Thank You Message For Gifts Received From Friend

100 Thank You Message For Gifts Received From Friend And Family

It feels great when a friend gives you a gift. But do you take time to appreciate the giver? Some people do; others, not so much.

It’s important to show gratitude when your friend has shown you kindness by sending a gift. It goes a long way to show that you appreciate his effort.

However, your appreciation should not be done with tardiness. It’s easy to get too familiar with your friend. That’s why your thank you message for gifts received from friend must be sincere.

If you’ve been searching for ways to pen down your thank you message for gifts received from friend, we have curated some interesting examples for you below.

Feel free to tweak any of these thank you message for gifts received from friend or family to create a more personalized message.

Thank You Message For The Gifts Received

Gifts have a way of showing how much we are cherished by the giver. Sadly, not everyone gets gifts even outside special occasions.

So, if someone has taken the time to bless you with a gift, show gratitude. That’s why we have these examples of thank you message for the gifts received.

1. Thank you for the lovely gifts. They were beautiful. I couldn’t stop unraveling each of them. I appreciate the time you took to study what I wanted. I feel humbled. I’ll always treasure them.

2. I was amazed to behold such wonderful gifts. They made my day. I know you spent a fortune to get them for me. You are so thoughtful. Thank you for your efforts. I’ll never forget them.

3. The gifts are so lovely. My silly sister tried to claim them as hers, but I won. You have a way of getting to me through meaningful gifts like these. You’re a considerate person, and I love you for that.

4. You have an eye for high-quality things. The spec of the furniture you got me was almost otherworldly. I’m sure this cost you a fortune. I don’t know how else to repay this other than to say a hearty thank you. May God bless you for your generosity.

5. I didn’t know my birthday would get any better until I received your gift. It was the cherry on the cake. I’m so proud of it. I showed everybody at home. Thank you s million times. I’m pleased.

6. When I saw your gift, I felt overwhelmed with joy. How did you know the exact thing I wanted? Your gifting skill is laudable. As you have blessed me, may you be blessed more abundantly.

7. Since childhood, you always have gifts that speak to a person’s core. Your gifts are always unique and special. Thank you for this priceless gift. I will always cherish it.

8. Thank you for the dress and shoes. I felt proud wearing them to the party. They complimented me beautifully. Your impeccable eye for classic design made a star last night. I’m grateful to you.

9. This perfume must have cost you lots of dollars. Thank you for getting me this scent. I love how I smell delicious whenever I wear it. I’ll always associate this fragrance with you.

10. My morning got lovelier when I received your gifts. I didn’t wait till breakfast, I tore off the wraps like a child. Behold, I saw the most beautiful necklaces. Thank you for the gifts.

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Thank You Message For Gifts Received From Friend And Colleagues

Our friends are our lifelong pals. They know us inside out. A good gift seeks to give to you whatever the occasion. If you have a friend like that, he or she should never be taken for granted.

Whenever you receive a gift or two from your friend, pick an example from this list to send a thank you message for gifts received from friend.

1. Dear [Friend/Colleague’s Name],
Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift! Your generosity has touched my heart, and I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful friend/colleague like you.

2. Hi [Friend/Colleague’s Name],
I was genuinely surprised and overjoyed to receive your gift. It means a lot to me that you took the time to pick something so perfect. Thank you for your kindness!

3. To my amazing [Friend/Colleague],
Your gift was a delightful surprise, and I appreciate the effort you put into choosing something special. It brightened my day, and I am grateful for your thoughtfulness.

4. Dear [Friend/Colleague’s Name],
Thank you for the fantastic gift! Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail did not go unnoticed. I feel blessed to have you in my life.

5. Hello [Friend/Colleague’s Name],
I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the lovely gift you gave me. Your gesture has added so much joy to my day, and I am thankful for your friendship.

6. Dear [Friend/Colleague’s Name],
Your gift was not only a pleasant surprise but also a reflection of your kindness. I am truly blessed to have you as a friend/colleague. Thank you for making my day brighter.

7. Hi [Friend/Colleague’s Name],
I was touched by your thoughtful gift. Your generosity and friendship mean the world to me. Thank you for making my day so much more special.

8. To my dear [Friend/Colleague],
I want to express my sincere thanks for the beautiful gift you gave me. Your thoughtfulness has made a lasting impression, and I am grateful to have you in my life.

9. Hello [Friend/Colleague’s Name],
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing gift you bestowed upon me. Your generosity has made a significant impact on my day, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it.

10. Dear [Friend/Colleague’s Name],
Thank you for the wonderful gift and for being such a fantastic friend/colleague. Your gesture has made me feel cherished and valued, and I am truly fortunate to have you in my life.

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Thank You Message For Gifts Received From Boyfriend / Girlfriend

Sometimes, expressing gratitude is difficult when it comes to that special someone. This is because there’s this fear of saying the wrong things, or committing what is important.

That’s why we’ve listed some ideas to inspire you to write a thank you message for gifts received from boyfriend / Girlfriend.

1. God bless you, my darling. You got me some superb gifts. I’ll keep them close to me forever. I’m sure it tasked you physically, financially, and mentally to get me these gifts. Thank you for the love you have for me.

2. For this great gift you gave me, I’m more in love with you. You are such a warm person. I’m so glad we’re dating. I don’t think I’ll get over this gift in a long time. Thank you, my love.

3. Darling, I’m grateful for the gifts you sent me. If there’s one thing I admire about you, it’s how you put your heart into anything you do. I’ll always remember your kind gesture. Thank you, my love.

4. You are a gift to me! I feel blessed to receive a gift from someone who loves me more than anything in the world. Thank you for the gifts. You matter more to me each day.

5. I see only love through your gift. Your choice of gift is an expression of how much you care for me. Thank you for choosing to pamper me. I feel spoiled.

6. No one has ever sent me such a dreamy gift. I have to be the most favored to have a partner like you in my life. You’ve surprised me. Thank you for caring for me in this way.

7. I didn’t realize I wanted a gift like this. You know me better than myself. You have increased in value in my eyes. This gift will solve many problems. Thank you, sweetheart, for your help.

8. One of the most difficult things to do is to buy a gift, but you’ve done it skillfully. This is the best gift I’ve received in a while. Thank you, dear.

9. You keep showing how much you love me. Thank you for the gift. Indeed, beyond words, you’re committed to this relationship. Forgive me if saying thank you is so small, but I’m rendered speechless by your love.

10. You’re my hero. Thank you for the surprise phone. My old one was messing up already. This was a considerate gift. Thank you my love.

11. Thank you honey for the gift. It made me tear up. I’m glad I have a great girlfriend who knows how to satisfy my needs.

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How To Say Thank You For An Unexpected Gift From Family

If you want to know how to say thank you for an unexpected gift from family member, check out these heart melting messages. Each of them are uniquely composed for you so you can dedicate it to that thoughtful family member. They will feel happy to get it.

1. Dear [Family Member’s Name],
I was truly touched by the unexpected gift you sent my way. Your thoughtfulness has added an extra layer of joy to my day, and I am so grateful to have family members like you who know how to brighten someone’s world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
With love, [Your Name]

2. To My Amazing Family,
Thank you for the delightful surprise! Your unexpected gift brought so much happiness to my day. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such caring and generous family members in my life. Your kindness means the world to me!
Gratefully, [Your Name]

3. Dear [Family Member’s Name],
I was completely caught off guard by the beautiful gift you sent my way. Your generosity and thoughtfulness are truly appreciated. It’s moments like these that remind me of the incredible bond we share as a family. Thank you for making my day so special!
Warm regards, [Your Name]

4. To the Best Family Ever,
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the unexpected gift. Your ability to make me feel loved and appreciated knows no bounds. Thank you for the wonderful surprise that brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.
With love, [Your Name]

5. Dear [Family Member’s Name],
I was pleasantly surprised to receive your thoughtful gift. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed, and I want you to know how much it means to me. Thank you for brightening my day and for being a constant source of joy in my life.
Gratefully, [Your Name]

6. To My Dear Family,
Your unexpected gift was a beautiful reminder of the love and care that defines our family. I am truly grateful for your generosity and the joy it brought into my life. Thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive family.
Warmest wishes, [Your Name]

7. Dear [Family Member’s Name],
I was pleasantly surprised and deeply touched by the unexpected gift you sent me. Your thoughtfulness speaks volumes, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your kindness. I feel truly blessed to have you in my family.
With love, [Your Name]

8. To My Beloved Family,
Thank you for the unexpected gift that brightened my day and filled my heart with joy. Your ability to bring happiness into my life is a gift in itself, and I am grateful for the love we share as a family.
Sincerely, [Your Name]

9. Dear [Family Member’s Name],
Your unexpected gift was a delightful surprise that made my day so much brighter. I want to express my gratitude for your thoughtfulness and generosity. It means the world to me to have such a caring family.
With appreciation, [Your Name]

10. To the Most Wonderful Family,
Thank you for the unexpected gift! Your gesture of kindness has added a special touch to my day, and I am truly grateful for the love and warmth you bring into my life. I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing family.
With love, [Your Name]

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Unexpected Gift Caption

If someone sends you an unexpected gift, you may feel tongue-tied in what to say. Whether the gift is a fully paid trip or a surprise, it’s essential to know to show gratitude. The following ideas can help you write a sentimental unexpected gift caption to say thank you.

1. It’s an understatement when I say I’m favored to have married you. You are a wonderful woman to the core. Thank you for giving me this awesome present.

2. Your care for me in ways I don’t understand sometimes. This special gift has surprised me in a million ways.

3. Love is a beautiful thing, but it’s more beautiful when a surprise gift is attached. Thank you for the lovely graduation gift. It’s the perfect compliment to the beginning of a new journey in my life.

4. The best surprises are not only unexpected but when they fulfill a need. That’s what your surprise is to me. Thank you for giving me a costly yet useful gift. I’ll maximize it to the fullest.

5. I’m flabbergasted. Thank you for honoring me with this remarkable gift. Since I got it, I’ve been excited each morning to touch it. The car is a wonderful addition to my garage. I’ll use it only on special occasions.

6. What would I do if you were not in my life? Thank you for the gift. I felt delighted to receive it. Who knew you had a romantic bone in your body? Thank you for always going the extra mile for me.

7. You’ve evolved beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for making my first day a glamorous one. I hold your gift dear to my heart.

8. Usually, I’m surprised by a few things in life, but your gift tripped me. Thank you for the surprise and for thinking I am worthy enough to have a gift like that. I love and appreciate it.

9. I can’t remember the last time I was so surprised. You truly planned this well. The entire paparazzi surprised me, and the gift was topnotch. Thank you for a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed it.

Thank You For The Gift Card Message

Sometimes, people give gift cards instead of physical gifts and money. Gift cards can be given for many occasions, be it a naming ceremony, bridal shower, anniversary or birthday. Many times, a gift card is thoughtfully given by a close one.

If you’re looking for ways to write a thank you for the gift card message, the templates below will guide you on how to create yours.

1. I’m grateful for the gift card to splurge at the end restaurant. My husband and I had a fantastic dinner date. You knew we needed some away time from the kids. Thank you for your generosity.

2. Thank you for the gift card you sent for my birthday. I had a wonderful night out and a glorious massage. It felt good to be away from home for a while. Your thoughtful gift impacted me. Thank you so much.

3. The Christmas card gift was a bomb. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a shopping spree. I’ve made plans on what to spend it on. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun. Thank you for the gift again.

4. Your card gift was so amazing. Thank you for the lovely message too. I loved the cartoons on the card. I’ll be spending the card gift at the beauty store. Thanks again for making me feel like a million bucks.

5. Thank you for the card gift you sent to my son. I’ll be taking him to the fair come Tuesday. He’s excited about this, plus he’ll be busy, and I can have some bonding time as well. Thank you for thinking of him.

6. You’re a superb friend. I am thankful for the Starbucks gift card you sent me. I always enjoy having coffee after a long day. I’ll now have some wind-down time for myself after work.

7. The Apple gift card was lovely. Thank you for supporting my business. I’ll be getting that new laptop once I complete the deal. I loved seeing you at the Brunch. I hope we can do it again sometime.

8. I was delighted to receive your gift card after my promotion. I felt happier when I saw the name of the restaurant. You know it’s my favorite place. Thank you for acknowledging me and celebrating my success. I’ll use the gift card well.

9. Your gift card was a pleasant way to cap the evening. I had the fanciest dinner at the eatery. The gourmet dishes were delectable. Thank you for making me have an incredible experience.

Thank You For The Surprise Gift My Friend

Deep down, we all want surprises, and when you get one, you’re obligated to say thank you.

Did your friend just give you a surprise gift and you’re unsure of how to thank them? Saying thank you for the surprise gift my friend, acknowledges your friend’s effort. He or she is more likely to repeat that action.

Here is a list of statements to help you thank your friend.

1. Your surprise gift sweetened everything for me. The way you surprise me these days is amazing. Your gifts light up my soul. Thank you for turning my ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

2. Gosh! The way you care for me is inspiring. I feel valued and honored by you. Your surprise gift is such a joy. Thank you for thinking of me. You’re a great friend.

3. Not long ago, I was feeling depressed, but your surprise gift lifted up my mood. Now, I feel happy and excited again. I can’t wait to try out what you got me. I’m sure the others will be green with envy when they see me. Thanks a lot.

4. Hey buddy, you pulled one on me today. Your gift surprised me. I almost couldn’t talk for a minute. You know how to take the wind off my sails. Thanks, pal, for the previous gift. It was kind of you.

5. Wow! I thought you’d be focused on your vacation. I’m glad to know I have a friend who has me in mind even though we’re far apart. The gift is the most feminine thing I’ve ever received. Thank you, dear.

6. I bless God for the day we became friends. You keep showing me how much I matter to you. The gift came in at an odd time, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thank you for showing me how much our bond matters to you.

7. You have to be the most spectacular friend ever. You sent me a gorgeous gift. I didn’t even know you were paying attention when I mentioned this. Thank you for the surprise. It was worth it.

8. Your surprise gift card was a surprise indeed. Imagine my amazement when I realized all the things I could buy. Thank you for making my week an already exciting one.

9. I could scream thank you from the rooftop and that wouldn’t be enough. You’re an exceptional friend. Thank you for the surprise gift you’ve given me. I’ll never forget this.

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