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100 Texts / Sample Message Asking For Financial Help, Assistance And Support

Hello there,

Asking for help is an art—one that requires a delicate balance of vulnerability, respect, and gratitude. In our journey through life, there are moments when we all find ourselves in need of a helping hand, be it for emotional support, practical advice, or even a lending of resources. Yet, reaching out can be a daunting task, often accompanied by a fear of imposing or inconveniencing others.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the nuances of requesting assistance with grace and courtesy. Followed with several sample message asking for financial help or support. Whether you’re navigating a personal crisis, facing a professional challenge, or simply seeking guidance, the way you articulate your request can make all the difference in fostering positive connections.

Join me as we delve into the strategies and language that can transform a plea for help into an opportunity for mutual understanding and support. From acknowledging the value of the other person’s time to expressing gratitude, we’ll explore the elements that contribute to a polite and effective request for help.

Remember, asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather a testament to our shared humanity. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the power of seeking support with kindness and consideration.

Text Message Asking For Financial Assistance

1. “Hey [Friend’s Name], I hope you’re doing well. I’m going through a tough financial situation right now and was wondering if you could lend me some support. Let me know if we can talk. Thanks.”

• “Hi [Family Member’s Name], I hate to ask, but I’m facing some unexpected financial challenges. If you’re able to help out, even a little, it would mean a lot to me. Let’s discuss when you have time. Thanks.”

• “Hello [Close Friend’s Name], I hope this message finds you well. I’m in a bit of a financial bind and could use some assistance. If you’re able to lend a hand, I would be incredibly grateful. Let’s talk soon.”

• “Dear [Relative’s Name], I hope you’re doing great. I find myself in a tough spot financially, and I was wondering if you could help me out or offer some advice. Your support means a lot to me. Let’s catch up soon.”

• “Hi [Friend’s Name], I hope everything is going smoothly for you. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with some unexpected financial issues. If you could spare some help or guidance, it would be truly appreciated. Let me know when we can chat.”

2. “Hey [Close Friend’s Name], I hate to bring this up, but I’m facing a financial crunch. If you’re in a position to assist or provide any advice, I would be grateful. Let’s connect soon and discuss. Thanks for understanding.”

3. “Hello [Family Member’s Name], I hope you’re well. I wouldn’t reach out unless it was necessary, but I’m currently facing some financial difficulties. If you could offer any support or guidance, it would mean a lot to me. Let’s talk when you have a moment.”

4. “Dear [Friend’s Name], I hope you’re having a good day. I’m going through a tough time financially and was wondering if you could help me out or point me in the right direction. Your assistance would be a tremendous relief. Let’s catch up soon.”

5. “Hi [Relative’s Name], I trust this message finds you in good health. I’m reaching out because I’m experiencing some financial challenges, and I could use your support. If you’re able to help or offer any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Let’s talk when you can.”

6. “Hey [Close Friend’s Name], I hope I’m not putting you in an awkward spot, but I’m facing a financial setback. If you could lend a hand or provide some guidance, I would be truly grateful. Let’s connect soon and discuss. Thanks for understanding.”

Sample Message Asking For Financial Help

If you’re unsure on how to ask for help via text, peruse this list for inspiration and select a sample message asking for financial help.

1. Sometimes one falls to the bottom and reaches the point where one starts to consider suicide as an option. I am at that point, and with every humility in me I am asking for your help.

I didn’t think I would ever reach this point financially. Plus I feel ashamed to reach out to you via phone. Right now my business has failed but I’m working on another project which has the potential to yield results in a short time.

If there’s any way you can help me so I can sustain myself in the next few months, I’ll deeply appreciate it. As soon as I recover, I will pay you back with interest if you want. Thanks for understanding.

2. Thank you for being a friend in need and deed. You show up for others in their low periods and I’ve always appreciated that about you. Right now you’re the only one I can turn to. I’m crumbling to pieces and you’re the only one who can save me.

I just need a small amount of money so I can eat. Since I lost my job, my life has become a joke. Please spare me a little chance for survival. I promise to refund you as soon as I get back on my feet.

3. Hello _, I hope you’re doing well. I’m ashamed to come to you with a need knowing how helpful you’ve been to me in the past. I just got kicked out of my apartment by my landlord. I do have some cash but I need a little extra to balance it.

I would have gotten a hotel but that would shorten the amount of money that I have. Worse, my family is not in this city. Your support, no matter how little, will go a long way to keep me from ending up on the streets. I’ll refund you at the end of the month.

4. Hi _, something came up just after you had left. Sandra fainted and we took her to the hospital. The report came that she had a stroke and she needed to do an urgent surgery otherwise we would lose her. We have liquidated our assets but it’s not enough to cover the medical bills. We will appreciate any support you can give us. I look forward to your response.

How To Ask For Help Politely In Message Sample

One of the most important factors when asking for help is to have a polite tone. You don’t want to sound condescending, entitled or like an emotional blackmailer. You want to appeal to the receiver’s compassionate side to get the needed help.

If you need a how to ask for help politely in message sample, check out these examples.

1. Hey _, since we last met, I hope you’re in great health. You seemed so much better and I felt happy about that. I’m in desperate need of help and you’re one of the people I can talk to. I just lost a major client and the business is taking a downhill turn. If you can support me with a token, I’ll feel more hopeful about life

2. Hi, _, I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked, and it’s a bit sad we’re connecting over a matter I’m about to present. Right now, I’m in debt. I borrowed some money and the deadline for repayment is close. I’ve raised 70% of the money. Could you please add the remaining 30%?

3. Hey _, I feel upset I’m texting you this but I need your help again. I know you borrowed some money not long ago and I’m yet to offset that debt. I still have that debt in mind and I intend to pay it to the fullest.

Right now, my health has taken a turn for the worse and if I don’t do something about it, I don’t know where I’ll end up. Please help me one more time and I will do everything to repay you once I get better. Thanks a lot.

4. Hello _, I have chosen to do life one last time, maybe it will finally be the heaven I dreamed of. The jobs I’m working on are taking an emotional toll on me. I barely make enough to feed my family. I need some financial support to help my family. I will work even harder to make sure I return the money to you. I look forward to your response.

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Text Message Asking For Help

Asking for help over a text is one of the fastest ways to reach your potential helping. If you’re looking for ideas on how to craft a text message asking for help, check out these examples.

1. Hi _, you’re aware of how hard it’s been to handle my expenses. Unfortunately, the jobs I’m working are not doing much to cover my fees and daily needs. This has badly affected my studies. Now, more expenses regarding my final year project have been added. I don’t lightly solicit your help. I will appreciate it if you can lend me _. We can discuss terms of repayment if you agree.

2. We’ve been together for the longest time and you know how I operate with my finances. You know I’m one to be financially prudent but things have taken a downturn lately. I’ve used up all my savings and dissolved my investments. I’ve consulted with a loan agency but the terms for repayment are too tough for me. You’re the last option for me. Please will you help me?

3. This feels weird because I rarely do this but the situation at hand warrants I do this. I need an urgent loan. After considering all my options, I have chosen to reach out to you.

I have some payments coming but they will take at least two months to get them. I don’t want to give you false hope of quick repayment, so by the month’s end, expect a refund. It would mean so much if you can loan me _. I will get the money to you on _.

4. I know what I’m about to ask may shock you but please hear me out. I’m aware of the many responsibilities you shoulder and I hate to be an additional burden to you. But if you will send me _, it will be such a big help. I could pay it back in installments within 3 months.

Even if you can’t lend me all, could you do between 50-70%? I am sorry if I’ve inconvenienced you and any help you give me will always be appreciated.

5. I’m in desperate need right now, still, I feel reluctant to bother you because I don’t want you to tire of me. While you’ve been the kind of person to face the world for me, I will understand if you can’t help this time. I know you’re still in the first phase of your project.

However, if you can help me with this, I’ll forever be in your debt. Still, know that your answer will not affect our relationship in any way. You remain my best friend.

How To Ask For Help Professionally

There are times when you’ll need one form of support or the other in the professional space. So it’s important to know how to tweak your language to suit that environment.

We’ve provided some examples below to show you how to ask for help professionally.

1. Dear _,

I’m Belinda Jones from the Welfare department. One of us has taken ill and is in dire need of financial support to cater for her health. As a company that is invested in the welfare of its employees, I urge us to contribute what we can afford to help her loved ones with $150k for her treatment.

Right now, 70% of the funds have been raised. Any help we can give will go a long way in helping them hit their goal. I have faith and confidence in this company. If you want to support us, we have created a GoFundMe account. Here is the link _. Thank you for your anticipated support. Sincerely,

Belinda Jones.

2. Hello _,

I’m Megan, the new Accountant. I requested the inventory for last month’s order earlier. I want to compare the prices of goods bought between last month and this month. I’ve searched the database but I couldn’t find it. Please attach it here or via my WhatsApp line. If you want to send it to me personally, I’ll be in the office between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

I anticipate your help.


3. Dear_,

I’m Croatia Kong and I’m the Founder of Wellkids, an NGO centered on caring for abandoned children. I’m mailing you to ask if you could volunteer your skills for 4-8 hours every week to nurse these children.

I’ve been following your page for a while, and I see that our mission to reduce the number of kids on the streets align. Your knowledge and skills will benefit us, the kids, and this society.

I hope to have you on board by Wednesday, August 23. I’ve attached more details about the position and my NGO. You can email me or call this number _ if you have any concerns. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Croatia Kong,

Wellkids Founder.

How To Write Email For Requesting Something Urgent

Emailing is one of the easiest ways to reach out to someone. There are times that it’s the best medium to communicate your needs. These examples below will show you how to write email for requesting something urgent.

1. Dear _,

How is life treating you in Atlanta? I regret that I have to bring such a bizarre request your way. I’m in such a dire situation that I need urgent help. If one is sick, that person has to seek help. I am totally confused about the turn my life has taken since the work scandal happened. Worse, my children no longer attend school and my wife’s business is stretched thin.

I need your help to purchase some goods to sell so we can at least feed. You know I’m a hardworking person. I’ll pay you back as soon as my head is above water. Thanks for your help in advance.



2. Hi Racheal,

Thank you for being my rock during my school days. Even after we graduated, you did everything to keep us together. You were my friend through the fire and water. I’ll always be grateful for that. Recently life has treated me unfairly. I’ve lived on scraps since I was retrenched from work, and I may not be alive till the end of this month.

This is the reason I’m typing this email. I understand you’re not financially stable at the moment, but I need a little something to keep my soul alive. It won’t be long before this moment tides over. Thank you for being the good friend that you are. I hope you reply to me soon.


3. Hello Harriet,

I’m glad to see you are progressing in leaps and bounds. You’ve always been a bright person and I’m so proud to be associated with you. Since we’ve shared a bond forever, I thought it prudent to share my burden with you. The thing is, I’m in a tight spot and I need some funds to survive the next few weeks. If you can bail me out with _, I’ll never forget this favor like the many others you’ve done for me. Your beloved friend,


How To Politely Ask For Help In Email Examples

Just because sending emails doesn’t seem to be a popular way of communicating because of the advent of social media doesn’t mean you should write without a care. If you struggle with this, here’s how to politely ask for help in email examples you can use.

1. Dear _,

I hope you’re not bothered by my presence in your email l. I badly need your help with the Emergence Project. I’ve managed to brush up on the ideas I listed but I need help confirming some data. I ask you because you’re knowledgeable about this area. I need to confirm the data regarding (project details).

Inform me if you’ll be ready with the information by _. As this project continues, I’m glad if you can do this for me. I understand you have a tight schedule, but if you’re unable to help, still let me know. There are no hard feelings.

Thank you.


2. Dear _,

Thank you for the piece of advice you gave me the last time. I’ve implemented it and I’m ready to submit my CV. However, I need your help. I want you to take a look at my CV. Given your expertise in the human resource department, you know the resume that will be a hit or miss from the start. Your knowledge will help me position myself better for the upcoming opportunity you told me about. I look forward to your response on this.



3. Dear _, how are you today? I hope you’re in a much better state than when we left off. I’m sorry to start like this but I need your help, rather than your guidance.

I’m thinking of organizing a sendoff party to appreciate our team leader. Right now, he’s resigning but I want him to know the impact of his presence in this company. Though I’ve done a bit of research, I still need guidance on how to set up a party of this kind.

Thankfully, you’re an expert events planner and your expertise will be appreciated right now. If you’ll be available to help me with this, call me here _ so we can discuss it. I hope we can do this together.



4. Dear _, just like we spoke last time, I just started the process of getting my papers and it’s been interesting. However, I’ve run into some difficulties and I know I need an expert to help me or I’ll lose some money. The problem is I’ve been asked to bring a certificate which I have misplaced but the process of getting it is daunting. As you are connected to people in the legal department, could you recommend someone who could help me? I’d appreciate it if you could. I’ll look out for your feedback.



5. Dear _, thank you for recommending this job to me. It’s been a lovely experience so far. Just last week, my boss mentioned that I create a presentation on _. Now I have no idea about that industry but you do. I need your help with any and every information on this. Send me a reply if you’re game or not.



6. Dear _, I’m Michels Dingo, a Customer Executive from Skye Limited. I humbly request your help regarding a project that demands the structuring of FinDo, our client. Let me know if we can discuss more on this via Skype or a phone call. I’m certain your support will be instrumental to this project’s success. I await your feedback. Yours faithfully,

Michels Dingo.

Sample Email For Requesting Something

If you’re unfamiliar with how to write an sample email for requesting something within your company, we’ve listed some samples for you.

1. Dear _, I’m emailing because of the meeting on Monday. I’ll appreciate it if you can send the updated agenda to the group before this evening. This will help us prepare ahead. Thank you for helping us.

My regards,


2. Dear _, I’m writing to let you know we’ll be making contributions towards the coming office party. This will afford us the chance to relax after the stress and review the goals for the next quarter. A little token from you will be appreciated. Here’s the account number to send it to.

Thanks in advance,


3. Hello_, you’ve worked in this company for a longer time compared to me. I have trouble relating to clients regarding _. Could you offer some advice to help me out?



4. Dear _, I’ve been asked to submit a particular document but I’m unsure about the relevance of the information it contains. Could you please offer some help in this regard?



5. Dear _, I’ve been asked to submit a report regarding the estimated time frame for last year’s deliveries. The problem is, my calculations are either too wide or too little. Could you advise me on what I need to do?

Thank you,


6. Dear _, I hope your presentation went well. Everyone in the department is contributing towards the Director’s birthday but I’m cash-strapped at the moment. Could you please help me settle my part? I’ll repay you when the salaries are paid. I await your reply. Janet.

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