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60 Party Invitation Text Message Sample For Friends Or Colleagues

Get ready to hit send and spread the excitement!

In this post, we’ve crafted the perfect party invitation text message samples that will have your friends marking their calendars and counting down the days. From casual get-togethers to epic celebrations, these messages strike the right balance of enthusiasm and details to ensure your event is the talk of the town.

So, whether you’re planning a night of dancing, a cozy gathering, or a themed fiesta, grab your phone and let the invitations fly with these engaging and inviting text message samples.

Overall, a well-written party invitation article can help to ensure that your guests are informed and excited about your event. By providing all the necessary information in a clear and engaging way, you can help to ensure that your party is a success and that your guests have a great time.

Below are some party invitation text message sample that you may use without racking your head.

Party Invitation Text Message Sample

Are you stuck on how to send a party invite by text? We have a party invitation text message sample list for you to choose from.

1. Your honorable presence is requested at _ on _ for a cocktail party by 6:30 pm. If you’ll be in attendance, reply Add One to this message.

2. Kelvin and Brothers Inc. invite you to a corporate cocktail party to be held on _. It will be full of food, drinks, insightful discussions, and networking. See you!

3. We’re inviting you to my bachelorette party on _. It’s the last night I’ll be single and I want you to celebrate this moment with my girls. I hope to see you.

4. It’s been forever since we connected over wine. Life has pulled us in different directions. Let’s have a kitty party. You can bring anything you’d like. I’ll make sure the best food and drinks are served. Let me know if you’ll come.

5. We’re hosting a secret bachelor’s party for our friend. He’s about to get snagged and it’s his last night as a single man. Come and help us make the party the wildest ever. See you there.

6. We are hosting a retirement party for Sir Elton. He has served us to the best of his ability and this company has flourished thanks to his giving nature. We invite you to celebrate the kind of man he is. Details of the party have been sent to the group.

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Office Party Invitation Message

Have you ever written an office party invitation message? No? Well, we’ve got some examples for you:

1. Without you, the office party we’re hosting will be no fun. We would feel honored if you attend on _. The venue and time will be sent to your mail, if you agree.

2. You’re one of the most important people in this organization so I’ll be committing a crime if I don’t invite you for our short office get-together. Your presence on _ will mean a lot to us. Here are the party details.

3. It’s time to take our professional relationship a notch higher. That’s why we’re organizing an office party so we can get to know each other on a more personal basis. You are invited to join us on _ at _ by _.

4. We’ve recorded more success in this past quarter than all the years put together, and this calls for a celebration. We’re inviting everyone to a huge party at _. More details will be sent to the group chat. I hope you’ll be there.

5. We’ve worked so hard all month. It’s time to take off our professional hats for a while and relax. There’ll be a party at the office arena with lots of food and drinks. You are invited. Please come in your best party clothes.

6. A committee has been set up to organize an office party for the leaders. We’ll be holding it at the office by _. But this party won’t be complete without you, our boss. Your presence is most highly required. I hope to see you there.

7. We’re excelling at this company because of your expertise and knowledge. To appreciate you for being the reason behind our company’s achievements, you are invited to the office party we’re organizing this weekend. I’ve sent the details to your mail. We hope you’ll make it.

8. What’s the point of throwing this party without the one with a banging sense of humor? We’ll be having a get-together this Friday. Wear a party dress and bring your joyful self. See you there.

Funny Party Invitation Message

Sending a funny party invitation message can take your party to a 100. If you’re looking to explore this style, we’ve got some interesting examples for you:

1. Every party needs a great entertainer. Since entertainers these days are unnecessarily expensive, we’re inviting you instead. The party is in two weeks. I’ll forward the details to your inbox. Please be there.

2. We’ve organized a sendoff party for you on _. We have the best hostess on the block, my wife. However, the food may not be friendly to your taste buds. But you’re still invited.

3. Hey you! We’re throwing this fantastic masquerade ball at our new residence, and as the amazing friend that you are, you’re invited. We’ll appreciate it more if you come with a lot of gifts. We won’t stop smiling, I promise.

4. Our old friends from high school and I are organizing a mini-party. As our highly esteemed class clown, your presence is desperately needed. Come with your crazy humor as we’ll be partying all night.

5. As my favorite foodie, you’re invited to my birthday bash. There will be loads of food and I don’t want any to waste. Come on an empty stomach and some extra bags if you can. The details are in your dm. See you there.

6. Come and show me some love on _. The dress code is tuxedo so you’ll finally get to wear a suit. Oh and bring a preferably expensive gift. I want to see how much you love me.

Invitation Message For Party

Looking for a simple invitation message for party? Keep reading.

1. I’ve got great news for you. I’m having a party and you’re invited. All I want is for you to forget all the bad things that have happened for a day and put on your party cap. Cheers to seeing you there.

2. For no reason, Brandy and I are throwing a semi-formal party. All we want is to appreciate the important people we have in our lives, and you’re one of them. Please attend this party. It would mean the world to us.

3. It’s been forever since we had a party. I feel I may not plan this well. I need you beside me at this party. Please don’t say no, because I’m waiting for you to show up. The date is _.

4. My sister insists on me being formal so I formally invite you to the Macpherson’s Brunch party. We need to give thanks to God for keeping us alive. There will be plenty of food, snacks, and busyness to keep our bodies happy. I request you make it on time.

5. No matter what flavor you like, you’ll find it at our party tomorrow evening. Please join us for a mini-banquet on _. The table will eagerly await its lovers and the chef will cook a storm. See you tomorrow.

6. You are cordially invited to be my party guest on _. I’ve arranged a dinner party with the most delectable dishes you’ve ever seen. It’ll be great if you join me. I promise you’ll be spoiled for fun.

7. Good food and good friends are a powerful combo. You’re invited to our buffet on _. Let’s catch up on life over desserts and delicacies. See you there.

8. Hey _, my roomie and I are planning to throw a _ to mark our graduation. You’re invited to share in our joy. Feel free to bring gifts, I promise we will accept them. Here are more details about the party.

Party Invitation Message For Friends

Use one or more of the listed party invitation message for friends to invite a friend today.

1. Hey Party People! Join us for a night of laughter, music, and good vibes at [Your Name]’s place on [Date]. Let’s make some unforgettable memories together!

2. Get ready to dance the night away! Join us for a fantastic party at [Your Address] on [Date]. The more, the merrier! See you there!

3. It’s time to celebrate! Join us for a night of fun, food, and fabulous company at [Your Name]’s Party Palace on [Date]. Don’t miss out on the good times!

4. Lights, camera, PARTY! You’re invited to [Your Name]’s epic bash on [Date] at [Your Address]. Let’s paint the town with joy and laughter!

5. Break out your dancing shoes! Join us for a night of rhythm and revelry at [Your Name]’s dance extravaganza on [Date]. It’s going to be a blast!

6. Cheers to friendship! You’re cordially invited to raise a glass and celebrate good times at [Your Address] on [Date]. Let’s make it a night to remember!

7. Time to sparkle and shine! Join us for a glitzy and glamorous party at [Your Name]’s crib on [Date]. Dress to impress, and let’s make this night fabulous!

8. Unleash the party animal in you! Join us for a wild and crazy night at [Your Address] on [Date]. It’s going to be a roaring good time!

9. Let the good times roll! You’re invited to a night of games, laughter, and good company at [Your Name]’s game night extravaganza on [Date]. Ready to play?

10. Fiesta time! Join us for a Mexican-themed fiesta at [Your Address] on [Date]. Get ready for delicious food, spicy tunes, and a whole lot of fun! See you there!

Get Together Party Invitation Message

Trying to get people to attend your get together? Pick a get together party invitation message from the examples below.

1. Gather ’round for a cozy evening! Join us for a laid-back get-together at [Your Name]’s place on [Date]. Good friends, good food, and good times – what more could you ask for?

2. Let’s catch up and unwind! You’re invited to a casual get-together at [Your Address] on [Date]. Come for the company, stay for the laughter. See you there!

3. It’s time for some quality time! Join us for a relaxed get-together at [Your Name]’s home on [Date]. Bring your smiles and stories – it’s going to be a wonderful evening.

4. Simple joys and good company! You’re warmly invited to a low-key get-together at [Your Address] on [Date]. Let’s share some laughs and make beautiful memories together.

5. No agenda, just good vibes! Join us for a chill get-together at [Your Name]’s place on [Date]. Whether you come for a moment or stay for the night, your presence is what matters most!

6. Cheers to friendship! Let’s come together for a relaxed evening of camaraderie at [Your Address] on [Date]. No frills, just friends. Can’t wait to see you there!

7. Casual hangs and good conversations! You’re invited to a laid-back get-together at [Your Name]’s spot on [Date]. Bring your favorite snack and enjoy a casual night with friends. See you soon!

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