When A Guy Has A Crush On You He Always Says These Words

[2024] When A Guy Has A Crush On You He Always Says These Words

Navigating the subtle nuances of romantic interest can be as perplexing as deciphering a cryptic code. Yet, when it comes to matters of the heart, communication often becomes the key. In the intricate dance of attraction, words hold a special power, revealing hidden sentiments and unspoken desires.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether a guy has a crush on you, pay close attention to the things he says—they might be the clues that unlock the mystery of his feelings.

Of course, you want to be very sure if he’s crushing on you or if he has no feelings towards you. Why? It’s necessary so as to avoid putting yourself in the wrong position, because, what if he is not?

In this article, we’ll delve into the verbal cues that hint at a man’s infatuation, unraveling the delicate tapestry of words woven by someone smitten.

Join us on a journey through the linguistic landscape of affection, where each phrase becomes a stepping stone toward understanding the unspoken language of love.

We have researched into words guys say when they have a crush on a lady so you could be very sure if he’s crushing on you or not. Without further ado, let’s delve in!

When a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words…

• Can I sit next to you?

It might be in a public gathering or place or means of transportation like on a bus and a guy who has a crush on you, may walk up to you and ask if he could sit next to you. After all, if a guy isn’t crushing on you, why bother to ask if he could or not?

You have most likely had a guy come sit next to you whom you haven’t known before. This guy on the other hand is innocent because you people haven’t even seen each other at any point before and so he comes and takes his seat beside you without having any hidden agenda.

A guy who is ‘into you’ on the other hand, will have to seek your permission before taking his seat beside you. Do you see the difference?

So, a guy asking to sit beside you only betrays his emotions for you and then you can suggest he has a crush on you.

• Can I hold your hands?

One of the ways we express our feelings is through the sense of touch. The way we are wired, touch has a whole lot of amazing benefits. So a guy who is crushing on you is no different. He would want to, at least, have physical contact with you (however with your permission). It shows he’s got a crush on you.

• You are funny

This is also one of the words men say when they have a crush on you. They become white-honest in their evaluation of you. More so, it has been discovered that we sound funnier to the person crushing on us.

And so while in a discussion together, he comes out of his shell to tell you what he thinks about you which includes the statement above.

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• You understand me well

A guy who’s got a crush on you will want you to know how he feels about you and so all along the time you’re discussing, he’s taking an inventory and analyzing things about you until sooner or later he tells you that you understand him well.

While it may not be in these exact terms, he will no doubt communicate the same thing to you.

• We should go out together more often

If a guy tells you this, it is most likely he has a crush on you and seeking more time to be with you. Men will want to spend more time with the one they think they love.

Therefore, if a guy is telling you ‘we should go/ hang out more often, it may just be that he is trying to be closer or spend more time with you because he has a crush on you.

• Don’t hide anything from me

Now, this might mean several things from a counselor asking a client, to a parent talking to a child. But in this context of a relationship, when a guy says these words, he is most likely crushing on you.

He means that you should be open to him and feel free to share anything about yourself with him. Not everyone is interested in their fellow humans and so for a guy to tell you this, know that he probably has a crush on you.

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• I’ve never told anyone this

One of the ways we show that we love is by sharing ‘secret’ information about ourselves with that person.

When a guy tells you (either before or after he’s given out a piece of information, which is most of the time personal) ‘I’ve never told anyone this ‘, it means he has a crush on you. He might have several friends as well but telling you what he won’t tell his other friends, shows that you have a special place in his heart.

• Are you okay?

When a guy takes special interest in asking about your well-being not only when it shows on your face, but at almost every opportunity you meet, it shows he has a crush on you.

In most cases, he might be among the first people to notice that your countenance is not as bright as it used to be.

• You can always count on my support

If a man is concerned about your success in whatever you’re doing, it shows he has you already in his heart. He wants you to know he can go the extra mile to give you whatever support you need to achieve your goal.

This shows that you are special to him.

• Can I see you off?

You might probably be leaving a place along with some other people and then you see this guy walk up to you asking if he could keep your company back to where you are headed. It shows he has a crush on you.

Of course, you would know that that journey won’t be a ‘lonely’ one as you two will have to keep the conversation alive till you eventually arrive at your destination.

So, if you ever see a guy walk up to you asking to see you off, know that he has a crush on you.

• You look amazing!

When guys have a crush on a lady, they will want to compliment her outlook. So that day you decide to dress smartly and look good, if a guy walks up to you to tell you how amazing you look, then, he most likely has a crush on you. Most especially when he says it with a lot of excitement.

• You have a lovely smile

When a man takes time to comment on the way you smile, then it means he is having a crush on you.

First of all, everybody smiles and laughs but nobody takes the time to comment on the other person’s humor. Besides this, for him to comment on the way you smile, implies that he has been looking at your face, which shows how interested he is in you.

Thus, when a guy takes the time to comment on the way you smile, he has been looking at you, establishing facial contact, and having a crush on you.

• Tell me about yourself

If you two have been talking for a while now, he wouldn’t want the conversation to be a ‘one-way traffic’ and so, if he has been the one talking about himself all the time, he would also want to hear from you about you. He will thus ask you to tell him about yourself.

when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words.

Let’s take it a little bit further,

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When A Guy Has A Crush On You He Always Says These Words UNCONSCIOUSLY

Most of the time when we want to know the other person’s intentions, we try to watch them do what they do when they are not ‘acting it’. The same thing can be said for relationships.

A guy will betray how he feels about you by what he says when he doesn’t have the luxury of time to think about it i.e spontaneously.

You can ‘catch him in his words when he’s speaking as he would say some of these things though unconsciously, to show that he has a crush on you.

Every lady wants to be sure if a guy is crushing on her, or not so that she doesn’t overreact or underreact.

How? For example, a guy might be displaying some kindness or gesture to you but doesn’t have any feelings towards you. If you respond in a way that makes him think you are ‘also’ interested, you would be shooting yourself in the leg.

On the other hand, when a guy is really crushing on you but then you respond on a casual note, it may mean you are not able to read the signs clearly that he is trying to communicate most especially when it’s about time you settled down to have a family.

We wouldn’t want you to be confused as to get to know if a guy is crushing on you or not. Thus, we’ve summarized some of the words guys say unconsciously when they have a crush on you.

When a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words, unconsciously…

How are you doing?

When a guy asks you almost now and then when you meet about how you’re doing, it means he has a crush on you. It shows he is taking time to know about your welfare and likes you. So next time a guy keeps asking you about how you’re doing, know that he’s really into you.

• You can borrow it

When a guy freely releases his possession to you and tells you, ‘ you can borrow it, then know he likes you and has a crush on you.

• I’ve never felt this way before with a lady

When a guy tells you this in a conversation about your friendship, then know he is really into a crush on you. He has probably been around other ladies on a friendship level but he feels there’s something special with you. When he says this, know he has a crush on you.

• Can you help me with this?

While he might be afraid of coming out straight to tell you how he feels about you, he will want to look for alternatives to communicate his feelings. One of such ways is by asking you to help him with something he’s doing.

He knows this will give him the chance to be with you and get to be closer to you. If he says this, know that he’s got a crush on you.

• Can I come over and see you?

You might be the busy type may be at a business, industry, or wherever you are. Since he’s not always having the opportunity to see you often (as the case may be), he would want to know if he could come over to where you stay to spend time together.

So, when a guy asks you if he could come over and see you, you just got a sure sign he loves you.

• Are you seeing someone?

When a guy asks if you’re seeing someone or not, it shows he has a crush on you and would like to know if he could go ahead with the relationship.

It will help him know if you are ‘available’ to be in a relationship with him. Thus, when a guy asks you this, know he has a crush on you.

• I like ‘such and such’ about you

Whatever it is, from your dressing to your facial appearance, to how you smile, walk or talk, if a guy has a crush on you, he is sure to comment about it.

So when next that guy or a guy walks up to you and takes a special commendation on you, or always gives you compliments, you can be pretty sure he has a crush on you.

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• Can I…?

Most of the time, guys are looking out to be in contact with the opposite gender but then it has to start with your consent. When a guy says ‘Can I…?’, it is most of the time with a gesture to help you out with something, to hold your hand, straighten out your hair, or anything that has to do with getting in touch with you. When he says this, know certainly that he has a crush on you.

• What music do you like best?

Think of it. How many of those you see from time to time ever asked you about the kind of music you love?

Next to zero right? That’s because even though you share some stuff that brings you together, questions like this are usually asked by those who are interested in you. More so, when it is a guy who has a crush on you.

• What are your hobbies?

Once again, he is trying to know what you like doing best during your free time to know if both of you have anything in common and then how to go on from there. Any guy asking you this question as a lady? Know for sure that he has a liking towards you.

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Ways To Know If Someone Has A Crush On You Scientifically

Scientifically? Ever heard of it? Well, you’re just about to know.

Generally, when people hear about science, their minds travel down to laboratories and experiments with chemicals. However, science is way beyond that. We’ve got social science where behavioral attitudes are studied and dealt with.

Therefore, we can know if someone has a crush on you or you have a crush on someone by some obvious behavioral characteristics proven by psychologists.

Previous subheadings have dealt with the words guys say when they have a crush on ladies. In this part, however, we’ll take the discussion further by examining ways to know if someone has a crush on you scientifically. How can you know?

#They always want to be near you

If someone is crushing on you, one of the things you’ll see happening is that they will always want to find every conceivable reason to be near you. This can range from wanting to sit next to you, borrowing your stuff, asking you questions, offering to assist you in what you’re doing, lending a helping hand, and so on.

Research tells us that the brain and behavior are inseparable. Thus if they are always seeking to be near you via any of these means or others, it implies that he/she is crushing on you.

#They bring you gifts or presents

When a person goes beyond his way to buy you a present or a gift, it shows he/ she has been observing you and would like you to know how he or she feels.

#Eye contact

We all do maintain eye contact when discussing with people.

However, two distinct forms of eye contact exist: friendly and intimate. In the former, we all do that with friends where the eye rarely drops below the mouth. The latter, however, exists when someone has a deeper liking to the opposite gender.

In this case, the eye contact goes eye-eye-chest which is a more intimate way of gazing. They do it to feel closer to you showing obviously, that they are interested in you and in what you are saying.

So when you’re discussing, you can know if the person has a crush on you by the type of eye contact he or she maintains with you.


Another scientific means is through the advent of touch. When a person feels attracted to you, they want to show it via their touch. However, not all touches imply the same thing.

Handshakes are regarded to be professional but when the touch goes further up the arm, scientists tell us it is a way of getting closer to the other person. And so, if he or she is finding reasons to touch you from time to time, you can be sure he or she has a crush on you.

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Something to bear in mind.

When a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words and other phrases unconsciously. His words and his actions should give you confirmation of his feelings towards you.

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