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50 Short And Professional Sample Meeting Invitation Message / Email / WhatsApp

In the fast-paced world of professional engagements, effective communication is the cornerstone of successful collaboration. One powerful tool in your communication arsenal is the meeting invitation message, a concise yet impactful way to gather individuals for a shared purpose. Whether you’re organizing a virtual team meeting, a client presentation, or an internal brainstorming session, the invitation sets the tone for what lies ahead.

In this post, we’ll explore the key elements that make up a well-crafted invitation, providing you with sample messages and insights to elevate your communication game. Let’s transform the mundane into the memorable and turn your meeting invitations into catalysts for productive and meaningful interactions.

Whatever your organization represents, and the purpose of your meeting, any of these sample meeting invitation message and emails will help you to communicate meeting schedules to those concerned.

Sample Meeting Invitation Message

Meeting invitation messages doesn’t have to be so long and ambiguous. Rather, it should be straight-to-the-point, yet detailed enough to communicate the necessary information required. These sample meeting invitation message has been carefully structured for that.

1. We appreciate your interest in buying an adjustable office chair. I’m inviting you to a 10am meeting tomorrow at my office to discuss the benefits and features of the chair options we have. Feel free to ask questions. If you want to discuss this with me in advance, reach out to me via __. I look forward to meeting you.

2. Thank you for indicating interest in our insurance policies. I’m excited to discuss with you the various insurance options available to protect you and your property. Click on this link to join the meeting.

3. I look forward to having the entire team at our annual August gathering to identify high performers and redefine our goals for the remaining months of the year. The meeting invite will be sent to your mail. See you there.

4. Please be present on Tuesday, September 13th, at 4:00 pm in the conference room for the discussion concerning the merger of two of our best departments.

5. We will be having our final meeting of the month in the usual place by 6:00pm. We seek to review the setbacks encountered in the course of this project and set up better structures for future projects. We are expecting you.

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Sample Meeting Invitation Email

Yes, in case you’re sending the information through an email, here are sample meeting invitation email to give you ideas, so you can come up with professional meeting invites.

1. Dear recipient,


Hi there,

Please you’re invited to our group leader’s birthday party. This is an opportunity to get more friendly with the new team members.

I hope you’ll make it.

With love,

Your name.

2. Dear recipient,


Hi there,

Would you like to join me on a vacation to Rwanda? This is the perfect time to ease the stress of the year. If you’re interested, I’ll book the tickets ahead for both of us.

Waiting for your reply,

Your name

3. Dear recipient,


Hi there,

You’re invited to the marriage union between Miss Celeste and Mr. Wilson on the 25th of this month.

Please check the document attached for additional details.

Let me know if you’ll make it.

Your name

4. Dear recipient,


Hi there,

I hope this mail meets you well. My baby shower is coming up in two weeks. Your presence will be a huge support to me.

Let me know if you’ll make it, and I’ll respond with the details of the event.

Love you,

Your name

5. Dear recipient,


Hi there,

I hope you’re in good health. Our baby sister is off to her first day at college on Friday, so we’re hosting a sendoff party for her and you’re invited.

Do let me know if you’ll make it by 9 am on Friday.

Your name

6. Dear recipient,


Hi there,

You are invited to be a part of our annual Get Rich Soon event.

This event is geared at improving financial literacy to meet our target of bringing 300 people into wealth by 2024.

Rsvp with your response before Saturday.


Your name

7. Dear recipient,


Hi there,

How are you today? I took your advice and now I’m hosting my first public speaking event. I’m inviting you to be the first speaker for the day. You know I love your oratory prowess.

Let me know if you’ll come.

Your name

8. Dear recipient,


Hi there,

You are happily invited to our school reunion on the 15th of August. It’ll be fun to connect with old classmates and what we’ve become after all these years.

I expect your positive reply soon.

Your name

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Short Meeting Invitation Message

One thing to bear in mind is that business meeting invitations should not just be sent once and for all.

That is, reminder(s) should be sent where time permits you to do so. This is to help those who might have forgotten about the initial invite due to loads of work on their desk.

1. Here’s an opportunity to attend this planning meeting. We promise you an amazing experience. See you at the Store by noon.

2. There’s an urgent meeting at the Podio Hall by 7:00pm. All questions will be answered and we’ll have a more positive outlook regarding this business. Be there.

3. You chose rightly to attend this meeting. The date, time, and place of the meeting will be sent to you shortly.

4. This is a follow-up meeting regarding the new initiatives proposed at the last meeting. The meeting will take place in the same venue by 5:00pm. See you there.

5. You are invited to the Lounge for a meeting with the leader by 6:00pm. You are expected to assist the leader in clearing the doubts regarding the scandal. See you there.

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Virtual Meeting Invitation Message

Every business should take advantage of the internet. Planning virtual meetings instead of having everybody come around can be a good way to save time and expenses. Such meetings can hold on Zoom, Skype, Google Meeting, etc, depending on which is considered most suitable.

This is particularly important when expected participants are in different locations. So, to call for such meeting virtually, here are samples of virtual meeting invitation message

1. We have exciting information to share with the team. Kindly join the virtual meeting through this link right now, as this experience will be an amazing milestone for us all.

2. There is a need for a discussion with the partners regarding our progress, average revenue, and feedback regarding this organization from our clients. Your presence is needed at the Conference Hall by 2:00pm.

3. An urgent virtual meeting has been set up to address the scandal regarding this company. Your presence, alongside your team members, is urgently requested.

4. Check below for the link to the virtual meeting. There should be at least one representative from your department at this meeting. See you at 5:00pm.

5. I humbly request your presence at this virtual meeting. We need to discuss how to tackle the latest project our company has won. Check the link attached for more details. Come with your brightest ideas.

Meeting Message On Whatsapp

Here are 15 sample meeting messages that you can use on WhatsApp for various scenarios:

1. “Hello team, let’s schedule a quick virtual meeting at 2 PM to discuss the project’s progress. Your input is valuable!”

2. “Hi everyone, I’d like to invite you to a brainstorming session tomorrow at 10 AM. Be ready with your creative ideas!”

3. “Good morning! We have a client presentation coming up. Join me for a prep meeting at 3 PM today.”

4. “Team, don’t forget our weekly status meeting at 4 PM. Please prepare your updates.”

5. “I’ve set up a conference call for our department meeting. Mark your calendars for 2 PM next Monday.”

6. “Quick heads up! We’re having a surprise team huddle in 15 minutes. See you there!”

7. “Dear colleagues, let’s plan a team-building session. Can we meet briefly at 11 AM to discuss ideas?”

8. “Hi all, our project milestone review is scheduled for tomorrow. Let’s sync up at 2:30 PM to go over it.”

9.. “Team, I’d like to touch base on the budget allocation. Let’s meet at 1:30 PM to discuss this further.”

10. “Calling all sales team members! We need to strategize for Q4. Join the meeting at 10 AM on Friday.”

11. “Hey there, can we have a catch-up meeting to discuss upcoming events? How about 4 PM today?”

12. “Urgent! There’s a critical issue to address. Let’s gather for a crisis meeting at 3 PM.”

13. “Team, let’s schedule a training session for the new software. Meeting at 9:30 AM tomorrow.”

14. “Hi, I need your input on the marketing campaign. Meeting at 11 AM to review the strategy.”

15. “Hello, I’d like to discuss the project timeline with everyone. Please join the meeting at 2:30 PM.”

Feel free to customize these messages to suit your specific meeting needs and add any necessary details like meeting links or agenda topics.

Group Meeting Invitation Message

1. As the group leader, I humbly request your presence at our joyful group meeting. The agenda has been sent to the group chat. See you by 5:00pm. You can come with a drink too.

2. We need to review our achievements as a group. Group meetings are only created twice a year, so please attend this one. We’ll have it in the coffee shop on Friday.

3. This group meeting will feature new members. This is an opportunity to welcome her and intimate her about the inner workings of the group. Let’s meet two hours from now. I’ll send the zoom invite to your mails.

4. An urgent meeting has been set up. The topic of discussion will be how to ethically present well-researched presentations to clients. Please be at the Hall immediately after work hours.

5. Your presence is required at the planning meeting at 5pm. There will be a discussion on the nominations put forward by the board, a review of the yearly financial reports, and vote on the proposals. Be punctual.

6. There’s a need to address the payroll concerns. Everyone will be allowed to share their experiences, and suggest new ideas. Your insight in this meeting will be needed. The venue is the President’s office by 8:00am.

7. A new meeting has been scheduled for noon today. We want to vote on the changes made to the employee leave policy. See you soon.

8. You are expected to be in the meeting today. Colleagues from the IT department will be introducing the rest of the staff to the new software we’re transitioning to next week. The meeting starts at 6:00pm.

9. There’s a training meeting taking place by Friday, 10 am tomorrow. We are going to be trained on how to input data into the new software to be launched next month. Questions can also be asked and answered freely. I hope you’ll be there.

10. We request your presence at the meeting for stakeholders. The agenda and other meeting details have been sent to your mail. RSVP with your response before midnight.

Informal Meeting Invitation Message

Not every meeting invitation must be formal. I mean, you wouldn’t want to have an official tone with your friends and loved ones, right?

So, if you need ideas on how to write an informal meeting invitation message, here are some ideas below.

1. You’re invited to dinner on Saturday from 6 pm. It won’t be a fun dinner without you. See you there.

2. The holidays are here for us to relax. We’re having a night out with the guys at Summer Bar by 7 pm. I hope you’ll come.

3. The girls are going to hang out after work, and you’re welcome to join us.

4. The season is upon us again. We’ll be excited to have you as our guest. We’re having a soiree next week Tuesday night at my house. Hope you’ll join us.

5. The gang is going for a hangout this weekend. There’s lots of food and music. I hope you’re coming too.

6. We’re having brunch at Russel’s restaurant by 4. Everyone has been invited. I hope you’ll make it. Make sure you wear a black dress.

7. I’m having a shopaholic party at Tanveer Mall at 4:00pm. It’ll be a blast to connect over new items. I expect to see you there.

8. This is the wine and dines season. You’re invited to the Masons Pie party. It starts at 10am Feel free to come with a friend or two.

Official Meeting Invitation Email Sample

The message for the formal meeting invitation should be very clear and able to hold the reader’s attention. Making significant decisions and developing plans for corporate expansion is the goal of holding an official business meeting.

It’s difficult to write an official meeting invitation message. It requires quite a bit of time. So, below are some excellent ideas for official meeting invitation email sample that you should definitely learn.

1. To our partners,

I’m pleased to invite you to the seminar which will be hosted on the company platform.

We’ll be teaching you how to navigate this platform and also answer your pressing questions.

You will get a follow-up email with the link to the meeting soon.

Kind regards,

(Sender’s name)

2. Dear Fred,

With deep regrets, we are postponing the meeting. This is because of the holidays which will limit the presence of our staff.

Will you be available the next day between 3-4 pm?

I look forward to your response.


(Sender’s name)

3. Hello,

This is to inform you of the rescheduling of the meeting from 5 pm to 6 pm tonight. This will enable us to handle some unexpected technical difficulties that popped up along the way.

Thank you for your understanding.

Our regards,

(Sender’s name)

4. Dear Susan,

We received your email with warmth.

Do let us know if you will be available tomorrow at noon by 4:00 pm to discuss your proposal.

I await your reply.

Our warmest regards,

(Sender’s name)

5. Hello Tyle,

We regret that the meeting invite did not get to you on time.

Here is the link to the second meeting slated for 9:00 am today. (Insert link)

Also, here is a recording of the previous meeting. (Insert link)

I look forward to hearing from you.

(Sender’s name)

Simple Meeting Invitation Email Sample

1. Dear (recipient),

Subject name,

It is a pleasure to work with you on this project.

However, we need to discuss the plans regarding solving the challenges encountered while working on this project.

I’ve attached a proposed meeting date and time.

Let me know if it is comfortable for you.

My humble regards,

(Sender’s name)

2. Dear (recipient),

Subject name,

I am inviting you to the reception party of the new team lead.

His expertise will be greatly appreciated by the company.

The party will take place after work hours tomorrow. Please indicate your response by replying to this email.

See you soon,

(Sender’s name)

3. Dear (recipient),

Subject name,

On behalf of the company, you are invited to the Assessment meeting for the appraisal of our new employees.

Details of the meeting have been enclosed in a follow-up email.

Kindly RSVP before the 10th of this month.

Yours sincerely,

(Sender’s name)

4. Dear (recipient),

Subject name,

You are invited to the launch party of our new department.

It’s a 1-hour event that will take place next week Monday at 10:00 am.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,

(Sender’s name)

5. Dear (recipient),

Subject name,

I am happy to invite you to the retirement party of our Chief Operating Officer.

There will be an after party at the company lounge soon after.

The date and time of the event will be communicated soon.


(Sender’s name)

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