Thank You And Farewell Message To Colleagues

100 Thank You And Farewell Message To Colleagues / Coworker

Before going through the offboarding procedure and transitioning to a new position, everyone wants to feel valued. They want to feel they made an impact on the company.

In addition to the importance of preserving professional connections, sending a thank you and farewell message to colleagues provides you both a feeling of closure.

Here is where you may show your appreciation for everything that this individual has done. This is your last chance to express your appreciation for what they contributed to the team or to you personally.

A decent farewell might inspire more achievement, according to a study. People who receive a suitable send-off from their coworkers move into their new roles more smoothly and positively.

It turns out that one of the finest things you can do to assist your coworkers start a new job on the right foot is to say goodbye to them. And you owe it to your coworkers to make sure they have a successful future.

You don’t need to be very imaginative when considering how to write a thank you and farewell message to colleagues. In these circumstances, it’s more important to communicate your emotions and wish someone well than to impress your colleague with grand gestures.

Keep reading this article to know how to write a thank you and farewell message to colleagues. You can also select one article and tweak where necessary.

What To Write In A Farewell Card

Feeling stuck on what to write in a farewell card? The following choice samples will help you write a farewell message your workmate will cherish.

1. I never thought I would see the day you will leave this company. Still, we’re here and all I can do is say I’ve had the utmost honor to work with you. It’s been a whirlwind experience, yet I’ve gained a lot from you. Thank you for letting me show your support and love. You’re unforgettable.

2. Today is your last day and I feel sad to see you go. I wish the day could stretch to 50 hours so I can spend more time with you. As you’re leaving, I hope you keep the memories we’ve shared in your heart. I’ll miss you.

3. Thank you for making my stay a sweet one. You’ve been one of the most genuine people I’ve worked with. You have a heart of service, always bringing me coffee and checking up on me. I know the next company is going to enjoy your amazing traits. While I wish good things for you, if it doesn’t work out, you have a place in this company. Goodbye!

4. When I heard you were leaving, I almost burst into tears. You’re one of the most softhearted and kindest people I know. I wish I could persuade you to change your decision, but I understand the circumstances. If you need anything, contact me and I’ll be ready to help.

5. I don’t think anyone can replace a great personality like you. You have left huge shoes to fill. Your successor will have a hard time working in your shoes, but we’ll do our best to support him. I hope you enjoy yourself in your new place. All the best.

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Thank You And Farewell Message To Colleagues / Coworker

Is your favorite colleague leaving the company? You will need a warm and impactful message to bid them goodbye. Your message must honor the impact your colleague had on you. This will enhance the connection you two already share.

No more brain racking for you. Select any of these thank you and farewell message to colleagues samples today.

1. My sincerest goodbye to you. I feel fortunate to have connected with someone of your caliber. The ride has been awesome and although you’re leaving, we don’t have to stay apart. I’ll keep in touch. Thank you for sharpening me. Farewell.

2. One of the things I’m most grateful for is the pruning seasons I had with you. Together, we took advantage of all the opportunities to grow and flourish. We have grown personally and professionally. I’m glad to see the person you’ve become. I hope you excel more in your future endeavors. Thank you for everything.

3. I’ve been pensive since I got the news you’re leaving. I hope you miss us so much that you return. Regardless, I trust you made the best decision for your career. Thank you for always sticking your neck for me. Farewell buddy.

4. It’s time for you to move into the position you truly deserve. You’ve been an extraordinary person. All the good things coming your way are your reward. Thank you for being a good friend and colleague. May you enjoy the great support you have given us. Take care!

5. I know how much this company means to you. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but you had to. I would have preferred different circumstances but I support you. You’re close to my heart nonetheless. Thank you for always being a dependable source. You can count on me if you need advice or support of any kind.

6. I’ll miss you. I didn’t realize saying goodbye can be this hard, especially for a sweet person like you. May the road ahead be glorious.

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Farewell Message To Team Member

Building a team is not easy. It takes time, patience and fortitude to set individual differences aside and pull together your strengths to get things done.

It can feel daunting when a reliable team member leaves. However, you still need to show your support by sending a farewell message to team member. Check the samples below for ideas.

1. When I think of the many projects we’ve handled, I miss you more. You’ve been a resourceful and reliable partner. I can’t imagine working with someone else at this point. Anyway, I hope life treats you well. Farewell.

2. There were times I felt like giving up but your support kept me going. Now that you’re leaving, I feel I’m losing a part of me. However, I thank God we’re in the internet age. I can call you anytime, and you’ll respond. Keep being true to yourself.

3. I remember when our boss would hand us difficult projects. Many times I wanted to reject them but you would encourage me. Thanks to you, we crushed many targets and won many awards. Thank you for teaching me the can-do attitude. All the best in your future.

4. I’ve always loved how you brought creative ideas to the table. You were never afraid to share what you knew. Thanks to you, our team was always praised as the best. I believe the rest of us can keep up with the standard you have set. Goodbye for now!

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Professional Simple Farewell Wishes

Looking for simple farewell wishes to send to a departing colleague? Look for further. The examples below will help you.

1. If there’s one thing you’ve taught me, it’s team spirit. You always had the attitude of helping others soar. This has helped me shed my natural selfish nature. Thank you for being a selfless person even among wolves. May your path be bright.

2. Thank you for being my support during the tough times I faced in this company. I’ll miss your empowering presence. Still, I’ll take your words to heart and let them guide me in the challenging seasons I’ll face. Have a wonderful time at your next job!

3. You have scary ambitions sometimes, but that’s what I admire about you. You always seek more than where you are. It’s laudable. I’m sure your career will be phenomenal. I look forward to hearing your name as the star in this industry. Keep being diligent. Farewell.

4. I love how you are selective of opportunities that come to you. Many times, you’ve rejected awesome offers, choosing to train yourself and build capacity. We thought you were crazy, but now your efforts have shown otherwise. Well done, buddy. I wish you greater wisdom as you navigate your career path.

5. I feel proud that you’re starting your dream business. I also feel sad that we won’t relate as much. However, your courage is commendable. I wish you the capacity to transform your world. Keep being you.

6. Being a staff here was a stroll, but you’ve taken a leap. You moved on to something greater. I’ll set my emotions aside and celebrate with you on this giant step you’ve taken. I wish you would rise to the top faster than your mates.

Short Goodbye Message To Colleagues

Remember the acronym KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)? Sometimes a short goodbye message to colleagues does the trick. Feel free to peruse the following examples for ideas.

1. I’m happy to know you’ll be taking your mischievous self to a new workplace. Still, my line is open if you ever need to call me. Farewell.

2. It feels worse to lose my colleague turned friend. Who else can pull off great pranks like you? I’ll miss you the most. Goodbye buddy.

3. I wonder how you’ll act when your new boss hands you huge targets. Here, you could barely make your monthly targets without my help. I hope you return to us soon. Good luck!

4. I’m glad we won’t be tormented by your horrible jokes and your loud voice. But, I’ll miss seeing your silly face. I hope you crush your performance appraisals over there. Farewell.

5. You know, you still need us in your life. You have a chance to remain here. Just tear that resignation letter, and we’ll pretend nothing happened. But if you insist on leaving your awesome colleagues, we bid you farewell.

6. You may have gotten a higher position in another company but you’ll miss having workmates like us. We’d love you to stay back, but we’ll support you anyway.

7. I’d miss having you around. You always had the latest news to share. I’m sure your new workmates will love you. You remain important to me. Goodbye!

Professional Farewell Wishes

If someone is leaving your company, you may want to convey some professional farewell wishes while retaining your professionalism and composure. You don’t need to stress on this subject. We have provided a list of templates to help you achieve that.

1. You are a fun and compelling personality. You lit up the room with your bubbling smile and sunny attitude. We’re going to be more serious when you leave. Still, I wish you all the best.

2. You have made us proud with your many achievements. You come up with the most industrious ideas. No matter what, keep sharing your ideas. Execute them and let them change the world. Always shine bright where you are. Goodbye!

3. There are more stepping stones ahead. You’ve just begun to shine. May you have a fascinating, enriching, and rewarding journey. I hope your future is greater than this.

4. I learned recently that one must continue to seek growth. I’m glad you did this, and that’s why you got a better offer, although it’s outside this company. Still, keep an eye out for new opportunities and changes you can explore. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a proactive person like you. Thank you and bye for now.

5. I wish that your dreams will be bigger than the mountains ahead of you. I’ve always known you had plans for your life. Smash them without remorse. As you do, stick to your values; with them, you’ll go far. Good luck.

6. Congratulations! You’ve always had an eye for more even though you are excellent at your work here. Your new job is the start of something greater for you. I will always remember the great times we had. May your career be better!

Farewell Message To Senior Colleague

Your senior colleagues have experience in the company that could benefit you. Sending a farewell message pays tribute to the work relationship you two have while making room for future collaborations. Read on to know how to write a farewell message to senior colleague.

1. I’ve advanced in my career in a shorter amount of time because of you. You always had time to help me with words of advice. Even when I struggled, you kept planting seeds of wisdom. I’m a formidable force thanks to your patience to let me grow and persistence in making sure I understood my responsibilities. I’ll miss you.

2. You’ve been one of the strongest influences in my career. I wouldn’t be where I am if not for you. Thank you for being a father figure here. Your leadership skills are worth emulating. I hope we meet again.

3. Working with a colleague who values excellence has sharpened me. I now work with the attitude of putting in my best. I respect you sir, and I hope that you prosper in your work. Thank you for always helping me out.

4. Thank you for always choosing to collaborate instead of compete. Many of your colleagues always felt threatened by the younger ones, but you’re different. You chose to learn and also impact us as well. I’ll always remember your wise words. Farewell.

5. Congratulations on your promotion to start another branch of this company. I’m thrilled you’re getting the recognition you deserve. I feel sad I won’t be seeing you around much. Still, we’re still in the same company. I hope you’ll still have time for our weekly discussions. Goodbye, ma.

6. Everyone, myself I closed, whopped when we heard of your new appointment. It’s such great to see you elevated, still, it saddens me we wouldn’t have physical interactions as usual. Nevertheless, I hope we can still communicate as often as before. To your success. Goodbye!

Goodbye Message To Colleagues On Last Working Day

Starting a new professional chapter can be a daunting, yet exciting experience. Your words can provide your colleague with the confidence they need to continue their adventure.

The following examples will show you how to write a well-crafted and caring goodbye message to colleagues on last working day. They will surely appreciate your gesture.

1. While you were here, you’ve taught me more than I’ve learned in all the seminars I’ve attended. May you enjoy success wherever you go. I’m sure you will sail high in your new endeavors. Thank you for everything. Goodbye.

2. I’ll miss you so much. You’re one of the reasons I’m eager to come to work. Your absence is already heavily felt. I hope you have more adventures at your next job. We’ll meet again.

3. You’re more than a colleague to me, you’re a friend and a companion at heart. I’m blessed to have met a brilliant person like you. I’ll miss bouncing ideas off you. I’ll keep in touch.

4. You’ve always inspired me with the way you make quick yet wise decisions. Your skills are worthy of attention. I hope to reach your level of mental capacity and decision-making. Go and make history in your next job.

5. We cannot quantify your contributions to the growth of this company. That’s because they are too many to count, and too valuable to estimate. I believe you’ll enjoy the rewards of your diligent labor in the next company you’re going to serve. Goodbye!

6. I hate to say goodbye. It’s like closing a door to something, with the goal of never passing through it again. I would rather say welcome to a new version of your life. I hope you attain greater heights where you go.

7. You’re one colleague that makes work easy. I’m glad to have worked with someone who takes the initiative to effect change. Keep soaring. Bye for now.

8. Thank you for always letting me know about opportunities that will take my career forward. I’m grateful for the chance to contribute to your growth as well as the team. I hope you do better in your next job.

9. It’s hard to bid farewell to a great colleague like you. You’ve been my rock in a challenging environment like this. You refused to let me give up even when everything screamed otherwise. I’ll forever be indebted to you. If you need any moral support to settle in your new place, I’m a message away.

Inspirational Goodbye Message Leaving Company

You probably never envisioned the day you’ll be leaving your workplace. It’s hard to think you’ll be leaving your great boss, amazing workmates and all the fun memories you created together. But life must go on.

If writing an inspirational goodbye message leaving company is not your cup of tea, the templates below will help you select the appropriate words to bid farewell. Though it’s a professional setting, don’t be surprised if there’s a few sniffles.

1. I feel excited about my next destination, but my heart is sad that I’m leaving the best colleagues any staff could ask for. You all are and will continue to be a part of our journey. Goodbye, everyone.

2. I’m about to leave, sir. I want you to know you’ve been a gem of a boss. Thank you for always taking the time to listen to my complaints and showing me how to do my work well. Thank you for instilling the virtues of excellence in me. I’m forever grateful to you. Goodbye

3. With restrained sadness, I say goodbye to a boss turned mentor. The time I’ve spent here is etched in my heart for eternity. Thank you for the pleasant experience you provided. Unfortunately, because of unavoidable issues, I have to relocate. I’m sure you understand. I’ll continue to keep in touch.

4. It’s been a lovely journey with a superb manager and extraordinary colleagues. You’ve all taught me the importance of putting my best in all that I do. Thank you for teaching me to add value wherever I go. We part ways for now.

5. From the first day I joined this company, I always looked forward to work. Each day has been full of excitement and challenges. Yet they have built me into the person I am today. Thank you for always looking out for me. Goodbye for now.

6. Thank you for all the things you’ve taught me in this company. Your lessons have been my saving grace through the good and bad times. This company will always be my rock. I’ll always hold you in high regard. Farewell.

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