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60 Short Teachers’ Comments On Students’ Progress Report | Positive And Negative Report Card Remark

A teacher is usually saddled with the responsibility of driving the ignorance of students away by employing the right methods of teaching. As time goes on, the progress of the student in attaining knowledge about a particular subject or concept will be tested by the teacher in form of tests, quizzes and so on.

Beyond doing this, however, the school board and the parents of these children might also want to know just how much the students are progressing and while a teacher might decide to communicate it verbally to the two parties, a written report is much better and more efficient.

In this write-up, we have arranged a list of teachers’ comments on students’ progress that you can use when the need arises.

These samples of teachers’ comments on students’ progress can be used both as positive or negative remarks for students, or as an encouraging comments for those who needs improvements in one area or the other.

Short Remarks For Students’ Performance

It is a vital part of teachers’ duty to remark on their students’ performance at the end of the term, quarter, and/or year. Teachers comment on students’ progress helps the students, parents, and even the teachers themselves keep track of a student’s progress in school work.

This task may be overwhelming for teachers as it has to be penned down specifically for each student. This write-up will help assist the teacher in this task.

Below are remarks for students’ performance that can be a part of your student’s report card this year. It’s a compilation of both encouraging remarks for good students, and motivational remarks for weak students.

And yes, some are positive comments for students performance and remarks for average students. No matter which group the student may belong, here are short remarks for students to inspire them.

1. Sam pays full attention in class and this is reflected in his results. He did very well in all subjects, including science and math. I hope he keeps it up.

2. Sharon is very imaginative and creative. She did wonderfully well in her creative and fine arts. However, she finds calculations quite difficult and therefore had low grades in math.

3. Tom is an excellent student. He participates actively in all class activities, does his classwork and homework, and submits as at when due. He is also a peaceful and easy-going student.

4. Ella is a polite student. She has a good relationship with her classmates and other subject teachers. She did well in writing subjects but has a long way to go in her calculations. We hope she does better next year.

5. John did well on average this year. He improved on his reading and pronunciations. He also performed better in math and science.

6. Your child did very well in his school work. However, he is a very shy and reserved type and this has affected his group projects and discussions.

7. _____ is a very special student. She is a natural leader. She did very well in her position as the class captain. Her academics are in very good shape too. She is also of good character.

8. Stephanie is generally well-behaved in character. However, in her academics, she was barely above the average score in most of her subjects. She needs to put in more time and effort, as she has the potential to do much better.

9. Daphne has so much trouble sitting still and listening in class. She is always distracted by one thing or the other. Her classwork is rarely completed in time and she often brings her homework back undone. Hopefully, these would be improved on, in the next session.

10. Your child seems to be a brilliant student. However, he doesn’t give his full attention to class activities and he usually looks tired even in the mornings. Also, he doesn’t like to participate in group discussions and projects.

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Encouraging Teachers’ Comments On Students’ Progress Report

1. So far, [student name] has made reasonable improvement in [subject name]. he can apply the same method to other subjects as well.

2. Her performance in [subject name] is now improving. She should keep this going till the end of the term.

3. She is now able to present her thoughts with confidence and clarity.

4. Her performance in the just-concluded test shows a tremendous improvement in her homework and assignments.

5. [Student’s name] has improved quite well in his grammar and vocabulary.

6. He is making good progress in spelling many difficult words.

7. He is mastering mathematical concepts quite easily.

8. He can execute science projects without much difficulty.

9. [Student name] has made tremendous improvement in [subject name]. I am so proud of her.

10. He is still having difficulty in [subject name] I recommend he spends time mastering the basic concepts before the commencement of the next session.

11. His behavior is quite toxic with his classmates. He needs to work on managing his temper.

12. [Student name] has a lot of ideas but needs to work on expressing himself clearly before the whole class.

13. He hasn’t been able to understand the basic concepts in [subject name] required for this grade.

14. Her test scores are fluctuating. I think she needs to work on having steady study time.

15. She doesn’t prepare well for tests. She needs to take it more seriously as it is affecting her overall performance.

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Positive Comments For Students’ Performance

The session has come to an end and it is time to comment on the performance of your students. You want to make each comment on each student positive and yet truthful, original and unique but it seems like a difficult task.

You’re thinking about a student right now that is obnoxious and yet you don’t want to be negative about him in your comment on his behavior or a student that seems to be struggling in a particular subject and yet you want to give a positive comment on his performance and still be factual.

You don’t have to worry a bit. From well-deserving students to least-deserving students, we’ve got you covered in this write-up in writing positive comments for students’ performance while remaining factual still.

Feel free to use these positive comments for students’ performance in this write-up as they are or better still, modify them to suit your taste.

1. [student name] is a very brilliant and clever student.

2. He is well-behaved and respectful both to teachers and students alike.

3. She is a very intelligent girl.

4. [Student name] is self-motivated. He doesn’t need to be told what to do before getting it done.

5. He is capable of grasping new concepts and ideas with relative ease.

6. He pays attention to details and thus, avoids needless mistakes.

7. He can learn things at a very fast rate.

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Good Remarks To Students

1. Your consistent effort and dedication to your studies are truly commendable. Keep up the excellent work!

2. Your positive attitude and engagement in class create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for learning. It’s a pleasure to have you in the classroom.

3. I’ve observed significant improvement in your performance, demonstrating a strong commitment to personal and academic growth. Keep striving for excellence!

4. Your ability to articulate your thoughts clearly and participate actively in discussions enhances the overall learning experience for the class. Well done!

5. Your collaborative spirit and willingness to work with others make you a valuable team player. Your contributions to group activities have not gone unnoticed, and they greatly contribute to the success of the team.

Remarks For Report Card For Weak Students

The task of writing remarks for a report card of students is usually not an easy one as a teacher might have to write for many students while tailoring it to meet each student’s peculiarity. However, the task becomes more stressful mentally when they have to write remarks for report cards for weak students.

Some of them might have improved over a term while others might still be having difficulty in one or more subjects. Therefore, while writing your remarks for report cards for weak students, even though they might still be struggling to catch up, your remarks should be polite, and positive and should encourage them to want to do more.

There would always be something positive to comment about and while you would not want your remarks to be incomplete, you can simply state the areas where they are still finding it difficult as room for improvement.

In this write-up, we have listed examples of remarks for report cards for weak students that demonstrate how you can go about writing your remarks.

1. [Name of student] has improved dramatically in most of his subjects. However, he needs more assistance with his [mention the subject].

2. [Name of student] has a lot of potential within but he only needs to be more serious and less playful. If he is more disciplined, I believe his grades will improve.

3. His performance has improved quite well. But he still has a lot of catching up to do.

4. I am impressed with his performance. It shows he is taking his studies seriously.

5. His quantitative skills have improved reasonably well but he needs t pay more attention to his verbal reasoning skills.

6. He has made considerable progress in [subject name] compared to the last session. Keep it up!

7. He seems more interested in sports than in studying. I think he needs to learn to set his priorities right.

8. He needs to improve his problem-solving skills and intuitive abilities.

9. I’m happy about the progress he has made thus far but he should put in more effort than he did this term next term.

10. His performance has improved but he still needs to put in more effort.

Comments On Areas Of Improvement For Students

1. He needs more encouragement in [subject name]. He is still struggling with the basic concepts.

2. He needs to be more studious at home. He could have performed better on his last test if only he had studied more.

3. He has become quite attentive and asks questions in class. It shows he is listening. I see light at the end of the tunnel.

4. [Student name] has to devote more time to independent study. It will help rectify his low test scores.

5. [Student name] needs to be more focused in class as she gets easily distracted by insignificant things.

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