10 Really Unusual Sick Day Excuses

Bullet-Proof 10 Really Unusual Sick Day Excuses To Miss Work

Life is a rollercoaster of unpredictable events, and every now and then, we find ourselves grappling with situations that defy the ordinary. In the realm of workplace dynamics, one area where the unexpected can truly take center stage is when it comes to calling in sick. While the usual suspects like the common cold or a touch of the flu are often the reasons behind our absence, there are times when circumstances conspire to create the most peculiar and unconventional sick day excuses.

Join us as we embark on a lighthearted exploration of the bizarre, the unforeseen, and the downright extraordinary reasons that have led individuals to utter those words, “I can’t make it to work today because…” From comical mishaps to unbelievable twists of fate, these 10 really unusual sick day excuses are sure to tickle your funny bone and perhaps make you appreciate the unpredictability that life sometimes throws our way.

So buckle up and get ready for a journey into the realm of unexpected sick day tales that will leave you both amused and astonished. After all, life is anything but ordinary, and so are the reasons some folks find themselves taking an unplanned day off.

Here, we got you some 10 really unusual sick day excuses to miss work for personal reasons you can’t tell your boss, manager, supervisor, or team leader.

These 10 really unusual sick day excuses will put your superior in a tight corner and leave him or her with no option but to grant you permission to be out of work for some time.

Of course, when you use this too often, you’ll be shooting yourself in your leg. They are to be used sparingly and when you really need to use them.

Bulletproof 10 Really Unusual Sick Day Excuses

So, here are 10 really unusual sick day excuses that your boss can’t turn down.

1. I’ve been having dizzy spells, and it’s too risky to drive to work in this state. I’ve called my doctor. I’ll keep you updated.

2. Since 3 am, I’ve been throwing up violently. I’ll be seeing the doctor soon. Meanwhile, I’ve exchanged shifts with _.

3. I have a ruptured appendix. My operation is to begin tomorrow.

4. I got mugged by thieves this morning. I’m staying home today.

5. I have a family emergency that I need to handle at once. I’ll keep you informed.

6. Hi Claire, I’m in the most awful state. I can barely walk out of my room. I hope to get better before tomorrow. You can message me via this number.

7. I doubt I will make it to work today. The doctor just left my room and the results aren’t so good. I’ll email them to you. Meanwhile, keep the team engaged.

8. Dear Madam, for the last few days, I’ve been dealing with _. I’ve been advised to take a 2-day leave. I would appreciate it if you approve my leave request.

9. Dear sir, I’ve been having unbearable body pains since the last meeting. I’ve booked a consultation with the doctor. Once I’ve recovered, I will resume work.

10. Dear Madam, I won’t be present at work today because of _. Some rest will get me back to normal.

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Calling Off Work For Personal Reasons

It’s crucial to keep in mind that there will be occasions when you need to report for sickness. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of 20 good excuses for calling off work for personal reasons

1. The cramps just got worse. I can barely focus. I’ll need to leave work early. I’ll be at the work clinic if you want to see me.

2. I felt sick after eating the cafeteria food. I’m going to the nurse for a checkup. I may not be back today.

3. I had an asthma attack earlier today. I could barely breathe. I’ll need time away from the dust of the construction company. The new interns will take my place for a while.

4. I’m going for tonsil surgery. The pain has become unbearable these past few days and I’m unable to eat anything. I’ve communicated with my bosses about this.

5. I’ve caught chicken pox and the itch is driving me crazy. Worse, this may spread to other colleagues. I’ll need a week off to treat it. For now, I’ll work from home. Thanks for understanding.

6. I’ve been highly stressed since we commenced that project. Now that it’s over, I need a week off to regain my mental and physical strength or I might fall ill and not perform well. _ will be in charge in the meantime.

7. I feel a heart attack coming on and I have to take the day off. _ will pick up my calls if you need to reach me.

8. I have a terrible rash on my face and it’s displeasing to see. I’ll be doing a checkup today. The team has been notified of my absence.

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Creative Reasons To Call Off Work

Calling in sick doesn’t have to be tough, but if you give the wrong explanation, your manager can start to question you and you might even be fired in some places. Below are some creative reasons to call off work:

1. I slipped in the shower and hurt my head. It’s been bandaged already. _ would stand in for me since I won’t be able to make it to work today.

2. I got bitten by bed bugs last night. My skin has taken a turn for the worse. I can’t come to the office in this state for the next three days. My phone is open for communication though.

3. I sprained my wrist. It has been bandaged already but I won’t be able to work with it for a while.

4. One of my eyes has gone bad. I’ll be seeing the doctor today.

5. The client asked for an out-of-work meeting. I won’t be at the office until noon.

6. I got assaulted at the bank. I’m on my way to the station to file a report. Call me if anything comes up.

7. I cut one of my fingers at the mill today. I’ll be at the clinic throughout the day. My supervisor has put someone to stand in for me.

8. I scratched my face badly at the factory. I will be at the doctor’s office for hours. _ is covering for me.

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Best Excuses To Call Out Of Work

1. I’m having a DMV appointment today.

2. My tailbone has been bruised from the cement I carried yesterday.

3. Currently, my landlady is reflooring my apartment, and I have to be at home for this.

4. My aunt just had a plane crash. I need to head to the hospital.

5. The police just raided my home. I won’t be at work today.

6. My toddler is missing. I’m leaving work early today.

7. My sister fainted at school again. I have to meet up with her.

What To Say When Calling Out Of Work

1. I have to go for cancer treatment for the next four weeks. I’ve put _ through my responsibilities. They will be taking over while I’m gone. Thank you.

2. I have a heavy boil on my forehead. It seemed to appear overnight. I can’t cover it with makeup. I’ll have to stay in for three days to deal with this. Reach out to me via phone call.

3. I cut a nail yesterday and I’m on my way to the hospital lest I get a virus. I’ll be coming in later in the day. Thank you for understanding.

4. I’ve got a nail stuck in my foot. I’m being taken to the Operating room. Call me in five hours. Tina will attend to the responsibilities for the day.

5. I almost had a stroke last night. The doctor said I should rest for the day. I assigned _ to take over till I’m better.

6. I’ve been diagnosed with thyroid disease and I’m to come in for an operation in three days. I’ve intimated the team about my personal affairs. Thank you for understanding.

Call In Sick Message Example

1. Hello ma, I feel down in the dumps today and I need to take the day off. However, I will respond to any emails if there are urgent messages. Do anticipate my return tomorrow.

2. Hello sir, I’m down with the flu. My doctor recommended 4 days of rest to heal. I believe I will be in better shape by __. I’ve already laid down instructions for my team to proceed when I’m unavailable.

3. Hello __, I am ill and I’ll be visiting the doctor today. I promise to update you on my return date after communicating with him. But in the meantime, you can reach me via text. Thank you for understanding.

4. Hello __, for three days, I have had a banging migraine. I have taken painkillers but the migraine persisted. I believe it’s something else so I’m going to see a doctor. I won’t be present today, and I’ll keep you informed of what the doctor says. Thank you for understanding.

5. Hi Funko, __ happened so I won’t be making it to work today. Permit me to use one of my sick days on this day. I’ll return tomorrow. I’ve sent an email to the team to inform them so they can put things in place while I’m gone. Thanks for your consideration.

Not Feeling Well Message To Your Boss Examples

1. “Dear Boss, my body has decided to take a spontaneous vacation today. I promise to bring it back to work fully recharged tomorrow!”

2. “Calling in sick today to avoid spreading my contagious enthusiasm for napping. Back in action tomorrow, ready to conquer the workload!”

3. “Taking a sick day to recharge the batteries and return with a fully upgraded immune system. Consider it a preventive maintenance day.”

4. “Today’s agenda: Rest, recover, and avoid infecting the office with my spectacular collection of sniffles. Back to productivity ASAP!”

5. “Regrettably, I’m unable to join the work hustle today due to an unexpected meeting with a cold virus. Will be back in the office as soon as the negotiations are complete!”

6. “Taking a wellness day to remind my immune system what it’s like to be the MVP. Expect me back in the office tomorrow, fighting fit.”

7. “Boss, the flu and I are having a staring contest, and it looks like I’m losing. Taking a sick day to reevaluate my strategy. Back soon!”

8. “Dear Boss, my body has submitted a sick leave request, and I couldn’t argue with the doctor’s note (aka my persistent cough). Be back on duty tomorrow!”

9. “Reporting live from under the weather: Taking a brief hiatus to recalibrate my health settings. Will resume normal work operations tomorrow.”

10. “Apologies for the short notice, but my immune system declared a work stoppage today. Taking a sick day to negotiate better terms. Back tomorrow, contract renewed.”

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