.

2. I have to fetch my parents from the airport. My brother is unavailable. Please, I will not be at work until 1 pm. Thanks for understanding.

3. My sister is still recuperating from her brain surgery. The home nurse is yet to come in. I will have to look after her until late morning. Please message me if you need anything.

4. My brother-in-law died this morning. Permit me to stay off work today so I can help my sister with the burial arrangements. I’ve emailed _ to help you with what you need.

5. An urgent matter came up and it’s really sensitive. I will resume tomorrow and discuss it with you privately. Still, reach out to_ to work with you on the document.

6. The court case was moved to today. I was only informed last night. Permit my absence today. I’ll work overtime tomorrow.

7. My cat got lost last night. It was found bleeding some streets away. We think it was hit by a vehicle. I’m taking it to the vet. Call me on _ if you need help.

8. I got robbed last night and I barely have anything to take to work except this phone. Please give me this week to recover emotionally and financially. I’ve communicated with my colleagues and they’ve agreed to cover for me. Thank you for understanding.

9. I’m down with food poisoning so I won’t be present at the meeting today. I hope I recover before tomorrow.

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