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40 Funeral Quotes And Short Tribute To A Great Person / Man / Icon

For that Icon who passed away, we got you a compilation of short tribute to a great person, as an opportunity to give them the ‘last respect’, which they so much deserve.

Death is a common leveler and has no regard for the status of an individual such that it can even come for the great in the prime or peak of their greatness.

We are surrounded by great people in our world from those who have worked assiduously to make this world more habitable and a better place to live in to those who have contributed significantly in their little world.

When such people pass away to the other side as everyone will, eventually, it is usually heart-touching and reminds us subtly of the power of death over all categories of people – small and great.

When writing a tribute to such people, it can be captured in something very short and straightforward and not necessarily a lengthy piece.

Have you been called upon to give or write a short tribute to a great person? We have listed in this write-up some short tributes to a great person that you can select from and use as necessary.

Short Tribute To A Great Person Who Passed Away

1. Today we remember the life of [name of deceased]. He was such a model and example to us of how we ought to care for and love one another on this side of life. For this, he will be greatly missed.

2. So-and-so was a great example to us all. He never let the downs of life down his spirits. He was always cheerful and in good spirits. We all miss him.

3. [Deceased name] was a bold and God-fearing man. The greatness of his life we all celebrate today was built on godly principles and is worthy of emulation.

4. Doggedness and diligence were the hallmark of [deceased name]’s life. He was highly sought after by many organizations as he gave his best to help them achieve their short-term and long-term goals. The world misses such a calibre of man.

5. Mr. [deceased name] was a reliable man. He never minced words or tried to please anyone. He was true to himself and his God.

6. [Deceased name] spent a great deal of his life on earth impacting and investing in the lives of other people. He knew he had a gift and didn’t hoard it but like a grain of wheat, he sowed it in the lives of others. We are all witnesses to just how much fruit this noble investment has yielded.

7. One word with which I could describe the life of so-and-so is INFLUENCE. She was blessed with the gift of attracting people due to her nature. She could have negatively used this instead, she used it positively to help others find their purpose and goal in life. She would be greatly missed by us all.

8. [Deceased name] was a very responsible person. He never shifted the blame for his shortcomings on others rather, he acknowledged them and did the needful to make up for them. We miss such a rare breed.

9. History will always remember [deceased name] for the key role he played in transforming the world in his time. He left an indelible mark for generations yet unborn to see and applaud. What a legend!

10. So-and-so was a source of hope and inspiration for the oppressed and downtrodden in the world. He was willing to and did stand up to help defend the rights of poor, innocent people who couldn’t fight for themselves. We all miss this great man.

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Sample Tribute To A Great Man/ Person

Sometimes we are called upon to give a tribute to a great man/ person who has impacted our lives directly or indirectly and we are just overwhelmed. We keep wondering where to start to begin expressing just how much they have impacted our lives and the whole world.

In this write-up, we decided to arrange a list of sample tributes to a great man/person knowing how difficult it may be writing a tribute to a great man/person who once lived.

1. [Deceased name] lived a life worthy of emulation. Despite his affluence and popularity, he humbled himself to be of help to the people around him. He will be missed.

2. You impacted our lives immensely with your candid and godly advice during the times we were confused and didn’t know what to do. You will be greatly missed Sir/Ma.

3. You were an embodiment of selflessness and humility. Your life remains a challenge to us all. We all miss you.

4. You were a guide, leader, mentor, coach and teacher to me. You were also a great source of inspiration and motivation for me to forge on despite the obstacles I faced. You indeed lived a well-spent life. Till we meet again.

5. Words are insufficient to describe just how much you have impacted my life. Your teachings on financial freedom and stability were very much inspiring and timely. I learnt a great deal and I’m yet learning from it. You will be greatly missed.

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Funeral Tribute To A Great Man / Icon

1. To a hero who lived and transformed zeroes like me into a hero. You have played a key role in my transformation into the great person I am today. I salute you, great man. You live on in my heart.

2. Thank you for being the kind of woman you were. You taught me to be diligent, hardworking and patient. I will always remember your teachings.

3. Your impact on the community lives on Sir. Though you are no more now, yet, your works live on. You will be greatly missed.

4. We all miss the presence of a God-fearing and industrious leader like [deceased name]. No doubt, s/he left for us the blueprint of what true leadership means. S/he will be greatly missed.

5. Since the time he passed away, there has been a noticeable void in this industry. We truly miss the talent and skill of [title and name of deceased].

Tribute To Someone Who Passed Away

If there is anything we do not wish for but is yet necessary, it is death. Death, we might say is cruel but it is necessary for the survival and continuation of the human race and life generally on earth.

Take, for example, the food you eat, if there was no death, there would be no vegetables or meat for you to eat and grow.

When people pass away, the experience can vary from sweet to sour based on the kind of life the deceased lived.

Either way, one common thing that happens all over the globe when someone passes away to the great beyond, is that tributes are usually written to them as a form of respect and honor for them.

This write-up contains a list of such tributes to someone who passed away that can be likened to various tributes that have been written on earth.

1. [Person’s name] was a great example to us of humility and helpfulness. S/he will be greatly missed.

2. It has been a delight getting to meet and know a person like you in life. You helped groom and shape me into the successful man I am today. I miss you terribly.

3. Although we all wished for you to still be with us, your Maker has decided that it is now time you rest from your labors on this earth. You have been a blessing to several lives and will be greatly missed.

4. There was no dull moment when [deceased name] was around. S/he always made the environment lively and exciting. We all miss you.

5. You lived a fulfilled life and left a good legacy for us all to follow. You lived well and to the fullest. We miss you.

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Short Examples of Funeral Tributes

6. Your love for God and His people was a challenge to us all. We love you but God loves you more. Till we meet again.

7. You not only taught us basic life principles, but you also exemplified them with the way you lived. For this and much more than words can describe, you will be missed.

8. Dear [deceased name], I still can’t bear the reality that you are no more on earth. You left without saying goodbye. Your works nevertheless, yet speak on. Till we meet again.

9. Our lives were made better because you stepped into them and made an indelible mark and impact. We miss you being around but your works still live on.

10. Dear [deceased name], the beautiful memories you left behind will never fade away. They remain evergreen and fresh in our hearts. Till we meet again.

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