Employers Comments On Appraisal

110 Employers Comments On Appraisal And Performance Review

Giving your employees constructive criticism and evaluating their work is one of the challenges of leadership.

Yes, providing employers comments on appraisal can put you in a challenging situation. For the simple reason that no one enjoys receiving criticism; instead, we all prefer to be complimented.

To improve the productivity and efficiency of the beneficiaries, a performance review should be based on constructive criticism. Instead of the reverse, improving an employee’s overall performance is the main goal of a performance review.

Therefore, appropriate language should be used to avoid undermining the goal of the exercise.

While we know you care about your subordinate’s career advancement (that’s why you are reading this), and while you may not have the right words to express your feelings, we’re sure you would rather leave constructive employers comments appraisal that would keep them moving up the corporate ladder.

If you need ideas on how to create employers comments on appraisal, keep reading.

Short Employers Comments On Appraisal

Performance reviews are regular growth sessions across different corporate settings. The goal of every review, regardless of the context, is growth and improvement.

Every performance review exercise makes the receivers anxious and eager to get feedback, whether it be an employee receiving supervisor remarks and recommendations.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to give your recipients the eagerly awaited feedback because we have compiled several short employers comments on appraisal to make it simpler.


1. You always assist your colleagues even if the task is not directly linked to your job.

2. You cooperate with staff across different departments for the achievement of goals.

3. You are always ready to offer help to whoever asks for it.

4. You are self-motivated and you work well without supervision.

5. You arrive at work prepared to take on the day’s responsibilities.


1. You work well individually, but you perform woefully in a team.

2. You show yourself as someone who doesn’t like to help others.

3. You take on new responsibilities but hardly communicate them to others.

4. You come to work looking untidy. Worse, your workspace is a mess of food, papers, and documents.

5. You are slow to respond to information in a timely fashion.

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Manager Evaluation Comments

Managers can reference specific real-world examples that relate to an employee’s skills and potential for growth in their manager performance review comments.

To this effect, we have created some manager evaluation comments to help you give feedback to your subordinates.


1. You pay attention to details in your work, and this helps you produce high-quality content. I always look forward to checking your work because of the beautiful presentation.

2. Your level of accuracy of the result you produce is consistent. We can trust you to be accurate with data and facts.

3. You have a strong understanding and grasp of all the responsibilities associated with your job. This has helped you to be effective in your delivery.

4. You have improved our output by _% in two months.

5. You are calm and relaxed in intense situations. This trait makes you a more trustworthy leader.

6. It’s great to see this company run by someone with capable hands like yours. Keep doing your best.

7. Many of our customers are pleased with our services. They repeatedly return to them because of your creative package design.

8. You are the type of employee that refuses to stay down. Instead, you push yourself for growth across all areas.

9. Your dedication to work is worth emulating. This character trait has redefined leadership.

10. I’m impressed that you consistently make decisions that have saved this company many times. Thank you for being a resourceful worker.

11. You are great at listening to others and you take the time to understand them before responding. This is why your answers are meaningful.


1. You barely focus on the tasks assigned to you so you produce defective work. I recommend you evaluate your schedule and set time blocks for important work.

2. Your work is not in alignment with the standards of results expected of you. Take time to ask about the work expectations before tackling any job.

3. You need to work on your language skills. It’s causing a communication breakdown between you, your colleagues, and your clients.

4. You are not skilled at writing. You have 60 days to improve on that. There’s a writing course _ that is hosted at a small fee.

5. I notice you exhibit pride, arrogance, and a poor work attitude. While there’s no perfect person, I believe you can improve yourself.

6. You have an unprofessional dress sense. I advise you to read this company’s dress code regulations and make adjustments where necessary.

7. It’s tiring to receive your reports at the oddest hours. Please learn from your colleague about better time management.

8. You have been repeatedly late in delivering the orders of our customers this month. Sit up before you cost us more money.

9. You are complacent in your position, and indifferent to your personal growth. This is limiting your potential. Do partake in the forthcoming seminars we’re organizing this month.

10. You have made many decisions that have negatively affected your group’s performance. It’s time you reevaluate your goal.

11. You jump into conversations without regard for whoever is speaking at the moment. You need to learn how to patiently wait your turn before speaking.

12. You are quick to leave work when your colleagues are working much later to reach deadlines.

13. You tend to gossip about your superiors and coworkers in an attempt to make excuses about your work.

14. You allow your biases to affect the decisions you make regarding this company. You need to be a more objective leader.

15. You have been repeatedly dishonest to your colleagues about group-related activities to avoid punishment.

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Manager Performance Review Examples

An employee’s job performance is evaluated by managers, peers, or other stakeholders during an employee performance review.

Here are some manager performance review examples you can tweak to suit the employee you’re evaluating.


1. You are a creative thinker. You have come up with many creative ideas to push this company’s vision forward.

2. You constantly suggest new ways of going about different projects. You also bring new ideas to the meeting room.

3. You show initiative by providing solutions to challenges faced during the execution of a project.

4. You show a willingness to adjust your schedule when the need arises. This helps us to deal with urgent and high-priority tasks quickly.

5. You respond positively when changes are made to the duties you perform.

6. You inspire confidence in your team members to the point that they only produce the best results in whatever task they are handling.

7. I love to see how you are constantly seeking ways to level up the experience of our customers.

8. Even in areas of intense pressure, you exhibit a firm grip on your emotions.

9. I’m impressed by your unending desire for knowledge and success. This type of hunger is what keeps leaders at the top.

10. Your teammates recommend you for your exemplary and effective leadership skills.


1. It’s important to start sharing ideas regarding challenges related to this company. This will help the company perform better and also increase your perceived value.

2. You need to be bold enough to take on new projects. This will improve your capacity and character.

3. You could make yourself available to take up any last-minute requests that pop up.

4. You need to learn to be more flexible and open to changes regarding projects and deadlines.

5. You need to learn to adapt to changes in schedule and mode of operation.

6. Your customers are fed up with your non-responsiveness to the emails they send to you. Seek other ways to reach out to them since emailing isn’t your strong point.

7. You exhibit an overbearing attitude towards your teammates. You also don’t listen to any input or suggestions they make. I suggest going for training to improve your listening skills.

8. You barely take notice of the happenings and activities within this company, and so you make decisions that negatively affect this company’s performance. I advise you to become more observant henceforth.

9. You rarely give constructive feedback on your colleagues’ performances. This makes you come off as snobbish and uncaring.

10. You are indiscreet about information related to our clients, and this has led to a couple of lawsuits. At the moment, you can’t be trusted with relevant information until you have proven your reliability again.

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Supervisor Comments And Recommendations For New Employees

In many organizations, there are usually new employees who are hired into the system.

As a supervisor, you need to give these employees a true image of their performance during appraisal.

Here are some supervisor comments and recommendations for new employees for use with various performance metrics.


1. You are a quick learner. Since the last review, your public speaking skills have tremendously improved.

2. You are one enthusiastic staff member. You’ve never backed down when challenges arise. Instead, you’ve faced them squarely and overcome them. We love that resilient spirit.

3. I underestimated your capability. Thankfully you proved me wrong. You are becoming a force among your teammates.

4. You make decisions with the inclusion of your team members. That’s why you achieve more and better results.

5. I appreciate how organized your workspace is. This shows how efficient you are in your responsibilities.

6. You are respected among your peers because of your efforts to add value to them.

7. You apply diplomacy in settling disputes among your colleagues instead of fueling discord.

8. You show respect for the views of others while respectfully airing your opinions as well.

9. You influence your colleagues’ decisions without imposing your opinions on them.

10. You honor every appointment you have with your client and that has built the trust they have for us.

11. You have grown to the point where you can be trusted with bigger responsibilities.

12. You are an effective strategist. I see how you have created strategies and tactics to produce consistent results in the areas assigned to you.

13. You are consistently promoting our company culture among your peers. This has boosted the uniformity of vision among your teammates.

14. You tend to be incredibly innovative under tough circumstances. You have a high capacity for creativity in such moments.

15. You are always seeking ways to improve on already existing systems and tools.

16. You have always planned for your personal and professional improvement and this has skyrocketed your results.

17. You abide by the established systems and processes created by the company and this has ensured the consistency of results.

18. You are a major contributor to the success of the _ project through your _ approach.

19. You have shown great skill in analyzing difficult problems and coming up with simplistic solutions for them.

20. You have an eye for details others tend to miss, and this has helped us make more accurate deductions.


1. The project you submitted was filled with lots of errors. It shows your lack of concern for the task. Please, be more detailed next time. Use grammar software if need be.

2. You lash out quickly at your colleagues. That portrays you as unapproachable. I hope you will exercise greater patience and restraint in dealing with them.

3. You spend a lot of time with your phone when you should be working. This has affected your productivity.

4. The reports you have been presenting of late do not align with the transactions made this month. Be more careful next time.

5. Many customers complain about your indifference to their plights. I recommend you attend the customer management training coming up this weekend.

6. You dislike being given instructions, and frown when your mistakes are corrected. You need to learn how to be more open-minded and to receive corrections gracefully.

7. You have exhibited deep indiscipline and uncouth behavior that’s unappealing. I’m placing you under probation for the next two weeks.

8. You are unkind and unempathetic to clients. Many of them have given you a poor rating. You need to level up on your emotional intelligence.

9. You are always butting heads with your colleagues. You need to improve your conflict management skills.

10. Your poor understanding of the pinpoints of our customers has cost us a large number of our client base. I recommend more training on acquiring and retaining clients.

11. You talk down to your teammates using overly bogus and advanced words. Try using simpler and more relatable terms when communicating.

12. Your current skill set is outdated for the new tasks coming in. I suggest you re-skill or get new certifications.

13. You have constantly created blatantly flawed solutions, and must be fixed again. Next time, run your ideas through someone with that background before presenting them.

14. You require constant supervision on the jobs assigned to you otherwise you would not properly get them done. Do go for retraining on that aspect ASAP.

15. You seem easily fagged out when you are placed in a position to make critical decisions.

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Positive Overall Performance Comments

Sometimes, all you have are positive comments to make about your employees.

Here are a few examples of positive overall performance comments across various KPIs for employees.

1. Your performance consistently surpasses expectations, demonstrating a high level of dedication and excellence in all tasks.

2. Your ability to adapt to changing situations and find innovative solutions is commendable. You consistently demonstrate resourcefulness in approaching challenges.

3. Your collaborative spirit significantly enhances team dynamics, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. Your willingness to support colleagues contributes to the overall success of the team.

4. Your efficient time management skills ensure that projects are completed on schedule without compromising quality. Your commitment to deadlines is greatly appreciated.

5. Your eagerness to acquire new skills and knowledge reflects a commitment to personal and professional growth. Your proactive approach to learning positively impacts both individual and team development.

6. Your leadership abilities shine through in your capacity to motivate and guide team members. Your positive influence fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among your colleagues.

7. Your dedication to providing excellent service to our customers is consistently evident. Your efforts contribute significantly to our positive reputation and client satisfaction.

8. Your analytical skills and ability to think critically enable you to navigate challenges seamlessly. Your talent for problem-solving is an asset to both individual projects and the team as a whole.

9. Your clear and concise communication style enhances collaboration and ensures that everyone is on the same page. Your ability to articulate ideas positively impacts project outcomes.

10. Your colleagues and superiors can consistently rely on you to deliver high-quality work. Your trustworthiness and commitment to excellence make you a valuable asset to the organization.

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Overall Comments On Goal Achievement

One of the important aspects you’ll be evaluating during your appraisal is the ability of your employee to reach their set goals.

Check out these overall comments on goal achievement examples and tweak according to your employer:


1. I notice you are consistent in meeting and surpassing your goals. You take pride in performing well.

2. You set both attainable and ambitious goals. You also make sure you execute them with effectiveness.

3. You show your desire for help where necessary. You also make use of available resources to fulfill your goals.

4. You take responsibility for yourself and the team regarding the fulfillment of your goals and the team.

5. You set easy-to-understand and realistic goals associated with the company’s vision.


1. You tend to overestimate your ability to fulfill the goals you have set. Try setting realistic targets while building your capacity for more.

2. You tend to get sidetracked from your yearly goals. Try achieving them first before delving into another.

3. You tend to cover up your failed goals until the last minute. If you’re unable to meet up with your goals, reach out to either me or your superiors for help.

4. You need to solicit help when you’re planning your work so you can meet up with deadlines.

5. You tend to be rigid when things do not go according to your plan. You need to learn to be flexible.

6. You work well but you need to improve your punctuality. This will increase the quality of your work.

7. You have a record of resuming work late. This has affected your productivity as well as the productivity of your teammates.

8. While you follow the schedule of your work, you get carried away during lunch break and in the process, you return to work later than expected.

9. You sometimes leave work without hitting the set targets for the day, and that slows down the project being worked on.

10. You need to reorder your personal life. There are instances where you had to leave work earlier than normal to attend to your issues.

11. You leave a large portion of your task for your teammates and create excuses not to do them. You need to step up on responsibility.

12. You have loads of workload on your desk because you don’t set daily goals. Ensure you keep a to-do list as this will enhance your productivity and reduce your stress.

13. Customers complain that you blame them for your frustrations. Please, do what you can to have a work-life balance.

14. You have a record of absence from many important meetings and conferences. Please keep a schedule of meetings so you can be prepared next time.

15. You are impatient with your teammates and that is making them nervous and unconfident about themselves.

16. You exhibit perfectionist tendencies and that slows you down from beginning a task. Even when you start, you fuse excessively over the quality and rush through at the last minute. I recommend you take a personality test to understand yourself and your work patterns better.

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