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110 Samples Of Supervisor Comments And Recommendations In Performance reviews, Comments, and Areas of Improvement

One of the challenges of leadership is assessing the performance of your subordinates and giving them constructive feedback that translates into more efficiency.

Yes, sometimes, giving supervisor comments and recommendations can put you in a difficult position. Simply because, nobody loves to be criticized, we all love to be appreciated more than we are criticized.

With this in mind, a performance review should be based on constructive feedback, which should enhance the recipients’ productivity and efficiency. The essence of a performance review is to improve the employee’s general performance and not the opposite. Therefore, it is important that the right words are used, so as not to defeat the purpose of the exercise.

I know you have your subordinate’s best interest at heart ( that’s the reason why you are reading this right now) and though you may lack words to convey the intentions of your heart, you would love to leave a supervisor’s comments and recommendations that would keep them on an upward trajectory in their careers.

Hence, I have compiled samples and format to use when writing supervisor’s comments and recommendations that you can easily refer to during your next performance review.

More so, before giving a supervisor’s comments and recommendations, here are a few points to note;

● A supervisor’s comments and recommendations should be short, precise, and straight to the point.

● It should be balanced. Both strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement of the recipient should be highlighted.

● A high level of professionalism should be displayed, there shouldn’t be room for favoritism, dishonesty, or any form of compromise.

● Your usage of words should be void of insults and vulgar words, as this can destroy the recipient’s self-esteem.

● You should always give room for the recipients to react to your feedback and suggestions, this will further improve communication with your employees.

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Format / Samples of Supervisor Comments And Recommendations:

1. Comment: Sarah consistently meets and exceeds performance expectations. Her attention to detail and dedication to accuracy have positively impacted the team’s overall productivity. Recommendation: I recommend Sarah for additional leadership responsibilities, as she has demonstrated the ability to effectively manage tasks and motivate team members.

2. Comment: John is an excellent communicator and collaborator. His strong interpersonal skills have fostered a positive work environment, leading to improved teamwork and project outcomes. Recommendation: Encourage John to participate in leadership development programs to further enhance his managerial skills and prepare him for future leadership roles.

3. Comment: Emma consistently demonstrates a proactive approach to problem-solving. Her ability to identify and address challenges before they escalate has been instrumental in the success of several projects.

Recommendation: Consider Emma for a mentorship role where she can share her problem-solving skills and knowledge with newer team members.

4. Comment: Mark has shown significant improvement in meeting deadlines and managing his workload. With continued coaching, he has the potential to become even more efficient in handling complex tasks.

Recommendation: Provide Mark with additional training opportunities and regular check-ins to support his continued growth and development.

5. Comment: Melissa has a natural leadership style that resonates well with her team. Her ability to inspire and guide others has contributed to a positive team culture and high morale. Recommendation: Explore opportunities to involve Melissa in leadership training programs to further refine her leadership skills and prepare her for more senior roles.

6. Comment: Michael consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to learning and self-improvement. His proactive approach to skill development has had a noticeable impact on the team’s overall capabilities.

Recommendation: Encourage Michael to pursue additional professional development opportunities to broaden his skill set and contribute even more effectively to the team.

7. Comment: Danielle is a reliable team player who consistently meets targets. Her commitment to quality work and ability to adapt to changing priorities make her a valuable asset to the team. Recommendation: Consider Danielle for cross-functional training to expand her knowledge base and prepare her for a more diverse set of responsibilities.

8. Comment: Robert has shown great initiative in taking on challenging projects. His ability to think strategically and execute plans has resulted in several successful initiatives for the team. Recommendation: Recognize Robert’s contributions and consider him for a leadership role on strategic projects where his skills can be maximized.

9. Comment: Emily is adept at fostering a collaborative work environment. Her ability to bring diverse perspectives together has led to innovative solutions and improved team cohesion. Recommendation: Encourage Emily to facilitate team-building activities and consider her for a role in leading cross-functional teams.

10. Comment: Alex has consistently met performance targets and demonstrated a strong work ethic. With a focus on developing specific technical skills, Alex has the potential to take on more complex projects.

Recommendation: Provide Alex with opportunities for advanced training and mentorship to help him acquire the technical expertise needed for more challenging assignments.

Short Supervisor’s Comments And Recommendations For Your Team Members

The productivity of your team members will greatly depend on your constructive feedback on the work done.

Furthermore, a great team thrives on a healthy relationship, not just among team members, but also with the team leader.

In light of this, a poorly written comment or recommendation can strain your relationship with your team members and affect their productivity.

So, while commending or recommending your employee or team members, you should strike a balance between negative comments and positive constructive feedback.

This will enhance your relationship with your team members, and also increase their morale and positive attitude to work.

To help you achieve all these and more, here are some short supervisor comments and recommendations, you can also add your creativity to it.


1. Your prompt delivery of completed projects and a positive disposition to work make you a valuable asset to this organization. Keep up the good work!.

2. Ever since the last review, you’ve shown great improvement in your relationship with other team members, will love to see more of this.

3. You have shown great commitment to the growth of this team through your sacrifices and by going the extra mile to accomplish every given task. I’ll gladly recommend you for a promotion.

4. He is a calm and diligent employee, whose excellent work speaks for itself.

5. There is no doubt that you’re indeed a fast learner, your public speaking skill has improved since the last virtual training. This is commendable.

6. Your professionalism in dealing with customers’ complaints is top-notch, it would be great to have you as the head of the customer support team.

7. It is pleasing to know that you do not hoard information and ideas that are helpful to your team members. Keep up the good work.

8. He is an enthusiastic employee, who doesn’t easily back down in the face of challenges, but will always give in his best to see to the success of every project assigned to him.

9. Initially, I underestimated your abilities, but you’ve proven beyond doubt to be a force to reckon with in this team.

10. You’ve been supportive to your team members and have also become a source of inspiration, I can’t help but recommend you for a promotion.

Negative (Areas of Improvement)

11. Your last project was filled with lots of errors, please be more attentive to the details of every project assigned to you.

12. You are always quick to lash out at your colleagues. Going forward, I hope you become more patient with your colleagues.

13. Have noticed you spend more time on the phone during work hours, this has affected your productivity.

14. It is saddening to know that the monthly financial report you presented, does not tally with financial transactions for the month. Please be more thorough.

15. A customer’s complaints showed that you have an indifferent disposition to the plights of customers. I would advise you to undergo more training on customer relationship management.

16. You make decisions independently without seeking the opinion of your team members. You will achieve more when you carry everyone along.

17. I must commend your punctuality in the last conference meeting, but your presentation showed a lack of preparedness. Be more prepared next time.

18. Your workspace is always disorganized, please do well to be more organized.

19. Poor attitude to work, pride, and arrogance are some of the flaws I have noticed recently about you. I believe no one is perfect, but you can do better.

20. Your dress sense is unprofessional, I would advise you to be more modest in your dressing.

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How To Comment On Your Performance Reviews With Samples

How To Comment On Your Performance Reviews With Samples

No one seems to know it all. I mean, over the years, I have typed several ” how-to” questions on the google search bar.

I know also, that you have several questions you would love to find answers to and that includes how to comment on your performance reviews.

Commenting on your performance reviews or that of your workers should cover several areas like communication skills, leadership skills, listening skills, punctuality, etc.

It is also worth noting that while pointing out areas of improvement, you should also commend areas of strength. This will help achieve the purpose of the performance review, which is to improve the employee’s general performance.

That said, I hope this list of how to comment on your performance reviews with samples satisfies your curiosity.

Leadership Skills.

The growth and success of every organization or team thrive on the outstanding leadership abilities of staff or team members. While addressing the leadership skills of the employee, you may consider the following phrases;


1. He commands the respect of his colleagues by always seeking out the best ways to serve them better.

2. Inspires and motivates team members to achieve set goals, even while under pressure.

3. Has always kept abreast of the goals and visions of the company and has never derailed from any.

4. She is always on the lookout for diplomatic ways to settle conflict within the organization.

5. Has independently accomplished a given task with little or no supervision.

Negative (Areas of Improvement)

6. Avoids responsibilities like a plague.

7. Dislikes instructions and corrections.

8. He has a penchant for indiscipline and uncouthness.

Communication skill.

Communication is essential in every organization. It helps to improve relationships so that organizational goals are attained easily and effectively.

However, while some employees may possess great communication skills, others may have poor communication skills.

In the light of the above, Below are some phrases you can use to address this;


9. Respects the views and opinions of others, and also effectively airs his views and opinions.

10. He is a great team player, who doesn’t make decisions independently without carrying other employees along.

11. She Influences the decisions of other employees, without necessarily imposing it on them or stirring the wrong emotions.

Negative (Areas of Improvement)

12. He utters the most unkind words to clients.

13. She is always at loggerheads with other team members.

14. We’ve lost lots of clients to our competitors because of your lack of understanding of customers’ pains and struggles. I would suggest you get more training on client acquisition and retention.


One of the work ethics every employee should exhibit is punctuality. The Punctuality of employees to work goes a long way to show their level of commitment to their job and the growth of the organization.

To address this, here are a few more examples to consider;


15. He is always punctual to board meetings and has never missed any.

16. Honors appointments with clients.

17. Completes every task assigned to him and beats every deadline.

Negative (Areas of Improvement)

18. It is disappointing to say that your lateness to work is reflecting on your subordinates.

19. You are always the last person to submit your report each month. Please consider learning effective time management from your colleagues.

20. Your lateness in delivering customer’s orders will ruin the company’s reputation, would advise you to sit up.

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Short Performance Evaluation Comments For (Log Book)

Short Performance Evaluation Comments

Evaluation of one’s performance is not limited only to classroom settings. It is also common in the corporate world, and the goal of every evaluation regardless of the setting is for growth and improvement.

Whether it be an employee who is being given supervisor comments and recommendations or a manager’s performance that is being evaluated, every performance evaluation exercise makes the recipients nervous and eager to receive feedback.

More so, giving your recipients the much-awaited feedback shouldn’t be an arduous task, as I have put together some examples of performance evaluation comments to make it easier.


1. It’s a great relief that the company is in capable hands as yours. Congratulations on being the best.

2. Customers are happy to use our services time and time again, because of your unique customer service delivery. Keep it up.

3. You are a self-motivated and career-driven employee who has embraced growth in all areas. kudos!

4. I am so proud of your achievements in this organization. I love the fact that you are not satisfied with every milestone, you are always seeking ways to become better each day.

5. You have redefined leadership with your unflagging dedication to work.

6. Our decisions can make or mar us, regardless you’ve always made bold decisions that saved this company from great loss.

7. You instill so much confidence in your team members, that they can’t help but give their best to every task.

8. Always seeking out innovative ways to improve customers’ experience.

9. She gives her best to every task and always exceeds the manager’s expectations.

10. He has a grip on his emotions and shows great maturity when pressured.

Negative (Areas of Improvement)

1. You have shown that you are unreliable with the way you handle the affairs of the company.

2. Client’s are always dissatisfied with your service, can you please learn to listen more to our clients?.

3. Just discovered recently that you won’t get any work done until you are motivated to do so.

4. You have become complacent with your current position, and have become indifferent to growth and personal development.

5. Your poor leadership skills have greatly affected the growth of this organization, I would suggest you attend the next leadership training.

6. The poor decisions you made as the team leader has influenced your team’s general performance for the month.

7. Your impatient attitude towards your team members makes them nervous and unproductive.

8. Customers are tired of sending emails without getting any reply from you, I would suggest you seek other ways to communicate with them.

9. She has a knack for mediocrity, always repeating the same mistakes and also not eager to learn.

10. He is easily provoked and this harms his relationship with Co-workers.

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Performance Appraisal Comments On The Quality Of Work

Performance Appraisal Comments On The Quality Of Work

In every organization, there is always an established standard that defines an employee’s quality of work.

However, while some employees may not meet the required standard, others may meet and exceed the set standard.

It is, therefore, necessary to remind employees of the expected standard through performance appraisal comments on the quality of work, to ensure the quality of work is always maintained.

For this purpose, these lists of performance appraisal comments on the quality of work have been put together to help you leave remarkable comments.


1. His quality of work has always exceeded the set standards and expectations.

2. Discharges his duties with dexterity and diligence.

3. Her work consistently stands out and has become a benchmark for her colleagues.

4. Excels in efficient customer service delivery, such that customers are always satisfied with his service.

5. Has never relied on obsolete methods in executing his duties, but is always on the lookout for innovative and creative ways to deliver results.

6. Employs a high level of professionalism in dealing with most difficult clients, and is highly commended for this by our clients.

Negative (Areas of Improvement)

7. Fond of completing an assigned task at the dying minute, such that his work is full of errors.

8. Cannot work independently, but depends on external supervision and support.

9. His quality of work is always substandard and affects the company’s output.

10. Her quality of work is a drawback for her team members, her team underperforms because of this.

11. Service delivery is accompanied by customers’ complaints and dissatisfaction.

12. Utilizes outdated methods of customer service delivery that are always not in tune with customers’ demands.

Manager’s Performance Review Examples

A managerial position is very challenging and demanding. One who is employed as a manager of an organization or a team may be carried away by the administration and management of the organization or team and neglect his/her personal growth and development.

There is therefore the need for managers’ performance review to keep the manager on his/her toes, to ensure the effective management of the team or organization.

However, if you are yet to figure out the right words to use for this purpose, here are some manager’s performance review examples that you can modify to your preference.


1. You do not just teach your subordinates the core values of this organization, you exemplify these values in your actions.

2. He is sensitive to the plight of his team members and will never hesitate to lend a helping hand to each team member.

3. Your financial management skill is excellent, you have tripled the company’s revenue by y%.

4. Your confidence and positivity are contagious, it is evident in your teammates.

5. Has consistently proven to be a resourceful problem solver, she is indeed a great asset to this organization.

6. Always brings his A-game to every task assigned to him.

7. He doesn’t just criticize his subordinates’ performance, he also gives them helpful suggestions and ideas that make them more efficient.

8. Has never ceased to be accountable for every resource given to him, you are so reliable!.

Negative (Areas of Improvement)

9. Lacks in-depth knowledge of the core values of the organization, and therefore misleads his subordinates with the wrong information.

10. Has an overbearing attitude towards his team members, and barely listens to their inputs and suggestions.

11. Your financial management skill is so poor, please consider enrolling for the end of the year financial management training.

12. Always afraid to take up new challenges.

13. Oblivious of the activities and happenings in the organization, and therefore makes uninformed decisions that affect the company’s output.

14. Has a lackadaisical attitude towards his duties as the manager.

15. She doesn’t give constructive feedback on her subordinates’ performance.

16. Mismanages the company’s resources, 50% of these resources are spent on frivolities.

Annual Performance Review Sample Comments

Just like there are annual financial reports, annual retreats, and training, an annual performance review is another exercise that should be done to ensure the growth of the organization.

An annual performance review regardless of who does it should be centered on employees’ general performance.

As a manager or supervisor who is keen on giving a comprehensive performance review, this can be challenging when you lack words to capture what you want to convey to your employees.

Therefore, I hope these annual performance review sample comments inspire you.


1. He has an insatiable desire for success and excellence.

2. She comes highly recommended by her teammates for her effective leadership skills.

3. An outstanding team player, who inculcates the same team spirit in every team he heads.

4. Honesty and integrity have always been her watchword, the management has never doubted her financial reports.

5. She goes out of her way to see that every client leaves the organization highly satisfied.

6. Has always bridged the gap between the management and the employees with her incredible communication skills.

7. Glad to announce to you that you just earned my respect with your uncommon innovative skill.

Negative (Areas of Improvement)

8. You are not discreet with clients’ sensitive information, and this has resulted in our clients complaining about a breach of trust.

9. He is always absent from important team meetings and briefings.

10. She spends her time on unproductive activities and therefore it takes her longer to accomplish a task.

11. You are easily distracted from work, this has affected your productivity.

12. I find it appalling that you always leave the bulk of work for your colleagues while making lame excuses for this.

13. Your inability to tolerate the weakness of your team members is a big setback for your team.

Areas Of Improvement Performance Review Examples

Miss Pauline has been in the employ of ABC company for three years.

She’s great at public speaking, and always gets a standing ovation after making a presentation in the company

However, she’s very impatient with clients and this has affected her relationship with clients.

On the other hand, Miss Joy, her colleague, trembles at public speaking but relates so well with clients.

In every organization, both employers and employees have their strengths and weaknesses, their areas of strength need to be enhanced, while their areas of weakness should be worked on.

For this reason, areas of improvement performance review have to be done periodically, to give both employers and employees clarity and direction as regards their growth and improvement in the organization.

Some examples of these areas of improvement include; time management skills, listening skills, creativity and innovation, communication skill, customer service relationship, etc.

To give you a springboard for this exercise, here are some areas of improvement performance review examples.

1. I know you are a great conversation starter, you love to talk so much about yourself, but it would be of great importance to the organization if you learn to listen more to customers.

2. You should be more courteous when relating with your teammates, that would make you a better leader.

3. I admire the fact that you are a perfectionist. However, you should be more prompt in delivering the project assigned to you.

4. No man is an island of knowledge, could you please learn to research more on new ideas when executing the next project.

5. You are always withdrawn from your team members, don’t you think coming out of your shell will help your team achieve more in less time?

6. Customers are the lifeline of this business, I would appreciate it if you show more genuine interest in our customers, this will help you solve their problems faster.

7. You are great at what you do, no doubt. However, you should also excel at being punctual to work.

8. There is always lots of workload on your table because of your inability to set goals for the day. I would suggest you make a to-do list for each day, this will greatly improve your productivity.

9. You utilize your time effectively as the team leader. Nevertheless, You should also ensure this attribute of yours is reflected in your team members.

10. Can you please strike a balance between your personal life and your work-life? customers are complaining you always let out your frustrations on them.


A supervisor’s comments and recommendations won’t be effective without you as the manager, supervisor, head, or boss epitomizing the change or attribute you admire or want to see in your subordinates.

After all, leaders lead by instructing their followers on what to do, but great leaders lead by example.

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