Long Painful Message To Your Boyfriend

50 Short And Long Painful Message To Your Boyfriend

Every relationship begins with butterfly feelings in the tummy. The couple are enamored of each other. They can’t seem to stay away. As time passes, certain situations read their ugly heads, which can hurt one or both parties.

It’s unhealthy to keep silent when your partner hurts you. It’s much better to express yourself so that the negative feelings can quickly dissipate. One way to do so is by sending a long painful message to your boyfriend. He will become aware of the effect of his actions on you and, hopefully, address them.

One of the worst things you can do for your health is bottle up offenses. You might as well be drinking poison and expect your boyfriend to die. He is a human being, so rather than pile issues, address them so you can continue your relationship.

If, after you’ve sent a long painful message to your boyfriend, there’s no resolution, sometimes the best action to take is to leave. Exposure to consistent hurt is damaging to your well-being.

Gather your self-respect and say goodbye with a long painful message to your boyfriend from this article. You will retain your peace and sanity in the long run.

Painful Message To A Cheating Boyfriend

When your boyfriend cheats on you, he is telling you he doesn’t see a future with you. You’re not in his long-term plans. This can hurt you badly, especially if you’re in love with him. You may even have envisioned walking down the aisle with him.

If your boyfriend has been unfaithful to you, vent your anger by sending a painful message to a cheating boyfriend.

1. What you did was appalling, and this is putting it lightly. Is your manhood so cheap that you compromised your entire self-respect for a 10-second pleasure? Look at how you’ve been reduced to thrash in my eyes. Heck! You’re despicable. I hope you lose everything you hold dear because of your stupidity. Goodbye for nothing.

2. If this is what love is, I think hatred is better. Your unfaithfulness is repulsive, but it’s more heart-wrenching to see you lack remorse. How can someone be so comfortable with pigsty behavior? Anyway, you’ve given yourself a one-way ticket out of this relationship. Good riddance!

3. I found myself second-guessing everything I’ve ever believed about love. Your actions made me feel less of a person. Thank God for therapy; I realized the messed up one was you. You’ve compromised on your integrity and, worse, with my own sister. Your reward is coming in full, and you’ll hate yourself for it. You both better keep your relationship going because it’ll be such a shame you gave up the diamond for mud.

4. No matter how much I want to hurt you, I can’t. The words can’t form in my mouth. I guess I’m too principled to let my pain make me bitchy. While I feel hurt and disappointed, I’m sure you’ll feel worse. You’ve damaged yourself, not me, and only people of poor character like yourself will flock around you. I wish you all the hell you’ve given me.

5. I’m never getting back to you even if a million pounds was given to me. I don’t want anything to do with you. You’re as good as dead to me. Henceforth, you cease to mean anything significant to me. Don’t bother texting or calling me because I will not answer you. You are unimportant.

6. I’ve had it up to my neck. I’m done fighting for this dead relationship. I’m done putting up with your constant betrayal. Get out of my life forever. Don’t bother getting anyone to talk to me. We’re done.

7. Never have I been treated worse than this. I’ve felt more lost than I ever should. I hope your actions pleased you. Did she satisfy you? Thanks to you, our relationship has reached a dead end. Maybe, you’ll realize how much hurt you’ve caused me and the relationships you’ve destroyed with your reckless act. Still, I hope no one listens to you.

8. It was foolish to try to build something with an ugly person. I’m taking back everything I gave you. Your behavior is so repulsive I gag at the mere thought of you. I can’t stand you anymore. Make sure your things are out before I get back.

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Long Painful Message To Your Boyfriend

In a relationship between two imperfect people, hurt is inevitable. Given the differences between the two people, there will be times when one partner steps out of line to the disappointment of the other. If you’ve been hurt by your boyfriend, bottling up may worsen the situation. Let him know how you feel by sending a long painful message to your boyfriend.

1. The biggest lie ever told us is that people change. Your actions have told me that situations only force the true nature of a person. Yours is worse than a pig’s.

2. You’re a hypocrite. Even after being caught in a twosome, you had the guts to say it was a mistake. The least you could have done was to tell someone your temptations if you didn’t trust me or at least avoid it. You know you wanted this, and you played right into it. So don’t think I’ll accept this dumb explanation from you. Now this is the last message I’ll send to you. Stay away from me.

3. Congratulations on being a world-class cheat and liar. I can’t believe I almost married one. Not only did you cheat on me and get her pregnant, but you tried to siphon money out of me for her. You’re the reason men are called scum of the earth. You deserve to eat with donkeys like a prodigal son. You have one week to refund the money I lent you, or we’ll meet in court.

4. You’ve become a reason why I don’t trust people easily. You’ve played me for a fool once before, and I forgive you. Thank you for showing me I made a bad decision. Your apologies mean nothing to me. You dare hurt me like this After everything we’ve been through. I pray others see you as a nobody.

5. It’s amazing how you were caught in the act, yet you validated yourself. You had the effrontery to blame me for your deceitful behavior. Can you get any lower? I’m not as hurt or angry anymore. Instead, I pity you. I pity the man you’ve become since you started rolling with those trashy friends of yours. You’ve now learned how to eat shit. This may be one time, but I know you’ll repeat yourself, and I refuse to take on your baggage.

6. I have to say you’re a smooth player. How were you able to dribble three women at once? Don’t tell me you were in love with all of us and couldn’t choose. No man is capable of committing to more than one woman. You only wanted to mess around. You’re the kind of man only dogs should date. May you meet a woman who treats you worse than you’ve treated me.

7. I’m ashamed to say I dated you. How could I be so blind not to see an animal like you? How does it feel peddling two women at once? You must have thought yourself a winner. Now you’ve lost both of us.

8. If I tripped on something, I would have had scars that easily healed. But you’ve trapped me emotionally, and it’s hard to break free. You’re the scum of the earth.

9. I now understand why you always took your time to dress well. I thought it was because you were conscious of your appearance. Now I know you did it to attract other women. You’re a bloody disgrace to men of this world.

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Painful Love Text Messages For Him

1. “Every beat of my heart reminds me of the pain you’ve caused. Love shouldn’t feel like a constant ache.”

2. “I used to believe that love was supposed to bring joy, but with you, it’s been nothing but tears and heartbreak.”

3. “Loving you has become synonymous with pain. It hurts to care for someone who only inflicts wounds upon my soul.”

4. “I’ve given you my heart, but all you’ve given me in return is an endless cycle of agony. I deserve better than this.”

5. “The way you’ve treated me has left me broken and battered. I can no longer endure the torment of a love so callous.”

6. “My love for you has turned into a thorny path, leaving scars that may never heal. I can’t bear the hurt any longer.”

7. “The pain you’ve caused me is like a dagger through my chest, a constant reminder of how little I mean to you.”

8. “Loving you feels like standing in a pouring rainstorm, waiting for you to offer me shelter, but you never do.”

9. “You’ve become a dark cloud looming over my heart, casting shadows of torment and anguish wherever I go.”

10. “It’s unbearable to love someone who doesn’t value my worth, someone who treats my heart as if it were disposable.”

11. “The love I had for you has become a prison of torment, where every moment spent with you is a sentence to agony.”

12. “I never imagined that the person I loved would be the one to cause me the most pain. It’s a cruel twist of fate.”

13. “The pain of your indifference cuts deeper than any physical wound. I’m left bleeding emotionally, with no sign of healing.”

14. “Loving you has been a lesson in heartache, a constant reminder that sometimes the person we love can hurt us the most.”

15. “I’m letting go of the pain you’ve brought into my life. It’s time to find happiness and love that doesn’t leave me shattered.”

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Sad Love Messages To Make Him Cry

1. “Sometimes, the hardest thing in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.”

2. “Every night, I find myself falling asleep with tears in my eyes, knowing that you’re not mine to hold.”

3. “You were my greatest joy, but now you’ve become my deepest sorrow. I miss the love we once had.”

4. “It hurts to know that we can’t be together, that our love story will remain unfinished and buried in my heart.”

5. “I wish you knew the pain I carry within me, the weight of a love that was never reciprocated.”

6. “Loving you was like trying to catch a shooting star — beautiful, but always just out of reach.”

7. “In the silence of the night, I whisper your name, hoping that somehow you’ll hear the echoes of my love.”

8. “You were the missing piece in my puzzle, but I’ve come to accept that some puzzles are meant to stay incomplete.”

9. “Every love song now reminds me of you, and it’s a bitter reminder of the love we lost.”

10. “I’ve realized that sometimes the greatest love stories are the ones that never get a chance to unfold.”

11. “When I think of you, tears become the ink that write the words of my broken heart.”

12. “Loving you taught me the depths of pain, but it also showed me that I’m capable of surviving even the darkest nights.”

13. “In your absence, my heart is aching, longing for the love that slipped through my fingers.”

14. “You were the storm that ravaged my soul, leaving behind only wreckage and shattered dreams.”

15. “They say time heals all wounds, but the scars you left on my heart are a constant reminder of the love I lost.”

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