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55 Congratulatory Baptism Wishes | Simple Christening Message And Quotes

One of the sweetest news to hear is the news of an addition to a loved family. And while they prepare for the christening of the new born baby, it is thoughtful of you to send them congratulatory christening wishes.

We have got you covered with this compilation of simple christening message and wishes to send to your loved ones and to share in their joy.

Happy Christening Meaning

Happy christening is a way to greet someone who just had a baby and giving the child their choiced name(s). Baptism / Christening , which is also referred to as naming ceremony, is Christian’s way of welcome a new born baby into the membership of the church, while the child is being given a name to bear.

It is a time of joy to celebrate with the family and send goodwill wishes both to the parents and the new born baby.

Happy Christening Wishes

Below are some short and simple christening message or wishes you can use.

1. This is a lovely moment in your child’s life. I wish your child hundreds of lovely moments like this. Receive my happy wishes for you.

2. May the kindness of the Lord be evident in your child’s life that others will testify on its behalf. Happy christening.

3. May your child never walk away from the God-given path. It shall grow to be a blessing to you and the world.

4. I pray your child grows up to be happy and valuable. I wish him great strength as he lives out Christ contrary to this dark world.

5. It is a thing of joy to welcome the latest member of the Christian family. May your Christian future never be marred by bloody mistakes. We love you to the moon and back.

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What To Write In A Christening Card For Baby Girl / Boy

1. What a lovely moment in time to christen this miracle child. May the glory of God shine upon you and the baby.

2. I wish your baby girl a joyous christening. I’m pleased to see your family expanding under God’s watch. Have a fun day!

3. I wish you a fantastic christening. May you only look back on today with pure happiness and a contented smile. Cheers!

4. May you become the one who holds an understanding and nonjudgmental heart. May you be full of love and peace. Bless you, child.

5. This is our gift to you- Christianity. May you continue in our father’s business and take it to the nations.

Baptism Wishes For Baby Boy / Girl

1. You both have received a good gift. God has trusted you with a great future and I’m sure you will help Him fulfill destiny.

2. May the light of God shine upon you and your child. Even through the scary times, may His arms of assurance cover you and the baby.

3. May you be empowered to take care of this child. May your child meet the expectations already created for her in her lifetime.

4. I wish your child inner peace as she navigates every season of her life. May she learn to consult God for every decision she makes.

5. I wish your son a sensitive spirit and a discerning heart. I pray he grows to make the right choices in secret and in the open.

Simple Christening Message

1. We’re thrilled to have you as our child. You’ll be making a major move into real life. Happy christening!

2. Every anxiety, fear, and worldly concern disappears when God steps in. May God protect you from everything. Depend on Him.

3. The church of God is the most reliable pillar for you. Always remember this

4. Now that you’re a bit grown, the world will surprise you in different ways. Sometimes, it will be hard, but you can always lean on me.

5. Never let the world ruin your sweet nature. Become selfish about keeping your true self. We love you.

Congratulatory Christening Card Message

Being present when a loved one is christened marks a very unique turning point in their spiritual development. Sending a congratulatory christening card message to a loved one or the baby’s parents is a thoughtful way to express your support because becoming baptized signifies a developing or new relationship with Jesus.

Check below for message ideas:

1. Right now you’re powerless, but you’re part of a great design. May you grow closer to your heavenly Father from this moment. Congratulations.

2. You are so tiny, yet you are the largest star in our sky. Cheers To your successful christening.

3. Don’t rush to become an adult. You still have your whole life ahead. You deserve only the best. Congratulations!

4. Today is a unique day. We’re celebrating a new convert. May your life be sweeter than honey. Congratulations!

5. May the burdens of life become too small for you as you grow in the Lord. Congratulations!

Happy Christening Quotes

1. God’s plans for you are good and not evil, to give you a future and hope.

2. You are a perfect gift from above. May God help you to use your gift to his glory

3. Baptism is the first step of a heart that is faithful. May you grow in faith day by day, child.

4. As you have taken the name of Jesus, may His obedient spirit work in you to the fullest.

5. As you have received a new life from God, may His holy nature be evident in your life as you grow.

6. You are cleansed of every impurity. Wear the garment of purity with pride, dear child.

7. Men are taken to the deepest waters, not to be drowned, but to be cleansed.

Christening Message From Parents

Your child is getting christened today, and you want to send blessings and well wishes to make him or her feel special and fortunate.

You will learn about the best christening message from parents to share with your child on that special day from the following examples:

1. Today, our child will be baptized and our joy knows no bounds. It’s the happiest day for us. We will continue to celebrate such joyful moments.

2. Your parents love you more than life itself. You inspire us, child. We pray for your unending happiness in Christ. May God’s peace dwell with you forever, amen.

3. Welcome to being a Christian. We have you in our thoughts, and we promise to be there whenever you need us. May you love God even more than us.

4. This occasion is the start of a sweet love story with Christ. We love you a lot and we’ll always remain at your side.

5. May the grace of God cleave to you on this day. You’re not alone. You’ve got your parents backing you up every step of the way.

6. Congratulations my bunny! We’re leading you closer to God. Our hearts are emotional right now. We are happy for you child.

7. We are the proudest parents because our child has achieved a great thing. You have a place with Christ. Congratulations! The Holy Spirit has become your guardian.

8. We pray that God watches over you as you start this journey. We pray that the fruits of the Holy Spirit will be present in your life. Dad and mum are pleased with you.

Christening Message From Mother

1. Right now, I want to pepper your hands with kisses. I love you to the moon and back. It’s unbelievable I’m your mother. Happy christening, sweetie.

2. Wasn’t It just yesterday I was cuddling a tiny bundle? Now you’re 5 months and having your christening. Enjoy yourself, baby.

3. You’re my child, my joy, and my pride. As I welcome you, I wish you a bountiful life ahead. Congratulations!

4. May this be the start of something remarkable in your life as we celebrate your christening. You only bring joy into our lives.

5. Congratulations on your christening, my baby girl. May your joy be full and unending. I pray for you to grow up to be charming all your life.

6. This is a day worth celebrating. I look up to God who made me your mother. Congratulations sweetie.

Christening Messages From Godparents

Being Godparents, you are fully aware of the significance of your Godchild’s christening.

Therefore, you can send your Godchild one of these christening messages from godparents notes mentioned below.

Your unexplainable feelings will undoubtedly be put into words by these lovely messages.

1. We promise to do everything within our power to make sure you live right. May your life be fruitful till eternity. With love from your godparents.

2. We feel too eager to have you grow up. We are esteemed to have you as our godchild. Be blessed.

3. We’re sending you all our good wishes, little one. May your life be a worthy tool in the hands of God.

4. Many countless blessings on this day. May this christening day be a memorable one for you and your parents.

5. To our beloved godchild, no matter what happens, you are loved. We promise to groom you in love. You can depend on us for anything as you grow.

Christening Card From Godmother

1. It is a thing of joy to have you as my godchild. I promise to watch over you as a hawk, to listen to you, and to encourage you as you live life.

2. To the most beautiful godchild ever, you have the most fun godmother. I’ll make sure you dominate your world from childhood to adulthood. God be with you.

3. Hello darling, congratulations on your christening. Whenever mum and dad don’t want you to bother them, I’m here for you.

4. Your presence evokes loveliness. I pray that you grow to become a child after God’s own heart. Congratulations!

5. Happy christening baby. I’m here to create dozens of sweet memories till you grow old. May your life only produce a sweet savor before the Lord.



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