Wishes For Someone Going Abroad To Work

[2023] Wishes For Someone Going Abroad To Work / Study

It’s a natural desire to seek greener pastures across different areas of life. Many times, people go abroad to get better career prospects for themselves or their families.

While it can be daunting to say goodbye, It’s important to give your best wishes and share in the person’s joy.

I understand it can be hard to come up with heart melting wishes for someone going abroad to work. In fact, it’s easier to just say goodbye or some short, catchy phrase.

However, remember that that person may not be physically present for a long time, so your wishes for someone going abroad to work must be impactful and meaningful.

We’ve curated some interesting and deeply personal ideas to help you make memorable wishes for someone going abroad to work.

Wishes For Someone Going Abroad To Work

We often get attached to the people we spend a lot of time with, so when they have to leave, we can’t imagine living without them. Despite that, it’s necessary to say your best wishes for someone going abroad to work. This will let them know you care. Check the examples below for inspiration.

1. Your career is about to grow in leaps and bounds. I feel proud of you for making this bold move. May this new chapter of your life bring you joy and happiness.

2. Well done for choosing to explore the frontiers of your career. In no time, I’m sure you will be among the top in your industry. While you chase success, make sure you enjoy the journey, for that’s where life really is.

3. May your journey be smooth and adventurous. I wish you speedy success in your new job. Keep making us proud with your good work and character.

4. I have watched you grow steadily, and I’m pleased to have you as my son. You’ve become a man much better than I would ever be. What more can a father ask for? I wish you well in your new path. Go in peace.

5. I’m both happy and sad. Happy you’ve got your dream job and sad we won’t get to meet at the bar. You better make it over there so we’ll know this was worth it. Thank you for showing us we can succeed if we dream big.

6. We’ve done what we can, but there’s more out there for you. You can only achieve professional heights if you go abroad. Well done for stepping outside your comfort zone. Though the road may be hard and tedious, you’ll have a good reward at the end.

7. You have a great destiny to fulfill. There’s so much in you the world is yet to see. Making this move is a wise decision. May your contribution abroad be on a bigger scale. You have my best wishes.

8. Your professional career has always been a glorified one. It’s great to see you’re taking things several notches up. I wish you a great life.

Wishes For Someone Going Abroad To Study

You probably feel over the moon on finding out your friend is going abroad for a foreign study. Then the realization hits that you won’t be spending time for a while. Even the sinking feeling you may never see them again haunts you.

Nevertheless, you need to send your good wishes. Your friend needs more than your apprehension. You can use any of the listed wishes for someone going abroad to study.

1. I feel almost jealous that you’ll be taking your education to a higher level over there. You’re practically a foreigner now. I pray you stay focused. It took a lot to get there. May you achieve academic success.

2. I hope this academic move takes you higher in your career. May you find your passion and maximize every bit of it. Keep soaring.

3. I’ve always known you were made for the skies, so when I heard you won a scholarship to study abroad, I smiled. I wish you come out top of your class and a sign and wonder to your world.

4. I’m over the moon to know that my friend and longtime brother will be pursuing a new study path abroad. Though it’ll be a while before we meet again, I know that our friendship can weather this distance. Have a blissful life abroad!

5. May you achieve all you set out to do abroad. You will not derail from your path. I hope that help will be available to you everywhere. Keep being the best version of yourself.

6. You have burnt the midnight candle and won this opportunity. You are now one of the privileged few to go to the West for studies. I feel honored to be your friend. You are a winner.

7. Brother, you’ve done a new thing. You’re practically a trailblazer in getting the study offer. Now, we have hope of going abroad to further our education as well. I wish you a blissful and excellent study life as a student. May your flag never go low.

8. Since we were young, you’ve always had this remarkably sharp mind. Though it used to be an object of ridicule, I’ve watched you hone it, and thankfully, the world recognizes your valuable mind. It’s only a matter of time before you have the world at your feet. Adieu brother.

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Short Letter To A Friend Who Is Going Abroad For Studies

Have you been racking your brain to write a short letter to a friend who is going abroad for studies? Your stress is over as we’ve created some short yet impactful examples you can tweak and send to your friend right now.

1. Dear _, I recently found out you’re moving, and I’m ecstatic for you. Now that this opportunity has come, I know you’re going to become invincible. Be well. I’ll continue to pray for you.

Yours sincerely,


2. Dear _, I got the news of your travel late. I’m sorry I wasn’t available to get your message sooner or I would have been there to see you off at the airport. I know my opinion means a lot to you. Know that I’m happy for you. You deserve this and more girl. One word of advice: use your talent. Don’t hide it under any circumstances, and watch success chase you. Also, take care of yourself. I’ll keep writing to you.

Much love,


3. Dear _, your win is my win. I’m confident that you will continue your winning streak. You’re one of the most consistent people I know. Though you will be in a high-pressure environment, you will only be showcasing your gift even further. Never let your light dim for anybody.

To your continuous success,

4. Dear _, I drank myself to stupor when I got the news. While I know you are meant for great things, this shook me. You are a leader to the core. I believe that you will achieve a lot in life. This is the start of something great.


5. Dear _, I’m glad to see you’re not settling. It’s easy to do that when you’ve achieved certain things. Good job! Maximize this experience. Even as you study, go on frequent trips. Many of them are inexpensive. Let your eyes feast on the wonders of the world. You’ll have a great experience to live with. Write back when you get this letter.

To your freedom,

6. Dear _, I know we just saw each other not long ago, but I can’t help but write to you. I just want you to know that you’re a true friend inside and out. A rare specimen. I’m glad I never took you for granted. My goodwill is with you.



7. Dear _, having a bestie who’s leaving isn’t palatable to the heart. There’s a void in my soul. I’ll miss your delectable dishes, but I understand you need to better yourself elsewhere. Stay safe.

Love you,


8. Dear _,

Knowing you’ll be gone for a while to study is tough. I know you’re not happy, especially since you’ve made a life here. You’re a lovely person, and I’m confident you’ll fit in anyway. Your sunny personality makes people gravitate to you like fireflies. When that happens, remember to keep in touch with home.

You’re sincerely,


9. Dear _

I know you’re going to study in the UK, and it’s the right choice for you, but I feel sad. You’ve been with me since birth, and it’s weird not to see you. Yet, I’m comfortable knowing you are pursuing a path to reach your goals. I look forward to bragging to my colleagues about you.

With love,


10. Dear _,

We don’t have time to cry because we won’t be seeing each other much. So, let’s cherish this moment. Come to my house for a sleepover. We’ll talk about everything and nothing at once. I might cry too.

See you soon,


11. Dear _,

You’re the talk of the town. You’re finally moving abroad for your Masters. I support you all the way. I feel down that I won’t be there to help you move in. I heard making friends is hard over there. Do prove me wrong. If you need moral support, I’m a text away. Have a sweet time.



12. Dear _,

I’m sorry I made jokes that you’ll leave me one day. Now that it’s happening, I wish I kept quiet at that time. However, it’s not like you’re dying. You’re only making a decision for the greater good. Make sure to finish well and return soon.

Always yours,


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