Positive Training Feedback Comments

[2024] Samples Of Positive Training Feedback Comments

Welcome to a space where the echoes of encouragement reverberate and the seeds of success are sown – our celebration of “Positive Training Feedback Comments.” In the dynamic world of education and professional development, the impact of positive reinforcement cannot be overstated.

Have you just participated in a training that met your expectations and would like to give a positive training feedback comment to the organizers?

This post is a tribute to the trainers, mentors, and educators who understand that learning thrives in an atmosphere of encouragement and support.

Join us as we dive into a collection of uplifting comments that go beyond just acknowledging progress; they serve as catalysts for growth and inspiration. From the classroom to the virtual training space, each positive feedback comment encapsulates the transformative power of optimism in the learning journey.

Let this exploration be a testament to the belief that words of encouragement are not merely affirmations; they are the driving force behind the realization of individual and collective potential.

With the list of positive training feedback comments that we have arranged in this write-up, you will be able to come up with your unique comment to send to them.

Positive Training Feedback Comments

1. “Your training style is a beacon of positivity, turning learning into an uplifting journey of growth.”

2. “In the classroom of your training, every lesson is a brushstroke of encouragement, painting a picture of success.”

3. “Your training sessions are a testament to the power of positivity, transforming knowledge into inspiration.”

4. “Positive reinforcement flows seamlessly through your training, creating an environment where learning flourishes.”

5. “As a trainer, your ability to infuse positivity into every lesson is a true gift, making the educational experience truly enriching.”

6. “Your training feedback is a melody of encouragement, resonating long after the lessons have concluded.”

7. “In the realm of education, your positive training feedback is a catalyst for continuous improvement and excellence.”

8. “Your training methods are a breath of fresh air, filling the learning space with optimism and a can-do attitude.”

9. “Positive feedback from your training sessions is a testament to your skill in cultivating a nurturing and empowering learning environment.”

10. “Each word of encouragement in your feedback is a stepping stone towards the success of those you train.”

11. “Your training feedback is a shower of positivity, nurturing the seeds of knowledge planted in each participant.”

12. “In the world of training, your positive feedback is the wind beneath the wings of progress, propelling learners towards their full potential.

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Feedback After Training Session

Training sessions are organized across all spheres and walks of life be it in an academic setting, entertainment, sports, the business world, financial industries, electrical industries and so on. This is to ensure that people are up-skilled to meet up with the novel challenges of the day.

Thus, after a training session, in whatever setting, trainers will always like to get feedback to know just how effective the training was. Sometimes, this feedback can be in form of written or oral exams but most often, trainers just want to know the thoughts of the trainees during the training session.

This feedback might be positive or negative depending on the participant and other factors. In this write-up, we have gathered a list of feedback after training session that you can use after participating in a training session.


1. I would like to extend my gratitude to the organizers of this training session. Not only was this training insightful, but the handout given was also very elaborative and interesting.

2. This training is the best I have attended so far on [xyz]. I can’t wait to explore the skills I have garnered in the course of this training.

3. The speakers at this training were just so exceptional. The teaching was very exceptional and easy to understand.

4. This training was very interactive and engaging. It made it easy for opinions regarding [xyz] to be shared among the participants.

5. I enjoyed the training anchored by [person’s name]. He backed it up with practical, real-life experiences.

6. The training was innovative and mind enlarging. Rather than teach us everything, we were made to reason out the ‘why’ behind things and solve problems on our own.

7. Even though the training materials were voluminous, the concepts about the training were very much detailed and self-explanatory.

8. This training supersedes by far any training I have attended thus far. I could wish it didn’t end. Thanks a lot to the facilitators.


1. Unlike the previous annual edition of this training, this year’s edition seemed to be below the standard. There was little or no time to apply the theories learnt in the training practically.

2. The training was very insightful overall but started far behind the scheduled time and made me stay longer than planned.

3. The trainer dwelt too much on the theory and didn’t give time to the practical aspect.

4. The training was very insightful and timely. However, I would suggest that better arrangements should be made for audio quality as those of us behind could barely hear the trainer audibly.

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Feedback On Online Training Session

The beauty of the 21st century is that training can be held online without the people gathering physically especially when it has to deal with learning how to use an application or has to do with the internet and also when trying to be cost-effective.

An online training session has a very similar outcome to training held onsite. The outcome might have some little differences due to various factors like internet connectivity but it has proven to be as efficient as onsite training (in some cases) so most organizations make use of this medium.

To know if they were able to meet their targets for the online training session, trainers demand feedback from the participants of that training. This will help them put several things in place that may be lacking at that time in future meetings.

If you need to give feedback on an online training session you’ve just attended, you can go through this list of feedback on online training sessions we have compiled in this write-up and choose the one that resonates with your feelings.

1. The training by [Facilitator’s name] was awesome! I could wish his session didn’t end. It was overall an enlightening experience.

2. The online training was well organized and followed the time scheduled for each session. I enjoyed it.

3. The online training was very informative and my questions were thoroughly answered. I look forward to applying the skills I’ve gained to my profession.

4. The training was very excellent. I was able to follow through on all that the facilitator was teaching.

5. The online training was very engaging and proved extremely relevant to my job. I am going to apply all I’ve learnt to my job.

6. The online training session was very engaging and the instructor made sure no participant was left behind.

7. Kudos to the organizers of this online training! It was exactly what I needed at the moment to progress in my career.

8. A big thank you to the facilitators of this training. The delivery of the lectures was concise and excellent.

9. Thanks for making this online training very engaging and attending to the questions of the participants. I was able to gain a lot from this.

10. Thank you so much for bringing this training to bear. I would recommend it to others.

11. This online training was very innovative and practical in all aspects. More so, participants were allowed to make their contributions too. Kudos to the organizing team!

12. Thank you for organizing this online training. I was able to connect with skilled professionals across the globe.

Positive Comments For Facilitator

A facilitator chairs the course of a training event. S/he provides the mental or skill acquisition resource for the participants to be trained effectively. More so, s/he is responsible for making sure that there is maximum participation by the trainees and a lot of other things that a facilitator does.

To be effective on their job, facilitators go through a lot of research to know how to efficiently communicate and are also up-to-date on what they will be training on. They prepare to answer the questions of their trainers and ultimately, to ensure the trainers benefit maximally from the training session.

To be sure that they’ve been effective in training, facilitators usually request comments from the trainees after an event to know how successful they were.

If you’ve just participated in training and were impressed by the facilitator and would like to give a positive comment, you can simply go through this list of positive comments for facilitator that we have compiled in this write-up and use them.

1. “A skilled facilitator is the architect of productive conversations, shaping ideas into collaborative masterpieces.”

2. “Guiding with grace, a facilitator transforms discussions into journeys of discovery, fostering positivity at every turn.”

3. “In the hands of a skilled facilitator, discussions become symphonies of diverse voices, harmonizing towards common understanding.”

4. “Facilitators are the catalysts of collaboration, turning the spark of ideas into the flames of collective achievement.”

5. “A facilitator’s true art lies in the ability to weave threads of different perspectives into the tapestry of shared success.”

6. “Facilitators are the gardeners of fruitful discussions, cultivating an environment where ideas blossom into meaningful outcomes.”

7. “A skilled facilitator is a beacon of positivity, guiding teams through the storms of uncertainty towards the shores of clarity.”

8. “Facilitators are maestros orchestrating the dance of ideas, ensuring every step leads to a positive and constructive outcome.”

9. “With the gentle touch of a facilitator, discussions become gardens of inspiration, nurturing the growth of innovative thinking.”

10. “Facilitators are the architects of synergy, building bridges of understanding that connect diverse minds towards common goals.”

11. “In the realm of collaboration, a facilitator’s positive influence is the compass that navigates teams towards shared success.”

12. “Facilitators are alchemists of positivity, transmuting challenges into opportunities and discussions into achievements.”

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Course Feedback Comments Examples

Taking a course, online or otherwise, means one is passionate about knowledge in a particular area and therefore, signed up for it. After successfully going through the course, the tutors will like to know your expectations after taking it.

They do so by requesting course feedback comments. They do this specifically to know how they can improve on the course for those who will be taking it in the future and to also know how it benefited those who took it at that time. This method of feedback is what has led to several upgrades we see in the mobile devices and applications we use. The same applies to taking a course.

In this write-up, we have arranged a list, of course, feedback comments examples so you don’t have to worry about what to say when giving feedback after taking a course.

1. Best course ever! The tutor was just amazingly good at his job.

2. Thank you very much for this course. It is exactly what I wanted.

3. Thanks a whole lot for putting up this fantastic course. I can now confidently say that I understand [xyz] very well.

4. I initially had my doubts before taking this course but I’m so happy I took it eventually.

5. The tutors on this course were just so good. They simplified the theoretical and abstract concepts and made it so easy to understand.

6. I am very glad I took this course. It has helped my understanding of [xyz] to a great extent. Kudos to the instructors.

7. It was a thrilling experience. The skills I’ve gotten from taking this course will help advance my career. Thanks so much.

8. This course is very valuable for those in [profession]. I highly recommend it to everyone seeking to excel in [profession].

9. Bravo! Great course and fantastic tutors.

10. These [x] days taking [course title] have been a wonderful adventure for me. I have been able to unlearn wrong concepts and learn new concepts as well. Thumbs up to the indefatigable tutor!

11. The instructor is an embodiment of knowledge. She took her time to give detailed answers to the questions we asked her. She is truly a genius!

12. This course was taught clearly and concisely. The tutor was outstandingly thorough in putting us through the difficult concepts.

How To Give Feedback On Training Examples

After attending or participating in a training session, the facilitators know it’s best to get feedback from participants to find out if the training met their expectations or was effective. They might do this by handing out questionnaires or just asking participants to express themselves on how the training was.

This helps them to be sure the training was effective or not and also how they can make it better for future participants. Therefore, giving feedback on training is almost as important as the training in itself and it is important you know just how to give feedback on training.

If you don’t seem to know where to start in giving feedback after a training session, never mind. In this write-up, we’ll show you how to give feedback on training with example after which you will be able to come up with feedback of your own.

• Be brief

It is very important to note that when giving feedback on training, it must be concise and straight to the point. Don’t go about talking about unimportant and unnecessary matters that have little or nothing to do with what the facilitator or trainer expects from you.

• Speak about the value you got from the training and how you will apply it to your current status-quo

When giving feedback on training, you should include in it the value you got from the training session. This will help the organizers of the training know just how effective they were. Besides, by writing on how this value will be instrumental to advancing your career or profession, the facilitators of the training rest assured that they delivered on the job.

• Appreciate the facilitators

More so, when writing feedback, it will also be nice to give credit to the facilitators of the training. They put in their time and energy to ensure participants get value from the training session. Therefore, after writing about the value you got from the training, you should also include in your feedback appreciation to the facilitator.

Short Sample Feedback Report After Training

Now, let’s have a look at a few examples of how to give feedback on training applying these principles.

1. Today’s training session was awesome. I have been able to gain insight into [xyz] and I hope to apply it in my current role as a [title of position]. Big thanks to the astute facilitator.

2. I am so glad I took part in today’s training session. The facilitator made it so easy to understand. I am thrilled.

3. I enjoyed every bit of the training session today. I look forward to applying the use of [xyz] in my profession. Huge thanks to the facilitator of the training.

4. This training just happened to come at the right time for me in my career. I have been able to master the tools I need in my day-to-day activity at work just because of it. Thank you for putting up this wonderful training session.

5. The training superseded by far my expectations. It has been a worthwhile experience learning about the novel innovations in [xyz]. This will serve as a huge boost to my career. Thanks to the amazing facilitator.

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