Excuse Letter For Being Absent In Work Due To Emergency

[2023] Convincing Excuse Letter For Being Absent In Work Due To Emergency

Life happens!

No matter how prepared we are, there’s always going to be occurrences outside our control.

Sometimes emergencies can happen to you or to the people close to you which affect your presence at work.

If you work in an organization and for some reason have not shown up at work, it’s important to send a long convincing excuse letter for being absent in work due to emergency.

While it’s preferable that such letters are sent before abstaining from work to at least seek permission, certain emergencies can prevent this from happening.

Nevertheless, it’s important you send an excuse letter for being absent in work due to emergency to prevent termination of your employment contract.

If writing an excuse letter for being absent in work due to emergency is not your cup of tea, this article is for you.

We have provided templates using real-life examples to make your excuse letters more believable.


Excuse Letter For Being Absent In Work Due To Emergency

Writing a letter when faced with an emergency can be a hassle especially if your emotions are topsy-turvy. But don’t stress it, pick an excuse letter for being absent in work due to emergency from the list below.

1. Hello [supervison name], an unforeseen emergency took place at home and I needed the day off to attend to it. I have reached out to _ to stand in for me pending my return. I will try to return tomorrow. If I can’t make it, I will let you know. Thank you, sir.

2. Hello _, I apologize for sending this at this critical time but there’s an emergency I cannot ignore. _ will handle the presentation and I’m sure she can deliver while I’m unavailable. I have sent all the materials to the group and briefed them on their roles. _ will let me know the result when I return and I’ll continue from where I stopped. If you want the presentation to be rescheduled, I will get it done. I appreciate your kind understanding.

3. Dear [Name of Manager], I will not be able to make it to work today. I am facing an unexpected family problem. The babysitter pulled out at the last minute and I’m unable to get someone to watch my child. I’ll use today to make arrangements and resume work tomorrow.

4. Hello _, I apologize for my long leave from work. My sister got kidnapped by some unknown gunmen on her way from school. My family is in a state of disarray and even though I’ve reached out to the police, there’s still no news. I’ve informed the team on what to do in my short absence. Please consider me. Thank you.

5. Hello _, my son cut himself with a kitchen knife and I’m currently rushing him to the hospital. I’ll be a couple of hours late. I’ve shifted my client meetings till tomorrow so there’s nothing important to attend to. Any extra work will be handled by _. Thank you for understanding.

6. Dear [Team-Lead’s name], my car broke down in the middle of the road and my mechanic is hours away from me. It’ll take me till noon before I reach the office. I’ve addressed my team already. The presentation has been postponed till the evening. When I arrive at work, I’ll let you know.

Excuse Letter For Being Absent In Work Due To Important Matter

Did something important happen that made you leave the office?

With the ideas provided below, use it to write an excuse letter for being absent in work due to important matter.

1. Dear _, I wrote this letter to inform you that I just experienced a parental loss. I have taken leave for the week to plan the funeral. I have placed _ and _ to handle things in my absence. Do let me know if there are other protocols I must observe and I’ll get them done at once. I will ensure to be available via email if there’s any important information to pass on to me. Thanks for understanding me.

2. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed since the last project, so I took some time off to have a mental health break. I’m sure this will increase my efficiency and productivity once I return.

3. Dear _, a serious domestic issue has popped up and it requires my attention or it’ll get worse. I have cleared my work for the day. If you need to reach me urgently, send a message to my Whatsapp line here.

4. Dear _, I just got the news that my daughter had an accident on her way home from school. While she’s been rushed to the hospital, I have to be by her side. My P. A. will attend to any issues that pop up. I’ll return tomorrow morning. Thanks.

5. Dear supervisor, how are you today? This letter is to inform you about my absence from work between _ and _. I am having my medical examination on those days and I mustn’t skip them. I have contacted _ to be my backup. I’ll make sure to check in to ensure everything is working smoothly. I appreciate your understanding.

6. Dear _, I will not be present at work for the next two days. This is because I will be in attendance at the wedding I told you about last week. My team will step in during my absence. If you need additional details, let me know so I’ll send them.

7. Dear _, in line with our conversation on personal development some time ago, I am leaving for the Development Workshop in a few days. I have arranged with the heads of other departments and they will see to additional responsibilities from my department. My email is available if you need to reach me. Thank you for allowing me to do this.

8. Dear _, I will be out of the office by noon to nurse my grandmother who has suddenly taken ill. You know the nature of my relationship with her as I’m the only one present to take care of her. I will check in with the office as often as I can. I am grateful for your support so far. Yours sincerely, Jessica.

9. Dear _, my pet has gone missing since this afternoon. I’ve filed a complaint and I don’t know how long it will take before it’s found. I’ve messaged _. She is capable of handling things till I’m back. My line is open if you need to call me.

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Excuse Letter For Being Absent In Work Due To Fever

If fever did a number on you, use the following examples for inspiration to write an excuse letter for being absent in work due to fever.

1. Dear _, I’ve been experiencing this unexplainable fever for a while and I’ll be on a week-long medical leave starting tomorrow. Attached to this email is a doctor’s report emphatically stating I take this leave. I will send a broadcast to the team to let them know I won’t be available for the physical weekly meetings. I’ll be available on Skype and my inbox is free if you need to reach out to me. I’ll try to respond quickly. I appreciate your understanding.

2. Hello _, I woke up feeling hot all over so I won’t be able to show up today. I’ll be seeing the doctor soon and I’ll let you know if I need more sick days off. If you need to reach me directly, call me via this line _. I hope to get better soon.

3. Hello _, I’ve been sweating profusely and I’m convinced I’m coming down with a fever. I want to check it with my doctor. Could I take the day off to treat myself, or at least find out what’s going on with me? Your approval will mean a lot to me.

4. Dear _, I’ve been feeling weak all over my body and joints. It’s taken almost all my effort to write this letter. I’ve had to call a family member to look after me. I’ve booked an appointment with a specialist. I think this is a sign of fever or something worse. _ and _ have agreed to take over my shifts pending my recovery. I hope you understand.

5. Hello _, my muscle aches have worsened. I’ll be taking your advice to go to the clinic today. I’ve been told it’s a possible sign of fever. Once I get feedback from the doctor I will email you. Expect to hear from me.

6. Dear _, I am increasingly more sensitive to pain and I found it it’s a symptom of fever. I humbly request a 3-day leave to recover from this. I was told that stress led to this issue, and working in this state will not allow me to perform at my best. I know you love having efficient staff, so I hope you will understand my reasons for taking this break. Thank you for your kind consideration.

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Absence From Work Due To Sickness Message

If you need help explaining yourself in an absence from work due to sickness message, keep reading.

1. I am sorry for sending this message late but a sudden sickness overcame me. I’m taking a sick leave today and tomorrow so I can recover faster. I’ve reached out to _ who has agreed to cover up for me. I hope to get better soon so I can return to work. Thank you for your patience.

2. Hello boss, I got ill at work today and I don’t seem to be getting better. I won’t be coming to work tomorrow because I’m going to see the doctor. Fortunately, I have nothing important scheduled. I have sent an Out of Office email so anyone who reaches me will know I’m unavailable. I hope to make it back soon. I will keep you informed. Thank you for understanding me.

3. I just received my COVID-19 test result and it came out positive. I have taken a 2-week leave to deal with this. My physician has provided me with a note which I have delivered to your office. I’ll make sure to place _ in charge of receiving my emails until I’m fully recovered. I will do my best to keep you updated and stay informed of issues going on in the office. Thank you, sir.

4. Dear _, for the next few days, I will not be present at work starting today. Cough and catarrh have gotten the better of me and it would be a poor act on my part to spread the flu to others. Once this passes over, I’ll be at work in no time.

5. I’ve been feeling out of the blue lately and I don’t know what the matter is. I’ve scheduled an appointment with the doctor and this will take the whole day tomorrow. I’ve cleared my desk for the week, so I’ve no pending work to attend to. I will let you know what the issue is once the result is out.

6. The sickness took a turn for the worse last night, so I won’t be able to come in today. I’ve been prescribed some drugs that give me a funny feeling in my stomach. _ will stand in for me until I’m back on my feet. If there’s other news, I’ll keep you updated.

7. Hello _, I got my medical report today and it’s heartbreaking. The hacking cough I had is a sign I have pneumonia. I have to take a paid 3-week to leave to heal from this. I’ve messaged all my clients. One of the juniors has been given the temporary responsibility to handle things in my absence. I’ve attached the medical report here. I’m open to phone calls via calls and texts.

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Excuse Letter For Being Absent Due To Sickness

Were you unavailable for something important when you got sick? Pick an excuse letter for being absent due to sickness from the example below.

1. Hi _, this is to inform you that I have taken one of my paid sick days today. The headache got worse and I can barely do anything for us. If there’s any question or you need some information from me, reach out to me on _. I will also inform _ and _ of my absence. Thank you for your support.

2. Good morning _, this is to let you know that I’m rescheduling our meeting today. I’m taking a sick leave to rest and recover from something contagious. I hope to be back to work in two days. I will send a message to _ as well. Keep me updated on anything that’s happening. See you soon.

3. Hey _, I got diagnosed with bronchitis so I need some time off work. I’ve attached the report and recommendation from the doctor. I’m staying indoors until this passes away. My email is unavailable but you can reach me via text. I appreciate your support.

4. Dear _, I apologize for my absence from work recently. I’ve taken ill and that has caused me to handle things much slower than before. I’ve been assigned a PA who has been supportive since my sickness began. If you need to reach me directly, please reply here. I appreciate your understanding.

5. Hello _, this is to intimate you of the reason for my absence these past few days. I had a hand accident which I didn’t handle on time. It developed into a sickness that almost had my entire arm amputated. Fortunately, the reverse happened. My hand is in a good state now and I will be back by Monday. Thank you for being patient with me.

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