Good Feedback For Teachers Examples

80 Good Feedback For Teachers Examples [Positive And Negative Comments]

In the dynamic world of education, teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the minds of future generations. Recognizing and appreciating their efforts is essential for fostering a positive and motivating learning environment.

Encouraging good feedback for teachers examples can go a long way in acknowledging the dedication and hard work of our educators.

In this post, we delve into good feedback for teachers examples, aiming to inspire a culture of appreciation and recognition for the impactful work they do every day.

Join us in celebrating the educators who go above and beyond to make a lasting difference in the lives of their students.

How To Write Good Feedback For Teacher

1. Specificity

When you are writing good feedback for teachers, you should be specific as to what you appreciate about them. This could be their teaching style, receptivity, personality and so on. This will help them to know that their efforts are worthwhile.

Take a look at this example:

# I appreciate your teaching method. You can bring life situations to explain abstract concepts. It has helped my understanding of the course.

2. Be sincere and honest.

When you want to write good feedback for teachers, the pressure is there somehow to want to exaggerate what you admire about them. However, it is much better if you give honest feedback without hyping it.

For example:

# I appreciate the way you take your time to answer our questions. It enhanced our understanding of what you teach us.

3. Write a statement of appreciation at the end of your feedback.

Before you submit your feedback finally, you should not forget to include a statement of appreciation for their efforts. By including this in your feedback, it helps them to know that you truly value them and that you are grateful for their diligence in teaching.

For example, you could use words like:

# Thanks for being such an excellent teacher!

# Keep up the good work Sir/Ma!

…or a simple ‘Thank you’ at the end of your feedback.

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Examples of Good Feedback For Teachers

1. Your ability to engage every student in the classroom is commendable. The interactive activities you incorporate truly make learning enjoyable for everyone.”

2. Your clear explanations and use of real-life examples help make complex concepts easily understandable for students of all levels.”

3. Your dedication to providing constructive feedback on assignments is greatly appreciated. It helps students understand their strengths and areas for improvement.”

4. The supportive and inclusive environment you create in the classroom fosters a sense of belonging among students, which is crucial for their academic and personal development.”

5. Your enthusiasm for the subject matter is contagious! It’s inspiring to see how you ignite a passion for learning in your students.”

6. Your willingness to adapt your teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles ensures that every student has the opportunity to succeed.”

7. The way you incorporate technology into your lessons not only keeps students engaged but also prepares them for the digital world they’ll encounter outside of the classroom.”

8. Your commitment to continuous professional development is evident in the innovative teaching strategies you implement. It sets a great example for your students.”

9. Your approachability and willingness to listen to student concerns make it easy for them to seek help and support when needed.”

10. The way you provide opportunities for student-led discussions and group work promotes collaboration and critical thinking skills among your students.”

Positive Feedback For Teachers From Students Example

Teachers remain an indispensable asset in the education of and eradication of ignorance in the world today. To improve the way they teach and impart knowledge, they sometimes request feedback from their students.

In this article, we have compiled a list of positive feedback for teachers from students examples that you can make use of in writing your feedback for teachers.

1. Thank you very much, Sir for your wonderful teaching! I have been challenged to work hard towards achieving my goals in life. Thanks a lot!

2. You are one of the few teachers that inspire students like me to always strive to be better at everything I do. I remain ever grateful for your impact Sir/Ma.

3. Thank you Sir for being excellent at what you love doing best, teaching! Your dedication is worth emulating. Thanks, Sir.

4. Thank you very much Sir for your unrelenting commitment to giving me a solid foundation academically. I will always live to remember your invaluable contributions.

5. I just want to send in my appreciation for being such a supportive and understanding teacher. I am deeply grateful for your care

6. I love your teaching style! I always look forward to your sessions because of the way you make learning fun. Thank you for being excellent at what you do!

7. I want to say thank you for the sacrifice of your time beyond working hours to ensure I understood the concepts I struggled to grasp in class. It has gone a long way to making me ace my exams. I am so grateful Sir/Ma.

8. Thank you for the indispensable role you played in my academic success last session. You made me grasp complex topics with ease. I remain ever grateful, Sir/Ma.

9. You have challenged me to be a critical thinker and not just accept things at face value. Thank you for being such an exceptional teacher!

10. Thank you for always giving me a listening ear both in and out of the classroom. I appreciate your commitment to my success.

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Negative Feedback For Teachers From Students Example

Although teachers are custodians of knowledge and help in educating society, they sometimes, do not carry out their duties efficiently. This could be due to several reasons and factors.

When feedback for such teachers will be written, it is not going to be positive as there are a lot of areas one is not pleased with.

In such instances, negative feedback will be written. However, when writing negative feedback for teachers, you should be careful not to speak rashly rather, your criticisms should be constructive without sounding rude

Listed below are negative feedback for teachers from students examples that you can use.

1. You do not engage us while teaching your classes. It is more or less like you are not interested in teaching. This is why most of the class do not have good grades in your subject.

2. Your teaching style seems to be too fast. It is becoming increasingly difficult for your students to keep up with your lessons. I think you could work on the pace at which you communicate your lessons.

3. You are not always willing to hear our questions and clear our doubts about what you teach us. It makes us feel intimidated.

4. Your instructions when giving assignments are always vague and confusing. I don’t seem to know exactly what you expect us to do.

5. Your dress is quite distracting. We are barely able to concentrate when you are teaching.

6. I don’t seem to quite understand how you evaluate our assignments and exams. Your grading appears to be inconsistent.

7. You appear to be more lenient towards some students while taking it out on the rest of us. I feel this is very unfair to the rest of us.

8. You lack enthusiasm while giving your lectures which makes it difficult for us to get excited about learning what you teach.

9. You always teach your classes later than the usual time and this reduces the time we need to learn the concepts you teach.

10. It would be great if you made your teaching more practical than theoretical. We need to also master the skills associated with the subject.

Good Feedback For Teachers From Parents

Parents are usually responsible for their children’s education amongst other things they are responsible for. Thus, every proper parent will want to see their hold receive the best education from their teachers.

When they see that the teachers are doing a good job in educating their children, they are not slow in giving good feedback to teachers.

Do you want to write good feedback for teachers as a parent and don’t know how to begin? This write-up contains some examples of good feedback for teachers from parents that you can make use of.

1. “We appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm you bring to the classroom. Our child talks about your lessons with excitement, and it’s clear you make learning enjoyable.”

2. “Thank you for creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. Our child feels comfortable expressing themselves and participating in class discussions.”

3. “We’re impressed with your effective communication and regular updates on our child’s progress. It helps us stay involved and supportive of their education.”

4. “Your ability to tailor lessons to different learning styles has had a noticeable impact on our child’s academic growth. Your personalized approach is truly commendable.”

5. “We appreciate the extra time and effort you put into providing challenging yet manageable assignments. It’s clear you want each student to reach their full potential.”

6. “The creative and hands-on activities you incorporate into your lessons have sparked our child’s interest in learning. Thank you for making education engaging and fun.”

7. “Your support for each student’s individual needs is evident, and we’re grateful for your willingness to address any concerns promptly and professionally.”

8. “Thank you for fostering a sense of community within the classroom. Our child has developed strong peer relationships, and we believe this positively contributes to their overall well-being.”

9. “Your dedication to continuous improvement is admirable. We notice the effort you put into staying updated with educational trends and adapting your teaching methods accordingly.”

10. “We appreciate the emphasis you place on character development and values. Your influence extends beyond academics, and we’re grateful for the positive impact you have on our child’s growth.”

11. “Your passion for the subject matter is contagious. Our child has developed a genuine interest in the topics you cover, and it’s evident that your enthusiasm motivates them to learn more.”

12. “Thank you for fostering a love of reading in our child. The variety of books and literature you introduce has expanded their horizons and contributed to their overall cognitive development.”

13. “Your commitment to creating a safe and nurturing learning environment has not gone unnoticed. Our child feels valued and supported, and that speaks volumes about your effectiveness as an educator.”

Good Feedback For Teachers Examples

Feedback is a report that summarizes a person’s performance in a particular task or activity. Everyone that offers one service or the other is interested in getting feedback from those they offer it.

This is no wise different for teachers who are entrusted with the noble task of educating people. Thus, they also need feedback.

While feedback for teachers might be positive or negative as the case may be, we have decided to focus on good feedback for teachers in this write-up.

Listed below are good feedbacks for teachers examples that can guide you on writing one in your own words.

1. You have challenged my thinking pattern and helped me discover my innate abilities and talents. I remain grateful forever for coming across you.

2. Thank you for preparing me for the world beyond the forum corners of the classroom. I can confidently say that I can apply what you have taught me to real-world situations. Thanks a lot, Sir/Ma.

3. I have benefited maximally from your class and I can say with all confidence that I can tackle life challenges better. Thank you for never giving up on me

4. Your passion and enthusiasm when teaching is what make you stand out from other teachers. It has inspired me to explore novel ideas.

5. Your dedication and passion for teaching are very evident. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher.

6. You are such a gifted teacher! I feel so proud and privileged to have been taught by you.

7. Thank you Sir for your patience and understanding when I was having difficulties grasping certain concepts. The extra hours you sacrificed to ensure I understood them are so invaluable. Thank you so much Sir/Ma.

8. I appreciate the way you make use of day-to-day circumstances to drive home the topics you teach in class. It has helped me to retain for a longer time.

9. Thank you for showing that you care for your students beyond their academics only. You showed true concern for my well-being which makes me indebted to you. Thank you, Ma.

10. Thank you Ma for setting the standard high. It has made me work harder and discover strengths and abilities I never knew I had before lying dormant.

Sample Positive Comments For Teacher Observations

“Whatsoever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” This saying forms the maxim of some teachers who go the extra mile to ensure they deliver the best to their students’ maximum benefit.

As expected, this doesn’t go unnoticed by students and they could easily tell the teacher they like best which is not unconnected with the extra effort they put in.

Have you noticed something unique with your teacher(s) and would like to appreciate them while being specific as to what you enjoy about their lessons?

Take a look at these sample positive comments for teacher observations and apply them when writing yours.

1. Your classes are always well-organized and engaging. You have a way of getting your students’ attention easily and making learning fun.

2. You are truly dedicated to the success of your students and it shows in how you go above and beyond to ensure they have no excuse to fail.

3. Your attitude and enthusiasm in the classroom are well appreciated. You have a captivating energy which makes your students love your classes.

4. Your knowledge and understanding of [subject] are outstanding. You have a way of making the difficult and hard-to-understand concepts easy.

5. You have been successful at creating an enabling and friendly environment that makes students feel valued and respected.

6. Your deep passion and love for teaching are evident in every lecture you deliver. It is a great source of inspiration for your students to love learning.

7. Your teaching improvisations are unique and impressive too. I love the way you do everything possible to impart knowledge to your students.

8. You have a distinct gift for bonding with your students on a personal level. The strong relationships you have built with them is a proof of this.

9. You have gone beyond the crude method of teaching to employing novel methods involving technology to enhance your students’ learning experience.

10. You are always available to clear the doubts of your students. Your attention to detail is quite commendable.

Feedback For Teacher In English

The task of writing feedback for teacher in English might seem quite difficult. However, with the right examples such as those listed in this article, you will find it quite easy to write.

Take a look at the feedback for teacher in English listed below and feel free to use them as they are or modify them to suit your style of writing.

1. “Your teaching style is highly effective, and our child has shown significant improvement in both understanding and applying concepts. Thank you for making learning so accessible and enjoyable.”

2. “Your dedication to your students’ success is evident in the time and effort you invest in each lesson. We appreciate the extra mile you go to ensure that everyone in the class is on track.”

3. “Your clear communication and regular updates on our child’s progress have been invaluable. It’s reassuring to know that we can count on your transparency and commitment to keeping us informed.”

4. “The way you handle questions and encourage class participation creates a positive learning atmosphere. Our child feels comfortable asking for clarification, which speaks volumes about your approachability.”

5. “We’re impressed by your ability to adapt teaching methods to suit different learning styles. This personalized approach has undoubtedly contributed to our child’s academic growth and confidence.”

6. “The innovative and engaging activities you incorporate into your lessons have sparked our child’s curiosity and interest in the subject matter. It’s wonderful to see them so excited about learning.”

7. “Thank you for being responsive to our concerns and addressing them promptly. Your professionalism and commitment to resolving issues have not gone unnoticed, and we appreciate your dedication to student well-being.”

8. “The sense of community you’ve fostered in the classroom has had a positive impact on our child’s social development. Your efforts to create a supportive environment are commendable.”

9. “Your continuous efforts to stay updated on educational best practices and incorporate them into your teaching are admirable. It’s evident that you are committed to providing the best possible education for your students.”

10. “Your passion for the subject matter is contagious, and it’s reflected in the enthusiasm our child has for your class. Thank you for making learning not just a task but a fulfilling experience.”

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