Encouraging Words For Someone Going Through A Breakup

Encouraging Words For Someone Going Through A Breakup / Heartbreak

I guess you’ve got a friend or loved one who just experienced a breakup in their relationship and needs some comforting words to get over the disappointment. You should be commended for taking this step towards their recovery.

We believe that any of these encouraging words for someone going through a breakup will help that fellow get over the pain of the breakup.

And in case you got in here because you are the one going through a breakup, we want to say, “take heart, the beautiful ones are not yet born”.

We understand the emotional stress that comes with this, so we got you these comforting and encouraging words for someone going through a break up as a way to ease yourself of the heartbreak.

Encouraging Words For Someone Going Through A Breakup

Whether the relationship is just some weeks old or many years old, a breakup breaks the heart. The pain can be more if it happens unexpectedly and without mutual agreement. However, a sound mind is needed to move on in life and to be rightly positioned for a better partner, and a happier relationship.

Go through this collection of encouraging words for someone going through a break up and pick some quotes that can help to mend a broken heart.

1. I’m not going to allow these tears to fall again. Wear your best dress, we’re going out and you’re going to have a swell time.

2. It’s okay to cry. I will be strong for the two of us. Breakups are painful, but I’ll be here to lend a shoulder and get you those yummy snacks you love. Let it all out.

3. I’m hurt to see you this way. You’ve not taken care of yourself in days. Darling, relationships break sometimes. You’ve got to move on now.

4. I’m sad this relationship ended. I really wanted to see you guys together. You deserve happiness, and I’m sure someone is waiting to find a special person like you.

5. Life isn’t over. You’re beautiful, young, and free. You’ll have everything to make your life sweet again, and I’ll be here to help you through it.

6. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, it only shows you’re human. Your tears will only help you heal. Release yourself.

7. It’ll be over soon, and you’ll be showing me your beautiful smile again. You’re going to be more emotionally mature, and you’ll evolve.

8. The world doesn’t revolve around __. You already had an amazing life before s/he stepped in. Keep living, baby.

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Motivational Quotes After Breakup For Guys

You’re upset because your relationship with your girlfriend ended. You believe you have lost a piece of yourself and will never be the same. It’s not the end of the world, I’m here to assure you. Yes, it hurts and stinks, but the world is not going to end as a result.

While this is simpler said than done, if you set your mind to it, you can succeed with some motivation and willpower.

Here are some motivational quotes after breakup for guys. These will assist you in moving past your ex and provide you with life lessons that can aid you in other areas of your life.

1. You want a woman with a vision for her life. You deserve a lot more.

2. You need a girl who’ll treat you well, and thinks you deserve to be treated like a king. You need someone who loves your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Heartbreak has a way of awakening us and making us realize we’re worth more.

4. Relationships are teachers, but it teaches you more when you pass through breakups. Let’s not regret those moments. It was only invested into your next relationship.

5. Pain is bound to come but you can choose to suffer for a long time.

6. The best revenge is to move on and defeat your difficulties. Never allow another to see you suffer.

7. Saying sorry is hard. Forgiving the one who hurt you is harder.

8. There’s no one with a completely innocent heart because everyone has been scratched by a loved one or two.

9. Many times, we crave a different past. But understand we’ve been changed by the past.

10. Breakups are like dying. It’s tough to overcome it and be optimistic about the future. At that moment, it feels like life is falling apart and the world is against you. But note the keyword is ‘feels’, and feelings change.

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Emotional Breakup Quotes For Her

1. Sometimes, tears are more precious than smiles. Smiles can be shared with everyone, but tears are for those who hold our hearts.

2. Letting go isn’t about being indifferent. It’s understanding you’re the one in control of your life.

3. It’s painful when the one you love ends things with you. Cry yourself out, then build yourself up again.

4. Sometimes a shut one means another one has opened. Make sure you don’t stay at the closed door for too long or you’ll miss the opened door.

5. Love is a risk. It makes you bring people too close to your heart. Those people can hit you where it hurts the most. Learn the lessons from this heartbreak and use them in your future.

6. The sad part about heartbreak is that no one can take the pain from you. You simply have to deal with it.

7. I gave myself reasons to stay with you, you gave yourself reasons to leave me.

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Self Love Quotes After Breakup

The deed is done. Life has to continue and be enjoyed to the brim. Inspire yourself with any of these encouraging words for someone going through a breakup and bounce back to be the best version of yourself.

1. I’m 100% the kind of person that holds her head high no matter what.

2. I’m working on loving the one who’s been through storms but keeps rising every time.

3. To love yourself, you need to appreciate your experiences.

4. Don’t ever think you’re unworthy of love. You’re worthy of that and much more.

5. Loving yourself through heartbreak is the bravest thing to do.

6. No more discounts. You’re worth more than rubies.

7. No matter how hurtful this is, you’ve got to grow, you’ve got to be yourself, and you’ve got to love yourself without conditions.

8. Get rid of the hurt and pain as fast as you can so you won’t have to live by them.

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Comforting Words After A Breakup

1. Being single doesn’t involve misery. It only shows your capacity to handle yourself. You’ll find someone to share your life with soon. But for you, enjoy this moment of your life.

2. Glad you’ve ended this warzone relationship. Bask in your new freedom and take time to become more self-aware. I can’t wait to see a higher version of you.

3. Don’t try to be someone else to please another. Keep being yourself and the right one will find you.

4. You can rebuild again. I love your strength and I admire your courage to embrace pain and grow.

5. If you delete all your mistakes, you’ll delete yourself.

6. Sometimes, grief comes from the most unexpected sources, but forge ahead with dignity.

7. In this struggle lies your strength, and I know you’ll emerge more powerful than ever.

8. Giving up isn’t a weakness. It simply shows you’re brave enough to release the one you love.

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7 Years Relationship Break Up Quotes

1. Forgive and love them but move on without them.

2. People who break up never retain the friendship. If they did, it’s either they love each other or they were never in love.

3. Breakup is similar to a broken glass cup. No use picking up the pieces or you’ll damage yourself.

4. I saw a forever relationship with you, but you only saw me as a fling.

Funny Things To Say To A Friend After A Breakup

1. Very soon, what you trash will become someone’s treasure. What a life!

2. When you were calling him heart rob, I knew he’ll soon do what robbers do.

3. Welcome back to the singles forum. We missed you.

4. Now that you’re single again, take time to cover up for the sleepless night you’ve had.

5. The gatekeeper is gone, now your crush can come in without fear of the unknown.

What To Text A Friend After A Breakup

1. Do you want me to send a good night’s text?

Loneliness is a common feeling after heartbreak. By sending this text, you ease the lonely feeling your friend feels.

2. I’m glad you talked this over.

If your friend was the one who initiated the breakup, encourage them for taking such a bold step in protecting themselves.

3. How do you feel right now?

Just asking this shows a level of concern. This may encourage your friend to open up and have a conversation.

4. I’ll be at the store. Send me your grocery list and I’ll do the shopping for you.

The desire to do the most basic things when heartbroken is almost zero. You can send this text to show your support and concern for your friend.

5. It is more important to love and believe in yourself. Never doubt yourself for anyone’s sake.

6. I’m here if you need anything. Can I bring your favorite snack or ice cream?

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