What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Loved One Over Text

[2023] What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Loved One Over Text

You probably got the news of a dear one’s loss.

No matter your distance, you want to reach out and show your support.

Even if the funeral has been done, you still want to be that shoulder for the grieving person to lean on. Sadly, life slows down significantly for the bereaved.

One simple way to offer encouragement is through text. If you know what to say to someone who lost a loved one over text, that person will warm up to you.

Texting may not feel like the best way to offer comfort, but the grieving person may not have the strength to accept your message in person due to the weight of grief and preparations for the funeral.

Knowing what to say to someone who lost a loved one over text without triggering the person’s hurt is a skill that can be learnt.

But if this is not your forte, we have provided some simple examples to guide you on what to say to someone who lost a loved one over text.

What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Loved One Over Text

Even if you feel you’re a word pro, you still need to exercise caution when texting your sympathy to a grieving person.

If you desire to express sincere compassion, the examples below will show you what to say to someone who lost a loved one over text.

1. Her passing saddens me greatly. She was the best mentee I’ve ever had. She had talent comparable to none. I had great pleasure training her, and I let her know of it. I’m glad I didn’t withhold praise where necessary, but it still hurts that the world hasn’t witnessed as much of her talents as I have. I am ok sending some cleaners for you. Let me know if you need anything.

2. Sometimes, I wish death never existed. It seems to enjoy claiming the best people more. I’m sorry you had to lose an impeccable character. This hurt won’t go away for a long time. However, the pain will someday ease, and you will remember the person fondly. I pray your soul is healed—my condolences.

3. When I got the news, I felt a bitterness I’ve not had in a while. I felt like questioning God and the universe. Even knowing her time was up didn’t help a bit. I pray that God gives you the strength to carry on her legacy. Let her memories fill your heart. If you need to process this loss, I’m here.

4. Please know you’re in my thoughts as we mourn _. I may not take this grief away, but your pain is mine too. I’m ready to share your hurt at this time. Accept my sympathies. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

5. If I feel this crushed about his death, I wonder how you feel—my deepest condolences. Please don’t feel abandoned. I’m ready to share this grief with you. My home is open if you need some company. I could even come over if you want. I’ll be checking up on you.

What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Parent

If you want to say your condolences to someone who has lost a parent, kudos to you. It shows you connect with the person’s pain. However, you can’t just say the first words that pop into mind or you risk amplifying the person’s pain.

Read the templates below to know what to say to someone who lost a parent.

1. It hurts me to know your mum is no longer here. I was one of the students she passionately poured into. She practically unearthed my talent. You’re blessed to have such a great mum. She will forever remain in our hearts.

2. If there’s one thing I’m grateful for, it’s the privilege of being under your dad’s tutelage. He was a phenomenal man. He expanded my horizons on many issues. I got to see the world because of him. The literary world will miss him. I pray your heart receives comfort.

3. Family meetings were such a joy because your mum was around. She had an aura that made everyone feel instantly at home. I’ll miss her sweet words and her baking. No one was like her. I’ll always treasure all the wisdom she shared with me. I’m coming over with some food for you.

4. It’s devastating to know your mother is no more. She was the loveliest woman I know. Please feel free to grieve as much as you want. I’m here to lend a shoulder if you need it. You don’t have to get through this pain alone.

5. Losing a parent, especially one who has shielded you from this cruel world, can be overwhelming. You’re not alone in this pain. I’m here for you at this moment. Feel free to call me at any time of the day. If you want me to come over, I’ll be happy to.

6. It hurts to lose a family member, how much more a parent. However, take joy in the fact you spent a lot of time with your mum. Unlike many kids who drift away from their parents, you stuck to each other like glue, and your relationship was beautiful to watch. She will always be with you.

7. In this time, we cannot rest easy but mourn as you mourn. Losing a parent is a blow to the chest. Your father was one gentleman who everyone admired. I’m sure he is protecting you from above. If you don’t want to stay at your house, my home is open. Be comforted, dear.

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What To Text Someone Who Lost Their Dad

Are you fed up with the cliche sympathy messages over the internet or greeting cards? Looking for something more heartfelt and original to convey your sympathies?

Below are samples to guide you on what to text someone who lost their dad.

1. I’ve always admired your relationship with your dad. You two were as thick as glue. He always validated you and guided you like the true father figure he was. I wish I had your kind of dad. However, I’m glad to be related to him. I’m sorry he’s gone. We’ll always miss him.

2. Your dad was one of the people I looked up to the most. You know, he was the one who encouraged my idea, and now I’m a millionaire thanks to him. He was such a bright spark. I feel he was too young to die. However, I’m glad he left a brilliant child like you behind. May his soul rest in peace.

3. Your dad always talked about you. I remember how his eyes shone like stars whenever he mentioned your name. You were more than his child. You were his pride. I’m happy you gave him so much joy in his lifetime. I’m sure he rests peacefully, knowing he gave you his all.

4. Your dad is an example of a father worth having. Hearing your mum talk passionately and lovingly about him amazes me. It takes a lot to be successful while maintaining healthy, essential relationships. Your dad has done well. I’m emulating him for my future family too. May his soul be received by Heaven.

5. I know how it hurts to lose a dad, especially one as kind and funny as yours. But let’s not count it as a loss but a gain. Here’s your time to continue his legacy and show the world how astounding a man he was. If you need guidance, I’m just a phone call away.

6. Your dad was my mentor. He knew how to bring out the best in people. And what intelligent conversations about life we had! I can imagine how losing such a brilliant soul must have affected you. I’m sorry he’s gone. Everyone will miss him.

7. More than being a father and husband, he was a patriarch. He carried this family with love and compassion. Losing him is like losing the stability of this family. We won’t let his hard work go to waste. We will allow the memories we shared with him to inspire us to live better. May he rest in perfect peace.

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Words Of Sympathy For Loss Of Husband And Father

A woman who has lost a husband can be numb and unwilling to move on. Moreso if she shared kids with him. She now has more responsibilities on her hands and this could be draining for her.

If you know someone in this state, offer words of sympathy for loss of husband and father. But beyond that, give some tangible help to alleviate her pain.

1. We will never forget the man who enriched our lives. He was your darling husband and a great father to your kids. His absence grieves us, but we hope we can reunite with him in joy. Take heart and be comforted.

2. You don’t need to grieve alone. You have your friends to grieve with you. We don’t mind handling your kids for a while. We’ve created a schedule, but we need your consent. Your husband loved his kids dearly, and we will treasure them for you while you mourn. Be at peace.

3. We understand this is a distressing period for you. Seeing that everyone had something great to say about your husband is beautiful. Even your kids feel pained by his loss. It shows how much they cared. We will continue to admire him even in death. May your heart be sustained.

4. The relationship you both shared was an example of a great marriage to the rest of us. You both completed each other. You must be in unimaginable pain. Though he’s not here, don’t feel like you can’t take care of the kids. We’re ready to support your every need. Since your husband was there for us, we will be there for you too. Take care.

5. Your husband is one of the few men I have deep respect for. Watching the way he treated you with love was beautiful to watch. He handled the kids more carefully than many men I’ve seen. He was no doubt a great husband and father. I know he’s looking down, watching and protecting you all from above. May he rest in peace.

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Words Of Encouragement For Loss Of Wife

The wife is considered the neck of a man. Losing her is losing a pillar of the family. The pain after this kind of loss is unbearable. While words are sometimes incapable of reducing the husband’s grief, it’s important to offer sincere condolences.

Here are some words of encouragement for loss of wife you can use.

1. It breaks my heart to know your wife is gone. I’m keeping you and your kids in my prayers. If you need help, I don’t mind babysitting them until the funeral ends. May you receive strength in this trying time.

2. Your wife was a woman of incredible strength. Her vibrant energy filled a room before she entered it. She was such a blessing to humanity. It’s hard to imagine losing a partner who impacted you deeply. We will miss an incredible gem.

3. Your wife made me a better woman and partner to my husband. She taught me virtues that society condemned but worked so well for my home. I’ll forever miss my mentor. My husband and I are willing to help with anything you need while you sort out the burial plans.

4. I don’t know of anything more painful than being separated from the bone of your bone. The news of her loss breaks us. She was a good woman to the core, and everyone knew that. We will light a candle for ourselves in our home. Accept our sympathy.

5. Your wife’s death was a surprise. We knew she was recovering so well, so what could have happened? Maybe she was needed in Heaven. Nevertheless, this doesn’t ease our pain. She remains a star in our sky. I’ll handle the funeral rites. It would help if you had time to grieve.

6. Dear Sir, know that we are supporting you in this hard moment. We pray you are strengthened to cope with this great loss. You can take time off work. We will handle things in your absence till your return. We send our heartfelt condolences.

Sorry For The Loss Of Your Brother / Sister

A sibling is one who has shared our beginnings. He or she has been present as we metamorphosis into adults. So losing a sibling can be devastating.

How do you express empathy to someone in this situation? These sorry for the loss of your brother / sister messages will help you strengthen the bereaved.

1. My heart aches to find out your brother is gone. It feels as if something has been ripped out of my life. I wish you comfort and peace as you and your family journey in this time of grief. May you be healed of this pain as you fondly remember your brother. I’m always thinking of you.

2. When I found out _ was gone, I felt a shock I’d never had before. This is too bad to be true. I can imagine the pain of losing a sister, one so dear to the marrow. I ache for your loss. I feel inconsolable; how much more you? Still, accept my love and most heartfelt condolences at this time. I’ll be coming over to your place soon.

3. Words cannot describe the pain you’re experiencing right now. I feel at a loss and ashamed of it. I wish I could take this pain away or rewrite this day. I hope you and your family can be comforted by each other now—my deepest condolences.

4. My heart breaks over the news of your loss. Wasn’t he laughing over drinks with us yesterday? I wish I could bring back that day and relive it. I can only hope that the memory of him overshadows the sadness of his loss. I’m only a button away if you need someone to talk to.

5. I refuse to accept the news that the beautiful lady I spoke to hours ago is gone. How can death be so cruel to rip our loved ones away? I’m sorry there’s not much comfort I can give you; I want to tell you your sister was beautiful inside and out. I looked forward to meeting her at tomorrow’s luncheon, but life had other plans. I wish you all the comfort in the world. May your soul be healed of this pain.

6. Only one who shares a deep sibling bond can understand the pain of having a brother taken away. It seems your childhood just went down the drain. However, I pray you remember him as the loving soul he was. I’ll never forget the kindness he showed me in my trying moments.

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