A Message To My Ex Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

A Message To My Ex Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

In the realm of human connection, few experiences rival the complexities of saying goodbye to someone who once held a special place in our hearts.

Your relationship has ended and you’ve been left feeling extremely upset, you may be wondering, how can I send a message to my ex boyfriend that will make him cry?

It might be difficult to know where to begin after all you never thought of writing a message to my ex boyfriend that will make him cry.

This post is not crafted with the intent to wound or inflict pain, but rather to weave a narrative that resonates with the shared emotions, growth, and intimate moments that defined our past. As we explore the delicate dance between nostalgia and the promise of a new beginning, this message is an ode to the profound impact we had on each other’s lives.

Join me in a journey through heartfelt words that may stir tears, not of despair, but of recognition, understanding, and the bittersweet beauty of letting go.

This is a message that transcends time and distance, an acknowledgment of what once was, and a wish for healing and happiness in the days that lie ahead.

I’ve put together a collection of a message to my ex boyfriend that will make him cry in this article.

Keep reading for ideas.

A Message To My Ex Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

If you ended things with your boyfriend and you’re muttering to yourself, “I want to send a message to my ex boyfriend that will make him cry,” we’ve got you covered with the examples below:

1. I apologize for not being the girl you desired. I want you to meet someone who values you for everything you are, as you should. I wish you’d meet someone someday who would treat you better than I ever could. I’ll always adore you, so take care of yourself!

2. I have to let you go, even if it pains me to say it. I wish the best for you because you deserve better than I can give. Keep in mind that you will always have friends and family who care for you. Love is a sensation that should be respected and maintained rather than clinging to something that will never bring you true happiness.

3. I shall reflect on our great moments together at this time and location. I still find it difficult to say goodbye to you for good. You will always have a special place in my heart.

4. Hey dude! I hope everything is fine with you. It’s me. You are one of my closest friends, and I detest seeing you in this situation. Since we split up, things have changed, but you remain the same person. I would start by calling you to set things straight once more.

5. I’ll always adore you, but I’m at my limit right now. I’d like to view myself as you do, but I can’t seem to discover that person. I’ve changed because of you in so many ways, and I’ll always be appreciative. We’ve gone a long way, and I’ll never forget who we were. It’s time to part ways; perhaps our paths will cross again someday in the future.

6. I am thinking of you after everything we have been through. And you will continue to appear in my dreams. If a day passes without you thinking of me, just keep in mind that once upon a time there was a girl who loved a boy so intensely he was blinded by love. She still adores him and finds it impossible to live without him.

7. It’s so difficult not to have you around any longer. I cherish our time spent together and long for it constantly. I miss hearing your voice, smelling your clothes when it was fresh, and hearing your heartbeat next to mine. Even though it all simply vanishes into a distant memory, it still comes back to me.

8. My beloved former partner, I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and how much I cherish having you in my life. Although we have split up, I will always treasure the excellent times we shared till the day I pass away.

9. Because of the wonderful calm and happiness that your love painted into my life, I won’t ever forget any of the moments we spent together. You are my closest companion, my love, and my inspiration.

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Goodbye Message For Ex Boyfriend

Sending a goodbye message for ex boyfriend can be a great way to give yourself the closure you deserve.

Get started now with the following ideas.

1. All of your pictures and texts are simple for me to remove, but I might never be able to do so with my memories of you. That must be the cost I pay for falling hopelessly in love with you. Goodbye.

2. Even though we may be parting ways today, a piece of you will remain with me until the day my heart stops beating.

3. Your life would likely be happier without me in it, based on all the evidence. I’ve decided to depart because I don’t want to stop you from finding happiness in life. Goodbye and take care.

4. Without a doubt, being without you will be among the most agonizing things I will ever go through. Nevertheless, as you continue your earthly adventure without me, I wish you nothing but the best. Goodbye.

5. Our relationship is over and has passed into eternity. I have no choice but to take this bitter pill and continue living my life.

6. Our relationship was perfect, but lately, things have gotten worse. I suppose it’s time for us to part ways. No, I will always remember you.

7. Please know that when I say goodbye to you and our relationship for good, I will always love you and cherish special memories of you in every cell of my being.

8. I don’t mean to leave you today by saying I don’t love you. I still adore you and give you a lot of thought.

9. One of the worst disasters in my life was the breakdown of our relationship. But what has happened has happened. Goodbye.

10. We adore one another deeply. We weren’t meant to be soul mates, which is the only issue. I believe that ending things now is best for us both.

11. You weren’t ready to share your life with me, even though I wanted to spend my entire life with you and only you. I respect the choice you made and I’m leaving your life today.

12. I had you, then you took off, leaving me alone. Despite how much it aches, I can tolerate it. Goodbye.

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Short Message For Ex Boyfriend / Girlfriend

Even after a relationship is over, there may still be something you want to tell your ex.

However, it’s best to keep things short and simple.

Use the examples below to craft a short message for ex boyfriend / girlfriend.

1. My heart continues to beat just for you. I still anticipate your presence beside me. The heart is the one that still misses you dearly. I will always remember you.

2. You are missed. I miss you. The mind grows incredibly impatient. Again, I need your touch. I need to feel you once again. Once more, I want to hug you. I still adore you very much. Come to me, please.

3. I miss spending time with you. I miss going on walks with you. I long for the hands that have always gripped me securely. I long for your affection. I miss those times.

4. My life now seems like a burden. I’m so sick of living. I am the issue, and “You” are the answer to the issue. I, therefore, need you to understand me.

5. Your departure has stopped my world in its tracks. Every time I think of you, every time I crave your care. My memories of the past are still with you, and my heart is still there. Still, I care deeply for you.

6. Despite my efforts, I was unable to contact you. All by myself, I feel lonely. Please allow slumber to fill my eyes as I cry myself to sleep tonight. I do need you. I miss you.

7. I long for your voice. I miss your rage, your intense love, your grin, your wonderful melodies, your concern, and your dominance. I also miss your anger. I desperately miss you. Can we talk?

8. I had a thousand nights where I couldn’t sleep. I look forward to your night with a text every night. Yet alas! You didn’t send even one text, I’m sorry. I need your “night wish text” if I’m going to get a good night’s rest.

9. You being absent from my life causes me suffering. I’ve gone nuts from this particular discomfort. There isn’t a single time without you that I can recall, but it hurts more to know I can’t have you anymore.

10. I’ll continue to have a strong, exclusive affection for you in my head. The days have become longer, but my tranquility has not returned because of the love I feel for you.

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Emotional Message To Your Ex Boyfriend

It’s okay if you’re still feeling emotional about your ex boyfriend, especially if you’ve been dating for a long time.

If you want to capitalize on your emotional state to connect with him, or you just want him to know how you feel about the breakup, take advantage of the examples below to write your own emotional message to your ex boyfriend.

1. I’ve known you loved me for the months that we’ve been together. Now I am certain of it. That is why I am finding this breakup so difficult. You had to think long and hard before you decided to let me go and tell me how you felt. You did everything you could to keep our relationship going, but in the end, I was just no longer happy, and that is not your fault. We can only hope that in the future we will chuckle at how absurdly everything turned out.

2. I wanted to apologize. I hope you take the time to express how much you mean to me. You are more resilient than this. We will succeed, even though it may seem impossible right now. You can ask me for anything you need since I still love you.

3. You were and always will be my first love. I’m so grateful for the enjoyable days we had together. I appreciate all of the suggestions, jokes, and teasing. The memories we created together are ones I will cherish forever. I will always love you.

4. Let me begin by saying it’s unbelievable that you left! I can’t believe we are done. I apologize for the things I did and all of my careless blunders. I apologize for not treating our relationship with the respect it deserved and for taking you for granted. Even after all this time has passed, I will always adore you. You were, are, and will always be my everything. No matter where you go or what you do.

5. Looking at old photos of us, I was simply reflecting on how much we’ve gone through. We both had such a broad grin on one of the older pictures that I couldn’t help but think the silly man I’ve fallen in love with is the same one. We always have each other, and that won’t change no matter what occurs in life, I believe.

6. I was hesitant to love you. I never wanted it, but when you entered my life, I was left with no other option. You came in and gave me a heart attack, left me out of breath, and weakened my resolve. It was the finest moment of my life, and I will always remember the wonderful days we had together. I’ve never experienced it with anybody else, but now that we’re no longer together, it’s time for me to go on and find happiness once more. I love you.

7. You were both my lover and my greatest friend. I enjoyed being with you. Even if we aren’t together anymore, a piece of my heart will always belong to you. My affection is still with you.

8. If we’re being honest, I’m not exactly pleased right now, but I love you and I’m so sorry that it had to be this way. As much as it hurts me, I have every right to keep you safe and do my best to make you happy, but I can’t do that without betraying you. I’m sad this is where we are.

9. I cherish you. Do you think we can make things work, even though I realize it could be too soon? I’m aware that you are the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I cherish how unique you are to me. You are more than I could have ever imagined, and the idea of losing you has left me shattered.

10. You are missed. I miss your face, voice, and grin. I miss our discussions and all the time we used to spend together just chatting about our plans for our life. But I get it, it’s over.

This Will Be My Last Message To You

If you want to send a final message to your ex, and you don’t want to begin with the cliche this will be my last message to you, listed below are variations you can use.

1. That’s it. This is the last farewell. I want to express my gratitude for being my best friend, who I will always adore with all of my heart. I’m very happy we completed it together. Baby, goodbye. You will be sorely missed.

2. Any conclusion will always be challenging. We’re not good for one another, and it’s better if we go our separate ways, so I’m leaving you with a piece of myself that I will never get back. I appreciate you being a great boyfriend.

3. I’m genuinely depressed about us. I hope all goes well for you in the future and will always be grateful for the nice moments we had together.

4. I am ok. Yes, this is challenging, but we’ve been challenging one another for a while. We both deserve to be happy since we are wonderful people. You made a great partner.

5. Hi boyfriend! You were a wonderful friend to me. You always loved me, but now it’s time to let go. I appreciate the days we had together and appreciate having you in my life. Best wishes for the future and I hope you discover joy and love once more.

6. I realize this is difficult for you, but I’m doing my best to get past this. It’s time to let go, therefore I want to thank you for your love and understanding. Best wishes.

7. Everything excellent has to come to an end. The time to let go is now. I appreciate all of our fun moments and the memories they provide. I’ll miss you, ex-boyfriend. I’m hoping you’ll find love once more. I appreciate you loving me and being there for me as my partner.

8. It’s time to let go even though you were a terrific boyfriend to me. I’m appreciative of the affection and memories we had when we were together. Although I shall miss you terribly, I realize that this is our final farewell. I wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavors.

Saddest Unexpected Goodbye Quotes

Sometimes a quote is the best way to express your feelings.

We’ve provided some of the saddest unexpected goodbye quotes you can send to your ex.

1. Sometimes saying goodbye is painful, sad, and even heartbreaking, but I smile since I know that you are always mine, and distance will never change that. I bid you farewell.

2. We’ve been together for such a long time that I never considered how tough saying goodbye would be, but you still have to do it. So, goodbye.

3. If goodbyes could have been killed, it would have been better since the one I must send to you stabs my heart like a knife wound.

4. I’m not sure I dare to wave you off, say goodbye, and wish you well while turning my back on you since I know you may easily forget me. I must, therefore I must go immediately.

5. I wish you Godspeed even though I would want to keep you around forever since development and change are largely unavoidable. I bid you farewell.

Heart Touching Goodbye Message For Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

Make your final message an emotional one with this list of heart touching goodbye message for girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. I was appreciative of the love, encouragement, and memories we were able to create together. Now that it’s over, it’s time to let go and go on with our lives.

2. I’m in disbelief that we are no more. If not, I hope you have a fantastic life and understand how much I care for you. If you haven’t already met the love of your life, I sincerely hope you do so soon and that we may reconnect eventually.

3. It’s time to part ways and get on with your life. You were a terrific boyfriend/girlfriend to me, but we must now say our last goodbyes. I appreciate everything we accomplished together and I wish you luck in finding the right person for the future.

4. I will always have you in my heart and be grateful for the experiences we had. I cherish you. The happy moments will always be cherished, but it’s time to move on.

5. I want to express my gratitude for supporting me when I most needed it. You were always a rainbow after the storm and the sunlight on my cloudy days. Despite the length of time I’ve spent with you, I know it’s time for us to part ways. I wish you luck in finding someone who will treat you better than I did.

6. I appreciate you for being a wonderful boyfriend/girlfriend to me. I am thankful for the affection and memories we enjoyed when we were together since you were the finest boyfriend/girlfriend I’ve ever had. I’m sorry to see you depart, but it’s over.

7. Goodbye, my darling, and never forget that you were the finest boyfriend/girlfriend I could have asked for. I will always treasure the times we spent together. Best wishes as we move forward with our lives and let go of the past.

Message To My Ex Boyfriend That I Still Love

If you’re in love with your ex boyfriend and you feel stuck about reaching out to him, select one message to my ex boyfriend that i still love from the list below:

1. You are ignoring me, I know. I am aware that you do not wish to be at my side. I am aware that you no longer like me, and that reading my texts hurts your feelings. However much you hate being with me, my heart will always adore you.

2. According to all of my friends, I don’t deserve your heartlessness and you don’t deserve my affection. However, I will always go in the direction that my heart is directing, which is always in your direction.

3. Since the day you removed me from your life, I have been sinking into a pit with no bottom. Until you come and grab me, I’ll keep falling.

4. I don’t give a damn if you shatter my heart three times. My life’s addiction, dependency, and vice is your love.

5. Despite the distance you’ve put between us, I still rely on your affection to get by in life. Though you’ve traveled far, I still think about you frequently. I may be progressing in life, but you seem to be stuck in misery and conflict.

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