how to say thank you in email professionally

[2023] How To Say Thank You In Email Professionally

Whether to an employer, a colleague at work, or just after an interview; for whatever purpose it may be, professional thank you quotes, messages, or email is something you don’t want to do shabbily.

We know this, so we’ve put together things to bear in mind when it comes to how to say thank you in email professionally.

Not just that, we also provided you with several carefully crafted samples of thank you notes to express your appreciation in a professional manner.

Everyone loves to be appreciated and recognized.

Showing appreciation is one of the best ways to say that you do not take people’s good deeds for granted and to let them know that you’re glad to be a recipient of their kindness in whatever way.

It is important to mention that sometimes, you may not need to send an email; an SMS, note, or letter can also get the work done.

In that case, we provided some very short professional thank you notes that can be sent to a colleague, boss, client, employee, or co-worker.

How To Say Thank You In Email Professionally

If you want to appreciate someone in the professional world, it is not enough to simply pen down some words. Your email should follow a structure.

That structure will make your email look professional and your recipient is bound to feel more appreciated because he or she will perceive you took your time to do it.

So you can learn how to say thank you in email professionally without stress by following the simple steps outlined below:

1. Decide on the people or person you want to send your email to

If you were interviewed for a job role by a Manager, direct your thank you email to that person.

If it was a team interview, send your thank you mail to individual emails. By doing this, you show how much you value their relationship. You are also sure to receive a positive response from the right person.

Make sure to add snippets from the interview. This will show you were an active listener and truly interested in their opinions.

2. Be professional

Since a professional thank you email is another form of communication, make sure you avoid informality. Make your language clear and direct. It will enhance your communication and make your recipients respect you.

Example: “Hello Miss Dona, I am pleased with our discussion yesterday. I am convinced your insights will improve our project.”

3. Give the recipient the appropriate address

Feel free to make use of Dear Sir/Mr., Ma/Mrs. /Ms., where necessary if you know your recipient’s gender. If your recipient is a close friend, you can make use of his/her first name.

4. Mention the reason for your email

Immediately inform your recipient of the purpose of your email. Professionals are busy people, so getting into the heart of the matter is important.

Example: “I am writing this email to appreciate you for the beautiful presentation you created.”

5. Note details of your meeting

You can reference points from your conversation with the recipient to show you were paying attention. It’s also a subtle way of personalizing your message.

Select the points that will enhance your goal if you want a quicker response from the recipient regarding the issue that bothers you the most.

6. Mention your qualifications

While the primary aim of a thank you email is to show gratitude, you could use the opportunity to remind your recipient of your competencies for a job role, or positive encounters.

Example: “I am grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed by your company. With my great eye for detail and organizational skills, I believe I can succeed in the managerial position.”

Or “Thank you for ordering from Maxley Foam. Be rest assured my company will continue to provide the highest quality products of your choice.”

7. State your purpose again

Repeat your need to connect with the recipient in the future. This will make people more open to helping you if they know what you need.

Example: “The prospect of working as a copywriter in your magazine thrills me.”

8. Request direction

Inform your recipient of your willingness to do what is needed for a long-term relationship by asking what to do next. This will let you know what you should be expecting and create a plan to fulfill them.

Example: “When will you hire a new Manager? Please keep me informed of any requirement to support your decision.”

9. End the email

Appreciate your recipient for the encounter that made you write the email. After this, the last item should end with “yours gratefully” or “yours faithfully”, your name and signature.

10. Proofread your work and Edit

For an email, make use of clean fonts like Times New Roman. Let the point size fall between 10 – 12. Make sure you proofread your email to ensure it’s error-free. You could send it to a close friend for a different opinion.

11. Tap on send

Obviously! Since you have completed your email, it’s time to send it to your recipient.

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Professional Thank You Messages / Notes


Thank you notes are a way of showing how thoughtful you are. Even in a professional setting, they can be personalized to show sincerity and gratitude.

One common struggle is a lack of knowledge on what to write in a thank-you note.

Nevertheless, I have a list of the best thank you notes ever written to keep your creative juices flowing.

1. Thank you for picking [company name] to provide you with the best [service]. We delight in making our clients happy with our services. We are positive about a long-term relationship. If you need to inquire about other services we render, feel free to reach us on _____. You will be immediately responded to. Thank you again our dear customer.

2. Your trust has enhanced our brand to become the top plug for high quality [service]. We are grateful for your reviews and consistent orders from our company. We have gone to great lengths to ensure your current order is well packaged with a thank you gift from us. We hope you will enjoy it.

3. Your efforts on the project were outstanding. The board members took notice and we appreciate the extra length you went to produce a detailed and flawless report. We are honored to have you amongst us and we are excited about your next project.

4. A big thank you to you for the success of ______. The client was pleased and accepted your recommendations. You truly invested your all and the results are glaring. I am proud to work alongside a talented colleague like you.

5. Your questions regarding my proposal have been received. I have enclosed my response. Kindly study it and reach out to me if you have any questions. Thank you.

6. I am grateful for the chance to work with you at this business. I will contact you to schedule our meeting. Thank you for your time.

7. I am encouraged by your response. Moreover, I am honored you spared the time to highlight the positive and negative parts of my project. Your insight is refreshing. I know without a doubt our continued teamwork will keep us above our competitors.

8. Thank you for your timely response to the CV I mailed a few days ago. Searching for a job can be tiring and it feels reassuring that someone is reading my mail. Thank you for your time. I hope we can meet soon regarding my CV.

9. Your thoughtfulness is inspiring. Despite how distraught I felt over losing the deal, you did not condemn me in any way. Instead, you made me feel I am worthy. Thank you.

10. Thank you is not enough to appreciate you. Your idea to send my CV to Miss Diana worked. She has scheduled an interview with me and even gave me a mini-project to work on. I am super excited about this. This would not have been possible without you.

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Professional Thank You Message For Appreciation Of Effort

1. Your mentorship on this program has been of immense help to me. I was able to seal the deal with the client. I cannot thank you enough.

2. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me. The last hours were a productive one.

3. Thank you for the rapt attention you paid to the matter at hand. I am grateful to you.

4. Thank you for considering me for this break. I needed some time to review the forthcoming projection plan.

5. Thank you for your contribution to the expansion of this company. You are an asset.

6. Being a part of your team will be the highlight of my profession. I am humbled. I appreciate your vote of confidence.

7. Good morning, I just received a mail from you regarding the role I applied for. I agree to work together with your team. I am grateful for giving me your recommendation.

8. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the interview team. It taught me more about recruitment and handline unique perspectives.

9. They say that if you want to go far, have a team. I am grateful for this chance to be a part of such an energetic group of individuals. We are going places.

10. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me on phone. You cleared a part of your busy schedule to have this with me. I feel honored.

11. Thank you for the extra effort you put in to make this happen. I could not have done this without you.

12. Thank you for stepping in for me when I was sick. You made sure my absence was not felt. Thanks again.

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Thank You Message For Support At Work


At some point in your career, someone will act as an anchor to the desire you have always wanted. It could come in any form such as a recommendation, interview, or even through a business partner.

So when crafting your thank you message, make sure it fits the situation in which you were helped.

That is why I have provided these professional thank you note wording across different common situations. Pick the one that applies to you and use it.

• Thank you notes for business

A business thank you note is a professional way to foster relationships with your business network.

1. Your help is duly appreciated and I am pleased to have you continue working on my account.

2. I am grateful for the opportunity you have bestowed on me to express my talents.

3. Your referral plug was an excellent one. He/she rendered a top-notch service.

4. Thank you for your help in building my business. I am honored to have you.

How To Say Thank You In Email After Receiving Documents

As you progress in your career, you would have encountered people who provided different forms of support to you, whether you are searching for a job or eyeing a new position. No matter how close you are to these people, they deserve to be appreciated.

5. It blows my mind how you took the time to work with me on this. Thank you.

6. This piece of information was exactly what I needed to solve this project. My deepest thanks.

7. Your assistance has gone a long way in securing me a job. I am in a better position because of you.

8. Initially, searching for a job was intimidating but the advice you gave me made it easier.

9. Your expertise in this area has saved me a lot of expenses. I am glad to have you in my life.

10. Thank you for sharing some moments to share those juicy insights with me. I will not take them for granted.

11. It’s delightful to have someone who appreciates my opinions and is openly interesting in my contributions. Thank you for caring about me.

12. It is a pleasure to work with someone open, friendly, and collaborative. You have made me a better colleague.

• Appreciation For Being Called To An Interview

If you’re asking when to send thank you email after interview, the short answer is that it should be immediately after the interview. This can help you impress them and show you’re confident the interview will be to your advantage.

Whether you’re sending a thank you email after zoom interview, or after the second interview, it is important to do it rightly.

You don’t need to save the thanks until you nail the job. Appreciating the interviewer or interview panel will go a long way in boosting your chances of having the position you are applying for.

13. I am grateful for the chance to discuss with you the managerial position in your position. I’m impressed by the vision of the organization, and I believe it’s achievable.

14. I had an enjoyable time at ________ with you and your team during the interview. Thank you for having me.

15. A big thank you for the consideration you have shown during the interview for the _______ position. I am more convinced that your company is a great place to showcase my skill-set.

16. Unlike the commonly perceived notion about interviews, yours was a delight to be in. I wish there was more time to spend with the interviewers. I have no doubt that working with you will help the company forward.

17. I am grateful for the chance to meet with you and your team during the interview.

• Appreciating a referral or when you have been given a reference

Providing a reference can be tasking. So whenever someone takes out the time to give you a reference, or refer you for a task, appreciate that person. Sending a thank-you email will make the person feel rewarded for the time spent.

18. The reference you provided will go a long way for my career. Thank you for taking the time out to provide one.

19. I am grateful for the reference you made for my sake. Thank you.

20. I am honored to be recommended by someone in your position for this job offer. I do not take this for granted.

21. Your reference for this job role has earned me a better job with better benefits. Thank you.

21. I don’t know how you did it but your recommendation has placed me in a favorable position with XYZ company.

22. I can imagine how difficult this was, but you made out time to give me a worthwhile referral. I am favored to have you in my life.

23. Your recommendation was the switch that caused the Director to approve of my project idea. This would not have been possible without you. Thank you.

You don’t want to be seen as ungrateful, that is why it is important to send in your thank you letter; and you don’t want to be perceived as unprofessional, so it is commendable that you seek to know how to write a professional thank you email, letter, messages or note.

And don’t forget that everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated. No matter who it may be, using every opportunity to appreciate your clients, colleagues, boss or employer will not harm, rather it will give you an edge.

Showing your gratitude is also another way of infiltrating the workplace with the attitude of appreciation, as psychologists have found out that being grateful can be contagious.

So, while you show sincere appreciation to co-workers and senior colleagues, also bear in mind that you’re spreading a good culture to be emulated by others in the workplace.

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