Thank You For Your Support During Our Time Of Loss

40 Samples: How To Say Thank You For Your Support During Our Time Of Loss

Thanking friends, family, and colleagues for moral support when you lost your loved one is a way to say “I do not take for granted, all you did for me and the entire family during our time of loss.”

Losing someone dear to you can be difficult to endure; that is why you need the help and support of family and friends. Their support goes a long way to strengthen, encourage and give you hope that all will be well.

For this reason, after going through this hard time it is necessary you appreciate their love and support to you. No matter how little or much your words might be, what matters is the sincerity of your heart about sending thank you messages after the death of a loved one.

You don’t need to think too much about how to say thank you for your support during our time of loss just be sincere and thankful because good people are hard to come by in times of need.

To help you with how to say thank you for your support during our time of loss, here are some tips that you can make use of:

1. Wait Until You’re feeling Much Better:

You may decide to take a while until you are strong enough to express your gratitude, it is understandable. Yes, you don’t necessarily need to send a thank you while you are still in distress, wait until you are better.

2. Make a list:

In case the number of those who supported you is many and you intend to thank them all. Simply make a list of their names and the things they did for you, this will help you to simply thank them all, precisely.

3. Make it precise and meaningful:

You don’t need to rack your head over this. Just keep it simple, the recipient will understand and appreciate it.

Now, make use of these wonderful samples of messages to say thank you for your support during our time of loss:

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How To Say Thank You For Your Support During Our Time Of Loss

1. Thank you so much for standing by me during our time of loss, it was hard to let go of papa, but you were there making sure all is well with us. We really appreciate your love.

2. Thank you for giving us your time when we were in pain. You made us feel less burdened and that assured us that we are not alone because we have you by our side. We cannot thank you enough.

3. When I was weak, crushed, and distressed you turned out to be my strength and challenged me to get back on my feet, that this isn’t the end, a friend and sister like you aren’t easy to come by. Thank you so much for your love and support for me. I wouldn’t have made it without God and you.

4. Thank you for your act of service throughout the loss of my father. Your presence was felt during the wake keep ceremony. On behalf of my family and me, we want to say a big thank you. God bless your good heart.

5. I want to say thank you for your comforting words and for always checking up on me every day to see if I am in good shape. Thank you.

6. Without your kind words and presence around me and my family the burden of losing someone, this dear to me, would have been overwhelming. I appreciate your support, prayers, and love for us. Thank you so much.

7. Thank you for sympathizing with me during this hard period, you didn’t neglect me but you held on to me. God bless you, my dear.

8. In this time of grief, we wanna say thank you for comforting us with your words. Your level of friendship with my grandma was a healing balm to the family members because you proved it even after her death. We thank you for your support and love.

9. It was certainly a difficult time for me and my children but you were always available to take care of us, the house, and attend to our guests just to make sure they had a comfortable time with us. Thank you for your care always.

10. Thank you for sharing my pain with me and helping me to bounce back on my feet. I just want to appreciate you once again and let you know that I am now better, sharper, and ready to move on.

11. Thank you for always making me laugh during those times, anytime I am alone I remember your jokes and keep laughing. I was able to overcome my distress and I have moved passed that state. Love you always.

12. I am finally getting better and closing this page of sorrow. I can only attribute this to you for being my help when I needed one. Thank you for your support and care and also your strong words of advice.

13. Thank you for encouraging me in my time of grief. Thank you for helping me when I was weak. Thank you for the food, and gifts you always bring along when coming to visit. I made it through all.

14. Thank you for every act of kindness shown to me during my time of loss. I am so grateful.

15. Through it all, it was God and you who brought me this far. I say a big thank you. You’re a God-sent. Every bit of me is grateful to have you in my life. I appreciate you and your family.

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Funeral Thank You Notes For Money And Support

Nothing can be more painful than the death of a loved one and afterward, a lot of logistics and planning for the funeral process are put in place to ensure it is a success. Items like feeding, a coffin, and other necessary things will be needed.

There are friends and family at large who from the moment they heard the news will start giving you gifts in cash and kinds as well as their support and for this reason, you need to send thank you messages after the death of a loved one.

So after the whole funeral, send them funeral thank you notes for money and support they gave, showing them you really appreciate their gifts and support.

Here are some funeral thank you notes for financial donations and support:

1. Thank you for your gifts both in cash and in-kind that you sent to me, may God continue to bless you more abundantly.

2. Thank you for extending your love and support to my family and me. The funeral ceremony was a success and it’s all thanks to you may God honor you.

3. Thank you for supporting me for my dad’s burial, I would have been put to shame if not for your cash gift towards us, God bless you.

4. Thank you for blessing us when we needed help without you knowing. May God bless and increase you always.

5. Thank you for the food gifts and monetary support you gave us, we were able to cover our needs and burial expenses. May God bless you.

6. May God bless you more abundantly for buying the coffin to bury dad, we were able to divert the money prepared to another thing on the list. Thank you so much.

7. The entire family appreciates you for your donations which covered the food and drinks needed for the guest, may God surprise you beyond measure.

8. I never lacked financially after the funeral and it was all thanks to you. Thank you so much for your kind gesture. May God continue to enrich you.

9. You took a huge part by supporting us throughout the burial and afterward. Words cannot express how blessed we are. Thank you so much.

10. Thank you for your support and the money you sent to us after the funeral, it kept us going to a meaningful extent where we have nothing to worry about.

11. We appreciate your generous gift towards the funeral of our grandparents. We are grateful. Thank you so much.

12. The entire family appreciates you for your support and the financial gift you showered us towards the burial of my dad, may God bless you and make your ways prosperous in Jesus’ name. Amen.

13. I want to thank you for the much-needed support and your financial help towards my family and also for the burial ceremony. We are not taking this for granted.

14. Thank you for your care by donating to the funeral home, we are forever grateful for your kind gesture.

15. Thank you for your support in prayers and cash gifts, may God honor and reward your kindness towards us.

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Thank You Notes After Funeral To Coworkers / Colleagues

After losing a loved one, you definitely would have received gifts in cash or kinds, some might have sent you their well-wishes in prayers, encouragement, and even act of service.

Due to the circumstance you are in, you may decide to take a while before you send thank you messages after the death of loved one to your coworkers and as many that helped out during the time of your loss.

When your coworkers do something for you in time of your loss, you want to make your thank you look special just to let them know how grateful you are to them by sending cards or notes in gratitude

Here are some words to say thank you for your support during our time of loss:

1. Thank you all (you might want to add the name of the department) for your condolences, support, prayers, and gifts sent to me during the death of my father. May God bless you and make your ways prosperous. Amen. I am truly grateful to you all.

2. I was so happy when I saw you all visiting my family in our time of loss and also showing up at the wake keep and funeral service. I am proud to have you all. Thanks for showing me your support. It meant a lot to me. God bless you.

3. Thank you for the food and cash gift and also your generosity towards my children. Thank you for taking care of a whole lot of expenses that were incurred towards the burial ceremony. My family and I will never forget your kindness and love.

4. To you my fellow worker and friend who stood by me in time of need, you showed me your kindness, support, and love and I am blessed to have you. May God bless you and honor you. Thank you so much, dear.

5. To all my wonderful coworkers who stood by me and my family. Thank you for your condolences and prayers. We received your gift of love, gifts, and support. You are indeed my family. God bless you and repay your kindness.

6. Thank you for the flowers you sent and all the support you showed me during the time of our loss. I am blessed to have you as a team and coworker. You are the best.

7. You truly surprised me when I saw you all at the funeral. You stood by me throughout till the end. You were all amazing. I also want to appreciate you for the gift you sent to me. May God honor you. My family and I were truly honored to have you around us. Thank you and God bless you.

8. Thank you for your support during this trying time. I am so grateful for the card you sent to me, it was encouraging and also strengthened me and my family. I also appreciate your gifts and kind gestures. God bless you all.

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