7 most dangerous midnight prayers

7 Most Dangerous Midnight Prayers Points Against Enemies

Embraced by the tranquility of the midnight hour, our souls find a sacred sanctuary for connection, reflection, and communion with the divine. In the stillness of the night, where the world sleeps and dreams unfold, there exists a profound opportunity to engage in short yet powerful prayers that resonate with the depths of our hearts.

Join me on a spiritual journey as we explore a collection of ‘Short Powerful Midnight Prayers,’ crafted to inspire, comfort, and elevate the soul during the mystical hours when the veil between the earthly and the ethereal is at its thinnest.

These prayers are whispers of faith, beacons of hope, and invitations to experience the profound peace that comes with surrendering to the divine in the quietude of midnight. May these heartfelt expressions kindle a flame within, guiding us through the darkness and ushering in the promise of a new dawn.”

So, before praying the 7 most dangerous midnight prayers, make sure you are in good standing with God so your prayers will be extremely harmful to the enemy.

After Midnight Prayer

Spending some time with God at midnight can give you peace of mind as you go to sleep. Here are some after midnight prayer ideas to begin with:

1. Every enemy that has been assigned to disrupt my destiny, perish in the name of Jesus.

2. Strange spirits that have been sent to afflict me, be consumed by the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name

3. Whatever is battling me to no end, I command you to perish in the name of Jesus.

4. I command my enemies to continuously fetch water using baskets in the name of Jesus.

5. Lord, cause every innocent blood that was shed to cry against the wicked till they perish in Jesus’ name.

6. Lord, cause the blood of my enemies to become poison in Jesus’ name.

7. Lord, smash the head of every strongman and hidden agent in Jesus’ name.

8. Let the fire of the holy ghost consume every ambush the enemy has set against me in Jesus’ name.

9. Those who are plotting to dim the light of God in my life, perish in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. Any power attempting to hold me and my family down, become nonexistent in Jesus’ name. I command myself and my family to be loose.

11. Let the enemies of God against my life be struck with blindness like the men of Sodom in Jesus’ name.

12. Cause my enemies, oh Lord, to only experience consistent tragedy of their plots and plans against your righteous on in Jesus’ name

13. Any person that has connived with the power of darkness to write my name in any evil book, let that book and the writer be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

14. Lord, rescue me from the trap of my enemies and cause the trap set for me to catch them instead in Jesus’ name.

15. I command every enemy making a sacrifice to any spirit against me, eat his flesh, and drink his blood in Jesus’ name, amen.

16. Any power that seeks to waste me and my destiny be wasted in my place in Jesus’ name.

17. Any evil person that has sacrificed any animal you steal my glory, be buried instead in Jesus’ name.

18. Cause noise and confusion to dwell in the enemy camp in the name of Jesus.

19. Whatever is the cause of hardship in my life and destiny, be uprooted in the name of Jesus.

20. Every seed of frustration and anxiety, I supplant you with the word of the lord. I command ease into my life in Jesus’ name.

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Difference Between Praying At 12am And 3am

If you were like me, you probably would have wondered what’s the Difference Between Praying At 12am And 3am.

Well, praying between 12 am and 3 am is called the third watch of the night. The spirit world is most active at this time.

Praying at 3am is simply praying at the final watch of the night.

So, if you don’t have the opportunity to pray by 12 am, you may pray from 3 am.

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Implications Of After Midnight Prayer

The Bible is filled with instances of men coming face to face at pivotal moments while praying at midnight.

Paul and Silas waited till midnight and, having discovered the secret of midnight power, their prayers were instantly answered with earthquakes and deliverance.

Midnight prayer is a spiritual thoroughfare where significant spiritual exchanges happen. Prayers said at midnight are more likely to be answered. In fact, it is important to stay awake since the Devil, the enemy of our soul, continues to do wicked things at midnight.

There are many implications of after midnight prayer.

Midnight prayers provide us the chance to keep an eye out while sharpening our spiritual awareness to avoid being caught off guard. They also keep us vigilant in case our enemy engages in a harmful spiritual exchange.

Midnight prayers help dissolve bonds, deliver people, and put an end to suffering. Additionally, they are a time for powerful spiritual emancipation and fortification.

Late-night prayers improve our devotional time with God and spiritual pursuits with fewer interruptions. One gains the upper hand in spiritual combat by praying late at night.

What’s more? Midnight prayers offer the ideal setting for maximizing the period of waiting before God. They aid in crucifying the flesh since one denies themselves the comfort and pleasure of sleep.

With these reasons, you should be planning your next midnight prayer.

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What Happens At Midnight In The Spiritual Realm

Have you ever wondered what happens at midnight in the spiritual realm? What’s so special about midnight anyway?

The midnight is marks a transition from one day to the next. It is a time when God Almighty, or the devil, might bring about a transition in your life.

Great special activities, both good and evil, take place at midnight. At midnight, men’s and women’s destinies are altered. Someone might interrupt your life at midnight if you are not determining your destiny.

On a natural level, great victories have been achieved when nations were taken by surprise as their soldiers slept at midnight.

Satan commences his assaults at midnight, feeds people in their dreams at midnight, rapes individuals in their dreams while they sleep at midnight, and so on.

At Midnight, great calamities are carried out. To punish Egypt, God Almighty waited until midnight.

People are most susceptible to spiritual attacks at midnight. It is the time of day when adversaries lay siege and leave individuals without defense. Additionally, this is the time to debut a deadly, surprise attack on your adversaries.

And last but not least, you can unlock closed doors while praying at midnight if you are a Christian.

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The Secret Of Midnight Prayer

The midnight prayer is one of the most potent spiritual tools that God has provided, but it is utterly disregarded by Christians.

The prayer said around midnight is known as the midnight prayer (or vigil). The prayers offered at this particular hour have always produced extraordinary and unheard-of results, according to the Bible and history. You must lead a life of vigilance if you consider yourself to be a Christian.

Without mastering the practice of praying in the middle of the night, there are some spiritual levels you can never reach. Without protracted midnight prayers, you cannot receive certain degrees of revelation.

Additionally, there are diabolical beings, thrones, and chains that can only be destroyed by engaging in protracted nocturnal combat.

Christians (the church) must be aware of this powerful spiritual weapon that God has provided for us. Any Christian who masters the practice of praying at midnight will ultimately have power over what happens during the day, in my opinion (and from personal experience as well).

What’s the secret of midnight prayer? Midnight, or the hours between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., is thought to be the time of day when spiritual activity is at its peak.

You have to note that during this period, especially while you’re sleeping, dreams, revelations, attacks, and visits from the spirit realm (both by angelic and demonic spirits) are frequent.

And the explanation is straightforward: Humans are easily overpowered while they are asleep. The body is always feeble at this period, as is only natural. And as a result, it is open to any spiritual scheming. So, a person’s human spirit needs to be led and guided by a higher Spirit, in this case, the Holy Spirit in the case of a Christian, for them to be powerful in the spirit realm

Both the Kingdoms of God and Satan always engage in strong spiritual activity around midnight.

You must develop the habit of rising at midnight to combat the forces of darkness if you want to regulate the activities around you and remove Satanic ordinances from your life.

Take the behaviors of witches and wizards, for instance. These are evil emissaries driven by a witchcraft spirit. One of the evilest spirits in the kingdom of darkness is said to be this one. It takes great pleasure in hurting and occasionally destroying people.

Mercy is not a term in the witches’ dictionary. That is why someone, even a relative, who is possessed by this evil spirit might go ahead and kill the person who is the closest to them. And these particular dark forces mainly work at nighttime.

They typically attack their victim while they are asleep as part of their strategy. And when the victim finally awakens, they will discover that everything has gone wrong. They may target enterprises, ministries, unions and partnerships, personal health, etc. The victims’ fates are occasionally taken to their Covens (where they gather) and tied. Or the victim is brutally murdered.

Even God commanded Israel to kill all witches because He was aware of how awful these evil minions of Satan are.

The concern here is that you must be awake at the time when these agents of darkness are active for you to combat and destroy them. These agents of darkness primarily function at midnight. They will be unable to harm you with their evil arrows, enchantments, curses, and incantations if you don’t awaken.

Not only that, but you can also wreck significant, ongoing havoc on them. Only intense and persistent midnight prayers can make all of these things feasible.

Asides witches, there are satanic sacrifices and evil ceremonies frequently performed in the wee hours of the night. We will be startled if God opens our eyes to what occurs in our society or even just around us at midnight.

So many people who appear honorable, upright, and good during the day engage in demonic and evil acts at night. This does not prevent individuals from attending church or giving to charities and religious organizations. Some of them are mobile “satanic altars.”

How can the church or a Christian fight against all of these? It can only be done by praying for a very long time, vigorously, especially at night.

Now, the Bible does not intentionally keep us in the dark about what happens at night.

Job 36:20 says, “Do not desire nighttime because that is when people will be destroyed” (cut off in their place).

Even the Psalmist names them as “the terrors of the night” (Psalms 91:5). Jesus continued by stating that the enemy will arrive at night to spread tares (Matthew 13:25).

You might find it hard to believe, yet most of the issues we face today were initially injected into our lives by demonic forces while we slept.

Do you realize that virtually every aspect of this existence is predetermined in the spiritual world before manifesting physically? This explains why certain people constantly see things—including blessings—in dreams or visions before they experience them.

The same holds with demonic arrows. Before things become physically manifest, they initially take place in the spirit world.

Nothing just happens without spiritual backing. Always, there is a spiritual cause before there is a physical outcome.

Thus, we need to get up and start managing our midnights. The battleground is located here. And the success we have here will determine how great, strong, wealthy, and healthy we are in the daylight.

7 Most Dangerous Midnight Prayers

Here is a list of the 7 days midnight prayer points that we believe to be the most threatening. Other strong battle prayers that ensure breakthroughs and success in all facets of life are also offered.

1. Any weapon, of spiritual or physical nature, that has been created to hurt me shall fail properly in Jesus’ name.

2. Every association of darkness against me and my family, perish in the name of Jesus.

3. I command the destruction of every yoke of bondage and delay in my life in Jesus’ name.

4. Every backwardness, stagnation, and setback of any form in my life, be reversed in the name of Jesus.

5. Every act of witchcraft against me and my family is destroyed by the holy ghost in Jesus’ name.

6. I destroy every spirit of calamity and oppression that has befallen my family. I command you to cease to exist in Jesus’ name.

7. Whatever is in my body that does not honor God, I rebuke you and your neighbors out of the temple of God in Jesus’ name.

Psalms For Midnight Prayer

You see, one surefire method to triumph in the wars for your life is to pray the psalms.

This is because the Psalm is God’s word.

The book of Psalm, like the rest of the Bible, contains God’s word in every paragraph and verse.

The best strategy to ensure that God grants your requests is to pray directly to Him using His word. God is obligated to fulfill His word, which is why this is the case.

Therefore, He will undoubtedly honor His word when you say His Words back to Him in prayer (in this example, the psalms). And as a result, you will receive powerful testimony in response to your prayers.

I’ve listed some psalms for midnight prayer. Start using them tonight.

1. Psalm 31:2

2. Psalm 22:20-21

3. Psalm 31:17

4. Psalm 119:116-117

5. Psalm 89:22-23

6. Psalm 28:4

7. Psalm 7:9

8. Psalm 35:23

9. Psalm 109:26-27

10. Psalm 59:2

11. Psalm 18:27

12. Psalm 9:19-20

13. Psalm 102:13

14. Psalm 74:22

15. Psalm 7:6

16. Psalm 10:15

17. Psalm 31:15

18. Psalm 32:7

19. Psalm 25:2-3

20. Psalm 11:1-2

Short Powerful Midnight Prayers

Powers exist that are trained to attack people when they are asleep. These forces have persisted in destroying, ending, and discouraging a great number of people from offering midnight prayers.

Some forces, especially those that operate at night, enjoy it when you don’t pray. Your spiritual energy is being drained by such powers daily.

When you sleep while praying, you cannot prevail in a spiritual battle. Without a passion for prayer, victory is impossible to achieve. Keep in mind that many breakthroughs occur as a result of nighttime prayers.

These short powerful midnight prayers listed below are a potent rallying cry for individuals who desire to overcome their persistent issues.

1. I declare that I am protected and fortified against the purposes and plans of the devil. Such plans shall not see the light of day in Jesus’ name.

2. Any human being that has been given responsibility against me, be slain by the sword of Christ in Jesus’ name.

3. Let every poverty and generational curse be broken in the name of Jesus.

4. Every arrow of slowness that has been sent against me, be destroyed out of my life in the name of Jesus.

5. Let there be a termination of every ancestral influence over my life and destiny in the name of Jesus.

6. Every chain of limitation in my life, I command you to be broken in Jesus’ name.

7. Let there be a recovery and enjoyment of all the opportunities that have been lost in previous years in Jesus’ name.

8. Whatever that wants to cause me to delay in the place of destiny be broken in the name of Jesus.

9. Any human agent that does not want me to rise in this lifetime, perish in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. Whatever is making my helper not to find me, be destroyed in Jesus’ name, amen.

11. Let the arrows of youthful destruction be sent back to its sender in Jesus’ name.

12. Every parental battle that has become my battle, I command you to perish in the name of Jesus.

13. Lift your heads oh gates of affliction and be broken in the mighty name of Jesus.

14. Every evil foundation of idolatry that is present in me, be destroyed out of my life in Jesus’ name.

15. I nullify by the power of the holy ghost. Every demonic anointing in my life and my family in Jesus’ name.

16. I command the destruction of every evil altar that has been set up against me and my family in Jesus’ name.

17. Let the counsel of Ahitophel against me and my family be despised for his destruction in Jesus’ name.

18. I declare that I shall not die but live and declare the glory of God in the land of the living.

19. Whatever had made me lose my place of glory, I rip out of my destiny in Jesus’ name.

20. Let every arrow of sickness, joblessness, and lack of clarity in my life and destiny be destroyed out of my life in the name of Jesus.

7 Days Midnight Prayer Points

If you want to start praying every midnight, and you need some terrible midnight prayers to war against your spiritual enemies, here are 7 most dangerous midnight prayers for you.

Take a prayer and war with it each night for the next 7 days.

1. Lord, thank you for opening my eyes to the weapons and devices of the enemy. As we employ the weapons of the kingdom, let this environment become hotter than hell for every enemy within and without in Jesus ‘ name.

2. Let there be an exposure and shameful disgrace of every witchcraft and unfriendly friend in the name of Jesus.

3. Every force that has gathered or cooperated against me, be scattered in the name of Jesus.

4. Let the light of Christ expose any evil plan and structure created around me in the name of Jesus. Let such plots fall to the ground in Jesus’ name.

5. Any evil seed that has been sown on my ground, be uprooted and destroyed in the name of Jesus.

6. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I destroy every power that has been stolen from me and my destiny in the name of Jesus.

7. Let every veil of darkness that has been used to cover me and my family catch fire in the name of Jesus.

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