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[2024] Congratulations Message To Expecting Parents Of Baby Boy / Girl

Embracing the journey into parenthood is a momentous occasion filled with joy, anticipation, and boundless love.

As we celebrate the exciting chapter of welcoming a new life, this post is dedicated to expressing heartfelt congratulations to expecting parents. Whether you are a family member, a close friend, or someone sharing in the joy from afar, join us in crafting warm and sincere congratulations message to expecting parents.

You just clicked on the right post. Here, you will find the perfect congratulations message to expecting parents, card wordings, baby shower captions, and congratulatory messages that touch the heart.

No matter who you are, and your level of relationship with the expecting mum or dad, we’ve got something to help you with what to write in a card as congratulations message to expecting parents.

Short Congratulations Message To Expecting Parents

Perhaps your gift is ready, and you need to slot in a beautiful baby shower card. Here are a few short baby shower card wordings to send your congratulations.

Sometimes, what to write to an unborn baby for a baby shower, doesn’t need to be so long. So we made this session short notes for a baby shower card, for those who want it short and heartwarming.

1. Congratulations on your baby shower.

2. Let’s shower. Baby on the way.

3. Awaiting the arrival of our King/Queen. Congratulations.

4. Can’t wait to see your priceless jewel.

5. Have an awesome Baby Shower, and hassle-free delivery.

6. Awaiting the arrival of a Darling. Wishing you a sweet delivery.

7. Cheers to the expecting Princess/Prince. We can’t wait to welcome you to a beautiful world.

8. To a precious Flower, coming into a precious family, for a precious living.

9. Congratulations to the to-be mom and dad. Can’t wait to meet you, little angel.

10. Congratulations on your coming baby. We are glad your family will soon be is blessed with a bundle of joy.

11. We rejoice with you as you expect a beautiful addition to your family. Have an awesome Baby Shower.

12. Congratulations to the family, for the blessing of a beautiful gift. Congratulations to the coming baby, for the blessing of a wonderful family.

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Baby Shower Captions To Parents

1. Congrats to you, as you await your prince/princess. Congratulations once again. You will be raising a champion soon.

2. May your Baby bring more light to your world. Congratulations.

4. On your Baby Shower, I congratulate you, as you await your joy.

5. Babies bring joy. Congratulations, as you await your Baby.

6. Expecting a baby means a lot to motherhood. So, I congratulate you today.

7. A King/Queen is about to be born, bringing hope to our world, congratulations.

8. Wishing you the best as you await this amazing and precious gift of yours.

9. As you await your baby, get ready to make some more noise! Cheers, dear. It’s a thing of Joy.

10. I’m so happy for you, darling. Your tummy will soon make you a mummy. Cheers!

11. Congratulations to you, as you await your Baby. Welcome to a new chapter.

12. Many congratulations to you darling friend. Enjoy the pleasant surprises babies come with.

13. Congratulations! You guys fell in love in the presence of everybody and then fell on the bed when no one was there. Here comes the result.

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Baby Shower Greetings

1. A beautiful bunch of joy is about to be dropped, a baby to cuddle all night, see you soon.

2. So glad to shower with you. Cheers, as we await your Unborn Baby, can’t wait to see his/her lovely face.

3. Lots of love to you and your coming baby. May the baby brings more joy and happiness to you.

4. An angel is coming to call you both Dad and Mum, to share love and reward you for your labor. More smiles and laughter as you await your baby. Happy Baby Shower.

5. A new beginning arises. Your pumpkin is very close. Rejoice, it’s your baby’s shower. Wishing you more new things ahead.

6. A tiny creature is about to come, to grow big and mighty. Lots of love from me to you, as you await your newborn Baby.

7. So excited to shower with you dear, much fun ahead. Sweet Baby, much love and care from me to you.

8. Our bundle of joy is coming. We await his arrival.

9. Such a beautiful package in such a beautiful tummy.

10. Thanks for inviting us to your Baby Shower, may the celebration continue.

11. Thanking you for about to bring us a baby to cuddle and love. Wishing you the very best as you rock your baby bum.

12. Your little bundle of happiness is coming soon. Have fun in your baby’s shower, wishing your baby peace ahead.

13. I know both of you will make a good parent. Your unborn baby is proud of you already.

14. Hello little Angel. I’ve waited to be an uncle for so long. Little more time to wait.

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Baby Shower Congratulation Messages And Quotes

1. “Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! May your baby bring endless love and laughter into your lives.”

2. “Wishing you all the joy and excitement as you welcome your sweet baby into the world. Congratulations on this special occasion!”

3. “A tiny miracle has arrived! Sending heartfelt congratulations on the newest addition to your family. May your days be filled with love and joy.”

4. “Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your precious little one! May parenthood be a journey filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.”

5. “As you embark on this incredible journey of parenthood, may each day be filled with smiles, cuddles, and endless love. Congratulations on your baby shower!”

6. “Warmest congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little one! May your home be filled with the sweetest moments and the gentle lullabies of parenthood.”

7. “Sending you love and best wishes as you celebrate the impending arrival of your baby. May your days be filled with happiness and your nights with peaceful sleep!”

8. “Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family! Wishing you a baby shower filled with joy, laughter, and the sweet anticipation of parenthood.”

9. “As you prepare to welcome your little one, may your hearts be filled with love and your home with the sweetest laughter. Congratulations on this exciting journey!”

10. “Cheers to the parents-to-be! May your baby shower be a joyous occasion filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of well-wishing friends and family. Congratulations on this beautiful milestone!”

Baby Shower Wishes for Boy

1. “It’s a boy! Congratulations on this exciting chapter of your life. May your little prince bring boundless joy and love to your family.”

2. “Blue booties and tiny toys, a little baby boy to bring you joys! Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little man.”

3. “Wishing your baby boy a world filled with wonder, laughter, and endless love. Congratulations on this precious blessing!”

4. “A little man is on the way, ready to brighten your world every day. Congratulations on the baby shower for your baby boy!”

5. “May your little guy be a bundle of joy, filling your days with laughter and your nights with sweet dreams. Congratulations on your baby shower!”

6. “Tiny hands, tiny feet, a baby boy makes your family complete. Congratulations and best wishes on the upcoming arrival of your son!”

7. “Blue skies and baby blues, congratulations on the news! Wishing you a baby shower filled with love and anticipation for your baby boy.”

8. “To the parents-to-be of a bouncing baby boy, may your days be filled with giggles, trucks, and lots of joy. Congratulations on your baby shower!”

9. “It’s a little man in the making! Sending warm wishes and congratulations as you celebrate the baby shower for your sweet baby boy.”

10. “May your baby boy be a bundle of joy, wrapped in love and filled with endless smiles. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family!”

11. “Blue balloons and baby toys, it’s a celebration for your baby boy! Wishing you all the happiness as you welcome your little prince.”

12. “Tiny fingers and tiny toes, a baby boy who steals the show! Congratulations on the baby shower – may parenthood be your greatest adventure.”

13. “As you prepare to welcome your little guy, may each day be filled with love, laughter, and the sweetest moments. Congratulations on the baby shower for your baby boy!”

Baby Shower Wishes for Girls

1. Our beautiful rose, we can’t wait to see you. You are going to be having the most beautiful parent.

2. Awaiting an adorable Baby girl, as attractive as her Mom, your time of loneliness is over, enjoy your shower sweetheart.

3.Hope you have gotten ribbons to pack your girl’s hair and a lot of mickey mouse’s toy, Wrapping a lot of beautiful pink dolls as we await you girl.

4. Awaiting our Princess, your precious princess seat is here for you.

5. Here comes a Girl lit up Mom’s Face.

6. Awaiting a Girl to share the mirror with; I know she’s as tender as wool and precious as the flower. See you soon.

7. The princess is coming soon. The King and Queen can’t wait to see you. We hope you come with more light of happiness, Baby girl.

8. Can’t wait to go shopping with my baby niece. Baby girl on the way. So happy for you Big Sis. Life gets cooler as we await you girl.

9. We have gotten you some pink dresses, little Queen. Can’t wait to see you.

10. Awaiting you dearest baby girl. Lots of pleasant gifts also await you.

11. Awaiting my Queen, a flower with a special fragrance that can’t be ignored.

12. May your coming brings more happiness to us, little girl.

13. Welcoming you ahead to our world Princess, your maidens await you.

What to Write in A Baby Shower Card from Grandparents

1. We await our precious jewel. We rejoice in anticipation of your coming.

2. I want you to know that your grandparents love you, and can’t wait to see you.

3. Our first grandchild on the way. We will get the title – Granny, soon. We are happily expecting your arrival.

4. We know you’ll be loving and tender to touch. We’ve always imagined you around. Come make our dreams come through.

5. Hey baby, we are retirees. We’ve got our job description. We will begin as soon as you arrive.

6. Granny can’t wait to see you. Life will be more amazing with you, darling grandchild.

7. Thanking you ahead for making us a proud grandparent.

8. As we join in celebrating today, we will celebrate you more when you come, baby. Can’t wait to spoil you with lots of toys, grandchild.

9. Awaiting our God’s giving gifts. A precious gift that is about to be dropped to us.

10. You are like a precious flower to us at this old age, awaiting you, dear.

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Expecting Baby Quotes And Wishes

1. You will soon be a teacher, guidance, nanny, cook, cleaner, and many more, fear not dear there is more joy in having a newborn baby. As you expect your Baby, may it cone with a lot of brightness, to you and your family.

2. Your coming brings joy to us. May the joy continue as you come.

3. Expecting a baby comes with celebration, let the celebration continue.

4. As your time of delivery draws near, I wish you a safe and happy delivery.

5. Much hugs, kisses, and love from me to the baby bump. May your Baby come with joy and happiness.

6. The load is about to be dropped. There will surely be cause for more celebration when our baby arrives.

7. So happy for you as you are about to be added in number. You shall continue to enjoy more additions, dear friend.

8. Can’t wait to meet you, baby. Safe delivery, dear.

9. To be called a mom is one of the best things ever. Congratulations, as we await his arrival.

10. Cheers, our baby comes soon. Be calm, he comes in peace.

11. A very special rose will be dropped in your home soon; keep calm while expecting it.

12. Keep calm, your jewel comes soon.

13.The whole world awaits you, Baby. Your mum can’t wait to be young again.

14. Pregnancy is a mystery. As we await the unveiling of the mystery, we send you our congratulations.

15. Hope you see your king soon, may he comes in good health as expected.

I’m sure this post has provided you with the best samples of what to write to an unborn baby for a baby shower. It is a collection of the best available baby shower wishes and card wordings.

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