What To Say When Someone Is Moving To Another Country

[2023] What To Say When Someone Is Moving To Another Country

Saying goodbye to a friend, family member, or loved one who is moving to another country can be an emotional experience for both parties involved. While you may feel a mix of excitement, sadness, and curiosity about the new chapter in their life, it’s essential to provide the right words of support and encouragement during this transitional period.

Your role as a supportive figure cannot be overstated, as your words can help ease their worries, boost their confidence, and leave a lasting positive impact. Hence the need for these ideas on what to say when someone is moving to another country.

By understanding the emotional rollercoaster of moving abroad, we can ensure our words resonate with empathy, encouragement, and understanding. Let’s explore how we can uplift and inspire our loved ones as they embark on this exciting new chapter in their lives.

Whether you’re a close friend, family member, or even a colleague, these ideas on what to say when someone is moving to another country shared in this blog post will empower you to be a source of strength, comfort, and encouragement during this transformative period.

So, if you’re curious about the right things to say when someone you care about is moving to another country, let’s dive in and discover the power of heartfelt words that can help turn this farewell into a positive and memorable experience for both of you.

What To Say When Someone Is Moving To Another Country

Who wants to hear that their favorite person is relocating? Nobody. You’ve shared history together, so having the person leave you isn’t easy. If this is the case with you, and you don’t know what to say when someone is moving to another country, check the examples below:

1. You’re one of the best neighbors I’ve ever had. We’ve had a lot of pleasant experiences. I’ll miss our barbeque dinners. My children love your wife’s tomato soup. They will miss it a lot. If you are back in the country for any reason, do pay us a visit.

2. You’ve been an amazing landlady since we moved here. You’ve been welcoming and supportive. You never gave us cause to worry. I hope you are treated with the same love and respect you gave us. Farewell!

3. I hope the distance will not make us strangers. I am fond of you and your siblings. I’ll miss having someone to play golf with and crack silly jokes.

4. It feels painful to know my longtime roomie is leaving this country for good. Yet, I’m grateful you came into my life six years ago. I’ll always relive our discussions and fun times together.

5. I’m allergic to goodbyes. I’d rather say see you again. You’re one of the people who made me believe in humanity again. May you meet sweet people and enjoy blessings in the new country.

6. You’ve been a great influence in my life and my family’s. Thanks to you, my marital relationship has blossomed. You were there for each of our good and bad moments. You’re one of the people I can count on for anything. May you and your generation be treated with kindness.

7. I never thought you’d move from this country to another. You seemed to love this place a lot. But life changes, and we must flow with the change. Nevertheless, our relationship will remain intact. Even if you move to the end of the Earth, our friendship remains the same.

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Goodbye Message When Leaving A Country

1. You really did it! You landed a higher-paying job with juicy perks. Plus, you’ve gained a better reputation for this success. You are the reality that dreams can come through. My prayer is that you uphold the values and qualities that have brought you this far. Farewell.

2. Happy traveling, my friend! I hope you get more experience out of life as you travel. May you surmount bigger mountains and return with juicier victories. Keep scaling high.

3. I may not be there with you, but I’ll see through your eyes in your messages. Make sure you’re following instructions because I heard those people are pretty strict. Safe voyage!

4. It’s going to be an eternity before we see each other again. I’ll patiently wait for all the stories you’ll be bringing to me. Do some shopping too. I’ll send my list.

5. May your trip be as fun and exciting as you are. You are already missed, but I’ll be waiting for you. I wish you the best trip ever!

6. I wish you a good trip. Though you’re going without me this time, know that I’m still there with you in your heart. But we’ll make sure we’re not separate on any trip ever again. May your journey be sound.

7. I hope you take advantage of all the perks of the trip. It’s only a few people that get to go on this trip. These opportunities came from your hard work. Keep rising.

8. One of the amazing sights about where you’re going is the serene landscape. Enjoy nature and keep a fresh mind as the memory of this trip stays etched in your mind. Be your best self too. Remember, people are watching.

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Good Luck Message To Someone Moving Away

Changes can either be exciting or dreadful. Still, we want our loved ones to have it easy and a good way to show your support is by wishing them good luck. Even if they are people you’ve gotten to know through constant association, send an encouraging good luck message to someone moving away. They will never forget how you made them feel.

1. I wish you a happy life with all the new experiences and memories you’ll have! Make the most of your time, and remember you always have a home here.

2. With or without you, life still goes on. Nevertheless, it won’t be the same with you here. I’ll miss all the good times we would have had together. I hope your new life abroad is much more exciting. Good luck.

3. I’ve heard you are moving to a city whose floor is paved with gold. I don’t know how true that is, but make sure to keep enough of the gold to last you a lifetime. Good luck and my best wishes.

4. I hurt knowing you won’t be here much longer. I don’t know how many years will pass before we see each other again. But I’ll never forget you, and I hope you’ll never forget me too. May lady luck be with you.

5. I thought I could keep a strong face knowing you’ll be gone soon, but I ended up crying. No matter how much I’ve cried, I know I will cry again if I see you. That’s why I’m sending this message instead. Go in peace and shine in the new land.

6. We’ve been friends since childhood. I almost have separation anxiety, knowing you’re moving soon. I still don’t understand why you have to go even with all the options here. However, I understand our paths are different, and you need to live your life. I hope you find what you’re looking for. I wish you all the luck in the world.

7. Not many people get the chance to fly abroad, so you’re one of the blessed few. In all you do, remember your actions have consequences, good or bad, and they will speak for or against you in the future. Do yourself and your future proud. Take care, buddy.

8. The Almighty has gifted you a rare chance, and I’m happy to see you grabbing the bull by the horns. No matter where you go, success will find you. You have been a good person, and only goodness will follow you. Have a safe journey!

Best Wishes For Friend Going Abroad

We have selected some touching and easy to say best wishes for friend going abroad. On hearing them, your friend may get emotional as they go on a new journey.

1. It hurts me to see you go, but I understand this is something you must do. All I wish is that you achieve your purpose and flourish more than you did when you were here. Remember to stay in touch with me. Good luck.

2. My bestie is about to leave, and this is heartbreaking. Remember, I love you, and you are an important part of my life. Despite our distance, I’ll keep the memories we shared close to you.

3. Sending you my best wishes. I hope your decision leads you closer to prosperity. I hope you finally meet the one over there. Some of us are tired of having you remain single.

4. You’ve only been a star. Well done on this step you’ve taken. Make everyone proud. Success will come to you in different forms; I pray that you’re discerning to choose the right one for you. My prayers and best wishes will always be with you. All the best.

5. I’m glad you’re taking this decision. It’s high time you chased your dream, even if it took you abroad. Make sure you shine bright no matter the challenge you face.

6. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Face it with determination. Let hard work and diligence guide your path. I wish you greater joy because you deserve it.

7. Winning this scholarship is the most inspiring thing you’ve done. I’m happy to have a friend who’s going abroad. We will miss you here. May your journey be safe and hitch-free.

8. It must feel bittersweet going into a country where friends and family aren’t there. We’re always in your heart, girl. Still, you’re a friendly person, and I know you will make good friends over there until we meet again.

9. One of the best things about traveling is that it expands your horizons. You become more knowledgeable about the world. Take your time to learn about your new environment. It is well with you.

10. As much as I love you, don’t try calling home too often. Focus on understanding where you are and building relevant connections. You’re there for a reason. Fulfill it.

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