How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Whatsapp

75 Examples Of How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Whatsapp, Text, Social Media, Phone

Unlocking the art of initiating a conversation on WhatsApp can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to that special someone.

In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of ‘How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On WhatsApp.’

It’s so easy to talk about a gazillion things with your guys, but when it comes to starting a conversation with a lady (especially one that piques your interest), your tongue goes missing

Generally, beginning a conversation is a skill. It’s learned, and it takes practice. So is knowing how to start a conversation with a girl on whatsapp, text. You have to learn it by practice too.

Once you know how to initiate conversations with a girl, you’ll feel more relaxed and better about yourself as a man.

Unfortunately, many men haven’t gotten the right education on how to start a conversation with a girl on whatsapp, text. Many start flirty or risque, to the girl’s disgust. Others are too shy to make meaningful sentences.

Guys, it isn’t complicated. To help you, we have provided dozens of examples to show you how to start a conversation with a girl on whatsapp, text.

Still, it’s not enough to read them. Practice them mentally, then apply them with a girl or more. Cheers to your success!

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You Like

Is there a girl you like? Does your brain fall asleep when you try to start a conversation with her? We have provided some samples to help you combat your nerves and make a move on the girl you like. Read on to learn how to start a conversation with a girl you like.

1. “Hey [Her Name], hope your day is going well. I couldn’t help but think about our last conversation—it left me with a smile. What’s been the highlight of your day so far?”

2. “Hi [Her Name], I came across something today that reminded me of you. It made me wonder how you’re doing. Let me know if you’d be up for catching up sometime soon.”

3. “Hey [Her Name], I was reflecting on the things that make me happy, and you instantly came to mind. Your positive energy is truly contagious. What’s making you smile today?”

4. “Good [morning/afternoon/evening], [Her Name]! Just wanted to drop a quick message to brighten your day. Anything exciting on your agenda?”

5. “Hi [Her Name], I stumbled upon this [article/photo/song] and thought of you. It reminded me of our conversation about [shared interest]. What’s your take on [related topic]?”

6. “Hey [Her Name], I hope this message adds a little sunshine to your day. If you were to plan the perfect weekend, what would it look like? I’m curious to know your ideal way to unwind.”

7. “Hello [Her Name], I was going through my day and realized how much I enjoy our talks. Your perspective always brings a fresh breeze of inspiration. What’s on your mind today?”

8. “Hey [Her Name], just wanted to drop a quick message to say I appreciate having you in my life. Your presence has a way of making everything brighter. How has your week been so far?”

9. “Hi [Her Name], I’ve been thinking about trying out a new [restaurant/activity]. Would you be interested in joining me? I value your opinion, and it would be great to share the experience with you.”

10. “Hello [Her Name], I hope your day is going smoothly. I was reminiscing about the [funny/interesting] moment we shared, and it put a smile on my face. Looking forward to more moments like that.”

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media platforms to build connections. You’ve managed to get the contact of a girl you admire. Now you’re probably wondering how to start a conversation with a girl on whatsapp. Check the examples below.

1. Hey, I’m _. I got your contact from the _ group. I was impressed to see you were the only one who got the answer to Mr. Mark’s question right. I’m kind of stuck on this subject. Could you show me how to go about it?

2. Your presentation was superb. I was spellbound from start to finish. For a moment, I thought I was in a fairytale story. You really put in a lot of work to produce such excellent work. Well done!

3. Hi, I’m _ from _. I want to say kudos! I didn’t think anyone could pull off such a cool design in such a short time. You have practically created a new industry for us to explore. Phenomenal!

4. Hi, I’m _. I was scrolling through your status and saw the program you’re hosting. I love programs like that, and it’s inspiring to see someone doing such. I want to participate. How do I join?

5. No way! Is that you, _? It’s been forever. When I saw your picture on _ group, I had to reach out to you. How have you been, girl? You just bailed on me.

6. Hello _, I saw your message on the group, and I’m sorry no one has replied yet. Since I’m not the admin and I have no permission to post, I thought I could help out in your DM. The answer to your question is _. I know because I’ve served in this industry for a while. Feel free to confirm, and let me know if you need anything.

7. Hey you, thank you for standing up for me in the group. I didn’t think people could be so nosy, but I didn’t expect someone as amazing as you to have my back. Thank you. By the way, I’m _. What’s yours?

8. Hello _, we’ve been paired together to handle this project. From your DP, I see you have some fascination with this already, so I hope we’ll have a swell time together. Oh, and I’m _.

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How To Start Conversation With Girl On Text

Text messaging is not outdated despite the intrusion of social media. If texting a girl is not your cup of tea, we’ve got you covered as well. The following samples will guide you on how to start conversation with girl on text.

1. Hey _, remember me? We met at _ party. I’m the guy you were discussing drones with. You told me to reach out to you. Hope you got home safely.

2. It was a pleasure to talk to you. I’ve never had such an in-depth discussion about pollution. It made me rethink my actions. Thanks for helping me be more conscious about the environment. By the way, were you able to get the approval?

3. Hey, I couldn’t help but admire how you answered _ questions intelligently and speedily. It’s like you’ve been preparing all along. I’d like to learn how to speak like that. Would you like to teach me?

4. Hi _, I got your number from _. So, I’ve been looking for a tutor for a while, but a friend of mine mentioned you. The funny thing is, I’ve been crushing on you forever. Now I get to meet you face to face. My name is _. Would you be my tutor?

5. There’s nothing as attractive as a woman who looks peaceful. The serenity on your face made me admire you for some minutes. I hope I’m not being a bother. I’m _.

6. Hey you, how’s life going? It’s me again. I know our conversation broke off with the whole police chasing thief drama. Can we continue where we left off?

7. Hi, your conversation with _ was heartrending. You are a strong woman to have been through that much, and hold your head high. Not many people can boast of that strength of character. I’m _, and I hope I can get to know you better.

How To Start Conversation With Unknown Girl Online

When talking to an unknown girl for the first time, one wrong word and you’ll make a bad impression or, worse, get blocked for life. The following topics will help you gain confidence to talk to any girl. Here’s how to start conversation with unknown girl online.

1. Did you watch the latest episode of _ yesterday? I know I’m a guy, but I cried my eyes out. What was the most interesting part for you?

2. I was one of the guests at the _ party. I noticed how bubbly and vibrant your family was. It must be exciting to be a part of such a beautiful family. What was growing up like for you?

3. I couldn’t help but notice the intimacy you and your younger brother had. It’s like you both are twins. I’m sure your parents raised you both well.

4. After hearing the way you spoke on the podcast, I guessed you work in a _. I have an uncle who speaks like that, so polished and sophisticated. Am I right about where you work?

5. During the group lunch, I noticed you picked only vegetables and interesting ones at that. Are you vegan?

6. I’ve followed your page for a while, and I’ve known you to be a _ kind of girl. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw you doing the flip. You’ve got some sweet moves.

7. I asked around and got to know you’re behind the musical playlist of _ movie. Three of those songs live rent-free in my head. Thank you for creating such magic. How do you do that?

8. Your comment on the _ was so funny I just had to check you out. Your sense of humor is contagious. Oh, and I’m _, the one who edits _ videos.

9. _ has always been my favorite superhero. I don’t get why anyone would hate the one who keeps the team together. I’m glad to see someone who thinks the way I do. We must have a connection.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Chat

Talking to a girl face-to-face is easy for some guys, but it’s a different ballgame when you have to chat up a girl. You don’t want to sound like a stalker or put her off with your first statement. That’s why we’ve carefully listed some ideas for you. They will guide you on how to start a conversation with a girl on chat.

1. Your pet is so cute. I’ve never seen a Chihuahua so healthy. Are dogs your favorite pets, or do you keep any other ones?

2. I couldn’t help but appreciate your taste in shoes. They’re simple yet classy and stylish. You don’t seem like an extravagant spender, yet you have a unique eye for tasteful shoes. Where did you get yours? I’d like to buy a similar pair for my sister.

3. This singer has an amazing alto voice. The way he plays this song is unbelievably good. I wish I could sing to save my life, but anyhow, I am here for someone’s own.

4. I can’t believe the prices went up again. Wasn’t it for just 7.99 last week? Is inflation giving me the sign I should leave this country, or what?

5. I love the way you combined these pieces. You have great fashion taste. I wouldn’t mind if someone showed me how to mix _ and _. I have a presentation tomorrow, and I still don’t know which suit to use.

6. Hey, you’re the lady I saw at the mall the last time. I had to look twice at the picture posted on the group. I’m _, the guy who helped you _. I hope the goods weren’t much trouble.

7. Thanks for the food recommendation. My taste buds were blown away. I never knew such a combo existed. You’re such a lifesaver. In honor of you, I’ll be ordering that when I visit again.

8. I’d never tried that cocktail until you gave it to me. I used to think people who took that were weird; now I’m a big fan. Thanks for the experience. Were you able to get home before the rain started?

9. Excuse me, miss. It’s about to rain, and I see you don’t have an umbrella. From what you said, we’re going to the same place. Would you share mine with me? We could get a spare one when we get there.

Chat Conversation With A Girl Examples

No more getting into a fit because you want to chat with a girl. We’ve curated some of the best chat conversation with a girl examples to get your juices flowing. Use any and thank us later.

1. You got lost in the song Adrienne was playing. I’ve never seen someone so content when listening to a song. Is classical music your thing?

2. Hey _, a mutual friend said I could get a rock music playlist from you. I really appreciate your generosity. Where do we meet so I can get them? Oh, and aside from my USB cord, anything else I should bring?

3. Hey, you’re _ from Marketing, right? I’m _. You sounded intense during the board meeting. Such passion is rare among staff these days. How did today go for you?

4. Hi, I’m _ from Gardening Seminar. I saw the pictures you posted. You’ve got some sweet plants coming. Mine is still shooting its tiny leaves up, but your plants inspire me not to give up on mine.

5. I love a girl who can lift some weights. Super attractive! I’ve never seen you around, though. I’ve been here for a few years now. Are you new?

6. I once had a turtle as a pet. The poor thing was killed by my nosy dog. Swiper just couldn’t get his hands off my turtle tank. He always found a way to knock it off, no matter where I kept it. Anyway, what’s your turtle’s name?

7. The Republicans are at it again. Even the Leftists seem intrigued. Whatever the case, I hope this election passes soon. What do you think of all these squabbles, though?

8. I think it’s uncool that the Asians were sidelined in the match. Do you think the coach has some beef with them, or did they do something major?

9. You sounded enthusiastic about the weather report. Is it something you’re interested in pursuing in the future?

10. I was just thinking of what you said about life. It struck me how someone can be perceptive about the universe. I thought I could do away with most things, but to know that every little action adds up to a big whole is a big deal. Please tell me more.

11. Your comment on my suit post got my attention. I’m glad you think it’s professional enough. You even exposed me to ways I could style the suit. Do you have more ideas on what we could do?

12. You mentioned you enjoyed talking to me a lot. I do too. But tell me, am I the kind of guy you would like to go out with right now or someday?

13. I didn’t think Hakimi could pull off such a stunt. Why would you get married to a woman you couldn’t trust in the first place? But you look like I can trust you with my whole life.

14. You seemed tired when Gerald asked you to pick up the table. That’s unlike you. Is there something bothering you that you need help with?

15. I noticed you were working out on the floor. The granite must be hard and cold. Here’s a soft mat. There’s also some coffee in the lounge. Is there anything else you might need?

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Social Media

If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl on social media, that’s about to end. After reading these examples, your fear of reaching out to a girl on any platform will disappear.

1. Pastor seemed to zone in on one particular scripture. Though I’ve read the scripture before, it gripped me like never before. You were pretty focused on the preacher. How did you find the sermon?

2. I’ve never seen you in any of the services, even though I attend two out of three. Have you ever been to this place before?

3. Imagine my shock when I saw you at the seminar. I’ve been your fan forever. My name is _. From your page, I know you’re into things like this. How did you find the speaker lineup?

4. I’m sorry, I can’t seem to pronounce your name well, and I don’t want to embarrass myself by trying. Could you say your name again?

5. Reading Full Dark by Miranda Kate? I’ve reread that book a dozen times. It gives me the chills each time I do so, but I love it. What’s your favorite story?

6. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but stare at your DP. Your eyes are a unique color blend. I’ve never seen it before, and I’m sure you’re not from here because many don’t have such beautiful eyes as yours. Where do you come from?

7. You’ve been on the group chat for years, yet I’ve never heard you speak. You have such a compelling voice that I had to listen to the voice note maybe a dozen times. Do you sing?

8. It’s so annoying that the government raised taxes again. I mean, we barely make profits, but they just want to siphon the little we manage to make. How are we expected to survive? I’m sorry, miss; I couldn’t help but vent after reading your status.

9. Hey, I saw your post on the webinar, and I have a friend who’s interested in such. I commend you for taking a bold step to do something of this nature. It’s unusual. I need more clarification so I can get my friend to register.

10. The color red makes you stand out like a beacon in the darkness. No exaggeration here. I had to just get your number somehow. Sorry if I sound intrusive. I’m _, what’s yours?

11. That recipe was a bomb. I enjoyed making it. To show my thanks for your creativity in whipping up this amazing recipe and sharing it, I’ll like to send some to you. Would you mind sharing your address?

12. What’s that one job you would rather do if it could pay your bills and help you achieve your travel goals?

13. Let me tell you a secret: I’m scared of _. It makes my back curl, and I can’t seem to think when I see it. What about you? I hope your fear is different from mine.

14. I see you love downtown restaurants. I admit they know how to whip up a great snack in seconds. You can probably buy half the restaurant at a low price. Would you like to come with me someday?

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